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Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
Post by: Dray on May 23, 2008, 10:12:30 PM
12.23.2132 - Interview in Church

It was 9 dawn-hand and Temmit and Renee stood in the open foyer of the east wing of the church. As Emma had warned, the guards didn't allow them entry during the morning sermon, even though the pair were indeed informed of Temmit and Renee’s arrival. So they simply waited for Emma to arrive in the frigid, high-ceiling room that was open to the winter elements on three of its four walls.

The fine crystals of snow, that had fallen the previous night, carried in on the freezing wind into the foyer. A vortex of white intermittently spun around the huge status of Kaine at the room's center. A guard with a push-broom worked hard to keep the snow from gathering too long in any one place on the floor.

The cloudy day was very cold.

Finally, the door opened from the inside and Emmanuelle stuck her head out. A swathe of warm air flowed past her and the guards and teased them with its welcome.

“Ah good, the two of you have arrived on time,” Emma stated in a condescending tone. A show for the guards lest they be suspicious. “I hope you have brought all that I require.”

Renee had told Temmit of Emma’s alibi[/i] behind their visit while they sipped coffee at the Nutcase this morning. They were school friends assisting her with a difficult chemistry homework assignment.

“Yes Miss Keepsake,” Renee replied. “But I am afraid the assignment could take the better part of the morning, perhaps longer.”

“No matter Renee, let’s just get it done,” Emmanuelle stated shortly and opened the door the rest of the way.

Temmit and Renee passed the two guards and went inside. When the massive doors closed behind them no one spoke. They simply followed Emma down corridors and up stairwells to many to count as she lead them to her room.

The beauty of the Church was not lost on Temmit who had never been there (since the place isn’t one frequented by orphans). Marble everywhere and not a bit of it untouched by a sculptor or painters hand. A dark red carpet ran the length of all corridors, a myriad of patterns mostly depicting battles with Karh‘Thul was expertly sewn within it. Arched ceilings were not exempt even in the corridors, like the foyer the stone and wood of the upper floors were held with marble trusses with mosaic paintings in between.

Gold was everywhere, not a single lantern, sculpture or chandelier was not made of it. Even the arched double-door to Emma’s room was banded with it.

Beyond the pair of doors was a small corridor which passed bye a massive private marble bathroom and a large walk-in closet. When they reached the bedroom Temmit actually stopped in his tracks, amazed at its size, for it was as big as a house.

The same luxuries they had passed throughout the church were not spared in Emma’s bedroom. A canopy bed large enough to sleep four had posts holding up drapes of heavy white cloth. The mattress almost looked too tall for a person to get up on. Dozens of white satin covered pillows that had been beautifully embroidered with gold thread were neatly arranged on the made bed. Underneath them was the same bedding that matched the draping curtains, neatly tucked and folded.

A sharp memory of home hit Temmit unexpectedly as he recognized an object he had burned his fingers on as a very little child. The object was to the side of Emma' bed,s a mattress pot[/i], made of a heavy iron that was nothing more than a pan with a removable slotted grill cover. But the one Emma had was huge and Temmit wondered if it took two servants to heave it up and under the top pillow mattress after they filled it with coals from the fire.

Throughout the room was more furniture than one person could need. Three bureau’s made of ancient Outland Pine and inlaid with gold and platinum stood at various places in the room, each large enough to most likely fit the clothes of all seven kids that Temmit shared a room with at the orphanage. A massive writing desk (of the same expensive pine) was on the wall between two curtained windows. The heavy white curtains of the windows had the same gold-thread embroidery matching the pillows on the bed. Each was a was a work of art, the left an exquisite depiction of the holy symbol of Kaine (shield and sword resting on a knapsack), the right a depiction of the God himself (a tall Herculean type of figure). On the desk, writing materials and various instruments (some recognized from school) made of nothing but polished silver.

*a fireplace taller than a man and made of a solid piece of black marble,
*a wall of bookcases full of books bound in leather,[/list]

...the room reeked of wealth.

But what caught Temmit’s immediate attention was the exquisite dining table between the bed and another curtained (embroidery capturing a battle scene with demons) window. Three of the four chairs were set with fine ceramic plates and polished silver utensils around an amount of food that would be a challenge for the three of them to eat. Hot sausages, eggs, pancakes and a large carafe of coffee enticed him beyond the small piece of raisin-bread he had had two hands ago.

“Sit my friends. Lets have some late breakfast, for we still have about half a hand before we can go down to the room Marcus is in,” Emma said motioning them to the table. “I figured since we don’t have occasion to allow you two into the Church often, we might as well take advantage of the moment, so I had this prepared.”

Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
Post by: Dray on May 27, 2008, 08:33:05 AM
JOHAN had made a very good comment about the lack of an HVAC system in the room, so I made some changes to heat the place up. Thanks!
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
Post by: Johan on May 27, 2008, 08:06:06 PM
Step by step, Temmit slipped deeper into confusion. He couldn't comprehend the purpose for the display of abundant wealth. Ostentatious came to mind. So did heinous. If the funds that it took to make but a single one of the huge chandeliers was instead used for the needy, he felt sure that there would be a lot fewer needy in Our Commons. It might even eradicate poverty. Why keep it here? Who were they trying to impress? Certainly not the commoners, since they were never there anyway.

Kaine? Would this truly impress him? Temmit thought not. In Temmit’s mind, it was vitally important that everything make sense, and he had no way of understanding why the church was so flamboyantly built.

He was sure that his eyes must have been glazed over when he espied the giant breakfast that had been laid out. And the huge carafe of coffee. His stomach rumbled noisily at the site of the table.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
Post by: Dray on May 29, 2008, 08:42:59 AM
As the three friends sat down at the table, Emma began to lay out the morning's mission for Temmit.

"We don't have too long," she started.

"In a few turns, I have River coming up here to escort you to the Waiting Room[/i] Temmit. As you know, he is an acolyte here when not at school, and it won't raise any suspicion as escort duty is a typical responsibility for him," she said and nodded to Renee who had silently offered coffee to all at the table. She poured Temmit's first and then filled Emma's cup before her own.

"You and Marcus should be the only two people in the Waiting Room from 10 dawnhand to almost mid-day. The holier-than-thou medical clerics usually like to keep their appointments waiting so there shouldn't be any issue in regards to time," she said and reached for some toasted sweetbread.

"Renee and I are going to be waiting here, as there is nowhere nearby we can wait for any great length of time without looking conspicuous. So River will be standing outside the Waiting Room, his standing orders[/i] are to escort you to me when I call for you. However, your so-called appointment with me isn't on any recorded schedule. No-one will be the wiser if you both simply just come back to this room when you are done with Marcus. If we need to interview him further then we can attempt to do so at that time if the situation permits, or we can always try to get to him later."

Unlike Renee and Temmit, who simply wore their school uniforms on the snowy Restday, Emma was dressed in a ceremonial-looking white silk robe. It was embroidered with red-threaded patterns that donned the robe in various places. The recognizable symbol within those patterns was shaped like a torch-head, which Temmit recognized as belonging to the Circle of the Flame[/i]. He wondered what Emma's responsibility was to the Convent[/i].

The Vestial Virgins aren't our concern today, get back on topic. Smokey coaxed him.

"Any questions or concerns before I voice mine?" she asked.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
Post by: Johan on June 08, 2008, 01:08:44 PM
No worries, Dray. I haven't offended me. Just elsewhere.

Temmit listened attentively as Emma spoke. He greatfully acknowledged Renee's proferred cup of euphoria. As he listened, he also helped himself to the bounty that laid out before them. As he took eggs he offered to spoon them for the ladies too. He did as much with the suasages and muffins as well.

Although Emma never really revealed how this interview was going to take place, about mid-way through her narration he figured it out: Marcus was scheduled to be alone in the waiting room, and she had arranged to have Temmit there simultaneously; he would interview Marcus alone, then he would be escorted back to Emma, since that was the appointment that Temmit would have been in the waiting room for...ostensibly.

"No." He answered, now that he felt that he properly understood. "It's all clear. We only need to make a signal to River that I can use to indicate that I'm done...a loud sneeze or something. That way, he can come in to get me instead of me going to get him."
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
Post by: Dray on June 08, 2008, 05:39:18 PM
"Agreed, I was thinking that a nice sneeze would indeed do the trick," Emma responded offhandedly to Johan's idea.

"However, here is my concern..." she said. As the muffin on it's way to her mouth paused for the drama, she looked back and forth to Temmit, then Renee.

"I wasn't the one who had cleared the schedule of the Quintescant (medical clerics) for this morning. And last night...thanks to Kristen, I found out who did."
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
Post by: Johan on June 08, 2008, 06:14:21 PM
"I guess you'll have to take that bait." Smokey said.

"I hate playing these stupid games." Temmit observed back to his friend and mentor.

"Who did?" He asked to appease Emma's desire. "And why do I care?"
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
Post by: Dray on June 08, 2008, 07:16:15 PM
(OOC: It was the muffin being dramatic, not Emma).

Emma looked back at Temmit and the slight frown she gave him told Temmit that his displeasure must have been written on his face.

“My father did,” she said plainly. “It was his order that the Quintescant’s schedule be cleared for the morning. Although the one appointment, Marcus, was not postponed.”

“Mate he did. Tell me you are joking,” said Renee in shock.

Emma merely glared back at her without the slightest hint of a smile.

“But why?!” Renee asked.

“Why indeed?” Emma answered back. “My father barely tolerates the Quintescant even operating in the Church and to my recollection has never even once meddled in their affairs.”

Emma forked a sausage and took a nibble while her two companions waited for more. She didn’t disappoint.

“When I had heard that the Quintescant had cleared their schedule with Marcus as the only exception I didn’t even think to check in to why. I merely thought they were acting like their holier-than-thou selves and simply couldn’t reschedule the boy to a later time.” she explained somewhat defensively.

“Thank the gods that Kristen had the sense to at least look at the records in curiosity, and there it was...his first assistants signature signing the orders to clear the morning. But for some reason, Marcus was left on it.” Emma then looked beseechingly at Renee. “I am really very sorry I didn’t catch this earlier, please forgive me.”

To Temmit’s surprise, Renee wasn’t very forgiving.

“You can’t make these kind of mistakes when I am gone Emma. Just because your comfortable walking around this Church doesn’t mean its a safe place to be,” Renee said sternly.

“Yes, I know,” Emma said with a sigh, trying to disarm the problem. “So what should we do now? I really wish I could tell you why Fresenius is involved, but I can’t.”

Renee looked at Temmit. “Any hypothesis Lieutenant?”
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
Post by: Johan on June 09, 2008, 10:00:06 AM
Temmit swallowed a mouthful of food, picked up his coffee cup, and leaned back in his chair. He closed his eyes and turned his face to the ceiling. The two young women knew this to be his way of pondering a dilemma.

"We can't be sure that it was Fresenius, or his assistant working in his name." Smokey pointed out.

"A good point."

"Let's first acknowledge that it was actually the First Assistant's signature that cleared the schedule." He said, beginning his ramble. "It's possible that he did this of his own accord instead of in response to an order from Fresenius. This would fit with Fresenuis's history of non-interference. That said, we can - and should - assume that Fresenius issued the order."

He drew again from his cup. "Regardless of who issued the order though, the overarching question is 'why'. My first thinking is that the only reason that they would want his undivided attention would be to ascertain how he survived so long alone in the wilderness. Especially given the state of the Karh'Thul activity."

"Marcus survived one of three ways: He's ungifted and used up his life's supply of luck." He raised his right thumb as he spoke. "He was staying with someone, but doesn't want anyone to know that." His index finger rose. "He's gifted." His middle finger joined his index finger.

"It would be imperative to know which option - perhaps there are others that escape me at the moment - lead to his survival."

"We've been talking in class about the tenet of likelihood and repercussion. There is a likelihood that he survived from dumb luck. The repercussion of that is nothing. It is perhaps just as likely that he was staying with someone else in the area. The repercussion of that could be significant: With whom would he have been staying? Why? Why would he lie about it? Why would they? This speaks to conspiracy.”

“Then there’s the possibility that he’s gifted. This possibility is perhaps the most impactful. He’ll die if they find that out. Disappear, most likely.”

“So if I’m in charge of this pleasant dictatorship we live under, this child would be of great interest to me. It’s arguably worth a morning to find out how he survived the wilderness to either uncover a conspiracy or to squelch a new gifted person.” His tone suggested that he was arguing uphill; that he didn’t truly believe that these motives were worth the investment.

He sat up rather suddenly then as a new thought occurred to him. He looked at Renee. “You will recall our conversation last evening? The one about how the Karh’Thul are getting through the lines and hunting us? About the notion of how they know who’s gifted and who isn’t? If there truly is a list of the gifted, then they might be assuming that Marcus is gifted, and knows others who are. They might know that he’s gifted and he’s helping them. They may be looking to extend their list of names and faces to give to the demons.”

The thought settled upon him for a few moments. “They might use the full morning to debrief him. Heck, they might be using some kind of mind control on him too. Or they might be using the full morning to forcibly learn what they want to know.”

He looked between his two companions. “Any way that I see this, he’s a dangerous individual.”
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
Post by: Dray on June 09, 2008, 12:49:25 PM
(OOC: That was one of the best posts by you to date, thanks for the very interesting and very well thought out hypothesis. Reply forthcoming....)
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
Post by: Dray on June 09, 2008, 01:24:21 PM
“Agreed,” replied Renee while Emma just looked upon Temmit with a bit of shock. Renee caught the dumbfounded look on her soon-to-be-replacement and intervened. “See?”, she questioned with a smile, “I told you he is a fine lieutenant.”

Emma broke out of her stupor and smiled at both of them. Regaining her composure she continued the conversation, meanwhile, Temmit and Renee kept eating, for a fine layout like the one in front of them occurred very infrequently.

“So, according to Temmit’s very well thought out ideas,” Emma started very graciously, “The worst case scenario is that Marcus is either in personal danger or is dangerous to Whisper.”

They both nodded, Renee’s mouth full and Temmit’s accepting coffee.

“There is only one way to find out, and I think it is worth the risk to do so...yes?” Emma asked them.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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"Knowing is better than not." Temmit responded simply.

"Actually, worst case, this kid is dangerous to folks who used to be in Whisper too." He amended. "As well as those gifted who aren't Whisper."
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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"Then it's decided." Emma said. "Temmit will still go down stairs and talk to Marcus."

At that, the three leaders of the Resistance concentrated on their enemy's delicious food while lost in each of their own thoughts. Temmit was surprised at how full he was when River finally arrived at Emma's bedroom door. He was later than expected.

"All clear," he announced.

"I will tell Emma of our adventure last night in Lakeshore while you are gone Temmit," Renee said and Emma raised an eyebrow.

Leaving the girls behind at the table, Temmit walked over to the door to greet River. He was amazed at how out-of-place River looked here in the Church. He was accustomed to seeing River in his hunting garb, the wardrobe of choice on the weekends at Whisper meetings. Or even when Temmit occasionally sighted him at school wearing his school uniform with merely the symbol of "The clergy" on his cloak, he seemed to benormal[/i]. But to see him in the full garb of the Deaconess Circle gave Temmit a bit of a pause. It looked as odd on him as River did just standing here as a representative of the church. To Temmit, it just didn't fit his persona.

As he reach River at the door, he asked a quip in a hushed tone, "Exactly how does a guy get inducted into the Vestial Virgin Convent?"

River let Temmit through the door and closed it behind them.

"I have the biggest unit in the military," River quipped matter of factly. As the pair walked alongside each other down the corridor, River continued in a hushed tone.

"Seriously though, if I had a silver for every time I was teased by the wealthy kids in school about my station here then I would be one of them," he said. Temmit sensed from his body language that he wasn't chagrined however, but was rather very proud of his station.

"Wealthy kids?" Temmit asked.

"Yes. The only students from our school who are allowed to come here to take worship are the very wealthy ones," River continued as they started up a stairwell that would be one of many.

"Almost each PrayDay (Saturday), I hear at least one student whisper to another about me while they sit in the pews. It doesn't matter though, as I am secure in who I am," he said in uncharacteristic defense of himself.

Temmit raised an eyebrow at him.

"And the fact that I could kill each one of them in a blink, well...that always helps," River returned a slight smile to him.

River, not normally this chatty, then continued to give Temmit more information on his status at the church.

"For every virgin[/i] in the Circle of the Flame there is a man who protects her. I am in training for that protective group. And although it is an unnamed group and station in the Heartland Protectorate, it is a position that I can serve when I turn 18 because of my involvement with the Circle while being a student." He had whispered as they had turned up many flights of stairs and then down a few corridors.

"Think of me as an Acolyte Warrior, or an altar boy with attitude," he added with another smile.

Temmit had a thought but was interrupted.

"We are a couple of corners away from the waiting room. I will hide[/i] in an alcove nearby, which is in full view of the room's entrance. Should there be any sign of trouble out here I will merely come get you. Do you have a signal you want to use should you need me?" he asked Temmit.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
Post by: Johan on June 10, 2008, 01:14:59 PM
Temmit smiled wryly. "Yes." He answered. "I'll sneeze when the interview is over. You know how sickly I am." He held his hand to his chest for emphasis. "If you hear a great hacking cough, there's a problem."

He chuckled a bit then. "I'll try to make sure that there are no problems."
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
Post by: Dray on June 10, 2008, 01:46:35 PM
In my next post I am going to send Temmit into the waiting room to talk to Marcus. As River steps back and away to go to his hiding spot, you are currently alone in the corridor (in other words, no baddies are watching). Are there any preparations (casting of spells, focusing of mental energies, etc.) you want to do just prior to walking in?
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
Post by: Dray on June 10, 2008, 02:43:44 PM
I made a couple of edits within my last post. I forgot that the Circle of Flame is quite a few floors up from Emma's seventh floor bedroom.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
Post by: Johan on June 10, 2008, 03:53:43 PM
No worries; toss the bastard to the lions.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
Post by: Dray on June 10, 2008, 04:36:36 PM
He'll have to wait, I am off to Pre-Calc class in Boston.

In retrospect, I would rather be him. hehe
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
Post by: Dray on June 12, 2008, 09:31:11 PM
As River backed into the shadows of an alcove, Temmit quietly stepped the remaining ten paces to the door of the waiting room. Turning the gold handle of the ancient pine door he stepped through, and the small but elaborate sitting room beyond was nothing what he had expected.

First, Temmit had assumed the room would have another egress, as his assumption was that this room was an antechamber to a larger Quintescant office. It wasn't. He also didn't expect that a room serving the sole purpose of holding people "in wait" would be so lavishly decorated.

'Well, I've been wrong before,' he thought to Smokey.

Countless times in fact'. Smokey teased.

Looking around the elaborate room, he purposely didn't look straight at Marcus.

For it's small size, the room was full of things to look at. At it's center was a fountain that was shaped like a miniaturized version of the capital city. From the replica of the Spire and Church at the Fountain's center, a stream of water shot upwards from the head of the Spire. The frothing but clean water almost reaching the ceiling of the room before cascading down onto the "city streets" below, running between the various districts and city walls and buildings before reaching a grate in the floor at the inner edge of the outermost Fourth Wall.

The floor around the fountain was a carpet embroidered to be a detailed map of the kingdom. Although the wall-to-wall floor art was not to scale due to the room's small size, each village, and geographical point of interest seemed to be represented by the colorful thread.

At the floor level, the room perimeter was guarded by relief carvings along the four walls, the Holy Flame Barrier along with it's tall torches and guard towers cleverly represented in the stonework.

Also along the top of the wall opposite him, Temmit was dazzled by the two-foot tall stained glass runner that swept the length of the room. The rays of light through which created prisms of color to reflect about the room.

Five benches were about the room close to the walls, each marble artfully carved into the likeness of an open knapsack, a shield and a sword resting at the edge.

A boy was sitting alone on one of these in the opposite corners. Temmit allowed his gaze to slowly rest upon the boy and then with equal casual attitude walked over to him.

The boy look a year or two younger than him, kind of thin with a mop of black hair. (See picture below) He wore his school uniform, and apparently he was with the Harvesters House, Temmit recognizing the pitchfork over wheat symbol.

Temmit sense that he had been looking at him since he entered the room. As he walked over to the bench he sat on, the boy raised his hand in greeting.

With a smile Marcus said, “Hello.”

(http://{e_FILE}public/1213319922_18_FT9515_marcus_.jpg) (http://{e_FILE}public/1213319922_18_FT9515_marcus.jpg)
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
Post by: Johan on June 13, 2008, 01:47:30 PM
As per the usual, Sense Motive is on high here (inasmuch as possible, taking a 20) might look to use Gather Information, or Bluff if necessary...

"Hi." Temmit responded, trying to seem a bit awed by the room. This was easy, because he was in fact awed by the room.

He entered and walked slowly around the central fountain: the simulacrum of their entire island of a country. He made his way slowly towards the youngster, his eyes keeping to the fountain.

"Can you believe this?" He asked incredulously. “All of Safe Haven modeled in a single fountain. You’d wonder why they didn’t put it in the center of Our Commons, you know?”
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
Post by: Dray on June 13, 2008, 02:25:28 PM
Sense Motive is the best skill for this situation. Gather information would be useful if he was a new-found ally, or, an enemy who could be "bluffed" to share a lot of information.

Please give me a roll on this one, as the subject and situation does not allow the taking of a ten or twenty (per PHB:65). However, should the roll not thrill you, please feel free to use an  action point ( which allows you to add 1d6 to your roll.

To give you an idea as to what a "good roll" would be, see the table under Sense Motive (PHB:81).

"I thought the same thing when I first got here almost half-a-hand ago," the boy said, looking back to the wondrous fountain.

"I guess it's purpose is to keep the people in waiting from perishing of absolute boredom," he said blandly.

Temmit raised an eyebrow to him, the obvious question left unasked.

The boy chuckled, "yeah, it's not working," turning his gaze back and forth from Temmit to the fountain. "I may die at any moment...."

He rested his gaze upon Temmit's garb and while inspecting it he stretched the quip further. "Please let it be known that I wish all my belongings to be left to my father after my soul has ascended," he said with a wry smile.

"My name is Marcus," he said as he stood up from the knapsack bench and held out his hand in greeting.

Temmit sensed something odd about the greeting, it's abbreviation from common etiquette was unusual.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
Post by: Johan on June 13, 2008, 03:35:31 PM
Sense Motive roll = 19. Modified 27.

Temmit attended Marcus half-heartedly, still part-feigning awe for the fountain, until Marcus’s joke, at which he chuckled.

“I’m Temmit.” He said as he grasped Marcus’s hand. Mental note: is his hand calloused? Cold, sweaty, firm, dirty under fingernails…?

“You say you’ve been here for a half hand?” He asked conversationally. “I wonder how long they might like to keep us waiting? I hope I’m not in line behind you!” He smiled at his own joke.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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(His hands were indeed a bit rough. They were not sweaty and his fingernails were actually quite clean. No unusual temperature.)

Marcus laughed along with him. "I guess that all depends on who you are waiting for eh?"

Marcus then walked over to the fountain and after briefly waiting for a reply that Temmit didn't readily give, he continued talking. "I am here to see the Quintescant, my Mom thinks I have been acting abnormal lately. She's such a tightly-bound religious nut," he said with a laugh, still looking down at the fountain.

"Thing is, I am just getting into different things now and she doesn't see that. She doesn't want her son to stray from the 'Light of Kaine'..." he held his hands up in mockery of supplication at the words.

"...from being a devoted sheep to his Scripture. Perhaps she doesn't want to believe that I am becoming a man and have other, manly interests," he said with another chuckle.

As he talked, Temmit sensed a maturity in the boy that belied his age. He also had a posture and a confidence in speaking that he wasn't accustomed to seeing from an adolescent.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
Post by: Johan on June 13, 2008, 08:19:33 PM
"Time to play a little stupid." Temmit thought.

"If anyone can do it..." He disregarded Smokey's jab.

Temmit blinked, trying to understand Marcus's words. "She's having you examined by the Quintescant because you're going through puberty, and are interested in girls?" He asked with some measure of disbelief.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
Post by: Dray on June 13, 2008, 09:07:03 PM
Marcus chuckled. "That's about it my friend. About a month ago I started hanging out with this girl Sarah and my now mother believes me strange."

Although Temmit was not familiar with this particular boy's body language, the typical queue's of lying were evident.

'A month ago? Isn't that when Renee said he had returned from his Expedition of the Lost Stupid Boy?' Smokey asked.

'Yes I believe it was.'

"Ah well, at least I get to see what the Quintescant are all about," he said and started to walk around the fountain, looking at the carpet-map as he spoke.

"What are you in for?" he asked like a prisoner to a cell mate.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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"Tell him you don't know." Smokey offered. "Tell him that you were summoned here, and you don't know why." Smokey was an excellent liar; it was a skill that had helped Temmit countless times over the years.

Temmit liked the idea. Blow my psionic focus and use Telempathic Projection Will DC 15 save negates. "I'm not really sure." He lied. One of the great benefits to being a student of other people's body language was that it made Temmit a very good liar. Smokey often provide the lie itself, but Temmit had to sell it. Modified 18 on Bluff roll. 22 if he didn't make his Will Save.

"I got a message at the orphanage to report here here I am."

"But seriously," he redirected the conversation. "All you're doing is hanging around with a girl and that lands you in here?!?! Come on: you must have been doing more than just playing ball, right?" He smiled conspiratorily at Marcus.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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Marcus paused for a moment as if in decisive thought, then visibly waved off the thought with a motion of his head.

"Well, no, that isn't the real reason. I actually got lost in the woods in late FallEnd (November) for an entire week. Quite the embarassing really..."

'It worked!' Smokey exclaimed a bit incredulously.

"...I was out collecting herbs when I fell down the edge of a small chasm. The fall didn't injure me, just a few scratches and bruises, but I was left at the bottom of it and had to try to circumvent around." he said and returned his gaze to Temmit.

"Well, I got lost my friend," he exclaimed, his hands going up briefly. "I had been in those woods dozens and dozens of times, but I still got lost. I ended up going the wrong way and remained so for eight days."

Marcus sat back down on a different knapsack bench, he looked up at him, a slight smile now on his face.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
Post by: Johan on June 13, 2008, 10:25:16 PM
Temmit returned Marcus's smile. "That's amazing!" He said in fascination. "Out in the woods alone for a whole week! Of course, you can laugh at it now, but I'll bet it was scary at the time, eh? Can you show me on this fountain where you were?" Temmit projected excitement at Marcus's story; he needed to boy to speak more.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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Marcus walked around the fountain and headed south but then frowned at the floor.

"I am afraid the map in the carpet isn't all that accurate in detail. But I was in these woods here, slightly north and east of Southaven", he said as he pointed with the toe of his boot.

"The years of growing apple trees in the town actually was my benefactor. I survived on wild apples, mushrooms and other edible plants for the week, as I can't hunt to save my life," Marcus almost laughed at his unintentional humor.

Temmit didn't see any of the queues indicating dishonesty.

"So you live at the orphanage huh? Kind of weird that they would summon you up to the Church. Did you do anything wrong recently?" he asked.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
Post by: Johan on June 13, 2008, 11:06:42 PM
"I've been at the orphanage for a long while now." Temmit answered. "And I don't remember doing anything wrong." He shrugged then. "Seems like nothing more than the affluent telling people to do things. Same as usual."

He watched Marcus closely. After the youngster's previous blasphemy, Temmit was curious to try to discern Marcus's feelings for the church and the government.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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"A long time eh? Sorry to hear that. Could be worse though, you could have an annoying rich mother who is one of those affluent people," he said with a roll of his eyes. "My father is so much better a person, down to earth and a little less holier than thou[/i]."

Although the words rung true to what Temmit would normally want to hear from a future recruit, something about his whole story was off, and he couldn't put his finger on it.

"There any groups of kids in the orphanage that like to get together and get into mischief?" he then asked.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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Alarms rang in Temmit’s mind at that question. Smokey’s too. “Tell him nothing.” Smokey whispered. Temmit had begun to feel that Marcus was nothing more than blindly lucky, but that question made him revisit his theory that he was trying to find gifted kids for the government.

Temmit laughed at the question though. "Mischief?" He asked. "No, not really. For the most part, we’re all trying to stay out of trouble. Master Shanteel can be very stern with those of us who get into mischief.”

“You might consider letting him follow this trail for a while.” Smokey suggested. “You can learn a lot from the questions that people ask.” Temmit realized that Smokey was quite correct about that. He wondered what other sorts of things that Marcus might want to know.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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"Ah." he said off-hand. "Never met Shanteel."

"Can be a real tyrant eh?"

He then added. "I would think a lot of kids would want to band together and terrorize someone like that."

Pausing again for a moment in consideration he then said, "After all, what could a government employee of the orphanage do if an office was ransacked. Punish every last child in the orphanage?"

Marcus smiled at him, his eyebrow raised in question.

'He's talking very carefully.'Smokey examined.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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Temmit put on his 'I'm considering that thought' face and smiled a bit. "I suppose the idea has merit." He said slyly, hoping that his face conveyed his openness to the thought.

"What are you doing?" Smokey asked.

"Trying to see if he's just fishing, or whether he has a gang of his own."

"But no, we don't do that. Is that how things are handled in Southaven?"
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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"Pfft, in Southaven folks don't put-up with too much government interference. Even the mighty Outer-Rim Defense knows when to look the other way when some political-type has overstepped his bounds and needs a beating," the volume of Marcus' voice lowered as he spoke, and he looked at the doors as if they may have burst open at any time.

He continued in more of a tone just above a whisper, and stepped a bit closer to Temmit so he could hear him over the fountain.

"My mother says there are resistance groups developing in various places about the kingdom," Marcus smile evaporated and his stare became a challenge. “She says it is has always been an annoyance to the Church, which only seeks to protect mankind’s final sovereignty.”

Marcus took another step closer to Temmit, and his gaze was unwavering.

’He’s watching your reaction,’ Smokey warned.

"And I just thought that perhaps the most sensible place one could develop such a resistance in the very capital would be in its orphanage. After all, with its walls teaming with children whose parents were victims of the war, one would think it would be brimming with the disillusioned.”

The statement walked a fine-line between casual conversation and investigation of conspiracy, and it didn’t convey what side he would be on. In the tenth of a tick between his last word and Temmit’s controlled reaction, Temmit did realize one thing.

This was no ordinary 13-year old.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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Temmit blinked in uncomprehension. "Resistance?" He asked, matching Marcus's tones. "All over the Kingdom? Resisting what?"
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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Marcus squinted at Temmit and gave a crooked smile.

Suddenly, there was the commotion of voices behind the double-entry doors and both boys looked away from each other as the doors opened.

An old man in a handsome single-breasted, white silk cassock and cassock vest stepped through them. He was immediately followed by River and an incredibly large guard in a masterful full suit of gold-etched plate mail armor. The guard's massive closed helm with it's metallic horns was very menacing.

"I meant no disrespect High Priest Fresenius," River was stating to the old man's back.
In the few times that Temmit viewed the man at long distance he had not been impressed with the man's charisma. Granted that view was justifiable tainted with the many stories Emma told him of her abused childhood.

Still, up close, the man was intimidating. The trims of his Cassocks at both the breast and the sleeves were lined with embroidered patterns of gold. His Klobuk (priest hat) made him look a foot taller and was also finely made, with its epanokamelavkion (hood) making his narrow shoulders look wider. The entire ensemble spoke to the man's wealth, and therefore his power in the church and the government.

(OOC: To all reading this thread, High Priest Fresenius looks like the priest/villian from the movie "LadyHawke". Very small pic in the next post.)

The man behind him was an obvious Judge from the Elite House Guard of Kaine. Temmit had never been so close to one, but other friends in the guild had, none of the encounters a pleasant one.

(OOC: The guards of the House Guard of Kaine look like the ones in the pic below (click to enlarge it), the Judges are similar, but the etching in the armor is gold.)

"Understood acolyte," said Fresenius in condescending baritone voice. Temmit noted a feint accent and couldn't place it. The people of the outer-towns all had different ones, but Fresenius didn't match any of them.

(OOG: In an attempt to sound superior to everyone, Fresenius long ago changed his voice and accent to sound different. Think of his accent as being distinctly British. hehe)

Fresenius then turned on River and spoke to him more directly. Temmit noted that Fresenius hadn't looked at either Marcus or himself next to the fountain, even though he stood a mere 6 paces away. "But my daughter is not to receive guests from the school on Restday, is that understood?"

River bowed and said, "Yes, my Grace," even as Fresenius turned back to Temmit and Marcus.

"Well, one of you doesn't belong here," he said to them as he looked back and forth at each of them.

'He doesn't know which one of you is Marcus,' Smokey exclaimed. 'Interesting, quick, introduce yourself as Mar...'

"Marcus Faithborn..." said Marcus with a bow and then quickly added almost as an afterthought, " Grace."

'Damnit! That would have been fun.

(http://{e_FILE}public/1213544462_18_FT9515_house_guard_of_kaine_guards_.jpg) (http://{e_FILE}public/1213544462_18_FT9515_house_guard_of_kaine_guards.jpg)
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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Pic of Fresenius.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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Temmit turned and faced Fresenius in proper fashion, as Shanteel had routinely described and demanded.

"Temmit Janalinus, Age 15, Scribe's House Your Grace." He then bowed low, observing to the best of his ability the social proprieties that Shanteel demanded from all students.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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Fresenius seemed to accept the etiquette well. He then nodded at Marcus and then turned back to Temmit.

“What business do you have at the Church of Kaine today boy?” he asked firmly.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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"I recieved an order to report here on this day, My Grace." Temmit responded quickly. "Based upon your exchange with your Acolyte, I would suggest that Miss Keepsake is in need of assistance in one of her Scribe classes." He blanked his face for a quick moment. "I can think of no other reason to have been summoned, My Grace."

"If I had fingers, they'd be crossed right now."
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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For a moment no one moved as they all waited for Fresenius to respond. River, stood poised like a stone with his arms crossed and his head slightly bowed. The intimidating Judge behind him stood at attention and didn’t appear to be looking at anyone.

Fresenius expression didn’t change, but Temmit easily sensed the priest thought him beneath his concern.

“My daughter should be tending to her religious study on Restday, the academic work of the school will have to wait,” he explained to Temmit.

“Acolyte,” Fresenius said over his shoulder and River raised his head in attention. “Escort Janalinus to the entrance and see him on his way. Then retrieve Emmanuelle and escort her to my office.”

“Yes, my Grace,” River replied without question.

“Good day Temmit Janalinus,” he stated, dismissing him.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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"To you as well, My Grace." Temmit bowed deeply again, in proper respect. He then turned to River expectantly.

"You lucky son of a bitch. Very smooth. I've taught you well." Smokey faked sobs of affection and pride.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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River lead Temmit to the beautiful pine doors and they exited the room. After the doors closed behind them, they quickly hurried their steps down the corridor. A few paces away, they both sighed in relief, as they reached the stairwell that lead down to Emma’s apartment.

River whispered “I can retrieve Emma and escort you to the door at the same time, Renee should probably retreat as well. Sound like a plan?” he asked Temmit.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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"As you wish, sir." Temmit said formally. He then leaned in and whispered, "I wouldn't be too surprised to find that these walls have ears." He stared into River's eyes meaningfully.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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River winked at him and lead him down the stairs to the seventh floor.

The walk back to Emma’s apartment two floors up was uneventful and without encounter. Temmit observed that there wasn’t too many guards posted throughout these upper floors of the church.

When they reached Emma’s bedroom door beyond the interior corridor of the suite, River knocked twice in quick succession and then once after waiting a tick.

“Enter,” responded Emma within.

As River and Temmit walked in, Emma was on her knees rolling the carpet back onto the floor for some reason and Renee merely stood a few paces away looking at the boys.

The breakfast table was still uncleared and after Temmit’s second wonder was whether any coffee remained in the carafe.

“Well?” Renee asked in great anticipation.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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Temmit glanced between Emma and Renee quickly, and said "You and I must be out of here, and now." He then turned his attention back to Emma. "And to you I might just owe an apology."

He lifted the coffee craffe from the table and was pleased to find that there was some remaining. As he helped himself, pouring it into the cup that he was using earlier, he spoke quickly to the two girls. "We'll have to debriefe later. Your father burst in upon us and demanded to know why you were recieving visitors on Restday."

He pulled on the luke-warm coffee and grabbed a couple of sausages. "I told him that I had recieved a summons to the Church, but didn't know why. I suggested that only after he came in did I learn that it was for an audience with you (he knew that already), that the only reason that I could think of was that you must need assistance with one of your Scribe classes." He shrugged, apologetically. "I didn't know what else to do, and saying what I said also preserved the story that I gave Marcus, so it seemed reasonable."

"Unfortunately, I don't know if you're in need of help in any of those classes, and if you were, I don' t know how your father would take that. But he seemed very irritated with your recieving visitors, and told River to summon you to him as soon as I was escorted from the Church. You might deny all knowledge of this summons, and it might be that we can try to spin it as someone's idea of a practical joke on me."
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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“I bet he mentioned my need for religious study, did he not?” she asked.

Temmit nodded.

Emma got up off the floor and let out a small laugh. “It’s a load of nonsense, but it’s the same lie he gives to anyone when I am called upon at the church,” she said

She looked at him with a bit more respect than he was familiar with receiving from her. “No apology necessary Temmit, if my father doesn’t suspect anything beyond a student visitor than I have nothing to fear,” Temmit raised an eyebrow at her. “And I actually do have a ‘Business Crime’ class in the Scribes house this quarter, so the alibi works.”

“He won’t raise a hand to you?” Renee asked.

“I am no longer 10 years old, I can usually calm the anger of his fists with a little daughter-play-nice diplomacy, besides...” she said as she looked at Renee. “It appears that for the moment his attention is on Marcus.”

Emma had turned back to Temmit.

“Although my father most likely won’t be bothering me in his office for hands, no reason to tempt fate. The two of you should go. Renee, fill me in at third lunch would you?” she asked.

Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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Temmit began to feel considerably better, knowing that Emma could work with the alibi that he had established. He smiled as she explained that there was a good chance that she'd be all right.

"Thank goodness." He said. "I'll fill in Renee on the details, but the long and short of Marcus is that he's a dangerous kid, and not Whisper material." He cast about at his three classmates and said, "I felt like I was interviewing myself, and not only that: he was interviewing me too."

"Be very careful around him."
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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A bit to his surprise, neither girl offered a quip. Emma instead said, “at least we[/i] know. Pending your discussion, you may want to warn some others as well. Get back to me tomorrow Renee with what you want to do. It would be a sad state of affairs should Marcus come across someone like Leslie.”

Emma then looked at River, a silent exchange passed between the two and Temmit sensed the urgency in Emma now. Despite her comforting words earlier, he sensed she didn’t want them to be caught here.

River spoke, “if anything urgent comes up Temmit, I will be returning to my dorm room tonight around 9 nighthand. I can always return to the church (for you) to deliver a message to Emma.”

That would work, Temmit thought, as River’s dormitory would not disallow him entry before curfew.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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A hand later, Renee and Temmit were back in her underground room. Although it was only mid-day, it offered the most private place they could talk without being seen by other classmates.

They also hadn’t discussed the interview outside because the wind blowing the snow crystals about was just too annoying. Now, in far more comfortable surroundings and a bag of leftover breakfast on the table, Temmit could finally debrief her on the interview.

She laid down, an apple-cinnamon muffin her bed companion, and awaited Temmit’s report as he sat in his now familiar chair at the small dining table.

They had stopped at the Nutcase on their journey back, and he had a fresh coffee beside the cold Church sausages.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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As was their standing protocol, Temmit took some time to settle his mind and bring forth to himself all the details that had transpired that morning. Regains his Psionic Focus.

In his customary rigid, almost inhuman fashion, Temmit described to Renee the facts of the interview. This was the portion of the report where he relayed only the words and motions of an interview, bereft of emotion, annunciation, or innuendo. It was, however, rich in detail and content, and true to the happenings in the actual interview. Autohypnosis - take a 20 if possible!

Today, he did this largely laying on this back on the floor, atop two blankets, and with a pillow under his head. His eyes were closed to help him recall all of the details. Smokey helped to fill in many of those, sometimes with elements that didn't occur or weren't present. His usefulness here was suspect, as was often the case.

Then he got into his feelings about the interview:

"As I said, he's clearly a dangerous person. It was clear that he was trying to get me to speak about resistance cells, especially in the orphanage, although I suspect that was just to put me on common ground."

"My personal belief is that he is indeed working for the establishment. For one thing, he didn't observe conventions, even towards Fresenius; he didn't give age and house, and his "Your Grace" was marginal at best. And Fresenius didn't seem to care. Although Fresenius had never met him prior to today either."

“He was trying very hard to get me to say something about gangs of kids causing mischief. He was so intent on gaining some kind of information like that, it was clear that such an investigation was second nature to him. What he wanted the information for, I don’t know. I didn’t get enough time with him.”

“Although even when he decided that I was trustworthy enough to open up to with respect to his time in the wilds, I couldn’t find out whether he’s got gifts or not. He presented himself pretty convincingly as someone without gifts.”

“I have too many questions left, but I am convinced that he can’t be trusted. He may not be on the government pay roll, but he’s certainly not on ours. Here’s what I’d like to do: I’d like to have one of your truth potions, and another one that looks like the truth potion and tastes like it, but has no effect. I’d like for him to see me drinking the “useless” one, I’ll give him a little taste, and then offer him the real one. I’d love to question him under those conditions.”

He let the thought hang in the air. “Remember Mia’s fortune yesterday morning. Marcus is clearly leading to danger. Admittedly, Sally led us to danger, but that was due to our own stupidity. Marcus is clearly our dangerous contact this weekend. And not for nothing, but if he interrogates everyone the way he did me today, that would reinforce my bet that he’s trying to supply names to the government. People’s names, and entire resistance cells too.”
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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“How do you propose we get Marcus into a situation where he would agree to take said potions?” Renee asked, her muffin forgotten by her pillow.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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"To be honest, Renee, I'm thinking that's the least of our problems. I think that if I can "happen" to run into him I can arrange for him to want the drink. Can you get them for me?"
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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"I can most certainly, might take a week though, as the lab is at my parents Homestead," Renee said simply. She, like Temmit, was talking to the ceiling as she lay on her back.

She paused and thought for a few moments.

"What do you think is the connection between him and Fresenius if they have never met?" she asked.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
Post by: Johan on June 15, 2008, 11:15:46 PM
"My first thought," he answered, "is that Marcus's mother is probably broaching the relationship. It's probably a bid for her to get higher in the government."

"You know, he had all the right anti-government words, but none of the conviction. He wanted me to believe that he was anti-government. He even spoke badly about his affluent mother in the beginning, but then during the conspiratory portion, it was 'my mother says'. Damn, I wish I could have had another three minutes."
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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“Faithborn,” Renee recounted from Temmit’s detailed report, “do you think that is her maiden name or his father’s? They do live in separate locations, I wonder if they are divorced.”
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
Post by: Johan on June 15, 2008, 11:23:22 PM
"Well, as I spoke with him, it did occur to me that he's from Southaven. Don't we have more than one in Whisper from there? I think that Jared is from there, no? We should probably ask some folks if they know the family. Or the actual kid, from childhood."
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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"Jared and River are both from there," she said then paused. "But didn't Emma say that Marcus went home to his Dad's[/i] on the FallEnd break and then return to the city after the altercation? And then his mother, in the city, made the appointment with the medical clerics?"

"For some reason I took that as separate living arrangements, and if we can track down the mother in the city, we could question her," she said.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
Post by: Johan on June 15, 2008, 11:39:51 PM
"To be honest, I had taken that as a given - that they were separated. At the outset of the interview, he said that his dad was a far better person, more down to earth, and less holier-than-thou. He also said that his mother was very affluent. So, yes. I'd say that they're at least separated."

"I'd be real hesitant to try to question her though. For one thing, my working theory is that she's probably one of our greatest threats. Marcus would have to have learned his demeanor somewhere, and if he's any indication of her formidability, we would have to treat her with the utmost of care. PLUS, if she taught him, then she's probably more of a predator than he is."

"I'd rather question him with the potion first. He's already off-guard with me, and he'll not remember a thing about the questioning. We can outright ask him those questions, where we would have to introduce ourselves to his mother."

"Also, this might be one of those instances where the pupil has surpassed the teacher."

"Now, wait. He's 13 or so, and he said that he'd been growing apple trees in Shouthaven for ten years. That means that he would have grown up there. And as that goes, that means that he would have spent no more than a few years under his mother's presumed influence here in the city."

Temmit was running the interview over in his mind again. "We also have to be on the look-out for someone named Sarah, if she exists."
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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“There are of course a lot of variables and unknown elements in our equations here. I think your idea has merit Temmit, but lets think about multiple courses of action instead of just one,” she said and then turned to her side to face him, accidentally knocking her muffin to the floor.

“Drat,” she exclaimed and picked it back up.

“I will send one of the Whisper Guards (OOG: one of three experienced Whisper rogues) to stake out his mother’s home, it should be an easy matter to track her down through my contact at the Census Bureau. Let’s get some information on her while we wait for Marcus chemicals to arrive from my Dad,” she laid down and broke off the part of the muffin that hit the floor, gently placing it back where it hit.

“Are you thinking what I am thinking in regards to pre-emptive damage control in the school?” she asked.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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"That question is sufficiently vague that there's no possible way that I could know whether I was thinking what you are thinking." Temmit hoped that this answer would amuse Renee.

"What are you thinking?"
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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Renee giggled, then choked on her muffin a bit which made her laugh some more.

“Well, we need to divide the guild into cells immediately. This may not help us short term, but if things are getting as serious as they apparently are, it will help future generations,” she said and then awaited any reply.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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"I'm going to ask you to let me almost-sleep on that." He answered. "I see advantages to that, but at the same time, how long will it be that we get any level of secrecy? Let's face it: we all know who we are at this point, and we always will. We can't control that sort of damage to the current members without erasing memories."

"Let me think on it for a few hours. Perhaps something will present itself."
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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"But it's mid-day?" Renee said with another giggle. "Tired after saving my ass last night?"
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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Temmit shared her joke happily. "Actually, I don't generally sleep. Last night I slept more deeply than usual, and you know how well that went."

"Just give me a bit to meditate on that, and on my interview with Marcus. My mind will present with something."
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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Renee lay quietly and ate her muffin.
Title: 12.23.2132 - Interview in Church
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After some brief thoughts in the  12.23.2132 - Speculation ( thread, this overall thread is continued in  12.23.2132 - Investigation (