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Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
Post by: Dray on May 07, 2008, 10:10:44 AM
07.15.2127 - Auvryndyr Trial

The guard shoved her so hard into the cell that Shannon hit the granite floor and skinned both knees. The loud crash of the cell gate closing behind her was almost deafening as it reverberated in the Church dungeon corridors. She lay on her stomach and sobbed, the cold floor sending a chill through her blouse, but she no longer cared about what happened to her.

She had failed her parents and now all was lost.

Time passed and she had cried until she had become exhausted with the effort. Pulling her arms under her face she fell into a fitful sleep that replayed the mornings event over and over in her mind.

…her father amongst dozens of soldiers in the infirmary, dieing from wounds from the Kah’Tharta…

…her mothers glowing hands healing her fathers open chest wound…

…the look of utter horror and shock of the surrounding priests…

…her father looking down upon her and asking for forgiveness…

…her father slamming the bowl into the Priests head…

…another priest taking a boot to the chest with a sickening thud…

…the savagery of his father as he repeatedly pummeled the same man for not letting go of her mother…

…the arrival of the six guards, two grabbing her Mom and slamming her against a wall while three others surrounded her father and the last came for her…

And then the dreamscape changed the reality of the event and turned it into a true nightmare as the sixth guard held the dagger to her throat. From behind Shannon, the guard shouted over to her two parents as he grappled her tightly.

“Dakin, you and your Witch will have no child!” the guard yelled. The dagger suddenly pierced through the bottom of her chin and pinned the tongue to the roof of her mouth even as the cold steel cut behind her nose and eyes, it’s the tip painfully stabbed her mind…

Shannon awoke with a start. Laying on the cold granite floor in the very dark cell, she at first didn’t realize where she was, when she did, she wept again. She pulled herself up and crawled to the end of the cell. Her head hurt with a thumping ache that made her want to vomit. Sitting up against the wall that shared an unclean looking lavatory, she looked around for the first time. On the wall to her left were too sleeping platforms, mounted one on top of the other by chains. It was then that she noticed that the top bunk wasn’t empty, as she could see an elbow teetering over this side of it, presumably with a man-sized figure laying on its back with his hands behind his head.

She stopped crying with another start, suddenly realizing that she wasn’t alone, and worse yet, was in a prison cell with some unknown man.

Her heart sank at the sudden sound of his deep-baritone voice.

“Now what would you have done that was so bad that they would put you, a female child, in a prison cell with a grown man?”

Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
Post by: Wildfire on May 07, 2008, 01:41:42 PM
Shannon skittered to a corner and curled up with her hands around her knees. The darkness of the cell now seemed darker with it being shared by a stranger. The dank mildewed smell crept up her nose and the cold of the surrounding stone chilled her to the bone.

She felt alone and completely vulnerable to the whims of her cellmate. "I didn't do anything wrong." she spat hostily trying to keep a strong front. She nestled into the corner as best she could trying to stay out of lit view.

"When do they feed us here anyway? I'm starving. Is the food any good?" Shannon asked more politely than she had when responding to his question.

More than anything she wanted to know where her parents were.
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
Post by: Dray on May 07, 2008, 09:55:11 PM
The man on the wall-supported cot made no move to turn, he did speak again though, and to Shannon, it was like talking to the darkness. She even blinked a couple times, wondering if her young mind was playing tricks on her.

“Actually it is the middle of the night, you slept a great deal of time on that floor. I suspect it will be oatmeal in the morning though.” The man’s voice was rich in its depth and not quite as scary as she had thought a moment ago.

‘Now tell me little one, they don’t normally throw young girls in jail cells, so you must have had done something wrong, or perhaps saw something you shouldn’t have?” he asked, still lying on his back and talking towards the ceiling.
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
Post by: Wildfire on May 08, 2008, 07:57:41 AM
Shannon thought to herself, 'Why is he so concerned about what I did, didn't do, or saw? Why should I even tell him? I can't tell him everything...Mom told me to never talk about her gifts'

"I saw my parents defend themselves from priests and guards." Shannon said. She felt that being cryptic was probably the best approach and hoped that he would just stop asking her questions. She wanted to take her mind away from her surroundings and situations and this mystery man wasn't making that easier.

'If only I had my sketchbook and a pen.'she thought
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
Post by: Dray on May 09, 2008, 11:06:14 AM
“Defend themselves from the priests and guards? Here in the church?” asked the man, interrupting her thoughts. “That still doesn’t explain why they would throw you into a dungeon cell little one. Did you help your parents fight them as well?”

The man still didn’t make any move to get off his bed. The tone and manner of his voice was gentle and not demanding.
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
Post by: Wildfire on May 10, 2008, 06:21:12 AM
Shannon 's eyes began to well up and instead of releasing the tears she bolstered herself and answered as calmly as she could. "Before I could run or help, the squad leader grabbed me and held a dagger to my throat and threatened to kill me to get my Dad to stop defending himself and my Mom. So now I'm in this awful place...waiting for oatmeal."

Shannon knew how unfair her and her parents situation was but until now, the injustice had never quite hit her until she explained it. The fire of her anger began to flare and get hotter.

"Is it Kaine's will that I'm here? I'm no priest but I would have to say it isn't. I also don't think he would put a dagger to my throat and say he was going to kill me. What do you think?". Shannon reluctantly asked the question but couldn't help it. She wanted to trust this man and talk to him but trust was hard. She felt that the only people worthy of talking to were her parents.

Before she could stop herself she asked, "What's your name?"
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
Post by: Dray on May 10, 2008, 07:36:09 AM
"Well, I don't know why your father was defending himself and your Mom, but no guard should ever resort to that tactic. To threaten the life of a child is an immoral and indespicable act. It is a total lack of honor," the man said with some emotion.

"My name is Nate little one, what is yours?" he asked.
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
Post by: Wildfire on May 12, 2008, 08:03:06 AM
Relieved with his sympathy, Shannon breathed easier. "Shannon" she replied.

She looked around at the prison cell trying to find any sort of forgiveness from the cold stone and iron bars that surrounded her. Her only finding was the empty wall bed below Nate. She quietly slinked over and layed down. It was by no means an extravagant bed but it was much softer than floor.

"Nate? How come you're here? What did you do?" Shannon asked hoping not to offend him. He seemed kind but he was here in prison...she hoped he was here unjustly.
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
Post by: Dray on May 12, 2008, 10:14:38 AM
Shannon noted the musty smell emanating from the thin mattress, but it was better than the cold from the floor.

After she settled a bit on the bed below him, he replied. “A week or so ago I was taken in due to the resistance activity in Southaven, let’s just leave it at that as I don’t want to get you into any more trouble than you apparently are,”  he said in a bit of a whisper.

“Why were your parents being arrested? Are they part of the resistance here in the city?”
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
Post by: Wildfire on May 12, 2008, 12:31:57 PM
Shannon was confused by his question. She had no clue as to any resistance or really what it was. Since he was put into jail, a church jail at that, it had to be some kind of defiance against the church. Shannon was extremely curious about what could have happened but decided not to push the least for now.

"I'm not really sure of what resistance, whatever that is, you're talking about." Shannon said. "My dad was a soldier fighting the Kar'Thul. He was badly hurt and was going to die. I guess the priests couldn't help him. So when my Mom and I saw him she was, of course, upset. She decided she would save him...and did."

Shannon saw the scene in her mind and replayed it yet again. "The priests were angry that she could save him and they couldn't. They called for guards and before they arrived they tried to take my Mom away. My Dad beat them up...pretty badly too" she said with a smile. "Eventually the guards came and my Dad would have beaten them were it not for the dagger to my throat."

Shannon thought she may have said too much but to keep any further questions from coming she quickly followed with his own words, "But let's leave it at don't need any more trouble".

Unable to contain her curiosity, Shannon asked, "So what's a resistance?"
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
Post by: Dray on May 12, 2008, 12:57:20 PM
“Um….wow,” the man exclaimed and she saw his elbow move. He must have put his hand through his hair as immediately afterward some long locks peaked over the edge of the bed above her.

“Resistance? Well…” the man paused, seemingly at a loss for words at the young girls story.

“Well, Resistance[/i], or to be more grammatically correct, resist[/i], is what people do when they believe the government is oppressing them. It is what they do when they think the government doesn’t have their best interests in mind. Resistance[/i] is merely what they call themselves.” The man’s voice had a deeply musical fluidity to it, Shannon’s artistic heart noted, and it was starting to calm her fear.

“Your parents must not have been part of such a group then, or you would have known,” he said matter-of-factly.

Shannon lay still, finding a secure warmth in the sound of his voice and wanting him to continue.

“So, let me guess, your mother must practice what the government calls sorcery?” he gently, but unexpectedly asked. Shannon’s heart leapt to her throat.
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Post by: Wildfire on May 13, 2008, 08:16:43 AM
Shannon silently swore at herself. Her mother told her not to tell anyone and now she practically came right out with it. She quickly tried to cover her tracks. It would be hard to do though. The avoidance of a direct answer is often the only answer one needs to their question.

"She's just very skilled at healing. The priests obviously weren't and they got mad...that's all." Shannon knew it was a poor attempt and that Nate would probably see through her dodge but she couldn't betray her mother...especially now.

"So what do you do to stay busy around here?" Shannon said playfully.
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Post by: Dray on May 13, 2008, 12:41:57 PM
Nate let out a quiet chuckle. “This is it Miss Shannon, I am afraid that prison life isn’t too much fun,” he said and chuckled a little more. It was a kind-hearted laugh and didn’t seem directed at her.

“But you can’t so easily dodge my question little one. Priests of Kaine wouldn’t attack your mother if she merely knew how to use a healer’s kit,” he said, returning to the question and making Shannon squirm a bit. His voice still hadn’t changed though, it was melodic and soothing, and didn’t have the intonation of accusing her as a liar.

“Admit it, your mother know’s the power of Kaine, she is a practitioner of the divine white magic of our Lord and Father,” he stated a bit more of a whisper, lest their voices be overheard down the corridor.
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Post by: Wildfire on May 13, 2008, 02:37:25 PM
Shannon immediately became suspicious. 'Why would he be so interested in Mom's gift?' she asked herself. 'Whatever the reason it can't be good. If I told him he could tell the church and then she'd really be in trouble'.

"My Mom helped my Dad...that's all she did. Now we're in jail." Shannon said resentfully.

"What happens from here? Do we ever get out of this awful place?" Shannon asked. "I hope my parents are okay."

Shannon began to look at the wall for different shapes in the stone. It was dark so making out any distinguished features was a challenge. Instinctively she reached out and tested the solidness of the wall hoping it would crumble so she could escape. Her hope was dashed when she found that the wall was steady.

Her belly rumbled. "I just want to go home." she said bleakly.
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
Post by: Dray on May 14, 2008, 08:35:33 AM
“I know Miss Shannon, and my apologies for pushing on the subject of your parents. It’s just really strange that they would throw a young girl into this dungeon. And I want to understand why they would specifically throw you in here with me.” he said, suddenly sounding worried for the first time.

In the darkness he quickly got off the bed and walked over to the cell gate. The man was quiet as he strained to look down the corridor in both directions. He then stood still against the bars and listened.

Shannon squinted through the darkness but could only make out his silhouette. He was a tall man, with very long and dark hair that reached the middle of his back. He appeared to be dressed in cloth breeches and shirt and had no shoes on.
After at least a few turns of standing there and listening intently into the darkness he took the four steps back to the beds and squatted down beside her. Her heart leapt again into her throat and she retreated her body to the end of the bed against the wall.

“Don ‘t hurt me,” Shannon whispered in absolute fear.

Nate put up his hands in assurance. “I won’t little one. I am not that type of person.” He paused for a moment so she could realize he wasn’t moving any closer to her.

Shannon could make out some of the man’s features now. He was very good looking and a bit younger than her dad. He had strong jaw line and powerful brow. Shannon’s instincts told her that this man was a leader of men, she so wanted to trust him.

Nate’s whisper was so low she had to strain to hear it. “I am going to ask you a question. You need to tell me no alright?”
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Shannon suddenly felt very small. She had no clue was was happening or what would happen. All she knew was that she was scared. She didn't know who to trust or who was on what side. It seemed that things were all moving so fast and she just didn't have the opportunity to absorb it.

Digging for her resolve and trying to keep a strong veneer, Shannon said, "What's your question?"

She shuddered at the thought of any more questions but Nate seemed very serious about asking it. It must be an important question for him to survey the halls. Admittedly, Shannon was ripe with curiosity.
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
Post by: Dray on May 14, 2008, 10:32:11 AM
Nate stood back up and slowly paced about the room as he spoke.

“Well Miss Shannon,” he said, back to his normal volume, although his baritone voice wasn’t bouncing off the walls of the narrow cell, it most likely could be heard again by anyone nearby. Shannon now understood that Nate thought they were being listened too, perhaps by guards just down the hall, or in a nearby cell.

“I think they threw you into this cell with me because they have no evidence against me. They are looking for a justifiable reason to keep me here. Should I…hurt you, they could keep me here on those charges,” he said.

Shannon tried to make herself even smaller on the bed. Nate must have noted her fear in the darkness and responded, “No worry little one. I am not a prisoner who would find pleasure in the affectio….hurting of a small child.”

Maintaining his casual tone he continued. “No, I am on to their plans. They will most likely frame me anyway though, and because of that, I am worried for what they might do to you in order to make my alleged crime real[/i].”

He stopped and thought for a moment then said. “Listen Shannon,“ he said seriously, and held up a hand to indicate to her that this was the question. “Your mother was obviously a practitioner of white magic,” he stated matter-of-factly and although Shannon didn’t even make a move or an attempt to argue he said loudly, “no, no, no my little one, don’t deny it. It’s true. The priests and guards in the infirmary wouldn’t attack them otherwise. Now, I need to know one thing, I need to know the truth if I am going to be able to help you out of this situation,” he said with a dramatic pause as he listened to the silent corridor outside for a tick.

“ I need to know if she taught anything about this art to you. Did she teach you how to perform the white magic?” he asked and stared at her in the darkness.
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She knew what she had to say and rather enjoyed the mischief of it all. She wasn't sure what any of this was about. She felt that if she could, in some way, retaliate against the church, she would.

With a heightened voice and an enthusiastic smile she said, "No...she didn't teach me white magic because she doesn't know white stop asking me this question."

Shannon's eyes were wide and her smile was splashed across her face. Her eyebrows danced and she nodded her head as if to ask if that was done convincingly. She hoped it was because it sure was fun.
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“Thank you Miss Auvryndyr, that is all I needed to hear,” said Nate confidently, something in his voice had changed.

“GUARD!” he yelled out, making Shannon jump. She heard the guard approaching from down the corridor and suddenly felt extremely unsure, her enjoyment of the moment vanishing as quickly as it had come.

The guard who arrived held a lantern, when Shannon’s eyes accustomed to the bright flame she saw that the guard wore a masterful suit of black plate mail with platinum edging, a pair of metallic wings open and above each forearm. The guard’s full plate helm was just as ornate and not only completely concealed his identity, but made his entire visage very scary.

To Shannon’s utter amazement the guard inserted a key into the gate and let Nate walk through as if he was a free man.

“What are your orders sir?” the guard asked Nate[/i]. Shannon’s heart dropped and enraged at the same time…she had been tricked!

“Miss Auvryndyr is not guilty of the charge, escort her to the orphanage in the morning,” Nate ordered the guard. Nate then turned to her, as she sat in shock on the cot.

“I am JUDGE Nathaniel Criss of the Elite Guard. My apologies to have deceived you Miss, but your innocence needed to be confirmed before your parents trial,” he said to her.
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
Post by: Wildfire on May 15, 2008, 09:14:44 AM
Shannon's heart felt as if it stopped pumping. She was confused before but that paled in comparison to now. Events, thoughts, and emotions were flying about her and she truly did not know how to feel. Overwhelmed by the volume and magnitude of the situation, she began to cry.

Was the judge part of the resistance? Did he have underlying motivations? Why would he tell her the answer to the question he asked so she would avoid punishment if he was a judge? Did she in any way get her parents into further trouble?

Above all questions in her mind she meekly asked the one that burned the brightest, “Will I ever see my parents again?”
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
Post by: Dray on May 18, 2008, 06:13:27 PM
(OOC: I just noticed that your last question was out loud when I reread the post, so I think we could have a few more words between the Judge and Shannon before I move you into the orphanage)

“Listen to me Shannon,” the Judge said gently as he bent his knee and crouched down. He was now eye level with her, although there was still a few feet between her on the far end of the cot and he at the gate.

“What your parents did, no matter how benign it may have seemed, was wrong,” he stated, confusing her even more.

‘Whose side was this guy on?!’ Shannon thought.

“Magic such that your mother used, whether to save one man, your father, or a thousand men, is outlawed in our kingdom. Do you know why Shannon?” he asked, his voice still melodic in its kindness.
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
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Shannon thought for a moment. She tried to think of why it would be wrong and couldn't. Her mother wasn't a bad fact, she only tried to help people. If by helping people with magic was considered wrong then there was obviously something terribly twisted about the laws.

In a weak voice Shannon replied, "No sir, I don't. How could helping people be wrong?"
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
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Without a change in attitude or outcry at the girl's insolence, the Judge replied in the same kind voice.

"As Scripture and your lessons in school teach us young one, sorcery of any kind subverts governments. It eventually turns the person using it into a selfish and evil being. Instead of helping a person it ends up hurting far more people in the long run. The Human Empire that predates the history of Safe-Haven is our biggest example of this," he said still kneeling.

"You saw that yesterday in the Infirmary. Yes, your father was healed by the white magic, but in the end, three priest and a soldier were serious injured because of it. Do you understand what I am trying to say?"
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
Post by: Johan on May 19, 2008, 11:03:27 AM
Case in point: our very own leadership is known to use magic, and they're Safe Haven's bigest assholes.

Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
Post by: Wildfire on May 19, 2008, 12:23:19 PM
Shannon began to understand what the judge was saying. She saw the logic of his rationalization. She was quite impressed with his blind stupidity.

"Judge sir, My mother doesn't know white magic." Shannon tried to hold back her anger and resentment but she no longer had anything to lose. With profound resolve and with aan even tone she said, "Excuse me for saying so, but from what I've seen, it's the government that turns the people who use it into selfish and evil beings...but they're not locked up. And eventually, they'll hurt more people in the long run...people like my parents."

Shannon couldn't wait to see the judges reaction to her insult. She was only ten years old, what could he possibly do to her? She wasn't sure she wanted to know.
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
Post by: Dray on May 29, 2008, 09:37:06 AM
The guard turned his head towards Shannon after her remark, then back to the Judge. The Judge for his part, didn't look phased but his next words seemed strained.

"That's your mother opinion. Someday it will be my distinct pleasure to meet you Shannon, after you have had time to grow up and formulate your own," he said and stood up. Shannon's inner voice told her that one more word from her would be dangerous.

Judge Criss turned to the guard and gave new orders. "Change of plan. She is to be brought to guest quarters within the church at once. Let her stay in a far more comfortable room this night before escorting her to the orphanage tomorrow." The guard merely nodded.

He turned back to her. "You have had your whole life to learn how wrong the government is, ten years in fact. I beg of you to give me ten hands of time to at least show you how right it can sometimes[/i] be."

He did not wait for an answer, but gave her a nod and walked away.

The other guard opened the gate the rest of the way and stepped back, motioning his arm towards the way the Judge had gone while looking at her in the cell through the slit in his horned full helm.
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Shannon looked at the guard. she wondered the lengths he would go to to save his wife and children if he had any. Would he do the same as her father? Did this guard know her father? Maybe at one time he had served with him defending from the Kar'Thul.

Shannon decided it didn't matter what the guard would do. It wouldn't change what has happened. Stepping on to the stone floor, Shannon walked to the dull, steel bar door and looked up to the guard and smiled. She turned out of the cell and began to walk down the sparsely lit hall.

Shannon replayed the judges words, 'I beg of you to give me ten show you how right it can sometimes be.' The words were futile. All Shannon could feel was how wrong the government was now and would be unless it changed. She wished she had the power to change it.
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The guard silently took the young girl through a myriad of underground corridors and up granite stairwells. They finally emerged to what Shannon assumed was the first level of the church, as they had left the blank granite cut walls behind and now walked along corridors of lavish artistry.

Marble was everywhere and not a bit of it left untouched by a sculptor or painters hand. A dark red carpet ran the length of all corridors, embroidered within it was a myriad of patterns, most of which depicted battles with black demons. High in the stone and wood ceilings above, triangular-crisscrossing marble trusses with mosaic paintings of angels looked down upon them.

Gold was everywhere, from the simplest of lanterns, to the sculptures in alcoves between columns, to the chandeliers high overhead, nothing was made of simple steel. Even the arched double-door the guard lead her too was banded with it. And none too soon did they reach it for Shannon thought she would drop from exhaustion after the six flights of stairs the guard made her go up since leaving the dungeon.

Beyond the pair of arched doors was a small corridor, the guard with his hand that hadn't left her shoulder since the dungeon cell, lead her to a door that was on the right wall. He pulled a key that was resting in its lock and opened it for her, silently prompting her to walk into the room beyond.

Shannon, not wanting to challenge any more officers that day, decided to heed her silent captor and walk through the door. The guard followed her and she turned, wondering with a bit of trepidation what he was about. But he simply lit a lantern on a table nearby and unceremoniously left the room.

As Shannon turned to look upon her new quarters, she heard the click of a lock in the door behind her. She then heard the guard walk away and out the adjoining corridor, taking her room key, and therefore her freedom, with him.

The same luxuries they had passed throughout the church were not spared in her new quarters. A canopy bed large enough to sleep her and both of her parents had posts holding up drapes of white silk. The mattress almost looked too tall for her to get up on. Dozens of gold satin covered pillows were neatly arranged on the made bed. Underneath them was the white satin bedding with gold embroidery which appeared to match the curtains which billowed from a light breeze entering the adjacent windows. Shannon could see the brilliant stars in the night sky beyond.

The thought of her mother and father sleeping with her in such luxury brought a pang of sorrow to Shannon's heart. She bravely tried to suppress it while she got her bearings.

'First, I have to find a way out of this mess, then I can try to help them,' she thought.

Throughout the room was more furniture than one person could need. Two bureau’s made of ancient Outland Pine and inlaid with gold and platinum stood at opposite sides of the room, each with drawers large enough that Shannon thought she could hide in one. A massive writing desk (of the same expensive pine) was on the wall between two of the open windows. On the desk, writing materials and various instruments including art supplies that made Shannon's heart skip a beat.

The entire eastern wall was a large outward curve, which made Shannon think of the times she had seen the church from outside the Temple District. The church was a tower like structure with what appeared to be three columns on each side of the square building. Each column was as wide as the Spire itself that two portions of the building wrapped lovingly around. She now understood that this massive bedroom was on the outside wall of one of those 'columns'.

(OOC: This is hard to explain, I will show any interested the actual map someday.)

To her left, Shannon spied an alcove made of polished black and white marble, a shower stall with a lavatory, sink and vanity beyond it. To the left of this alcove was a dark fireplace tucked in the corner, it appeared to be made of white brick.

At her right, beyond an alcove, and set within the back wall was an empty walk-in closet. A dressing bureau with some combs, brushes and what appeared to be a make-up kit stood bye.

Throughout the room and along the walls were paintings, tapestries, sculptures and other such finery that made Shannon's heart sing despite her situation. She quickly calmed it and berated herself. The floor was a simply gray carpet, but it look plush and Shannon wondered what it would feel like between her toes. She berated herself again.

With the exception of the flapping curtains in the breeze and the slight hiss of the lantern beside her, the room was very quiet. The shadows at walls edge paid her no heed.
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
Post by: Wildfire on June 01, 2008, 06:29:51 PM
OOC: Maps? Did you say maps?

Shannon admired the artistry of her surroundings. Her situation didn't negate the simple fact that the craftsmanship and skill that went into the work was extraordinary.

She eyed the bed. It had an inviting look about it with it's gold, satin, and tedious lace. She walked over and stood a running distance from the heel of the mattress. With reckless abandon she ran...and jumped! Bouncing on the feather soft landing she actually smiled. Though she wasn't happy she was glad she didn't have to sleep in a prison cell, not like her...parents.

Shannon's smile quickly faded and turned into a frown. Her throat became tight and her eyes ground shut trying to hold back the powerful tears. They failed.

She hastily grabbed one of the pillows and gripped it close hoping that it would return her hug. Burying her face into the satin she let her emotions drown her for a time.

When there were no more tears and her chest hurt, she decided that it would be a good time to draw. She sat down at the desk and gently removed the pencils and pens from the case. The pens were made of ivory and were garnished with gold etchings along the side and a fluffy white feather on the end. The pencils, like the furniture, were made of Outland Pine, extremely rare for such simple objects, and had a marrow of hardened charcoal. The paper made available to her had exquisite and finely detailed margins that framed whatever was to be written on it. Shannon could clearly see that the tools she held in her hand would cost a small fortune for the average citizen of Safe-Haven. Then again, she wasn't in an average place.

Shannon thought of one of her happiest moments and began to sketch the beginnings of her piece. She thought of a picnic that she went on with her folks. It was in the park under a tree. Playful clouds were tumbling across the sky and the birds were in opera. Nearby fountains were gurgling and the fresh scent of flowers tinted the air. She would forever hold that day close to her and immortalize it in ink. She hoped she would be able to give that picture to one of her parents.

After a few hours, her work was done. Tired beyond reproach, Shannon rested her head down on the desk and fell into an uneasy slumber.
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
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Shannon ran as hard as she could down the dark corridor, the beast so close behind her that she could feel it's fowl, hot breath on her neck as it closed in for the kill. With a scream she lost her footing and suddenly realized why...she was falling. The floor had opened beneath her.

She screamed as she fell forever down a shaft blacker than night, her voice echoing off the walls of stone. And she somehow knew...she somehow knew that she was falling towards a floor covered with jagged iron spikes.

'But how could I know that?' her logic asked, piercing the horror of the fall. And with the question her answer came to her simultaneously...she was dreaming. And if she was dreaming, she could control what happened next...she could save herself!

An angel materialized beside her. He descended the shaft with her, although while she spun in circles, he was completely upright, his wings folded and allowing him to fall alongside her at the same rate.

The angel was gorgeous, a man of long gold hair and silver skin with a powerful physique, and Shannon wondered if she had seen him in a painting in the Church. But with this thought, the image of the church corridors in her mind reminded her of the nightmare waiting for her in reality.

And that reality included her parents on trial because of her failure to help them.

"Let me fall," she told the Angel. "Let my die on the spikes, I don't want to go back there."

Just before the pair reached the spikes the angel wrapped his arms around her form and quickly stopped their descent. They hovered a moment, just above what was to be her death, and then started to levitate back up the shaft. She cried at the defeat, her heart had wanted all of the pain to end on a spike.

His wings folded around her, and part of her wondered how he could continue to ascend without his wings, but she continued to cry. His embrace however, washed away her sadness, for it was warm, strong and loving. After a few more turns she couldn't cry any longer and raised her head from the crook of his neck to look about her, for the glow of light had made it through her eyelids. She squinted as she opened them against the full daylight.

She was above the clouds! What an incredible and vivid dream! Clouds floated below their feet as the angel, it's wings now open, soared high in the sky while she remained safe in his powerful embrace. The sun shone down on them adding to her warmth.

Looking around at the magnificence of the sky below she saw a wondrous craft to her right, a ship that was also flying above the clouds. Instead of sails, it had a ring of fire around it's mid-section, this seemed to be propelling the ship through the sky.

In an instant she was flying to a balcony at the rear of the ship and flown through an arched doorway inside it. The angel quickly slowed his flight and turned his body in mid-air so as to be holding her like a baby in a mother's arms. As he continued to hover, he gently laid her down in a large bed covered with white satins sheets and gold pillows.

Somehow, despite the adventure, her eyes became instantly heavy with sleep at the touch of the soft bed.

"Be at peace my child, for you do have a guardian angel," he said to her as he stroked the hair from her face. The soothing beauty of his voice summoned more tears from her eyes, but before they could escape, Shannon closed them and fell into ignorant bliss.

*   *   *

Shannon woke up in the bedroom's canopy bed. The feel of the bed's satin enveloping her in warm bliss. The dream's images much less vivid now, but the warmth and love from them still very much with her. She smiled as she began to stretch.

Then consciousness and all the reality came back to her yet again, slapping her harder than if someone had dumped a bucket of cold water over her.

She quickly sat up and looked around. The desk she knew she had fallen asleep against had been re-organized and cleaned. Her artwork put respectfully onto the room's dining table. Her clothes had been folded and put an adjacent chair. Upon seeing them her eyes went wide in shock and embarassment, for as she looked down at the satin pajama's she now wore in the bed, she wondered how she had gotten them on.

The room and the Church was quiet. The closed curtains blocking the sunlight from the open windows slowing endulating from the summer breeze.

Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
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Shannon looked about the room for any evidence, no matter how unlikely to find it, of the angel. “It was too real to be a dream” she whispered. Every thread in her wanted to commit the ether real  experience to ink. “No, this is all mine…not theirs. They can take a lot of things from me but they can’t take this.”. She spoke the determined words as though to convince herself to refrain from drawing the image. She made a silent vow to herself that one day, she would honor the angel with her skill…when her skill was actually worthy.

She wiped the morning residue from her eyes and stretched. She scratched her blonde head and decided that she would use the trappings that surrounded her. Walking as quietly as she could, she made her way to the marbled shower and bathed.

She took particular note of the scented soaps and washing cloths that adorned the shower room. She sniffed one of the bars and it smelled liked spiced pears. With a sqeaky, “Hmm..” she decided that she would use that one. The wall of the shower had knobs and buttons on it and she was confused as to just how they worked. Her head bobbed back and forth looking for any sign of which did what. Frustrated, she turned one of the knobs. Water, the temperature of the coldest winter ice, rained down on her. With an unyielding shriek she jumped out of the stall. She reached in for the other knob while trying to keep her head back to avoid the chill, her eye shut and an uncomfortable twist to her mouth. Finally she turned the other knob and warm water chased away the cold water. She adjusted the water to her liking and set forth to washing away the last few days of dirt.

She dried herself off and got her clothes. Her hair dripped down and she could tell that there were some knots. With a sigh, she retrieved the brushes and combs from the bureau. Again, her eyes were drawn to the fine artwork in the room. ‘I wonder if the craftsmen that made these did it out of want or if they were made to do it’, she thought. Either way, they still possessed a beauty that would be hard to rival.

Shannon brushed her hair at the vanity and tried to imagine what the next few days would bring. The judge said she would be taken to the orphanage today and she was scared about going there. She wanted to see her parents to tell them how sorry she was for getting them into this mess. If she could, in any way, fix it she would.

Satisfied that her hair was tamed, Shannon went to the window and looked out over the city. Common noises echoed up to her and she suddenly understood how the churches physical station would cause the priests to really believe that they were higher than everyone else.
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
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The city was built in a bowl-shaped valley, rising gradually from the Church constructed at it very center. From everywhere in the city, the citizens who looked very small from Shannon's window, could see the towering structure she stood in.

Off in the distance, she could see the flat roof tops of ShantyTown, she slowly scanned Northwest of them to Nottingham Hall and the brand new shops next to it.

The memory of just a month ago came back to her in vivid detail, her parents walking her amongst those shops in the Theater District. Her Daddy had saved all winter to buy her some pens and inks in a fancy art shop. She had refused, knowing her parents couldn't afford such lavish a gift, but her father insisted, giving her a huge embrace for her selflessness.

She thought she would cry again, but just then, the very warm sun emerged from beneath a cloud and warmed her with an embrace equal to her father's.

'I must be strong for them,'[/i] she thought.

Shannon wasn't sure how long she stayed at the window, but it felt like some time before she heard a knock on her door.

At first she was confused on what she was supposed to do. This wasn't her room after all. But then she said, "Come in?"

A girl in a servants outfit came in, the symbol of Kaine was embroidered in her smock. She had green eyes and very pretty, and very long blonde hair, but more importantly, she had a tray that appeared to be breakfast!

As Shannon watched the girl walk over to the dining table and place the tray gently down, she slowly stepped away from the sunlit window, mesmerized by the thought of breakfast. It felt like months since her last meal.

The girl lifted the large silver bowl off the top of the tray and sure enough, there was a feast fit for a Councilman!

As Shannon stepped closer to the table she eyed sausages, muffins, eggs, milk and fresh apple juice.

"Hello Miss. My name is Kristen, and should you need anything further I will be back in about 10 turns." Kristen gave her a big smile. "I see you have found the shower, aren't the fancy soaps wonderful?!"

She nodded with a smile and started to head back to the door.
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“Wait!” Shannon exclaimed. She didn’t know why she said that. As soon as she did she didn’t know what else to say. Perhaps she just wanted company or maybe she just wanted to see someone her own age. Most of all she didn’t want to be alone.

The smell of the food made her belly rumble ferociously. And she desperately wanted to shovel it down. Her request was still hanging in the air, however, and she needed to recover from her outburst.

“Um…the soaps are great…thank you.” She stammered with an uneasy smile. Her eyes darted back and forth eying the food, artwork, and Kristen. “My…my name is Shannon.” She reached out her hand to Kristen in greetings. First meetings were always clumsy for Shannon and more so even now. “You can stay here if you want to. There’s plenty of food.” Shannon’s voice grew dim and she said with dismal realization, “but…you… probably have work to do , huh?” Shannon bit her lip as her hope of company seemed as though it would end before it began.
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
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Kristen looked at her and there was a sudden compassionate sadness in her eyes that Shannon had not expected to see.

"I do indeed have work to do Miss Shannon, but please enjoy your breakfast, they don't have quite the fare at the orpha...." she stopped and quickly walked to the door. Shannon was caught off guard and she could feel a lump gathering in her throat at the sad thought of where she was going today.

Kristen paused at the door, one hand on the knob and the other resting on its ancient pine surface. She decided on something and turned back to her.

"Miss Auvryndyr," Kristen whispered her last name as she continued to stare at the door. "What ever happens today, know that you will have friends who care about you when it's all over."

Kristen turned her gaze back to Shannon who was surprised to see tears welling up in the blonde girls eyes.

"But how do you..."Shannon started, but Kristen held her hand up to stop her.

"I can't say any more Shannon, it's too dangerous here," she said, then just as a tear escaped and ran down her cheek she left the room. The lock in the door pushing the bolt back in place.
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
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OOC: Just an out of game and kind of unrelated note here. Remember that all children in the Kingdom go to the same school in the capital city. So it isn't as if Shannon doesn't have friends in her current chosen House at this time.

However...and if I remember my setup correctly, Houses are chosen when students enter the school year when they will be Age 10. So being now 10, and in mid-summer, it will be dependant on your birthdate on whether you were inducted into a house during the last school  year, or this upcoming one.

Either way, if you were in "elementary school (age 5 to 9)" last year, you might still have friends in the school.

Just a thought, you may continue...
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Shannon looked at her food and suddenly wasn’t so hungry. The meeting with Kristen left her with more confusion of mysteries that she didn’t understand. “Art imitates life.” she said to herself. “It is a lie used to tell the truth”. Everything around her seemed wonderfully artistic and she wondered what truth was crying out to be known. “Someday I will figure it all out.” She said aloud and sat down to eat her scrumptious breakfast.

Every last crumb and drop (ooc: that would make a great name for an inn or tavern…The Last Crumb and Drop) was gone and Shannon could feel the bloating of her belly. She rested back in her chair and let out a deep breath and a whispered hum. Before she even knew what was happening she let out a monstrous burp that echoed through the luxurious suite. Her hands clasped over her mouth and it was all she could do to hold back her laughter!

She knew her father would congratulate her on her fine performance while her mother would roll her eyes and warn her about her manners. She bobbed her head from side to side as though she was in a room full of people and said with a little dainty voice, “’scuse me”.

(OOC: Per your note above, Shannon will have been inducted last year in the Art House and will be starting her second)
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As promised, Kristen did indeed return. She entered the room in a bit of a hurry and began to collect Shannon's empty plates. Shannon noticed that the tears were now gone from her, but the girl didn't look up at her either. She seemed flustered and intent on her work.
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“Oh…” Shannon peeped with enthusiasm as Kristen entered the door, “…Just as you said, you…returned? Is something wrong, Kristen?” Compared to only a short while ago Kristen seemed a bit frenetic. Shannon hoped that she wasn’t in trouble by speaking with a prisoner.

Shannon gently approached Kristen and bent to look at her face. “Is everything okay? Are you in trouble?” she asked. The concern for her fate melted to the heat of the moment and Shannon thoughts of what might be wrong made her fingers twitch with panic.
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By the time Shannon had approached her at the table, Kristen had all the things back on the plate and had returned the large silver bowl cover. She hesitated before she left with it however, and even with the face of the other blonde girl very close to hers, she still didn't look at her.

She then suddenly whispered, "I was only supposed to come here and identify you."

She then finally did look at her, and although Shannon found the girl to be a little more confident now, she still seemed anxious.

"Promise me that if I tell you something, that you will not repeat what I say to anyone," Kristen whispered a plea.
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Shannon instantly recoiled away from Kristen. She had no way of knowing if this was another trick to undermine her and her parents. Her good faith in people had been returned with deception and this girl, whom she just met, could well be a part of that web of lies.

On the other hand, Kristen could also be enslaved here. She was, after all, collecting dishes; certainly not a task that would be assigned to an acolyte priest. Shannon wanted to believe her sincerity, if only to have a friend in enemy territory.

With mixed feelings and against her better judgment she whispered to the flustered servant girl, “I won’t tell anyone…I swear on my parents gra…I swear by my parents souls.” Shannon didn’t want to even begin to think of her parents’ grave and dismissed that thought as it entered her head.
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Kristen reached out and gently took the top of Shannon’s hand, she held it with a compassionate squeeze and said, “They won’t sentence your parents to death, they wouldn’t dare. You’re father is too decorated an officer in the Outer-Rim Defense.”

With a sigh and a nod Shannon tried to let the stranger’s words sink in.

Kristen then unexpectedly drew her in and embraced she could whisper in her ear. “When this is all over, when you are taken to the orphanage after the trial, you will be contacted by friends of mine who want to help you.”

She then drew away but held her hand fast.

“Just remember that okay?” she said, keeping her voice very low. “And again, don’t tell anyone what I have said, just keep the knowledge of this close to your heart, it‘s to give you strength through the trial to come.”
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Shannon's heart wanted to burst. Kristen offered no hope of her parents being set free. It was as though she already knew their fate and the pain it would involve.

Shannon closed her eyes and nodded her head. With her eyes welling up she whimpered, "Thank much. Will we meet again?"
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"We are in separate Houses, but hopefully after this is all over, we will have the same friends," Kristen said gently.

With that, she let go of Shannon's hand and whisked away the serving tray, just before opening the door to leave she added, "everything is going to be set straight someday Shannon, I promise."

And before Shannon could say more, Kristen was gone, the door lock clicking back into place behind her.

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Shannon tried to feel the hope that Kristen offered her. Despite the reassurances of having friends, she felt completely alone.  It wasn't her future friends that would sit with her at the trial. It wasn't her future friends that would witness her parents in chains. It wasn't her future friends that were bleeding with the sorrow of the moment. Future friends didn't do her any good right now.

She was grateful for Kristen’s compassion as it was the best part of the morning. At the very least she had a friend who somehow understood.

Shannon went over to the picture she drew and took a final glance at it to seal its completion. To her it was perfect. She searched the drawers for any letter ribbon and found one of laced gold silk. Tenderly, she rolled the drawing up and tied an elegant bow around it.

She walked to the balcony overlooking the city and pulled the tied drawing close to her chest. "Dad" she said with a tight throat "There is nothing to forgive. Someday I will be as brave as you". As she stood in the sun and watched a flock of birds fly by she thought a moment. " you do, I will stay true to myself....I promise you...with all my heart".

Bolstered by her vows, Shannon sat down on the balcony chair and, in waiting for the day to begin, she actually felt hope.

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For a hand, Shannon sat on the balcony soaking in the sun while thinking about where her young life would turn next. Too soon, there was yet another knock at the door, it sounded as if a gauntleted hand made it, and Shannon braced herself even as she granted entry, "come in."

Judge Nathaniel Criss walked in, flanked by a pair of guards dressed in similar fashion to the one who led her to her very room last night. Nate however, looked very much different from his previous prisoner facade.

He too now wore the same masterful suit of black plate mail, but instead of platinum edging as on the others, his was edged with gold. A pair of gold-metallic wings opened above each forearm and his full plate helm was even bigger than the other two guards, with long metallic horns with sharpened gold tips.

Luckily he held the helmet in his left hand, or she wouldn't even have recognized him. His face was now clean-shaven and his long hair combed and straightened. She would have found him quite handsome if she didn't have an incredible urge to kick him in the shin.

Shannon just watched the men file in while standing on the balcony, she realized that she hadn't dressed into any day clothes yet.

"Well, Miss Shannon, I hope you found your stay in the quest quarters of the Church at least acceptable?"

(OOC: "Do my worst?" Ok. "The Judge THREW Shannon off the balcony and she plummeted to her death." SPAH-LAT! hehe)
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The site of the Judge was intimidating. With the pair of guards at his side he looked down right commanding. She thought of him as a judge and nothing more. To give him a name assumed that he was actually worthy of one. Shannon would not think of him worthy of anything except her scorn.

"The art is incredible and the soaps smell great!" she cheered with enthusiasm. Her tone immediately changed and dripped with venom "But the only place that is acceptable is back home...with my Mom and Dad!"

Shannon frowned and glared at the decietful judge. She was going to try to refrain from showing him tears or compassion. She promised her Dad that she would be brave. She might as well start now. Still, there was a part of her that wanted to believe that he was her friend. That in some way he was going to look out for her. Then the confusion of the last few days began to set in.

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"Dear Shannon," the Judge spoke in a commanding but soft voice, "your mother violated one of the Kingdom's most sacred laws. However..."

The Judge took merely a few steps and crossed the room with amazing poise, one that made Shannon back up a step, losing some of her resolve. The other two guards simply stood at attention and did not move. When he reached the space just before her he bent to one knee, placing his helm on the floor beside him while not taking his intense gaze from Shannon's eyes.

"You have my word as a Judge that I will do anything I can to keep her from the death sentence.[/i]"
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Shannon didn’t know whether or not to believe him. He had deceived her once before and he could very well try to play her into his trust to obtain any information that would accuse her parents- a tactic that he used before. She didn’t know anything about the law, she only knew the right and wrongs that she had been taught. However, Shannon came to realize that her mother was already found guilty and that the Judge was merely going to pass a sentence.

“Mr. Judge” Shannon peeped “I don’t want my mother to die…but she didn’t do anything wrong.” Shannon held her tears. “How do I know I can trust you when you’ve already tricked me?”
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The Judge looked back at the guards for a moment, and then returned his gently gaze at Shannon.

"Because I tricked you so you could tell me the truth and be declared an innocent in all this. I tricked you to save your life Shannon. Can you understand that?" he asked.
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Shannon became more confused at the twisting of the situation. “There’s a lot I don’t understand about all of this” she answered, again with a touch of poison. “A guard put a dagger to MY throat and threatened to kill me when I didn’t do anything. I’ve told you my mom doesn’t know magic even when you asked me. But none of that seems to matter to anyone.”

Shannon started to get very angry and could feel herself getting enraged. She took a deep breath to calm herself. “If you’ve somehow saved my life I thank you. Right now, it’s not my life I’m worried about. I want to see my parents…would Kaine not let me?” Her attempt sounded desperate and she was grasping at straws for any chance to be reunited with her folks. She hoped that mentioning Kaine, supposedly a benevolent person, would sway the Judge. Fate was already in motion and Shannon felt helpless to change its course.
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“Shannon,” the Judge said then paused a moment as if trying to think about how to convince the young girl of her parents guilt. “Shannon, it is Kaine’s law that your mother broke, don’t you understand that?”

“The law that forbids the use of white[/i] magic was passed unto us by his own lips. So yes, Kaine would be very angry with your mother right now,” he said.

The truth behind his words suddenly hit home with Shannon, and she suddenly realized a very important thing in all of the chaos of the past few days. She wasn’t fighting just the soldiers who took her parents, she was fighting the God Kaine himself.
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Something about this didn’t seem right. There was flaw in this somewhere but Shannon couldn’t yet see it….too much was happening too fast. ‘Be brave’ she thought. Right now she was more scared than anything. She wanted to tell the Judge that if his words were true then Kaine was a false god. She knew right well that would get her into deep trouble and that even the Judge would probably not have sympathy for her proclamation.

Shannon thought quickly, she had to say something to this. She didn’t want any more trouble for her parents or herself. Then a realization came to her as easily as a sketch to her fingers. A calm passed over her and she looked at the Judge and the words flowed. “Kaine knows the truth. He knows my mother to be a good person who wouldn’t hurt anyone. He knows my father fought his whole life to continue the work of protecting the place Kaine fought for…the place we live in. There is nothing you, any priest, or guard can do can touch the truth of that. You might send them to prison but their hearts will always be free…as will mine”

Shannon waited for any volatile reaction from the Judge. No matter what happened now, she knew the Judge had no power over anyone’s spirit including her own.
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And that is when the one memory of the entire ordeal that would stay with Shannon for years to come occurred before her.

The Judge kneeled before her, and in a fierce whisper that only Shannon could here he said, "I knew I wasn't wrong about you." A flash of pride and something akin to determination crossed his face, but it was gone so quickly that Shannon wasn't sure she had even seen it.

The Judge stood back up.

"Miss Shannon, we are to escort you to the orphanage where you will spend a few days before the trial. Please get dressed, my men and I will wait for you outside," he said in more of his no-nonsense typical tone.

With that, he walked back to the guards and the three exited the room.
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Shannon could only blink in her astonishment. She had fully expected to be subject to a lashing of sorts but instead was given a verbal pat on the back…in relative secret no less. She wondered if there was there something the Judge was hiding from the guards. What was he really up to?

The three left the room and for all of this puzzling string of events she was unable to move. The thoughts of sorting out what was happening shot through her mind as though they were burning spears. “What exactly is going on?” she asked expecting no answers until the trial. She hoped that it would all be revealed then or soon thereafter.

She put on her black pants allowing her long, white shirt to hang over the brim. Strapping on her belt over the shirt, the bottom hem bloused out. She sat down and struggled with putting on her boots. Tall boots were always such a chore to put on but they were always very comfortable. She tied that last laces and stood up wiggling her foot to settle into the leather.

The city was fully awake and Shannon was drawn to the noises beyond. She spied out over the balcony to the bustle of Safe-Haven below. So many people out there were unaware of the tribulations that she was about to face and had faced already. She questioned if anyone else would agree with the charges that her parents were accused with. One could only hope they would not.

As she walked towards the door she grabbed her tied drawing and took a last look at the fabulous artwork in the room. A sad smile came to her slowly. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath to ready herself for the oncoming changes, of which many would pass she assumed. She hit the latch on the door and proudly walked into the hall.
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(OOC: Scene change to a few turns later outside the Church)

Judge Criss walked ahead of her as the two Guards from the House flanked her from behind. As she walked along the streets she suddenly felt very vulnerable and ashamed. For the moment they left the Temple District people walking the streets began to stare. Some even whispered as the guards guided her along the main road as it climbed up the velley, through the Park, Warehouse and Riverfront districts.

They all seemed to be paying as much attention at the appearance of her guards as they did her, and she wondered if this were not a regular occurrence. It sure seemed like they were on parade.

She bowed her head and tried to not look at anyone straight in the eye. She wanted to yell out to the crowd, to tell them of the wrong-doing against her and her parents, but she knew it would only make matters far worse.

Almost half a hand later, when they reached the much less populated school district, of which the orphanage was located in, Shannon's moment of relief was brief. Although she was no longer being gawked at, she suddenly realized how close she was to her new home.

While at school, Shannon had always heard tales from the other students of what life was like for those kids who lived in the orphanage. She cringed at the thought of meeting Headmaster Shanteel, the stories of hardship dealt by the man's two fists was stuff of nightmares.

She kept her head down and tried to thing of more pleasant things as the guards and the Judge guided her down the final street that lead to her final prison. When she dared to look up she saw the visage of it’s dull-gray stone block frame above and through the cast-iron fence that stood guard around it. All too soon Judge Criss reached the gate entrance and swung it open for her to walk through. It squeaked on a rusted hinge and closed loudly behind her two silent rear guards.

As they made their way to the granite stone steps, she could see a large picture window, to what appeared to be an office, to the right of the double door entrance. Through it, she spied a glimpse of a bald man sitting behind a desk just before the Judge opened the entrance door in front of her, guiding her into a large but dark hall beyond. She watched the oak doors close, the two other guards remaining outside. The doors showed the sign of their age, and Shannon wondered how many hundreds, perhaps thousands of children had come to this orphanage through that very entrance.

“Headmaster Shanteel is expecting us,” the Judge said to her simply and walked over to a door that Shannon assumed would go into the office with the picture window.
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Shannon looked at the doors. She questioned what sort of horrors waited beyond it. If the orphanage wasn’t a prison it was difficult for Shannon to tell. The building had no ornament and it was clear that it was built only because it had to be. After looking around the halls for any other kids, Shannon looked up to the Judge and asked, “So happens from here?”.
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Before turning the knob to the office door the Judge replied through his great plate helm, "you meet the Headmaster, he gives you a room, and then we find you something fun to do."

With that, Judge Criss turned the knob and opened the door for Shannon to go in.

At first reluctantly, the nervous-kneed young girl walked the few steps to the door which seemed to take an eternity. She then headed straight for a leather chair in front of the man's desk without even looking up at him first.

Judge Criss walked in behind her and then stepped in front of the other leather chair. But instead of sitting down he faced Headmaster Shanteel helm to face, for the tall bald man had stood at attention upon his entering.

"Headmaster Shanteel, this is Shannon Auvryndyr. I trust you have read the file I sent you?" Judge Criss asked in a professional tone.

"I have Judge. She will have no worries during her time here, I can assure you," the Headmaster replied. He also spoke in a very business-like manner.

With that very quick foray, Judge made to leave, as he reached the door he turned and spoke to Shannon one last time, still not taking his helm off.

"Miss Auvryndyr. If you have any problems with the accommodations or the staff at this institution you are free to report to me any issue. You will be discharged and placed in alternate accommodations without question and..." he stressed the last point, "...without fear of reprimmand from anyone[/i]."

"Is that understood Miss?" he asked.

Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
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Shannon slowly nodded her understanding of the Judge’s words. Before the Judge left she asked, “When will I be able to see my parents and will I be able to give my Mom the picture I drew for her?”. Shannon held up the rolled drawing for the Judge to see…a pleading look was in her eyes.
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
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The Judge's helm looked from the Headmaster and then back to Shannon.

"My apologies Miss. You will not be able to see them before the trial. I can personally hand it to her though if it suits you," he offered.
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
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Shannon pulled the scroll close to her…guarding the precious picture. She was almost insulted at the notion. Respectfully she said, “Thank you but I’d feel better if I gave it to her myself.” She still wasn’t sure if she could trust him and it would have far more meaning if she was to hand her artwork to her mother personally.
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
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"As you wish," stated the Judge with a slight nod, then he left.

Shannon felt very much alone with the giant Headmaster who stood towering over his desk as he looked down on her. She then saw his eyes go up and look out the window behind her, watching the Judge as he crossed the grounds on his way out of the yard.

His stong unsmiling gaze returned to her and she shrank in the chair.

"Well, well, well pretty one, what am I to do with you?" he asked in a tone that left Shannon wanting to sprint for the door.
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
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Shannon already didn’t like this brute of a man. She noted that the light from the window was glimmering off his head and made him look even meaner.

Meekly she stated, “The Judge said I would get a room and go play…” She hoped that her statement would appeal to his better discretion reminding him of what the Judge had just said about accomodations. She hoped but didn’t come to expect such a luxury from this intimidating beast. ‘Be brave’ she thought to herself.
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
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The Headmaster sighed and looked out the window again, apparently ignoring her comment. He then did something peculiar. He straightened his posture and drummed a pen in his hand against the desk for a few moments while he was lost in thought.

Shannon was tight with anxiety, wondering what the rumored madman would do next.

The headmaster picked up a folder, apparently her file, and opened it, scanning the top page of its contents. He then looked down at her, and Shannon's skin crawled as he looked at all of her, slowly looking from her feet to her head.

He closed the folder and plopped it on the desk with a thwap and looked out the window again. It was only then that Shannon realized he was making a decision.

A decision to a question she wasn't sure she wanted to know.

Suddenly, he burst from his position and Shannon leapt almost straight up out of her seat, her legs and hands trying to make her body form into an even smaller ball while sitting on the chair.

But the Headmaster didn't lunge for her, instead he merely walked briskly to his office door and slammed it open.

"Come!" he yelled as the door slammed behind him.
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
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Shannon wasn’t sure what she did to upset the beast but he was apparently most irate. Perhaps the Judge’s words stuck with him….maybe since she really was innocent he had no provocation. Would he really need provocation though? The man had gained a notorious reputation and it wasn’t from being kind.

Regardless, Shannon had apparently avoided a beating and for that she was glad. She rested easy in knowing that as wicked as this man was, her father would easily best him in a fight. Shanteel was a bully, nothing more.

Shannon got off the chair and followed the man at a pace that would not give him any reason to complain. ‘No need to make a bad situation worse’ she thought. “Mister, when do we eat?” her curious nature caused her to ask.
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The Headmaster ignored the girl as he lead her up a few flights of old pine stairs and then down a corridor. When he got to a door that he stopped at, he turned and merely looked at her as she caught up to him. They were hard steps to make for she felt she was walking straight at a ferocious beast.

As she reached him, he crouched down to be at eye level with her, she tried to back up but it was too late, for he had grabbed her by both arms.

"Listen up Deaconess[/b]." (OOC: Used in this fashion it is like someone spitting the word "Princess" at a spoiled girl) he said sternly.

"You are only important to the Church while they have use for you. When that is over, you will no longer be a concern to them or anyone else. So despite the confidence of the Judge, you better learn to behave like every other kid[/i] in this joint because one day soon..." he paused and got his face only an inch away from hers " won't matter."

His grip was strong and the venom he spat carried the cruel words straight to her heart and froze the little girl.

He stood up quickly and opened the door and stood bye it waiting for her to go inside.
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
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Shannon stood there frightened of what this man could, and perhpas wanted, to do. 'Be brave' she said once again to herself. It seemed to be something she was continuously reminding herself of in this maelstrom of circumstances.

She wanted so badly to swear at the man but as her mother once told her, 'Kill them with kindness'. Shannon smirked slyly as she looked up at the beast- lately she was given to dehumanizing people she didn't like- batting her eyes and coyly said, "Thank you for all of your help and kindness mister sir. I'm sure Kaine looks upon you with pride." Regardless of the wrath that would inevitably come by this remark, Shannon felt it was worth the price. She had practically lost everything in the last few days. The one thing she would not surrender was her dignity.

Shannon walked into the room and smiled at beastly man.
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Shanteel was so quick that Shannon almost had no sense of what happened until it was over.

The Headmaster thrust his hand into Shannon's crotch while at the same time his other hand gathered her blouse in his fist. With the calm demeanor of a man simply throwing out trash, he painfully hefted her body up and in an alarmingly swift and violent motion hurled her into the room. She tumbled through the air, the many beds and footlockers a mere blur as they passed bye. The force of the impact with the hard wood floor sent her flailing end over end until she slammed into the wall opposite side of the room.

Her eyes shut against the incredible pain in and on multiple places of her body. She heard the door slam and Shanteel's footsteps march away as blood began to stream from a cut on her lip.
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Shannon winced at the pain of the tumble. Without thinking of it, she looked to see if her rolled up picture was damaged. To her relief, it was not. Somehow, amidst the toss, she managed to keep it safe.

Her lip swelled and began to pulse in time with her rapid heartbeat. ‘How brave of him to pick on a girl who is half his size’ she thought. She reached up and felt the cut on her lip and wiped the blood from her chin and looked at it. “Someday it will be your blood on my hands.” She whispered with dripping hatred as the innocence of her childhood fled from her. A smile crawled across her face as she remembered her words ‘You might send them to prison but their hearts will always be free…as will mine’ Her own words brought her comfort. She had to take caution not to become their prisoner…to not give in to them  no matter the cost.

However, with the comfort came an anger. It was not the kind she had felt until now. The last few days had brought out something in Shannon that was alien to her. She was uncertain if she liked it. Regardless, it was there. Normally she would have put that energy into her artwork but that was not a luxury available to her at the moment. The monster within grew fierce and enraged. Taking care to put her rolled pen work down, she stood up and began to walk towards the door clenching her fist.

She stood in front of the door and stared at it. Her mind concentrated on a particular nick in the wood. She focused, analyzed, and nearly burned a hole through the innocent door. She began to breath deep and reveled in the energy building up. Shannon pulled back her little fist and channeled her energy, her rage, her hate, and her fear into her hand and let it fly into the door. (OOC: Psionic Fist Feat)

A loud thud came from the impact and Shannon’s hand hurt tremendously. Her knuckles were bloody and even her arm hurt…but the release of the anger was glorious and well worth the pain. She looked at the door and saw a small fracture in the fibers. It wasn’t enough to notice at a casual glance but it was there nevertheless.

With the pain came the realization of Shannon’s surroundings. She was in a community sleeping quarters and was well aware that she may not, in fact, be alone. Slowly her head turned to survey the room and any company that might have seen her outburst.
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The room held eight bunk beds for up to sixteen children to sleep in. Each bed had a pair of footlockers for the girls possesions. All of them were open and empty but one. Behind her, in the corner next to a window, the only other person in the whole room sat in the bottom bunk, her eyes wide as she stared at her in scared wonder.

A small girl who looked about her age, with shoulder length brown hair gawked at her and pulled a sheet to her eyes for protection.

(http://{e_FILE}public/1214445298_18_FT9434_jenamalone3_.jpg) (http://{e_FILE}public/1214445298_18_FT9434_jenamalone3.jpg)
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Shannon was unsure of what to say. The girl before her looked frightened hiding under her sheet and only peering out. Clearly she was alarmed at both Shannon being treated harshly and her resulting fit on the door.

“That beast needs a lesson in manners, I think” Shannon remarked pointing her thumb back towards the door. “Does he really treat all of the kids here that way?” she asked the mousy girl.
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
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“Yes,” the small girl said in a shaky voice, barely above a whisper. “He’s as mean as a hornet’s nest.”

“How did did you do that to the door?”
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Shannon cocked her head as she thought about the girl’s question for a minute. She honestly wasn’t sure how she did it as it had come naturally to her in the heat of rage.

She glanced back towards the door recounting the situation. Still puzzled she replied, “I…I don’t know. I was just so tootin mad that I had to punch something…I mean, I don’t have my art pens with me so I had to do something.”

Again Shannon surveyed the room. There was enough space for fourteen other people here and yet this girl was alone. “Will we be the only ones in this room or are there others? It seems like such a large space for only two people. Oh, and I’m Shannon by the way.” Shannon walked to the girl and held out her hand in greetings.
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The girl looked back and forth from the door to Shannon for a moment.

"There are five other girls who live in this room, but they are on a field trip in Lakeshore this week," the girl said petrified.

Shannon wondered why the girl was so scared, did the girl think that Shanteel was going to come back and beat both of them?

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Shannon's brow furrowed as she asked, "Is something wrong? Is that beast going to come back because of the noise?" She was perplexed by the nervousness of the girl.

Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
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"I hope not," she replied in a small voice.
Title: 07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial
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Shannon shared the girls’ sentiment. She listened for the heavy footsteps of the beast but was satisfied that none were approaching. “I hope so too. I wouldn’t want you to get in trouble for something I did. After all, if he’s willing to bully someone who hasn’t done anything wrong then I’m sure he’ll do it again.” she reasoned.

“So…” she started looking to ease the tension “…how long have you been in here…um…what was your name? I’m sorry if I missed it.” Shannon knew she hadn’t answered the question before most likely because of fear she had from the outburst. She wanted to make friends in this child’s prison and would find it difficult without knowing people’s names. She hoped she would tell her.
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"Jena Mistone, Age 10, Actors House," the girl replied. She put the sheet down into her lap, but remaining sitting in the back corner of the bed with her knees drawn up to her face.

"What's yours?"
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A smile came across Shannon's face. Jena was in the Actors House and the same age just as she was. At the very least, they had something in common.

"Oh, my name is Shannon...Shannon Auvryndyr. I'm also 10 and in the Actors House. Though I do art work...not acting." she replied enthusiastically. "What's your area of study?"

Shannon didn't recall seeing this girl in any of her classes in the past year but she may have not been looking either.
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"Acting...actually. I am starring in a play called Servant Girl of Easthaven[/i] on the Nottingham Hall stage this summer,” the girl said simply.

Shannon was caught completely by surprise. For a girl as young as her to be acting on the main stage of all of Safe-Haven was impressive, but this girl was an orphan to boot.
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The prestige involved in performing on the renowned stage was extraordinary. Excitedly Shannon said, “WOW! That’s great! Do you know what part you’ll playing? How did you get the role…I mean, they don’t just hand them out to anyone.”

After her first year in the Actor’s House, she had gotten the impression that one day she would be painting the sets for the plays. It seemed a little unfair to Shannon that it was called the Actor’s House since there were so many arts beyond acting that people appreciated though perhaps not as much as plays. Many of the plays were historical references to Kaine and the mighty struggle and if the plays were done right, people were allowed to lose themselves in a piece of history come alive.

Regardless of people’s admiration of one art form over another, Shannon enjoyed hers and greatly admired all of the others. Jena was obviously very talented in her art and that certainly caught Shannon’s attention.
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Jena smiled at her.

“I am the[/i] servant girl of Easthaven,” she said proudly.
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“Great Kaine! That’s amazing!” Shannon was truly impressed. This girl had landed the lead role in a play to be performed in the summer acting series. “I’m honored to have met an artist as yourself” she said with a bow.

“So…how did you get the role? Is it assigned, did you audition?” she wondered. “What’s more, how do you remember all those lines of text? I would never be able to do that…that’s a lot to memorize. I remember what I see though so suppose I it’s not too much different that way.”
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Jena smiled back at the other girl’s antics.

She shrugged her shoulder in reply to Shannon’s question about memorizing and said, “that’s about the way it works with me too. I remember the written page in my head like it was right in front of my eyes. The harder part is putting the emotion into each line and not merely reading it like you’re in school.”

“Acting isn’t tough like painting or drawing though, it’s really easy in comparison. I don’t know why the adults in the theater think it’s so tough. You just pretend your someone else is all,” she said again with another shrug of her shoulders.

Jena then did a funny thing. She threw off the sheet and stood up off the bed. Shannon was surprised to see that the girl wasn’t very little indeed. She was tall in fact, just had a very lithe frame.

The girl walked over to Shannon with deliberate dramatic flare, her hands on her heart as if pained by some abhorrent news. For a click, Shannon thought she had done something wrong.

“But blur! Has mine eyes thus deceived me by trickery of light or has mine dearest Cynthia fallen ill?” Jena asked with great concern and immediately walked over to her as if Shannon would feint at any moment. “Color has flushed from thy cheeks? Or do you fail to catch breath from the torment of failure to endure against the wickedness of his overwork?”

At the end of this speech, Shannon caught on to Jena’s play-acting as the girl had softly grasped the sides of her face in order to more closely examine her pale cheeks.

Shannon wish she knew her line.
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Stumbling for words Shannon waved her hands in the air and blurted out, “But I know not of what you speak! Thy maiden's color is flush and cheeks are as the harvest! Breath that you would say be gone with the moon is but lost at such beauty in merry wonder.”

Shannon laughed, “I have no idea what I just said but it sounded good to me!” She took a prideful bow and pretended that an audience was cheering. Many performances had been seen by Shannon since an early age and the words always sounded like poetry to her. Her parents had always encouraged the arts. Her father would say, ‘One should enjoy the finer things while they can as they are what we live for.’

She smiled and asked, “Do you need help in practicing your lines? I could help you if you want. I think this is a lot of fun! After I could show you how to draw…that is if you have some parchment and a pencil.”
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Quote from: wildfire

Stumbling for words Shannon waved her hands in the air and blurted out, “But I know not of what you speak! Thy maiden's color is flush and cheeks are as the harvest! Breath that you would say be gone with the moon is but lost at such beauty in merry wonder.”

Jena laughed with a bemused look on her face.

Quote from: wildfire
Shannon laughed, “I have no idea what I just said but it sounded good to me!”

Jena continued to giggle while nodding in agreement.

Quote from: wildfire
She smiled and asked, “Do you need help in practicing your lines? I could help you if you want. I think this is a lot of fun! After I could show you how to draw…that is if you have some parchment and a pencil.”

Jena caught her laughter and quickly replied. "I am afraid I will forever be hopeless when it comes to any type of art on canvas. But I would LOVE to play theater with you!"

With that, the two abused orphans found momentary solace within each other's company. They played well into the afternoon hours, and then after dinner in an almost empty cafeteria, continued well into the evening.

Finally they fell asleep in Jena's bottom bunk in the corner of the room.


(OOC: This was all about the trial of Shannon Auvryndyr, and not her parents trial. Her parents trial will be forthcoming in a new thread. As soon as I can get some sleep and get back to it on Wednesday).