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Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Chassic on April 06, 2008, 09:44:55 PM
It was the last day of school. Summer was finally here and with it, freedom. Normally Xavier dreaded his summers. Being cooped up in the orphanage, dodging punishments from Headmaster Shanteel for some imagined offence or another was not Xavier’s idea of a cold summer. It’s as if that guy got off on hurting kids. No, this summer would be different. This summer Xavier would go wherever he wanted, do whatever he wanted. This summer he would go to the Outer Rim and kill a Karh’Thul.

He first had the idea while nursing his wounds after yet another Shanteel beating. Xavier was so furious that he very nearly followed through with a plan to assassinate the bald mother-mater. Xavier never got the nerve to actually do it. Shanteel was a powerful man and Xavier was unsure of his ability to stand toe-to-toe against him. He knew that it would only be a matter of time, though. Eventually Shanteel would push Xavier over the edge and one of them would end up dead. Xavier often daydreamed of how the battle might go. It was during these imagined battles with Shanteel that he first came to think of the man as a vicious, and bald, Karh’Thul. And that is when the though struck him. If Xavier could take down a Karh’Thul he could certainly take down Shanteel.

So it was that Xavier’s plan was put into motion. He would claim to be heading to his friend Jared’s home to work for the summer. Jared would tell his father that they managed to get a work detail with some engineers looking to improve the roads and bridges in some distant village. They would actually pack their belongings and head out into the wilderness. Just surviving on their own would be challenging enough, but Xavier was determined to at least see the Rim, if not actually fight a Karh’Thul.

Xavier finished packing up his gear and started to head out of his room. He was to meet Jared in a hand to start the journey. Xavier was a little early, but he had no reason to hang around the orphanage. With any luck he could avoid running into Shanteel on his way out.

Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Johan on April 06, 2008, 10:07:12 PM
Hell's bells! We're all orphans?!?!?

That's too funny!

The Orphan Brigade!

Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Dray on April 06, 2008, 10:09:52 PM
(OOC: yup, when he told me today, I came to the same conclusion. Funny thing, most of the NPC's actually have parents, you guys are so gloomy!)
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Chassic on April 06, 2008, 11:26:00 PM
(OOC) Yeah, it's like the Karh'Thul eat parents for breakfast.

"Parents, the other white meat." - successful Karh'Thul ad campaign.
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Johan on April 06, 2008, 11:42:09 PM
That's too funny!

"It's what's for dinner"

"Soft on the outside, crunchy inside"

"Melts in your mouth..."

"Mmmm-ummm...good cracker"
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Dray on April 07, 2008, 08:43:47 AM
"You got your parent in my peanut butter!"

"You got your peanut butter on my parent!"
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Dray on April 07, 2008, 08:44:49 AM
It was 8 night-hand, Jared had just finished packing his meager belongings in his backpack, a knapsack, his school uniform (since that was the best armor he had), his “chemistry kit”, some rope, a knife, and few others odds and ends that really consisted of everything he owned. The backpack was quite full and a bit boxy looking when he was done, but he was still nervous. He had never gone camping before and didn’t think he nearly had the appropriate gear for it.

But when Xavier asked him, Jared Lightwell, a student 2 years younger to go camping for the summer, he simply couldn’t refuse. The guy was obviously skilled with the blade since he was in The Protectors House. Jared could not only use the skill he would obviously learn from him , but having such a powerful friend at the school would sure make it easier to keep the bullies away.

The only downside is that he would have no access to the chem lab all summer, and he was just starting to perfect his technique in making what he nicknamed the M.O.A.B. (Moo Of All Bombs), made from cow manure.

‘Ah well,’ he sighed, ‘you win some, you lose some.’ He would just have to start his Pump House Sabatoge when he got back after the summer.

Hefting the backpack onto him, he was happy to feel that it wasn’t as heavy as it was encumbersome, but with the straps tightened, he didn’t have a problem at all carrying it. Which was good, it was a long journey to the Outer Rim.

Lastly, he picked up the letter to his father that he had scribed the night before on a roll of parchment, stuffing it in his pocket. He had saved it for last so as to be sure not to forget it.

With that, he belted on his longsword and took one last look around the room. All the other children had already gone off to whatever jobs they had signed up for, the seven other beds already having been stripped of their linens. This summer, he wouldn’t feel so alone, he wouldn’t be in this empty room thinking about his Mom in prison or his drunk Dad who cared not for him. This summer he would have adventure!
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Dray on April 07, 2008, 08:45:32 AM
(OOC: Scene cuts back to Xavier)

Mr. Marks, Leslie’s father, had secured the two boys a spot on a merchant’s wagon that was headed south. Xavier had mentioned to Leslie last week that Jared’s father had asked Jared come home to work on his old barn of a house, and he volunteered to go help. Leslie, the consummate “do-gooder” then told her father who hooked them up with a free wagon ride.

So that is where he asked Jared to meet him, the “Can’t Get There from Here” Inn that Mr. Marks owned in the Riverfront District. He thought that if they left the orphanage together, it may bring more attention to him, and that is not what he wanted from that bastard Headmaster.

Xavier walked out of the orphanage, kind of amazed that not only was he not intercepted by a Resident Keeper or even Baldy, but didn’t see any kids either. It was a quiet night, school was out and kids were celebrating somewhere.

As he walked across the courtyard, the front gate just twenty paces away, he heard a tapping on a window behind him. His heart jumped to his throat. He was familiar with that sound, for it only could come from one place, the Headmasters picture window next to the front entrance of the very building he just left behind him.

Xavierr reluctantly turned, and there the giant of a man was, standing behind the large window. He had one hand in the suit pocket and the other was waving to him. He still had the blue, pin-striped wool suit on that he wore that day for graduation.

Headmaster Draven Shanteel then saluted him with a crisp wave in front of his bald forehead. To Xavier it was just about the most condescending thing he could have done.
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Chassic on April 07, 2008, 01:37:44 PM
Xavier stood staring at Shanteel for the duration of two breaths. He fought off the strong urge to give him a "salute" right back. Instead Xavier returned the same wave, making sure to finish by running his hand through his hair as he turned to walk away. Xavier knew Shanteel would get the meaning. Without looking back, he imagined Shanteel's condescending expression turning to rage as two black tentacles reached out from within the Headmaster's jacket and slammed against the window frame.

Already Xavier was feeling a sense of freedom like he had never experienced before. Soon he would be at the "Can't Get There From Here" where he would officially start his journey. The free ride was an unexpected boon. Funny how things like that worked out, Xavier had actually planned to travel to the south. He would have to remember to bring Leslie back a memento of some sort.
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Dray on April 07, 2008, 07:04:34 PM
Xavier walked into the entry of the Inn, beyond it was the lobby in which guests either checked in at the desk or hooked a right into the tavern, which he did since he didn’t see Mr. Marks or Jared.

Through the narrow swinging doors he went into the room beyond. Kids, even older ones under 18, weren’t usually allowed in taverns. Mr. Marks’ place was the exception, and on nights like this it became a full-fledged restaurant. The place was packed with families still eating, drinking and celebrating the last day of school. Most would be staying the night and traveling home the following morning.

He spotted Jared sitting across from Mr. Marks at one of the tables. Leslie had just walked up to them, wearing a serving apron and put a plate of finger food between them. Xavier’s stomach growled in anticipation.

Leslie walked away from the table, appearing very busy and not even seeing Xavier even though she practically walked right over him. As he came closer Jared and Mr. Marks greeted him.

“Ah, Xavier my friend, good to see you escaped the prison,” Mr. Marks said with a smile as he moved over to an empty seat so he could sit down. He had always liked Mr. Marks, as most Whisper members did, man had an easy but no-nonsense way about him.

Mr. Marks (looks like Ed Harris from Beethoven):

(http://{e_FILE}public/1207609438_18_FT9146_mr._marks_.jpg) (http://{e_FILE}public/1207609438_18_FT9146_mr._marks.jpg)
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Chassic on April 09, 2008, 11:10:07 PM
"Mr. Marks!" exclaimed Xavier while reaching out to shake his hand. "I only wish the orphanage was a prison, we'd likely get treated much better."

"Hey, J," Xavier said as he sat next to his friend.

"Gotta thank you for the ride, Mr. Marks. Saving us a lot of time and blisters, likely."

OOC: I take it Mr. Marks does not know our true destination and, in fact, thinks that we are going to visit J's dad?
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Dray on April 11, 2008, 12:27:21 PM
Correct, he thinks you are headed out to see J's Dad.

Jared nodded as Mr. Mark's replied. "Not a problem at all, a lot of people headed that way tomorrow anyway. Speaking of which we have one small snag."

Xavier's heart caught in his throat, 'he knows!'.

"I have no beds available tonight at the Inn due to the graduation, so you are left with a choice. You can lay your knapsacks down in the storage room behind the bar get a good nights sleep and travel with a family that told me they have room, or, head out tonight with a merchant who wants to beat the rush," Mr. Marks said, emphaizing the last few words with an incredulous shake of his head. "The merchant is a bit ornery, doesn't like wagons ahead of him on the horizon", he finished with a bit of a smirk.
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Chassic on April 11, 2008, 06:56:37 PM
"Ornery, huh? Sounds like we'll be right at home," said Xavier, nudging his friend Jared. "I'd probably be uncomfortable around a nice happy family anyway". Xavier stood and picked up his pack. "I guess we should get moving. I don't want this merchant to leave without us. You ready, J?"
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Dray on April 12, 2008, 12:24:04 PM
Mr. Marks let out a kind laugh. “Ah Xavier my good lad, you always amaze me, you never take the easy way out.” He stood up and gave him a good clap on the back. “Might as well sit for a few minutes, Mr. Church isn’t leaving for about another hand, so have something to eat and I will go tell him...” he interrupted himself with a laugh, “...the good news.”

Xavier sat back down as Mr. Marks walked away. He was a bit non-plussed about the delay but was happy to munch on the cheese covered potato-halves still steaming on the plate in front of him. Jared shifted in his seat, not knowing how to start any conversation, luckily he didn’t have to because Leslie returned.

“Hello Z,” Leslie said, a bit of sweat on her brow from the hustle of waiting tables. Xavier had long ago lost the battle with the nickname that only Leslie used for him. “So where are you two really headed off too?” she asked with a raised eyebrow of suspicion at him.
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Chassic on April 12, 2008, 01:48:28 PM
"Hey, Chipmunk," replied Xavier reaching over and tousling her hair. "And it's Xavier ... or Iggs, not Z. But you're right, we're not really going to his father's." Xavier leaned in close to Leslie and whispered in her ear. "We're going to the Rim to hunt Kahr'Thul."

Xavier leaned back to enjoy the wide-eyed expression on Leslie's face. He'd make a point to remember this moment, as it was the first time he had ever seen Leslie's mouth open without a long stream of words falling out of it. When she finally took a breath to speak, Xavier interrupted her with laughter. "Ha, ha, ha, ha! You should have seen the look on your face! I wish Shannon was here to see it. I'd pay her good coin to capture that on paper."
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Dray on April 12, 2008, 02:53:52 PM
Xavier was expecting Leslie to laugh along, and perhaps even be embarrassed on her gullibility at his joke[/b]. It was immediately apparent that Leslie was instead taking Xavier very seriously.

“But your kidding with me right?!” she shouted, then she realized how loud she had been as a couple of nearby patrons looked questioningly at her. She smiled back at them with a wave, they turned away disinterested.

She leaned in between the two Whisper members when she knew she had only there attention.

“The two of you aren’t strong enough to fight a Karh’Thul by yourselves! Are you out of your minds?!”
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Chassic on April 12, 2008, 04:42:55 PM
"C'mon, Chipmunk. You think I don't know how tough a Karh'Thul is? 'Sides. if I were really going hunting I'd invite Renee, not J. No offense, J." Xavier casually looked over to his friend. "She's more experienced with Karh'Thul and ... other things." Xavier tapped a closed fist against his lips and pushed his tongue against the inside of his cheek a few times, indicating her particular kind of experience. "It would make for a more interesting trip, that's for sure!"
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Dray on April 12, 2008, 05:18:54 PM
Jared laughed so hard his hand went into the cheese on the potato-halves, making him laugh even harder. Leslie meanwhile merely stared at Xavier, blinking, not getting the slight on Renee’s character even in the slightest bit.

Leslie shook off whatever the weird-boy humor was and exclaimed, “well you certainly aren’t going to Jared’s Dad’s house...since he don’t got one!”

She stood there with her little fists balled at her hips, her big eyes under a crossed blonde brow and her lips pierced into what could only be a frown. Xavier thought she looked about as menacing as a field mouse.... with attitude.
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Chassic on April 12, 2008, 06:26:30 PM
"Well, guess you don't know everything after all," Xavier exclaimed incredulously. "J does, in fact, have a father ... he just doesn't see him much. Do ya, J? Got a mom, too. Don't get a chance to see her much either. That'll change soon enough though." Xavier slapped his friend on the knee reassuringly.

"So we are going to J's dad's. We might not stay long if he's as much of a goat mater as I hear he is, but we are going. OOC: We're not. So why don't you be a good little Monkey and get back to entertaining these folks?"

Xavier looked to his friend, "We really should get moving J. I want to be ready and waiting to go before this merchant is." Xavier got up and slung his pack over one shoulder.

"Oh, hey, Chipmunk. What can I bring you back from our trip?"

OOC: I just realized that Xavier's nickname for Leslie makes no sense. Cut off from the rest of the world as they are would anyone even know what a monkey is? If not, I'll have to pick a new nickname. Hmm, maybe Chipmunk?
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Dray on April 12, 2008, 07:37:01 PM
(OOC: Chipmunk works....the kingdom has the typical animal life of Maine)
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Dray on April 12, 2008, 08:22:03 PM
Leslie looked at him knowingly. Xavier suddenly wondered if his plans would be foiled by tiny twelve-year old.

”Fine,” she said matter-of-factly, “you two want to go get yourselves killed, who am I to stop you.”

Leslie walked away to serve another table.

Jared spoke up as soon as she was out of earshot. “Her head may be in the clouds, but Leslie is as smart as they come Xavier.” he said with a shake of his head. “To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if she knew where we were going before you even tried to spin it off as a joke.”
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Chassic on April 12, 2008, 09:58:41 PM
"She's so smart how come she didn't know anything about your family?" Xavier smirked at his friend as they stepped away from their table. A group of kids quickly took the open spot.

"Leslie is smart, I'll give you that. But she doesn't know nearly as much as she thinks she knows. It's gonna get her in trouble one day." Xavier lowered his voice, "Maybe even the bunch of us."

Xavier and Jared continued in the direction Mr. Marks walked. Hopefully they would stumble into him or the ornery merchant.
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Dray on April 12, 2008, 10:24:18 PM
Jared was a bit perplexed as they walked through the back storage room and out the back door.

“But, my father doesn’t own a house and is a drunk, she knows[/i] that. Xavier,” and Jared at this point had grabbed his arm to get his attention.

“Do you think I should go back and talk to her?” he asked him, for which Xavier noted that Jared must have seen the disapproving thought he had about that idea, for Jared backed it up with, “...well, just in case she decides to tell any adults about our plans. I don’t want her spoiling anything.”

Just then, Mr. Marks hailed them from the back gate at the end of the alley. “Ah, excellent young travelers, I see that you have your things ready. Mr. Church awaits you around the corner,” he said as he circumvented the crates scattered amongst the alley and walked over to them.

“He is anxious to leave the noise behind and be off, so get a move on lads,” he finished, and headed towards the back door.

Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Chassic on April 13, 2008, 12:42:54 AM
OOC: Ah, I misinterpreted what Leslie was saying. When she said " he ain't got one" I thought she meant he doesn't have a father (because Jared lives at the orphanage). I also didn't get that his dad was homeless. I knew he was a drunk, I didn't realize he was a homeless drunk. Regardless, we could still be going to see his homeless dad. Jared might want to patch things up (and maybe we will). I don't think there is anything particularly suspicious about that.
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Chassic on April 13, 2008, 12:52:27 AM
"Thanks again Mr. Marks!" said Xavier, giving him a polite wave. As they moved away from Mr. Marks and started to leave the alley Xavier whispered to Jared, "She's not going to say anything because she doesn't know anything. Now let's just get moving, we don't want to be late."

The two walked around the corner looking for Mr. Church.
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Dray on April 13, 2008, 08:19:51 AM
Had Xavier thought about it, from the earlier description of ornery, he would have expected some old miser with a single-horse drawn, moth-infested wagon. What was around the corner was not what he would have expected.

A long covered black wagon pulled by a team of four, powerfully muscular horses awaited the two boys. In the drivers seat was Mr. Church, who although old (early 40s) wasn’t exactly a miser. The man had long black hair and a 5 night-hand shadow about his face, but was smartly dressed in his leather duster and broad-rimmed leather hat. He had a crossbow ready at each side of the seat and had a longsword in his own scabbard.

As they approached he said. “I take it the two of you are the charges Mr. Marks has paid passage for?”

At Xavier’s nod he continued. “Alright, now listen up. I am thinking the two of you are clever enough to realize that you aren’t so clever. I am really not interested in spending this trip listening to your complaints about your teachers or your dreams about the next girl you’re going to feel-up.”

Although he was talking very matter-of-factly, his tone almost bordering on polite, the man’s words were indeed harsh to the point of ornery.

“So I want the two of you to get inside the wagon, there is space enough in there to lay your knapsacks down if you wish. I will make stops every 4 hands or so for piss breaks, but we won’t be stopping to break camp until tomorrow night.”

While Mr. Church spoke he simply sat in the drivers seat, apparently ready to go and also in no mood to come down to help the lads stow away their backpacks or open the wagon door.

“With luck,” he continued, “we should be able to get to the southern village where I plan on dropping the two of you by the night after tomorrow, as long as the rains hold out. Now...should you need me to stop for any extremely[/i] important reason, you can pull a cord that is at the ceiling in the front of the wagon, but again, make sure its important, I don’t want to be delayed.”

“Do either of my two passengers have any questions,” he asked. He didn’t seem to be too eager to hear any though.
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Chassic on April 13, 2008, 09:01:58 AM
Xavier shook his head "No", stowed his gear, and silently entered the wagon.

"Ornery? Pfft, this guy was downright cuddly compared to Shanteel," thought Xavier. "This should be a nice, uneventful trip."
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Dray on April 13, 2008, 09:37:50 AM
Jared walked in behind him and immediate put his backpack down before closing the door behind him. A hooded lantern that was set in a very fire-proof looking glass and cast iron wall sconce was mounted near the door, it shed the only light inside the covered wagon. Xavier got a good look at Jared’s backpack for the first time and smirked, it obviously had the equivalent of an entire chemistry set in it. It barely contained the box-shaped container and looked like it may explode at the seams where the corners threatened to rip through.

The wagon was almost completely full of crates, some stacked to the ceiling. The crates were strapped down real well though, and thankfully didn’t look like they would topple over anytime soon. In between them, a narrow corridor was formed that was long enough for Jared and Xavier to indeed lie down their knapsacks, their heads would be close to one another on the floor adjacent to the door. This also would allow them to put their belongings by their feet. In all consideration, it was a pretty sweet arrangement.

“Well, at least we can stretch out,” Jared said.

The wagon almost immediately started off and both he and Xavier were pleasantly surprised on how smooth the ride was.

“I think this is one of those new wagons they make at that place in the Riverfront District, it has something called a suspension system,” Jared said.

There were only two very small square windows at the sides of the wagon near the front to look out of, and the one on the left was blocked by crates.
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Chassic on April 19, 2008, 09:36:39 AM
Xavier was curious about what was in the crates. He looked for any hints that might suggest their contents. He was careful not to be too obvious about it. He didn't want to be kicked off the wagon before they even left the city.

As Xavier poked around he made sure that J's pack was secure. "Hey," he whispered, "what are the chances that this thing is going to blow us all to hell?"
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Dray on April 19, 2008, 04:42:15 PM
Jared laughed, although nervously, not wanting to insult the older boy. “Erm...only if the wagon was engulfed by fire could that happen. All of the volatile ingredients are quite separated from each other.”

Xavier, satisfied at the answer, proceeded to look in and around the crates, some were merely leather-strapped and easy to open and close.

The merchant seemed to be transporting an uninteresting array of goods. From mundane tin items, like cups and plates, to other materials, like lantern oil and such, that one may not be able to get outside the city. It was all very boring.

Jared moved his backpack to the end of the corridor between the crates at the back end of the wagon and then sat down in front of it.

“So, what’s the real plan when we get out there?” he asked Xavier with obvious enthusiasm.
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Chassic on April 19, 2008, 09:29:58 PM
"Soon as we get there we take inventory. If we need anything we'll pick it up in the village. Then we'll head out. We'll travel south for a day and set up our first camp. From there we hunt for food and get a feel for the land. This first camp will be our fallback in case we run into any difficulties, Karh'Thul or otherwise. Once we've worked up enough supplies, we head further south. We've got to leave the first camp supplied with a couple days food and water. We should also fortify the area and ready some deadfalls, just in case." Xavier's eyes were unfocussed as he related his plan. It was as if he were looking ahead into the future and watching the actions he described take place.

"We make a second camp closer to The Rim. This is where we need to be really cautious. First order will be to find a secure location, preferably a cave or old animal burrow. If we're really lucky we might stumble on an old guard tower or abandoned waypoint. We'll need something with an entrance that we can secure. With only the two of us we won't be able to set watch, so lots of trip wires and a barred entrance is our best option."

"Once we've got our secured base we can start exploring the land around it. We'll need to find high ground where we can set up spotting platforms. Another important task is locating kill zones that we can lure a Karh'Thul into. Securing escape routes is something that we will consider if the terrain allows. If we can build a temporary bridge over a narrow ravine or river gorge we might be able to cross the bridge and destroy it behind us. Or even fight at the bridge and destroy it while the Karh'Thul are still on it. Things like that we'll have to think up as the opportunity presents itself."

"We'll stay at our forward camp until we get low on food and water. Then we will fall back to our first camp. Once we replenish our supplies we can head back to our forward camp and continue the search for Karh'Thul." Xavier seemed pleased with his plan. He lay back on his knapsack with a satisfied grin. "We are going to kick ass! Hell, even if we don't find any Karh'Thul we're still going to learn a lot out there. At the very least we'll get some good hunting in, deer, wild boar, maybe even a bear! That'd be cold. I'd love a bearskin cloak with the head attached."

"Say, we never really talked much about your, um, abilities. You know? Just what exactly can you do with your...," Xavier wiggled his fingers in the air. "Sometimes I think I'm the only one without that particular talent."

Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Dray on April 19, 2008, 09:38:54 PM
Jared sat and stared unblinking at Xavier, obviously still trying to absorb the War Plan put before him.
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Chassic on April 19, 2008, 09:56:25 PM
"What?" asked Xavier. "You don't look very confident. You didn't think we were just going to go wandering around out there until we stumbled into Karh'Thul did you? Did you?" Xavier shook his head. "This is why I asked you to come with me. Someone needs to teach you how to survive out here. You'll see, we're going to come back in the end of summer and we're going to be warriors. Real, experienced, Karh'Thul ass-kicking warriors." Xavier punched his fist into the palm of his opposite hand for emphasis.

"Now, tell me about your ... skills."
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Dray on April 19, 2008, 10:17:32 PM
Jared had come out of his daze and appeared excited at the prospect of returning to Our-Commons a hero.

“Well, although I am not as accomplished as you with the blade, I can perform...”Jared stopped speaking and looked up, as if he suddenly remembered where he was. He continued on with a more hushed tone, “I can do a few arcane spells that got me noticed by Renee a little over a year ago.”

Xavier raised an eyebrow, waiting for the punch-line.

“I can cast a fan of flame from my hands for one,” Jared proudly answered Xavier’s silent query.
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Chassic on April 19, 2008, 10:50:32 PM
"Great 'Thulian dung-piles! Are you serious? That's matin' awesome!" exclaimed Xavier in an excited whisper. "Can you just do that anytime you want to? Oh, wait! ... " Xavier glanced over at J's pack. "Yeah, you should probably be really careful about the particular skill while haulin' around all that stuff."

"Any other tricks? What about your pack? Just what can you make with all that stuff?"
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Dray on April 19, 2008, 11:11:22 PM
"Well, I can make an alarm or two with them. I was thinking that we could setup some trip wire around the perimeter of our camp," he said and started to see Xavier's eyes widen in appreciation, so he enthusiastically continued. "Although I don't have enough material to blow them up, it sure would make a nice bang to alert us of their presence!"
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Dray on April 19, 2008, 11:15:06 PM
(OOC: Thulian dung piles? Wish I had thought of that one! heh)
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
Post by: Chassic on April 19, 2008, 11:45:52 PM
"Now you're talkin'! I knew you were going to be into this. Tell you what, I'll work with you on your combat skills and tactical planning if you teach me a bit about ....," Xavier wiggled his fingers around in the air again "that stuff and teach me about blowing things up." Xavier reached out to shake his friend's hand. "Deal?"

"Oh, and one more thing. There's a reason why we're headed south." Xavier paused a moment and looked directly at J. "I figure Karh'Thul ain't the only demons down here that we can deal with. If you want to stop in and see your dad we can do that. You tell him whatever you want to tell him and he won't lay a finger on you. He tries and he'll be swallowing teeth with his ale."
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
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Jared’s smile faded and he looked away. After a moment he looked at Xavier for a moment, almost said something, and then looked away again.
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"Say it, J. What you were thinking just now. Say it!" Xavier reach over and grabbed J by the front of his tabard. "Your mom's not gonna be in jail forever. When she gets out you want HER to deal with him? You talk to him, I'll make him listen. Maybe you say something that gets him to clean up, maybe he don't. Either way you got to start thinking about what's gonna happen to your mom when she gets out."
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
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“He’s not worth our effort Xavier. He is a traitor and a drunk,” Jared said quietly, not able to look at him in the eyes.

“My Mom is in prison because he became a coward. Instead of facing his fear and standing beside her, he instead ratted her out along with the entire resistance group,” Jared finished, obviously full of shame.
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
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"So he turns in an entire resistance group including your mom, breaks up your family, sends you off to an orphanage, and then spends the rest of his life a lazy drunk? Does that sound right to you? Every life he's touched is suffering every day while he sits on his ass and drinks. Not right ... no way, no how." Xavier looked to see if his words were riling up his friend as much as they were intended to.

"He should suffer, too. Don't you think?"

"Maybe not hurt him physically, though I'd be more than willing to do that. You could tell him what you think of him. You know really tell him what you think of what he did and what he has become. And, you know, then maybe work him over with an axe handle."
Title: 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
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“When it happened, I was only 11, just a kid (OOC: heh) and that day my entire life was ripped apart. I wouldn’t see my Mom again until I was fifteen years old!” he almost screamed, his eyes getting wet as the emotions prompted by Xavier flared to life.

“Yeah, I haven’t seen the bastard in 2 years. Not one letter or attempt by him to apologize to me,” he said, his fist beating into his open palm. “Yeah... so roping his ass down and beating him for a bit wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all,” he said in a low growl. The stare he gave Xavier was one full of fury, but also one that sought acceptance of his rage, justification for his anger.
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"Finally!" exclaimed Xavier, almost in relief. "You've finally found your anger. You were doomed to be a mousy little kid until you found it. Now you are ready to unleash it. It's the only way to move on after you've been hurt so badly."
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Jared didn’t appear to know how to respond to such a revelation. He instead asked, “So what’s your story then? What happened to your parents?”
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"Let's just say they won't be grounding me again!" Xavier's statement was accompanied by an angry stare.

Jared shifted uncomfortably, "Heh, your just kidding, right?"

Xavier didn't reply. Instead he shifted and turned onto his back. He lay there looking up at the top of the wagon. "Yeah," he said calmly. "I'm just kidding. I never actually knew my folks ... or their families. I'm told my parents had "illegally consummated their relationship". I was the result. So, yeah, I'm a bastard orphan." Xavier seemed amused by the term.

"Anyway, my dad was taken to prison and then served in the military. He was killed by Karh'Thul in his first year of service. My mom was sent to prison after my birth and then did her term of military service. She, too, was killed in battle by Karh'Thul."

Xavier noticed Jared's expression become slightly fearful. "Now before you start thinking that I'm doomed to be killed by Karh'Thul too, let me tell you that neither of my parents were particularly well trained in combat. Also, being former prisoners, they were chosen for the more dangerous missions."

"Neither of my parent's families wanted anything to do with me. I was either "that slut's child" or "the offspring of that bastard". So I was raised in the loving care of the orphanage. Guess you could say Shanteel is the closest thing to a parent that I have ever known."

Xavier laughed a bit. "Maybe he and your dad can start a Father-of-the-Year club?"
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(OOC: Dude, just slit your wrists and be done with it?)

"Mate." Jared cursed in a whisper. "That is pretty sad story Xavier. So what, your parents must have been in school when you..." Xavier laughed to himself. He could tell that the kid had just barely enough understanding of the subject to be embarassed by it.

"...and got sent to prison for it eh? That law sucks ass." Jared finished. He lay down opposite Xavier and also faced the ceiling. They wouldn't have to yell over the wagon noise, as their heads were about a pace away from each other, and the wagon was unexpectedly quiet during its journey.

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"Yeah, I think my mom was my age when she had me. She must have been Renee's age when she died. I think my dad was just a year or so older. It's funny, you know, I don't even feel sad about it. Guess it's hard to feel sad about people you never even knew. I think all I really ever feel about it is anger. Anger at the government for destroying my family. Anger at Shanteel for being such a goat mater. Anger at the Karh'Thul for snacking on my folks. Just ... angry, but a good kinda angry. A productive kinda angry."
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“You and I have a lot in common,” he said quietly.

“Don’t hate me, but I almost envy you not knowing your parents. One I want to ki...beat, the other I can’t live without,” he said correcting his thought.

“My mom and I have been writing to each other for the past two years. She thanks me in each one for keeping her alive inside. She doesn’t complain about prison life, or talk about the resistance, and I can’t tell her about Whisper...the almighty POOSH controls everything we can say to each other,” he stated with dramatic flare of his hands and arms above him, saluting the postal service of safe-haven.

“I know though....” Jared paused and Xavier’s attention awaited anxiously. “...I know she will restart what my coward father had only hesitated. And when she does, I will be 15, and I will be ready to help her.”
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"I'll be there too, Jared." Xavier kept his eyes locked on the top of the wagon. "Your mom was right working against the government. She could use all the help she can get and I think we need to get the rest of Whisper involved, too. We need to do something other than hiding in the haystacks waiting to get caught." Xavier sighed.

"But right now we should be getting some sleep. We can talk more tomorrow. I've a feeling this Mr. Church is going to be a tough-ass tomorrow. Well, he'll try. No way he can compare to Shanteel, hehe. Night, Jared."
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"Night Xavier...and thanks."

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