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Title: 12.12.2129- A Letter and Memories
Post by: Wildfire on April 04, 2008, 04:03:31 PM
12.12.2129-  A Letter and Memories

Shannon looked out the window of her dorm room. It was a snowy, windy day and the walls could not hold back the chill of winter. It had been 3 years since Shannon last saw her parents. Today was a good day to write to them.

She sat down at her desk and turned up the flame on the sooty copper lantern. The light hurt Shannon’s eyes at first but she quickly adjusted to the brightness. Pulling out a piece of her finest paper, ink, and pens, she began to think of what she wanted to say. Unfortunately she couldn’t write exactly what she wanted to say just incase her letters were scrutinized by the POOSH.

Her head tilted as she thought. In a darker corner of the room she noticed a small spider weaving a web. To Shannon, having the privilege of watching a spider spin a web was every bit as fascinating as watching her art instructor, Master Churchill, paint. The spider reminded her of the spider that she used to watch in her room back in the days before her parents were sent away. “Hello little fellow.” Shannon said to the spider. “You look like a spider I knew a few years ago. You’re about the same size. I think you must be related. So tell me Mister Legs…that’s your name…Mister Legs…what pattern will you paint with your silk?”

Shannon talked to the spider in the hopes of taking her mind from the oncoming sadness and anger that she felt about her parents’ imprisonment.
Title: 12.12.2129- A Letter and Memories
Post by: Dray on April 04, 2008, 05:28:47 PM
Shannon's room-mate, a girl her age named Wynonna, said she would be back after mid-day prayer at Temple. Prayday was such a nice quiet day in the dormitory for Shannon, it always gave her the entire morning to be alone with her thoughts.
Title: 12.12.2129- A Letter and Memories
Post by: Wildfire on April 09, 2008, 01:20:43 PM
Shannon watched Mister Legs a few minutes more in rebellious procrastination. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to write to her parents…it was more to the fact that she was distraught at being in the situation where writing was her only means of communicating with them.

Bolstering her resolve, she dipped her pen into the ink well and began to write. She always took a great deal of time with her penmanship when writing her folks. She was not allowed to send pictures that she drew since they could be interpreted by authorities as secret messages and would, in all probability, never reach them. So she decided that letters would be her artwork for them. She had studied calligraphy as an art form and decided to put her skill to use.
Title: 12.12.2129- A Letter and Memories
Post by: Wildfire on April 09, 2008, 03:45:49 PM
As she wrote her letter to her father, she reflected on the day her parents actions were perceived as criminal.

She remembered standing there unable to do anything as she saw her father lying there in his own blood. The scratches and tears from the Kar’Thul had torn his skin open and his breath was short and strained. She remembered the emptiness she felt as she was on the brink of a changing world. The Priests of Kaine were unable to change his inevitable death. All their knowledge fell short when it came to saving him. What stood out in her mind the most was the despair her mother felt as she was extracting every last moment she had with her “heart” as she called him. It was a display of grief and love all rolled into one.

Then, the unexpected happened. Her mother, Sasha, looking into her husbands eyes said, “No my heart…I couldn’t bear to be without you.” The priests that were watching fell into shock and disbelief as Sasha closed her eyes and her hands began to glow. As she passed her illuminated hands over her husbands body his skin began to mend and his breathing became deep. She was healing him!

To Shannon, her mother’s gift was nothing new. She had done small things over the years to help people but always saying, “Shannon, you must say nothing about this…it’ll get us in trouble”. Shannon never understood what sort of trouble it would be but never told a soul just the same.
Title: 12.12.2129- A Letter and Memories
Post by: Dray on April 12, 2008, 09:32:55 PM
Mr. Legs could keep a secret.

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Title: 12.12.2129- A Letter and Memories
Post by: Wildfire on April 14, 2008, 01:47:27 PM
Shannon continued to write her letter with precise execution. She wrote of various day to day things knowing that her father, Dakin, would enjoy that. She wanted to bring any joy she could to him as he was in such a miserable place.

She stopped writing and looked over to the industrious spider and said, “It’s not fair Mr. Legs. They were locked up for no good reason. I hate this place! I hate them for their stupid rules and their…their fears! My parents are good people and they threw them away!! They destroyed my life!”

Shannon stood up from her desk and looked out the window. Her mind was consumed with so many feelings and she did not know which one to feel most. Leaning against the window pane she watched the snow fall. Her throat was tight and her eyes burned. As she continued to remember she could here the Priests call out, ‘Guards!’, as her mother finished healing her father. The priests moved in and grabbed her mother by the wrists. Sasha struggled to break free but could not. She had cried out “Let go of me!”. Shannon remembers how sudden and frightening it all was.

Her mended father pulled himself from the bed yelled out with his soldiers voice, ‘Unless you want to meet Kaine by bloody sacrifice you better take your hands off my wife!’. Shannon had seen her father angry before but that was nothing compared to the fury he had now.

The priests stopped and looked at him but did not weaken their grip. The hurried, metallic sound of the Guards got louder.

Shannon closed her eyes fighting back tears of sadness and anger and thought about one of the last things her father ever said to her. She could see the love for her in his eyes as he looked down at her with a smile and whispered, “Forgive me…”
Title: 12.12.2129- A Letter and Memories
Post by: Wildfire on April 17, 2008, 08:18:05 AM
Faster than Shannon could comprehend, her father had grabbed the ceramic washbowl at the bedside and shattered it on the side of one of the priests head causing a rain of shards to explode out. Instinctively he reached to his bloody face with both hands. The other priest, not fully realizing what had just happened, found a foot planted squarely in his chest. He did not release his grip on Sasha and as he reeled back, she was pulled to the ground.

Dakin jumped on the bloodied priest and began to beat on him with a Kar’Thul’s savagery keeping the priest to the ground. The priest cried out in utter pain and Shannon remembers feeling sorry for him…feelings that still crept up only to be suppressed by her anger. “Why didn’t you just let her go you silly fool?” Shannon asked futilely.

Shannon could see the shadow of the Guards on the wall and began to cower to the side of the bed not really knowing what else to do.

The guards arrived, six of them, dressed in lighter armor and equipped with standard issue sword and daggers. Two of them immediately grabbed Sasha and pressed her to the wall. Three of the guards jumped Dakin. The last guard came for Shannon.

Dakin turned his attention to the guards. He pulled a dagger out of one guards’ sheaths and drove it into his leg and twisted the blade. He spun around and stabbed another in the shoulder. The third guard managed to slice Dakin in the ribs. Dakin was not impressed.

Shannon began to struggle as the large guard grabbed and held her. She stopped her fight when she felt a dagger to her throat.

“You bastard.” Shannon said. “Oh not you Mr. Legs…I like you.”

Shannon tried to remember the voice of the guard holding her that said, “Captain Auvryndyr! Stand down…NOW..or I swear by Kaine your girl will not see tomorrow!”
Title: 12.12.2129- A Letter and Memories
Post by: Wildfire on April 24, 2008, 06:37:35 PM
Dakin stopped cold and glanced back. Shannon remembered how terribly afraid she was. She saw the look of defeat on her fathers face as he saw the blade pressed up to her throat. Sasha was held tight and could not break the Guards grasp despite her struggle.

"If only I hadn't been there. Their lives would be much different now...maybe. It's my fault Mr. Legs. I should have hid...I should have run! Instead I just fell in a corner...afraid. Never again Mr. Legs...I'll never give in again..."

Dakin fell off the priest and onto his back. The Guard holding Shannon nodded to the other three. At once the Guards began to beat on Dakin with their sword pommels. Shannon wanted to run to him to save him but she was unable to. She was left with only one thing...tears. Sasha screamed out for the Guards to stop. Her pleas were only met with laughter.

Dakin began to bleed and bruise and Shannon could no longer bear the sight of it and turned her head. The Guard placed his large hand on her chin and forced her head back...burning the beating into her memory.
Title: 12.12.2129- A Letter and Memories
Post by: Dray on April 24, 2008, 09:26:24 PM
Ah yes, the yet unintroduced and only hinted at elite police force of the church, well done Wildfire, cuz that is EXACTLY what they can be like.
Title: 12.12.2129- A Letter and Memories
Post by: Wildfire on April 28, 2008, 01:14:16 PM
Shannon continued to look outside at the snow smothering the cobbled streets. Her heart fluttered and her breath was short as she remembered that day. The wind rattled the window and the wispy breeze that crept through the window frame chilled the tears on her cheeks.

She sat back down at her desk and continued to write the letter. She had so much that she wanted to say but refrained from saying much of it. They would be words that could very well get her into trouble and she didn’t want to disappoint her parents by sharing a prison with them.

“Someday Mr. Legs…someday I will tell the story of my parents. I will tell people how wrong all of this is. And maybe…when they are ready to listen, they will. I owe my parents at least that much.”

Shannon folded her letter carefully creasing the folds and then smoothing them with her fingernail. She pressed the emblem of The Actors House into the warm blob of wax and sealed the letter. Tossing her cloak over her shoulders, she looked over to Mr. Legs who continued to spin his web, and said, “I swear to you Mr. Legs…someday they will be free.” She closed the door to her room and went outside to mail her letter.

The End
Title: 12.12.2129- A Letter and Memories
Post by: Chassic on April 28, 2008, 03:37:24 PM
(OOC: Good to see that Charon is not the only one who confides in spiders!)