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Title: RELIGION: Circle of the Flame
Post by: Dray on March 29, 2008, 05:21:07 PM
Each of them is known as a Deaconess but many praise each of its member as a Puritan Saint. Their sect of the Church is often called “The Convent”, and many plays in the Theater District romance that these women are all Wives of Kaine, blessed by him when he visits their rooms at night in their remote Hall of the Church. For these women have taken the vow of chastity; to only know Kaine when bound by this mortal coil, so as to fully be ready for him when they enter his domain in heaven above. Scripture states that they are rewarded by their God Husband’s love upon reaching The Kingdom of Heaven. Their blessed union, a consummation of their love in heaven above creating winged warriors of white magic known as Angels

Whatever the truth of the matter you may believe, or how you may address them, the Circle of the Flame was and still is a crucial component to the success of all humankind, for it is only these women deemed ordained to bear the burden of the dangerous white magic known as our coveted Holy Flame. And the extinguishing of this flame is not an exception to the rule, therefore it is two from the circle who are chosen by Kaine himself (via the High Priest of the Church) to extinguish the Holy Flame barrier in the the Ceremony of the Veil, the ceremony which starts each and every Kah’Tharta. The Veil and the Kah’tharta, performed four times a year for the past hundreds and hundreds of years, and only possible due to the sacrifice and selflessness of the women of this order.
Title: RELIGION: Circle of the Flame
Post by: Johan on March 29, 2008, 08:16:02 PM
Vestial Virgins!