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Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
Post by: Griznuq on March 23, 2008, 10:52:40 PM
Clive chittered at the window as Harrison tried to push it open silently. The window slid up making minimal noise, and Clive slipped in, scrambling up and into Harrison's bed to hide under the covers. Harrison had taught him to do that in case someone was awake.

Harrison returned to bed, hoping there was a note from his Emmanuelle.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
Post by: Dray on March 23, 2008, 11:05:52 PM
Harrison's heart skipped, as a small piece of rolled parchment is exactly what Clive had. He gave the squirrel a pet of approval and went into the hallway to read it by the lantern.

He couldn't have been a bigger animal? I hope you can read text so small.

Harrison noted that text as small as it was could only have been scribed with a pen, a rare and expensive writing instrument. No quill, however fine would be able to master this print.

I pray to all that is good that you are not being punished as I have been. The hag Myrtle accused me of laying a knapsack for you, I am 10 for gods sake! I am so really embarrassed by even sharing that with you, but you need to know what you are up against if they haven't charged you with anything official yet. I only hope that Clive can reach you in the prisons. Fear not, I will do what I can to get you out of there!

(OOC: "Laying a knapsack" is of course what you think it means).
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
Post by: Griznuq on March 23, 2008, 11:24:02 PM
Harrison was dumbfounded by the accusation. He jumped back into his room and retrieved his ink well, a quill and his journal. There was of course, no mention of the run in with the Headmaster, nor a recount of the Visit to Abbey in the journal.

Harrison fed Clive a wafer, and went back out to the hallway under the lanter.

That is horrible! What's WRONG with these people?? Why would the truth just not matter? - No, I'm fine. I had a discussion with the headmaster, and got... corrected, but I think it's behind me. I wish I could help you! You don't have to be embarrassed. My lips are sealed. Please stay well! - H.

He tore the piece of paper out, and went back to his bed, rolling the paper up small, and tieing it with a small string. He picked up Clive and said, "Thanks my friend. I need you to take this back to her." Harrison could smell the cinnamon on Clive.

With another string, he tied the rolled paper to Clive's back. "Run my friend," he said.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
Post by: Griznuq on March 25, 2008, 10:31:26 PM
The sun poked through the window shade, casting it's rays on Harrison's face. It's bright warmth brought him quickly to consciousness. Harrison loved the mornings, they were quiet. This weather was also particularly welcome.

Harrison slid out of bed, and got dressed. He wore his simple brown cotton robe, and some soft low-cut leather boots. Quietly, he left the room and headed for the yard.

The orphanage property itself was not what he'd call the most tranquil. He was still unfamiliar with this City, so he thought he'd spend some time scouting about. He knew the school of course. When school was in session, Jonah, Harrison's father would take him into town and have him stay at the monestary for the week, so he was familiar with that place too... But he'd never been allowed to explore. (OOC: This is where he picked up his Cleric class)
The sounds of the City were interesting, but all Harrison really wanted was somewhere he lie in the grass and stare up at the trees.

OOC: Dray, he's looking for anything like a park, or something... Somewhere that he can close his eyes and pretend he's back home on a lazy summer day shirking his duties.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
Post by: Griznuq on March 26, 2008, 06:42:50 PM
The rain of the day before, 'correction' he thought to himself, 'two days before', had passed and it was going to be a beautiful Spring day.
Exiting the yard gate and walking out into the school district Harrison looked across to the academic buildings. So much time had been spent there, and yet he knew so little about the city.

 He wasn't used to being in the city by himself, especially with a whole summer ahead of him with no chores to eat up his time.

He decided that this free time he found himself with would be best used learning. Things weren't right here. People shouldn't be treated the way that they are by people in power, it just wasn't the way things were meant to be.
'Can't think about that right now' he thought.

It  wasn’t that tough to find the Park. The landscape of the city was  like a huge bowl with the school district on the highest ground at the city’s western edge. Once he was on the “Great Expanse”, the bridge that crossed the Appleseed River, he was able to see the Park District, clearly recognizable by the incredible amount of trees within it.

Harrison had noticed that when the wind came from that direction, he could almost smell home. Now he knew why.

The Park was just west of the center of Our-Commons, which was where the Spire of Kaine stood, and Emma was in the gigantic church behind the Spire. He hoped Clive was okay, although he was a good climber, that church looked like it was 20 stories tall at least.

Clive was really the first friend Harrison ever had, aside from his mother and Gunthar. Some would say his mother didn't count, but Harrison knew different. Jonah was proof positive that a parent didn't HAVE to like his offspring.

When Clive was very young, he'd  had fallen out of a tree and into the Appleseed while the students were on a field trip. Harrison fished him out. The two were best friend's ever since.

One day, Harrison knew, Clive would return the favor.

The trees in the park were a broad array, clearly planted in groups. There were Elms, Pines, Maples and Birch and more. Harrison chose a fairly low hanging branch of a young beech tree, and pulled himself up.

"Oh yes," he said outloud. This will hence forth be known as Harrison's tree!" The way the branches grew, he could easily climb up, and the way he was situated, he was partially reclined, with his arms resting comforably on two smaller branches.

Here he would sit until he found a reason to move. He'd brought along a botany book that was on next year's science curriculum. Almost any book interested Harrison, as long as it presented fact. Books about plants and nature though, they were his favorite!

Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
Post by: Dray on March 26, 2008, 08:36:00 PM
The morning slipped by very pleasantly while Harrison read his book under the treetops. A warm breeze came in from the west now and he was so comfortable he could have napped right there.

Around early morning a group of people, about 6 of them , all adults and looking very important in their well pressed outfits, came walking down the wide parkway he himself had traversed to get to his new favorite spot. He watched as they stopped only 30 or so paces from him and looked in the woods beyond while talking.

"Well Jim we are only in schematic phase as of yesterday anyway, lets not get ahead of ourselves," said a thin middle-aged man with short cropped brown hair and a bit of a goofy look to him.

The man named Jim responded, he was the largest human being Harrison had ever seen. "Listen here MacNeil, the Council wants this done in less than 5 years and it is a huge project, no time like the present."

A woman about MacNeil's age interrupted, she had strawberry blonde hair and looked familiar, perhaps one of the kids Moms he had seen at school.

"Do they really want the structure to go up and out? Is that even possible?" She asked Jim.

Another guy, to the right of the slightly shorter MacNeil answered, "Yes but we will have to get Trant down here to look and sample the ground. A thing this big will need some serious structural design."

"Well of course Ted," she answered. After a moment of the entire group just standing there she added, "well let's not just stand here. Why don't we go into the center of the circle and take a look."

"Might as well Susan," the big man named Jim said, "we came all this way."
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
Post by: Dray on March 26, 2008, 08:46:41 PM
Lunch time came and went and with that Harrison's stomach growled, although he could go the entire day without food, he didn't rather. He debated this dilemna for a bit, not wanting to walk all the way back to the Orphanage for lunch, had to be at least a mile.

On que, a man with a small cart came walking down the parkway. The scent of roasted nuts preluded him.

'Clive would be going into a mad-squirrel frenzy right now', thought Harrison as he looked at the man guiding the small cart by hand come along. The man was tall and a bit lanky, with circular spectacles on a large nose. He looked friendly enough.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
Post by: Griznuq on March 26, 2008, 08:50:35 PM
"Sir," Harrison called from the tree limb. "Might I have a word?"
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
Post by: Dray on March 26, 2008, 08:57:05 PM
The man startled a bit at the hale, but put the end of the 2-wheeled cart down gently and said, "sure." He said looking through the branches that were far from being thick with leaves just yet.

"Are you hungry son?", he asked in a rich baritone voice that didn't match his lanky frame.

The man had a very pleasant way about him, he seemed nice to Harrison right from the get go.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
Post by: Griznuq on March 26, 2008, 09:04:01 PM
"Well," Harrison said climbing nimbly down from the branches.

"I am a bit peckish," He lied, betrayed by a growl from his stomach that the fellow pushing the cart could easily hear.

"I'm afraid I don't have any money though."
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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"Not a problem dear boy, neither do I, well at least not in abundance," he said with a smile. As Harrison came closer to the cart, the man seemed to decide something.

"Yup, we haven't met. I know because I never forget a face, very good with names too and yours does not come to me," he said then reached out his right hand in greeting.

"My name is Tristan Montegue. My friends call me Monty."
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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"No sir, I'm very new to this City. I mean, I went to school and everything, but I used to live on a farm outside of the city." Harrison explained, taking the man's hand. Probably the only thing Jonah had ever taught Harrison was when you greeted a man, you shook his hand, and you squeezed firmly.

He lowered his eyes to the ground in front of him as he explained the rest. "I live at the orphanage now."
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
Post by: Dray on March 26, 2008, 09:19:01 PM
"Well," and Harrison braced for pity he wasn't really looking for. He was pleasantly surprised he didn't get it.

"With the exception of the Headmaster, the friends you make at the Orphanage and at the School, and the times that you will have there, could be the greatest in your life," Monty stated very matter-of-factly.

"Now," his eyes lit up, "I take it then you don't have a Nutcase?"
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Harrison gave the man a very confused look.

"A what??"

He'd heared people reffered to as a "nutcase" in the past, but he was certain that this was not what the man was talking about.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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The man chuckled, "A nutcase dear boy!"

With that Monty opened the lid of the cart and reached in. The immediate aroma of roasted nuts mixed with a sugar-cinamin scent washed over Harrison. Monty pulled out a small simple wooden box that was about as wide, tall and deep as the man's large hand. He then handed it to Harrison, it was warm to the touch.

Harrison, upon looking up at the man for his nod that it was okay to open, pulled the lid back and found that the nutcase was full of large, odd-looking nuts shavings covered in a sugary glaze.

"I make these from the chestnuts of Conker trees which grow in the east. My mother's secret recipe handed down to me, may Kaine bless her soul," he said, and reached in the cart again.

He pulled out a a small linen cloth and put it ontop of Harrison's open nutcase.

"In there is a nice piece of cheese, goes great with these nuts. It will be a bit soft at the moment, let it cool down a bit," he said, then close the lid and picked up the arms to go.

"What was your name son?"
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Harrison had never experienced this sort of kindness from any adult before, and couldn't help but wonder when the bottom was going to drop out of this whole thing.

"My name is Harrison, Mr. Montegue," the hungry boy said.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
Post by: Dray on March 26, 2008, 09:49:10 PM
"Monty is fine son, but points to you for politeness. Pay me back 1sp when you have it, if you never do it won't make me lose a wink of sleep," he leaned in and whispered, "cheese is free."

He started off, "Enjoy them my boy, I hope to see you again."

In an afterthought he remembered, "Oh and keep the Nutcase, refills are only 5cp!"

He started to whistle as he pushed the cart down the parkway.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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"Oh, I'll pay you Mr. Mo... er... Monty, you rest assured!" Harrison called after him.

"And thank you!"

Delighted with his snack, Harrison climbed back to his spot in the tree and munched away, thinking about the next book he'd read.

Perhaps one about chestnuts, he thought to himself.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Although a bit thirsty, the cheese and incredibly tasty chestnuts warmed him to the core of his very soul. Soon after the snack, which was more filling then most meals he had at the Orphanage, Harrison caught himself dozing off and surrendered.

When he woke, the sun was low in the horizon to the west, just reaching the top of the Keep in the School District.

'This will be my favorite spot', he thought while stretching as he sat up and saddled the wide branch.

Clive still had not returned, but the cool air had and the sunlight was soon to depart, it was time to head back to the Orphanage.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Harrison hoped that the weather would be as wonderful tomorrow. If it was, he'd be back in that tree with a new stack of books.

Tomorrow... He'd bring food and a water skin.

Harrison began to worry a bit about Emma. He hoped things had gotten better for her.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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The rest of the afternoon went bye like any other. Lots of kids in the common hall being kid-like at dinner. Harrison kept to himself, thinking about recent events and worrying a bit on Emma and Clive. He then retreated early to his room so Clive could readily find him there. Upon reaching the room, thankfully empty of his roommates since the hour was still early, Clive was knocking on the window.

Upon letting in the squirrel chatted at him madly, obviously perturbed at being left in the cold. He climbed on Harrison's shoulder nevertheless and licked his ear... the Clive kiss.

Harrison took the small parchment from his pet and began to read at the lantern beside his bed.

I am so happy they didn't jail you, even if a bit confused. I am laying on my stomach on a cot in the Deaconess maid quarters, my butt being sore from the lashing I received last night. I have been sentanced to a month hard labor and can't leave the church under any circumstances. Damned that Myrtle! My father probably hasn't even audienced the formal complaint yet. No doubt he will let me rot in service until the month is up. The man never looked at me on Praydays as it was, now I will be totally ignored.
Enough about me. Again, I am overjoyed they didn't arrest you, and thank you for letting Clive stay all day, he kept me laughing even as I scrubbed the toilets. Very clever too, and I bet a lot safer then sending mail through the POOSH. Send him tomorrow? It will give me something to look forward too each day.
-thanks, Emmanuelle
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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And so it went on for days and then weeks as the busy white squirrel made his way back and forth between the Orphanage and the Temple. Delivering a message on each trip, Harrison got to know the daughter of the High Priest, and she in turn became friends with a poor orphan boy.

A month passed, and Harrison braced himself for Emma’s audience with her father. As she had suspected, she had not seen him the entire month of servitude and Harrison now knew the danger she was in at months end, for he did call upon her. He had learned a lot about the man during the last weeks, none of it good. Harrison felt helpless when the note came to him on the eve of that meeting.

Kaine willing, he won’t beat me to severely, perhaps a slap across the face shall all it will entail. I still don’t understand how this event spiraled this far out of control. None of the Deaconess Sisters, especially Myrtle, even talk about it anymore, its like it never happened. Wish my father felt that way. It really shouldn’t be too bad though, please don’t get worried about me H., I am sure everything will be fine. Clive also seems to find me no matter where I am in the church, so I will send a message as soon as I can tomorrow, hopefully father will at least relieve me of the hard labor detail.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Another person beating a child. Harrison thought to himself. And this one a priest!

He made a mental note of it.

I don't understand how people in charge can be so cruel. Why doesn't someone stop them? There should be someone trying to stop them. I'm going to do everything I can to make sure that when we're grown up, things wont be this way. I don't know how yet, but I will. I promise you this.

Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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A day later Harrison found himself at his familiar spot, it was now almost late SpringBegin (May) and although the weather was outstanding, Harrison was not in the mood for it.

He was skimming through the Scripture of Kaine, curious on where a passage read 'Thou shalt beat thy child' but was hard pressed to find anything.

Clive found him at mid-day, which worried him as Clive was very fond of spending the whole day with Emma. He quickly unraveled the note.

Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Harrison was frustrated that things were happening, and he was powerless to stop them. He considered not sending Clive back for another trip until some time had passed. Maybe if he didn't get these notes during such a horrible peroid of Emma's life.

No, he decided. The only person that would benefit is me. She needs to know she's not alone.

Harrison knew that Clive likely brought the only levity in her lift at the moment. Besides, it was possible that the worst was over at this point.

Everyone dies, so eventually your wish will be realized. Until then, just do what you can to make him happy. Eventually we will dole out justice. Someday it will be us making descisions. Just never forgot the way you feel right now. We owe it to all the kids who will suffer if we don't make the changes. Stay strong my Emmanuelle.

Harrison's stomach knoted as he wrote the last line. He hoped it was recieved well. If Clive came back empty handed, he'd know why. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, He told himself.

"Ugh," he said outloud. "Nothing ventured nothing lost either!" He tore the note and rewrote the while thing, ending it with "Stay strong, I know you can". With a sigh of relief, he told himself it would be better to reveal feelings like that more slowly.

He fed Clive a wafer and sent the critter on his way.

A thought struck Harrison like an achorn to the head. People who make changes have a lot of money.

"I'm going to need a job! Oh, and I'm already behind!" Harrison had almost forgotten that he owed Monty money!

 Harrison recalled that there was a guidance councilor (OCC I never could spell that word) at the school... He wondered if she'd be there while school was out of session.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Harrison in a ‘no time like the present’ and a bit hungry anyway, left for the School District. Although he was used to the much heavier, seasonal traffic of the Riverfront District, he still almost got hit by two carts.

'Only two today, cold! I am getting better,’ he chuckled to himself.

When he finally reached the school district his stomach won the day and he headed to the common room at the orphanage instead. Just in time he made it, for he saw Millis, the lunch lady just getting off her seat to start packing up.

She had a big cauldron on the folding table in front of her and still a few clean bowls and spoons stacked neatly beside. Harrison truly appreciated the eccentricity of this old woman, she really cared about the kids and her work.

He scooted up to her and gave her a big smile.

“You are lucky, Master Harrison, that I wait an extra 15 turns any day that I don’t see you during lunch hour,” she said for probably the thousandth time. Smiling, she started to ladle a bowl of fish stew for him.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Harrison smiled widely. "Sorry to be an inconvenience. I lose track of time when I'm outside."

The stew smelled amazing. "You know," Harrison said between spoonfulls. "Someday, I will be able to repay your kindness."

Harrison made a mental note and added Millis to his "kind" list.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
Post by: Dray on March 28, 2008, 06:52:57 PM
Millis let out a hearty laugh, showing off the couple of spaces where teeth were supposed to be.

"Young Master, I will up in heaven fighting alongside Master Kaine by then, but I appreciate the sentiment," she said and then started to tidy up.

"What's up for the afternoon Master Harrison?"
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
Post by: Griznuq on March 28, 2008, 09:54:28 PM
Fighting? In heaven?? No, that didn't seem right. Harrison hoped he would end up in a different heaven.

"Well, I was hoping that I would be able to find a job," he said, matter-of-factly.

"I need to start saving for," he paused for a moment. "Well, for the future, anyway."
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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"Oh really?!" Millis exclaimed, her face lighting up with glee.

"Well, well, well. We have a big festival happening at the church next weekend and are desperate for some help to prepare a feast. You want in? Seven days of work and it pays 2gp per assistant!"

She was so excited her words came out in a blur of happiness.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Harrison quickly turned the sour look that was creeping accross his face into a smile. It really didn't sound like something Harrison would enjoy in the least. The money sounded nice, but...

Still though, she was so excited about it...

"Gosh that sounds fun," he said with feigned enthusiasm.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Millis caught his ruse. "Don't you worry Young Master, I will make it fun."

She continued gathering her things together and then as she got Harrison to help her put the folding table away she said, "come, I will introduce you to all the others and show you around the Temple kitchens. Place is beautiful!"
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Harrison tilted the bowl back and finished the stew. He hoped he hadn't gabbed himself into a job he couldn't refuse. He really was hoping for a job with the animal doctor or something of that sort.

"Coming," he said actually managing to sound happy.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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With the exception of the now almost empty large pot of stew Millis had nothing to carry. The old woman was kind of burly and had no problem or qualms carrying it down the sloping roadway. She even swung the pot by its handle as they walked.

Millis, all excited about her new helper, chatted his ear off all the way into the Riverfront District.

"The best part of working the festival is that after all the work is complete, you get to sit and watch the entire festival without much to do. Not many in the city get that kind of privelage. Its quite the grand affair. All the big show-offs in the city attend the festival which has fireworks, kites, music and other such fun....and then their is a grand ball in the evening. Course at that you may be asked to be a serving boy, but its kind of cool walking amidst all those higher-ups and seeing them in their grand attire and beautiful dresses."

Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Oh great, the thought. Work, AND I get to deal with people.

Maybe there'd be something of interest after all, he hoped. Oh well, at least it's money. Maybe Montey would be there. Maybe Emma too! No, probably not.

Harrison snapped out of his inner monologue and tried to catch up to whatever it was Millis was talking about that moment.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Millis and Harrison made their way through the Riverfront district with far more ease then Harrison was used too when having at it alone. Carriages seemed to veer for the old lady who paid them no heed. Harrison wasn't sure if that was because she was used to getting the right away from them, or because she hadn't stopped talking about the festival.

They entered the Park district and Harrison longed for his tree. Soon though, the thought of where he was going finally cracked into the young lads mind. Only on a school trip, when he was 5, had he ever entered the Temple district, yet here he was standing at the district gates, awaitng a guard to allow them through.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Actually, if he spent weekdays at the monestary when school was in session, wouldn't that have been in the temple district?
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
Post by: Dray on March 28, 2008, 11:34:19 PM
Yeah, I caught your unintended err in an earlier post. The school district has its own Clergy House and its own academic wing that serves to educate its doctrine. Even those students of the cloth don't get to go to the Church of Kaine until they are about in their 15th year. So Harrison hasn't been there since he was 5.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Oh. Ok then.

Harrison waits for something that requiires his input.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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No f'ing inner monologue dude? COME ON! Do I gotta do everything? Truth be told, going to get you to the kitchen and set you to work for the week, Emma's notes being the only mention. I kind of lost my original intent for the remainder of this post, but we get back on it....oh yeah, now I remember.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
Post by: Griznuq on March 28, 2008, 11:41:11 PM
Don't wanna cloud things too much with a bunch if inner monologue... Sort of already have.

Don't forget, the name of the post refers to Clive... We might wanna change it?
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
Post by: Dray on March 28, 2008, 11:51:30 PM
The Temple District was as grand as he remembered. The Temple itself so high that he thought one must be able to see it no matter where one stood in the district. The street was beautifully even with mauve-colored cobblestone, trimmed with all sorts of flowers along the streets sides. The walls to the left and right were covered with ivy also in bloom. Beautiful pairs pf statues of men, women and children that looked so realistic were perched every twenty feet in pairs on the columns of the opposing wall.

Millis, who had become a tour guide for the last half-hand or so continued her chatter. "Behind the wall to the left is the home of the High Priest Fresenius, the one to the right, his Bishops and Priests. Straight ahead is my home and our place of work for the next week, and you might as well put the facade away now Young Master, you will indeed actually have a good time."
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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The guard recognized Millis, smiled and let her through with her new companion without so much as a blink.

Harrison and Millis walked on through the gate and onto the courtyard of the Church of Kaine. The cobblestones, changed in color to white and were polished like marble, these led to the spire in a sea of granite pavers which surrounded the entire church. The Spire was a thing to behold at 30 stories tall it was a beacon which reached to heaven in a challenge of defiance against the demons fought there by Kaine. The Church stood as a massive monument to the endurance and tenacity of all humankind. So great was the God Kaine and all of his people that they still calimed this land as the center of their known world.....

At least that is what Millis was rambling on about. Harrison just looked at building and wondered how Clive could find footholds to climb the damn thing.
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The beauty of the Church became a blur and sooner rather than later Harrison found himself in a gighnormous kitchen full polished steel pans, pots and cutlery of every size one could imagine. Cooks were premaking anything that could be perserved for the end of week festivities. People were everywhere not only here but in the adjoining corridors going crazy to get not only the routine daily work done but the preparations for the huge weekend.

Millis set him in front of the largest chunk of cheese every seen by man, it was in fact bigger than he was. He was given a knife and told to copy a little girl in making neat little squares of cheese with it. Problem is, he didn't see the little girl.

"Hello," said the cheese.

Turns out the little girl was on the other side of it.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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The smell of the cheese was nice. Cheese was one of Harrison's favorite foods, a trait he shared with Clive.

"Hello," Harrison said to the cheese...

"Why would someone MAKE a pile of cheese this large??"

Harrison had made cheese before at home. The thought of making something this big with the small equipment he had at home seemed ridiculous. Didn't occur to him that maybe they had bigger machines.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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The cheese giggled, it was a cute small giggle.

The cheese answered while chewing, it apparently was eating itself, "so we can make it smaller by cubing it for large parties of course."
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Harrison heard the answer as someone pointing out the obvious to him as though he were stupid. He didn't like it, but said nothing. Clearly they didn't understand his question, and didn't care enough to find out why he asked.

He silently began making cubes.
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A little blonde-headed girl poked her head around the enormous piece of cheese, she had big blue eyes and a cute smile. She had to be 4 or 5 years younger than him, Harrison thought.

"Hello", she said.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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"Hello," he echoed. "What's your name?"

 Harrison wondered if he was going to be paid for this.
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"Leslie Marks, age seven, and yours?" the really tiny girl said.

(OOC: when kids introduce each other in this kingdom, the normal social etiquette is to also state age, as that represents school status. Later at age 9 when kids choose their House, that also becomes part of the greeting, ie. Harrison Arbuckle, age 10, House of ...)
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Harrison signed. You might as well try to enjoy yourself he chided himself.

He was also dissappointed that he was unable to make Millis believe that he was happy to join her. It was one thing to be disappointed about having to go somewhere, but when you tried to make someone believe it was ok, and they saw through the ruse, it was even worse. Now she probably thought that Harrison wasn't grateful enough to do her the service of helping, and what's worse, she probably things he's one to be deceptive!

I shall have to work on that he thought.

"Harrison, age 10, harvester's house" he said with a mocking tone. He hated introducing himself in such a formal way. He was really just Harrison. Who cared what house he belonged to?
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"Very nice to meet you Harrison. You can nibble on the cheese, I don't think that either of us could even put a dent in this thing if we tried," Leslie said and resumed cubing.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

The day wore on. Harrison actually did find the tasks he was assigned not all that tedious, and the little blonde-haired moppet of a girl kept him entertained with stories all the while. For such a young thing, she was really good at spinning tall tales.

As dinner approached the cooks prepared a large meal at a side table and let every one of the workers dig in. It had been a long time since Harrison had roasted chicken, and quite a juicy bird it was indeed.

After dinner they worked until a hand after sunset. The cooks had broken into a fine song during the last two hands and by evening end it had turned into quite the round for everyone to join sing along and dance too, little Leslie only happy to oblige with both. There was so much happiness and merriment in the room that Harrison found himself sincerely wanting to come back on the morrow.

Just after Myrtle came buy and thanked him for a good days work, handing him 50sp (the rest to be handed to him at jobs end), Harrison saw Clive waiting for him in a tree.

With the work done, he headed out and into the courtyard. Leslie waved him goodbye as she took her fathers hand and took the road with him to the Riverfront.
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"Clive. my friend. Don't ever say I don't do things for you." Harrison produced a lump of cheese and a wafer.

As he turned into the court yard, the squirrel lept from a nearby tree and onto Harrison's head, knocking his glasses askew.

"You fluffy rat!" Harrison said with only a little conviction. "I've told you not to do that. No doubt why you do it still," he said, feeding the wafer and cheese to his friend.

Harrison found the small parchment rolled and tied to Clive's underbelly. "Tonight you will rest my friend. If I have to send you out again, I will wait until Morning," he promised the critter. Clive seemed indifferent.

Harrison enjoyed the scent of cinammon that whafted from Clive.
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Thank you for your words, they already ring in my heart. Someday things WILL need to change in Our-Commons and I will do everything I can do to make it happen.
My father beat the life out of me in front of two priests in his office. Joke is on him though, my face and neck are horribly bruised and to use healing draughts on one whose injuries are from “justified punishment” is sacrilegious. So by the end of the week, at the festival grand ball, my yellowed bruises aught to look wonderful to all of his important guests. Stupid man. Anyway, thanks for Clive, he was real nice to me all day, licked my hand when I was crying and tried to cheer me up with all his silly tricks, they worked.
So nice to have two real friends.
-Your Emmanuelle
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Harrison's heart jumped into his throat. She said "Your Emannuelle"! He looked about at the ground in front of him as he walked. I know I tore that note up! There's no way she could have found out about that! Clive must have... he made himself stop. Things do not happen by coincidence, certainly not something as farfetched as this.

The more he thought about it, the sicker he began to feel. So strange, he thought. I should be happy, not sick! Why would something like this tie my stomach in knots?? Harrison had heard stories of men doing funny or stupid things for the attentions of a lass, but never did he understand it... until now.

He decided to shake the feeling off with a jog back to the area nearby the orphanage. He huffed and puffed along the way, Clive scurrying behind him.

A couple hours later, he lay in bed, looking up at the dark ceiling, Clive nestled warmly under the blanket by his side enjoying his night off. He called himself every kind of fool for letting a girl, who a year ago he'd have thrown worms at, make him feel like he'd eaten a boulder.

Sleep came fleetinly, and the sun took it's time coming up. Harrison slept better the night he was given over to a stranger by his own father.

The morning blurred on, and Harrison eventually found himself in his tree with a book on his lap. He sat jingling the five silver he'd earned the day before, hoping Monty would come by again with his cart.

Clive skittered around in the tree with him. His fuzzy friend seemed to approve of the new home-away-from-home.
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Harrison fiddled with the piece of paper in his hand while he sat in the tree, waiting for the vendor. He'd written the letter late last night after deciding he didn't like his fancies getting the best of him. He thought it best to avoid avenues that allowed him to believe anyone could have anything more than a friendship in mind. It made things easier. Or he believed it would, anyway.

He hoped she could find some humor in his reply.

  An Emannualle of my very own! How exciting! I've never had one before...  How does one take care of an Emannualle? What do they eat? You certainly can't eat wafers like Clive, although I'm sure he'd share. You definitely couldn't sleep in my pocket either... I'd hate to leave you in there and have you get taken through the laundry. ;)

Keep Smiling.

- H

He hoped that she didn't expect a serious reply, or at least that she'd welcome some humor. Either way, he had to send it, because to let anything fool with his mind any further was unnacceptable.

Harrison scanned the area for Monty. He hoped the fellow showed up soon, he only had a couple of hours before he had to meet Millis at the Cathedral.

Seeing no sign of the man, Harrison rolled his note steeling his resolve and tied it to Clive's underbelly.

"No need to scurry off yet, Clive. We've both going to pretty much the same place, we can part ways once we get there," he said feeding his friend a wafer.
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Harrison and Clive didn’t encounter Monty that day, but the walk in the sun was glorious. It was the third week of SpringBegin and the leaves of the trees had finally awakened from their slumber and had begun painting the Park District a wondrous green. Crab apple trees, which were quite common in the park, were in full bloom and the place was a haven for both the eyes and nose.

Harrison made his way to Temple, he merely told the guards at the gate that he was with the ’Gypsy Kitchen’, the nickname he had overheard last night, and they let him through.

He was in good spirits when, as he crossed the stone-tiled courtyard, Myrtle hailed him from under a large canopy outside the Church. The white cloth over her head, which was as big as his orphanage room, was held up by dozens of massive wooden posts set in portable concrete blocks. She waved him over.

Clive abandoned him before he made it to Myrtle, the “white rat” knowing that playing with a girl was a lot more fun than working all day.

“Hello Master Harrison,” Millis said. “Today I was hoping you could do us a favor. There will be many merchants coming from the exact direction you just came from. Could you please welcome them, accept their material goods...” she said as she handed him a clipboard with lined parchment and an actual pen. She continued, “...and jot down their name, their company name, the goods and the quantity of goods all on that paper.”

Harrison could see that this had been done yesterday as there were already entries made. It looked like a pretty simple task he surmised.

She then placed a comfortable cloth cap on his head which had a nice firm rim for over his brow.

“That will keep the sun out of Masters eyes.”

She held out her hand to the empty courtyard under the canopy. "Have the merchants put everything under the shade should the contents be perishable."
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Quote from: Dray

...The white cloth over her head, which was as big as his orphanage room...

Dude...that is *this* funny! This chick has one enormous head!!!
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Harrison put a hand on his cap. He's always wanted a hat of some sort. "Yes ma'am!"

This job was far more desirable than cutting a mound of cheese into tiny bits. At very least, it was outside!
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Only 5 turns after Millis departed into the Church, merchants started to come. While most arrived with a simple single cart of goods, once in awhile one would arrive with crates bigger than Harrison. Some merchants had huge wagons pulled by multiple horses. Luckily, all of the merchants must have been told that no assistance to unload goods would be available at the Church. For every teamster brought plenty of additional hands to move the crates, barrels, bags and bundles near, around and under the canopy. Quite a few of these hands were kids from the school, and more than one of them said to Harrison, "how did you land this sweet job?!"

Harrison merely had to count items, inspect inside containers and get signatures and company names. Fairly easy day at work and he met quite a few really nice people. There wasn't a single Teamster or hired hand that so much as frowned at Harrison and everyone seemed pretty happy to be there.

In the early afternoon, Leslie Marks and her Dad showed up and went into the kitchen. With a big smile, Leslie waved to Harrison with her free hand as her father lead her inside.

Harrison met quite a few people that day, most of them employed in the Riverfront or Warehouse districts, in all it was a fairly fun day. Millis even brought him snacks and lemonade from the kitchen.

It was late in the day when Monty showed up pushing a cart that was rather large and looking very tired from the effort.
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Harrison took the time to greet everyone who came by politely, and he took in as much detail about them as he could. If he had to live here, he might as well get to know the people and their particulars.

As the merchants and regular people came through, Harrison made many observations. The merchants were always more chatty than the regular people, and they soldom wore anything that could be classified as less than "fine". They were almost always just a bit heavier, to downright fat, whereas the common folk were generally a bit more trim. Harrison wondered why these differences existed. He'd figure it out one day. For now, he was content on learned what was. He'd save "why" for later.

Harrison almost jumped at the site of Monty. He quickly went to meet the older fellow and helped with the Cart.
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"Oh a thousand thanks Master Harrison, you are a good lad." Monty said, and they pushed the cart to underneath the canopy.

"Well there you go lad, that is my donation to this grand event. If you would be so kind to just put in the particulars on that there piece of paper, I will be on my way. And what a lovely walk back it will be without that it, thank the Fate," Monty said and stood up while bending backward, giving his back a nice crack.
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Ouch! Harrison winced at the crack. "You're welcome Monty," he said.

He dug his hand down into his pocket and pulled out the money he owed to Monty.

"I believe I owe you this," he said, pressing the coins into Monty's hand.
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Monty looked at the coin, smiled at the lad and then took it gently from his hand.

"Lad, you will grow up to do great deeds one day, for you have an honest and noble heart," he said, and with that he clicked the coins together in his hand and put them in his belt pocuh.

"Thank you so much son. Anytime you want to come to my house and have some dinner, my door will always be open to you. I have a daughter named Luminda who is your age, I think she would like you as much as I," he said and turned to head back the way he came.

After a few steps he turned and looked at Harrison for a moment and then made a descision. "Don't take the Church to seriously, ok son," he said as he pointed at the Spire above. "He isn't worthy of you."

With that, Monty walked into the setting sun.
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Harrison was confused by that statement. he'd never heard an adult say anything like that before, except for his mother.

I wonder how many other adults think that way, he wondered to himself.

He and Monty'd have to talk someday, he decided. Harrison decided that he'd have to see if the older fellow needed an assistant or anything. He'd have to remember to get some books about cooking nuts and such.
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Only a few turns after Monty had departed, Clive returned just before Millis (with her gigantic head - ROFL) hailed Harrison from the entry of the kitchen.

“Come on in for supper boy!” she said with a smile.

Knowing how good the meal was in the Gypsy Kitchen the previous day, his stomach answered with a growl. “Be right in Millis!”

He handed a wafer to Clive and opened the message from Emmanuelle.

You are such a goof! I bet Clive loves your pocket...if only I could make myself small enough, he and I could hide on each side of you and I wouldn’t have to walk these halls ever again. Today was a good day though, no visitors except the maids with cleaning duties and meal times. I am locked in my father’s study, since my own bedroom is under renovation in order to make it into “a big girl’s room”. Pfft, whatever! Anyway, while looking at all the books on my father’s towering bookcases I discovered that one of the them is a secret door! Behind it were all of these strange and fantastic books with these ancient symbols and drawings. Tonight I am going to grab one and keep it near my pillow of my knapsack for quick hiding should he come in while I am reading. Scribe you all the details tomorrow!
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Phew, she found humor, and seems to be a lot less mushy, Harrison thought. If she intended to write to him again tomorrow, he'd have to get Clive back there tonight...

"Gosh Clive," he said, heading over toward the kitchen. "A far shorter run for you while I'm here, huh? If only I had some time other than night to scribe notes, I could send you back and forth during the day a half a dozen times!"

Cliver chittered a response that almsot sounded excited.

Thoughtfully, the boy looked at the cathedral. It was an awefully big building, there had to be a place that visitors could stay the night somewhere in there. Maybe Millis knew.

Harrison found himself in a very good mood, as the day was, so far, fruitful and enjoyable. He found that he may have an adult he could eventually confide in and maybe learn from. He'd earned a day's pay. He got a very fast reply from Emma, and he was able to spend the day in the sunshine of a beautiful day.

The smells of many different foods wrapped around Harrison's head like a towel as he got close to the door. "What smells so incredible, Ms. Millis??" he asked warmly.
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"Just about everything that the Kingdom has to offer Master Harrison," she said and gave him a pat on the back as he came in. "I have a spot for you as we have already started to eat. If you like, the decorations committee has asked us for a little help cutting paper ribbons after our feast. It will only be another hand or two of your time."

Millis gestured to an empty spot next to Leslie who was turned and looking at him in anticipation, most likely ready with another big story. His spot already had a heaping plate of food at it.

"But for now, just enjoy the good eats eh?" Millis said.
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Harrison eagerly skipped over to the table, trying his best to look like a child who had nothing on his mind other than food.

Unmodified bluff roll: 17

Harrison had no trouble looking hungry, because he was infact very much so.

Harrison found particular pleasure in the green veggies, smothered with butter. The veggies themselves were long and tubular, with a tappered bulb on the end. Other kids around his age watching him eat them with looks of distaste. Must not be a common favorite he thought to himself.

After eating a few things, he began to look around the room, trying to commit everything to memory. The room, the furniture, the people, the silverward, the tapestries, etc. No such thing as useless observation he said to himself.

It was a saying his mother had always said.
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The food was even better than the night before. Butter-slathered honeybread rolled in cinnamon, the main course was chicken again but this time laden within some thick cheese sauce, the delicious veggies, a soup that was made from the chicken broth and had a tangy spice, a baked potato bigger than his was all incredibly delicious.

Leslie told him some long fable of battle, with a huge Karh'Thul commanding hundreds of the demons and fighting two full brigades of the Out-Rim Defense. She was actually a bit too boisterous and graphic in her story telling, so much so that a bigger girl got disgusted and told her to shush, so she whispered to him the rest. She had an incredible way with words, and in his mindseye he could see the scenes of death, battle and glory like he had actually been there. He wondered where a girl of only seven got such stories.

As he listened to Leslie he looked about the room and all the chaos within it. Dirty pots and pans were stacked behind him, ready for cleaning that would take some poor souls half the night. Finished works of culinary arts were stacked in boxes and sitting on massive blocks of ice, ready to be moved to freezer vaults adjacent to the kitchen. It amazed him that they were able to preserve ice this far into the months of the warmer season.

Too soon they had all finished their meal and Harrison knew that if he didn't get his legs going, the meal would put him to sleep in mere turns. He followed Leslie and a few other kids into an adjoining room where another team of kids was already cutting long streamers from rolls of colored parchment. He quickly got to work beside Leslie and offered her the last seat, afraid he would fall asleep in it anyway.

The two hands passed bye quickly as they listened to the cooks sing and frolic in the other room.

Leslie's father came to collect her and she wished him a good night. Millis came over as they left. "Alright my lad, I don't have any other coin for you until the festival is over, but I would like to offer you my sincere thanks for an excellent work day. I looked at the merchant logs and they look great, and for you to stay awake, let alone actually make streamers after such a heavy meal is a compliment to your stamina."
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Harrison gave her a half smile, and let his eyes droop a bit. "I'm just having so much fun, the time flew by without me noticing!"

He yawned, and rubbed an eye with a knuckle. "I am awefully tired though. Do you think there's a place here in the building I could sleep? It's a long walk back home, and I'd hate to disturb anyone who is already asleep. There are lots of little kids there."
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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“Well your staying at the church isn’t the issue, although a securing a bed might be. With the festival only 4 nights away there are a lot of people in the Church these days,” she said and thought for a few moments while she rubbed her chin.

“I have one spot, may be a bit small, but it will be private and warm,” she said.

She lead him away from the table of streamers and farther into the church. Harrison followed her along a myriad of servant corridors and back stairwells until she finally stopped under one of them.

“Here we are,” she said and pointed underneath a wooden staircase. On the floor lay a cot mattress on the floor that actually looked like it was in decent shape. A shelf with a small lantern hung just a two feet above it.

“This is one of many temporary spots we have all about the servant’s quarters for when the place gets full during times like these. You will find it very quiet back here as no one really uses this corridor or this stairwell,” she said with a smile.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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"Oh, this will work just fine, thanks very much Ms. Millis!"

The cot invited him warmly, but sleep seemed to be chased away by the thought of writing his next letter.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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"Your welcome young Master. There is a bathroom down the hall that way, last door on the left. Other than that, don't do much wandering about, the Elite Guard of the Church walk around with weapons drawn , if you get my drift," she said with a wink.

"Sleep well, I will check on you in the morning," she said as she walked away while humming a little ditty.
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Almost as soon as the door closed behind her, Harrison began writing.

  Hello again! I managed to find a place at the Cathedral I could bed, so Clive will be able to get back and forth much faster! Oh, I didn't mention, I'm helping out with the prep work for the celebration coming up. Will you be there?
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Less than a half hand later, Clive returned, successful on his mission.

You never cease to amaze me Harrison, I welcome you to the lovely prison of my father. All joking aside, I am so glad you chose this night to stay and send notes with Clive for I have so much to talk about. The book I am reading is an absolutely oddity. It details how to draw symbols in an exact method and procedure in order to commune with "spirits from beyond". What spirits? Our human ancestors fighting alongside Kaine in heaven? The first one doesn't seem complicated though, I found some chalk and was just about to try it when Clive came in, bye your next message I may have one heck of a story to scribe when he gets back!
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Whoa, you're just going to like, do it? You sure that's safe?? What if it's dangerous?!?
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Clive didn't come back for an entire hand. The handwriting of the notes was very distorted, as if she had done it in a rush.

I made the symbol on the floor, I drew it exactly in the manner the book described. I didn't think anything would happen to be honest with you. I expected the entire thing to be nothing more than a childrens fairy tale book. I was so wrong. Feeling silly, I finished the "summoning of the manifestation" (these are the words out of the book Harrison) by speaking the "binding words". Much to my horror a ghostly visage of a woman appeared over the large symbol I drew on the floor! She asked me to accept her in a pact, which I had read in the book was the purpose. So I did....I feel so strange Harrison.

She didn't sign her name.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Harrison's mouth hung agape a moment. His skin tingled with goosebumps and his stomach did summersaults.

Emma, What does it mean? What's it do? You gotta keep reading for the antidote, or... whatever! WTF?
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The writing that returned was a lot more calm.

I am sorry Harrison, I didn't mean to alarm you, and I think I am now under control of the situation. The magic wasn't like our divine casting you or I have ever performed, it was unexpectedly...different. Why does my father have these books? Is this magic the black sorcery of scripture? Anyway, I now sit here beside the symbol, the spirit still "within me", I can't seem to put it better with words. I am fighting a powerful sense of sorrow within me, emanating from the spirit. But the spirit also gives me "power". Now if I look about the room I can see it clearly without the use of a lamp, I also can "see" magic emanating from things. Two more of the books, for instance, glow with a beautiful magical aura. (I dare not touch them.)
This is the strangest experience I have ever had in my life, but again, I think I am alright Harrison, do not come rushing through the Elite Guard to save me just yet.

Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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I won't be doing anything that would make either of our situations worse, don't worry. Just be careful with those books... Now we know there's more to them, we can't afford to let them cause any irreversable damage.  You should probably get some sleep. Maybe things will be normal again in the morning.

Harrison didn't really want the letters to stop coming that night, be he couldn't deny the strong desire to sleep, and he was sure she was in the same boat.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Sleep? At a time like this?! Besides, I am not even allowed visitors or to go out of this study, I could sleep all day if need be. No, I can sense the spirit within me, and could never fall asleep with her there. While I was waiting for Clive to come back, I read more of the book, it appears that there are even more symbols within the book with instructions on how to draw them, some of them have extremely complicated instructions though, it will take a lot of memorization and practice before I could ever perform them. But again I wonder, why is this book in my father's study? Do you think he knows how to work these symbols? If so, wouldn't this qualify as dreaded black sorcery and therefore be destroyed? Harrison? I am becoming scared of my own father, being hit by parent is one thing, but what other magics has he acquired over the years? What if he is possessed by something stronger and darker than this book?

Clive again smelled faintly of Cinnamin, unlike Harrison, he didn't seem tired and looked eager to return to her.

Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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I don't know. I think for safety, we have to assume he's versed in all books there. We have to use them somehow, to make things right. The only benefit that we have is that he doesn't know we know about them. There's no harm in reading them, as long as we don't follow any more instructions. I'd love to see any books about being a priest or a druid, especially if they contradict conventional wisdom. I wonder how often he goes in there? I wonder if he'd notice they were gone?
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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The spirit wants me to grab them all and run, I can feel her urging me too, I can barely control myself from running away with as much as I can carry...but Harrison, none of the books were the slightest bit dusty, what if that’s because he was in there just a few days ago, dusting off his prized collection? I am frightened out of my mind as it is, what if came in here while I am reading this one? No, I think I will learn what I can from this and put it back in its place, I dare not take, or even read, any others. I will make a list of the titles though and send that back in the next note from Clive.
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Harrison could see she was not about to heed any of his advice, and he was too tired to really keep trying.

Well you seem to know what you're doing. I'm afraid I have a very early morning, and if I do not get some sleep I'll be useless... Be careful, whatever you do.

Harrison let Clive run off, and fell quickly to sleep.
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The next few days were more of the same as the two young kids from opposite worlds shared a common destiny that week, the Festival of Ascension Day. The festival ending with a grand ball on the Eve of the very day Kaine ascended to Heaven above over two millennia ago.

Surprisingly, Harrison’s time at the church passed by quickly, he had been posted outside for merchant record-keeping duty for three out of the four remaining days of the week. Even the few days of rain couldn’t put a damper on his spirit. The letters that he had exchanged back and forth with Emma, after that scary book night, were now a lot lighter and more fun. Within the letters born by Clive, Emma was taking pleasure in telling him how grotesque her bruises had become. She was delighted that her appearance in public on the night of the Ball would bring her father shame in the public eye. And in return Harrison kept her spirits up by keeping her entertained with white rascal.

The morning of the festival came and the final preparations became the work of absolute organized chaos. Harrison, along with two dozen other children, were given tasks, one after another, in such a dizzy succession that the festival had started before he even had time to get excited about it.

The carnival started in the Park District, followed each of the three major sidewalk rings and then routed through the Civic District before heading for its final destination in the Temple District, the Spire. It was a colorful extravaganza of colorful “floats”, each a work of art pulled by a team of four horses. The floats were wagons that had been artfully changed and dressed up by either one of the many guilds in the city, or by one of the houses in the school, to depict their facet of everyday life. Each one was incredibly inventive, obviously taking some considerably engineering, and patient hands to create.

One wagon bore what appeared to be the top of a mountain with miniature trees on it. About mid-way down the rocky slope it had a working mill, small sticks, widdled to look like much larger lengths of timber floating down a small makeshift river. The water of which formed a waterfall almost at the edge of the float, dumping into a pool that obviously repumped sticks and all back to the top of the float to restart the whole illusion. As a new float in the festival that year, it received quite a lot of praise.

Another had working miniature siege weapons on a flat looking battlefield, miniature fireworks and small explosivea going off destroying small models of Karh’Thul that the float operators would then replace at intervals. A lot of children raced alongside it to watch the operators who were having so much fun playing their miniature war game, they appeared to forget they were in a parade.

Behind that one was a small show on a very small stage with real actors and actresses doing their best to perform the infamous love story known as Darkwell and Kithendria, a romantic twist on the old war-story fable .

Yet another float had a dozen representative of the Circle of Flame, sitting on a plush wagon of white silk cushions, pillows and fineries, with light silver streamers flowing from the half-dozen columns that made the float look like it came from a room at the church. The Deaconesses, all young teenage girls, each waved and smiled to everyone in the crowd while a small child threw out wrapped candies from the back, much to the delight of children in every district.

(OOC: Ok, you all get the idea)

On and on dozens upon dozens of floarts came and went through each district. Each float not only an advertisement to the guild or house it represented, but a testament to the gracious blessings of the Lord Kaine above.

Intermixed in, between and around these floats were a myriad of actors, singers, jugglers, and all sorts of show folk who kept the thousands of onlookers entertained.

And the show had its fill of smart looking marching companies from each Armed Force of SafeHaven, along with members of the clergy handing out pamphlets detailing their agenda for the Kingdom that year.

Kites flew, firecrackers were never out of earshot, a canon even fired once in awhile. Vendors from all over sold their wares on moving carts; glazed chestnuts, bacon-wrapped steak-tips, cakes and candies of every imaginable type, fried dough, flowing beer of many colors and tastes, pretzels, sugar sticks, just about everything one would want to taste was following the parade.

Harrison sat upon one the adjacent outer walls to the Temple along with the other kids who had helped all week, it was just about the best seat in the house. He drank in the sights, sounds and smells as it walked right underneath him in its path to the Spire only a hundred yards away. Millis even had a few of the kitchen maids get them all candy as they sat and watched on what had turned to be a gloriously sunny day.

It took almost three hands for the entire parade to reach the courtyard, but by the time it did, it along with the thousand of spectators completed filled and surrounded the enormous church. And as it gathered it didn’t slow down in its frivolity as circles of floats formed areas where dozens of people began to dance about and make merry.

(OOC: Okay, I am pausing for a moment to give you a chance to absorb all that and comment if you like. Harrison is aware that this festival will shortly follow with a speech by Fresenius from the tower, then the party will continue until night fall. The grand ball is held in the church afterward. All this will be my next post, but again, I wanted to see if you wanted to comment).
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Nope. I'm good.
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Out came the massive Kettle Drums, gigantic war drums about as wide as Harrison was tall. The drums had a massive low-toned sound that could be heard for miles in every direction. He had never attended the festivals in his short past, for his parents lived so far away from the Capital City. Exactly two summers ago though, on an overcast festival night, even as far away as he was, he could hear the distant echo of these very drums.

The drums were rolled into eight positions around the church and without much ceremony began a rhythmic beating that all the citizens started to sing and dance too. The massive sound coming from the great drums sent shockwaves through Harrison as he sat on the wall. No wonder they used them in War, they inspired awe and fear.

As the afternoon wore on, Harrison made his way off the wall and mingled amongst the crowd, his empty stomach the instigator of his moving feet. He eventually made it to the gypsy kitchen which had setup shop under the large canopy that until yesterday was cover for merchant goods. Millis, as busy as she was, stopped what she was doing and shoved a plate of food, one that could feed to large men, into his hand. On it was an entire turkey leg that almost as big as Harrison’s arm.

He thanked her kindly and found a table to sit under to enjoy his food. As people walked, danced and sang bye he chomped on turkey, mashed taters and squash, an ear of corn and a piece of honey-bread that was lathered in butter. He was so full by meals end he had a hard time convincing himself to not lay down under they table. Instead he made his way back to the wall to watch the festivities.

With the drums still going on, he found his way back and sat down as the sun vanished by the city’s edge. It always amazed him that one could see the entire city from the Temple District, it’s bowl edge reaching higher even than the massive temple which stood at its center.

The drums suddenly went into a changed rhythm and then a drum roll as torches were lit on a high balcony of the church. High Priest Fresenius would soon speak.

Sure enough, as the drums finished, almost every citizen looked up to see Fresenius, an aged man in all his white silk finery step out onto the platform five stories up. It was then that Harrison realized that he had absolutely no interest in what the child-beating blow-hard had to say, and left his wall perch to back to the kitchen.

“Citizens of afe-Haven, welcome to the Capital City of Our-Commons on this most blessed day of the....” Emma’s father began, but Harrison tuned him out. Walking in between the gawking citizens he made his way to the kitchen with any problem. He even passed Millis who was hanging on the High Priest’s every word.

He found Leslie in the kitchen, amongst many cooks and maids who stayed in doors in order to keep working...the Grande Ball was next.

“Hey’as Harrison, wasn’t that parade just the grandest?!” she asked, her small face beaming with not only sunburn but joy from ear to ear.
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(Harrison?! I MISS YOU!!!)
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"Sure was!" he said excitedly, though he'd no real basis for comparrison.

The fact of the matter was that loud noises and crowds of people put Harrison on edge a bit, and the sight of Fresenius made his blood run hot.

Still though, the elation on Leslie's face was infectious, and made him not want to spoil it for her.

"I hope it didn't scare Clive too much, he doesn't like loud noises."
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Post change forthcoming, I made an err, Leslie hasn't been introduced yet to Clive.
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“Clive? Who’s that? Another boy from the orphanage?” asked Leslie innocently.
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"Oh, Clive is a friend of mine... Not a boy, perse. he's a squirrel," Harrison explained matter-of-factly.
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The tenth-of-a-tick confusion on the seven-year old girl's face was followed by such an explosive burst of glee that Harrison took a step back.

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Harrison's eyes went wide, his senses suddenly overloaded by the unexpected outburst.

"Uh," he stuttered a bit while he pushed his glasses back up his nose. "No, he's not really a pet so much as a friend... But, yes. I expected him back already."
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Leslie appeared to be a bit confused about the difference and her next question unexpectedly complicated the conversation.

“Expected him back? Expected him back from where?” she asked.
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Why are younger people always so full of questions? Harrison said to himself, repeating the phrase his father always asked his mother in irratation.

"He's just out and about doing whatever it is that squirrels do," he lied. Leslie doesn't need to know anything about Emma.

"So uh," Harrison changed the subject. "Do you live in the city?"
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“I live with my Mommy and Daddy down at the Riverfront, they own the Get There for Here Inn[/i]. This time of year I am usually helping out with…”

Harrison half-listened to the blonde little moppet as he looked around the kitchen which appeared to be organized chaos. Cooks and their assistants made the final touches to the first course as they prepared dozens of finger-food trays. Deliver men lined kegs of wine and ale along a wall. Three of the older girls who had worked alongside Harrison this the past week stirred massive cauldrons of soup. Serving men and women were everywhere trying to get ready.

“Crazy isn’t it?” Leslie asked him, getting his attention back.

“Sure is” Harrison answered and turned back to his little friend. “Millis around? She said I would be helping serve the finger food.”

Leslie’s eyes lit up as she remembered her responsibility. “OOPS! Come on!” she said and grabbed his hand, pulling him through the myriad of people throughout the kitchen, she lead him to the opposite corner where a corridor led to what she pointed out was the changing rooms.

“Boys are the final door on the right, women to the left. There are rows and rows of outfits of different sizes, so you should be able to fit.” she said with a smile.

“Speaking of which,” Millis said right behind them. Harrison turned and gave his old-lady friend a big smile. Although she was addressing Leslie, she gave him a wink.

“…I asked your father if you could be one of our servers tonight.” Leslie lit up even brighter than when she had learned of the squirrel. Harrison winced as he expected an explosive shrill, but it thankfully was contained.

“He of course said yes.” Millis continued. “Your very mature Leslie, for someone so adorably tiny. I want you to carry a small silver tray that will be more decorative then an actual serving tray, but the guests will absolutely love you.”

She put one hand on each of their shoulders and spun the two children towards the corridor and walked them down it.

She turned to Harrison. “As soon as your dressed, take one of the finger-food trays and balance it on your shoulder like the others. Simply walk around and let people take what they like off the tray, you need not collect any coin or do anything else but let people eat. Only talk of you are addressed and try to keep any conversation short so you can attend other guests.”

“Leslie, I got a couple of special things for your outfit, let’s get started,” she said and while entering the girls room, pointed Harrison to the boys room.

(Another post forthcoming)
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Getting dressed was fairly easy, as there wasn’t many men left in the changing room, and he also quickly found a waiter’s outfit his size. It consisted of black slacks, a white shirt of heavy silk, and a black vest of cloth with leather straps. He had to admit that it was a pretty smart looking outfit for a mere serving boy.

Back in the kitchen, the balancing of the tray wasn’t as hard as he had expected. He was allowed a white cloth which to put over his shoulder to lay the tray upon. The tray only had an assortment of cheese and crackers and therefore wasn’t very heavy.

The array of corridors he had to pass through almost left him dizzy. Makeshift signs with painted arrows guided him from one turn to another. As he was making his way in, other servers were making their way back with empty trays. Harrison surmised that the gala must truly be underway.

After a final turn he squinted against the light coming through the entry way into the Grande Audience Hall.

This would be the first time he would see it, for children of poverty, let alone orphans, didn’t come to the Church of Kaine.

(OOC: Now drafting the first floor map of the church as it is in both this thread and the upcoming ‘Interview at the Church”. I beg thee to be patient, I shall return.)
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(OOC: Still working on this next post. The description of the Grande Audience Hall of Kaine is very important to me, and after I rewrite it about half a dozen times I may send it through the Johan Editing Machine to perfect it. That and the drama at the end of the thread needs to be made in complete ironic eloquence so my storyline isn't lost in a grammatical nightmare.)

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At the far western end of the incredible magnificence that was the Grande Audience Hall of Kaine, Harrison stood under a curved archway of white marble. The arch carved into the likeness of two unrealistically proportioned warriors butting helmets above him.

As the ten-year old boy gazed at the Hall and the beginning of the Grande Ball within it, for a moment he forgot who he was and what he was supposed to do.

What got his immediate attention first was the magnificent wall to his left, what he had heard was known as Kaine’s Gate. The massive double doors, made of the fireproof pines of the Outland forests and banded with gold and platinum, were open and away from their arched marble housing. This door structure though, was the only thing he couldn’t see thru. For the entire wall above and around it, which curved in towards the Hall, was made of hundreds of large panes of glass held together by a metal frame grid.

From the polished marble-tiled mosaic floor to the crisscrossing arched trusses in the ceiling seven stories above, he could see the tower of Kaine’s Spire through the glass, the stars winking in the night sky beyond. He could also see through the glass the east and west wing of the Church which extended to the left and right of the Spire. Within the courtyard that the wings framed, the commoners of the city were milling about after the parade. Each of them watching and some of them applauding the well-dressed citizens coming into the Grande Hall.

Harrison knew that the Spire was even taller than the mighty Church he stood within, but from this vantage-point he could swear he could see its point high above. (OOC: Chuch is 300 feet tall and 250’ square, spire is 400 feet tall)

The mosaic pattern of the marble-tiled floor formed the familiar symbol of Kaine, a sword and shield propped on a knapsack. The floor and room itself was so vast that he thought he could likely fit his parents old house within about eight times. Leslie had once told Harrison that the church held Mass here, and he had heard it had taken quite an effort removing all of the stone pus from the Hall.

Somehow though, the floor itself seemed small and insignificant due to the amount of space above. Seven  floors had open ceilings above, their edges matching the perimeter of the main floor he stood upon. Each of these balconies hovered an incredible twenty feet above the other, and each was made of huge timbers of the ancient Outlands forest. The edge of each supported by a myriad of intricately carved marble columns, shaped to appear as if blooming climbing vines wrapped around them. These white and gold-leafed "ivy" carvings left the vertical columns to rejoin the horizontal railings of the balconies they supported. The effect of which was beautiful in its simplistic design. As Harrison continued to gawk, he saw people walk away from these balcony rails and disappear beyond his view, leading him to believe that there was a great deal of floor space on them.

Creating a golden glow of light throughout the room was dozens of ornate crystal chandelier’s, hung by silver chains and holding gold and silver lanterns of the finest artistry. Dozens were mounted from the ceiling at many different elevations throughout the southern end of the chamber, giving each and every balcony and the main floor light.

To his right and directly opposite the doors of Kaine’s Gate was an incredible structure, a white marble platform extended from the third floor balcony, supported by timbers in the second floor ceiling structure. The marble climbing vines of the balcony extending underneath and wrapping around the platform as if they had grown there decades ago.

Beyond the platform, at its edge where it joined the balcony, Harrison could see a soldier standing at attention beside it. He was wearing incredible looking full-plate mail armor of an unusual dark color, as if the metal was actually colored black before it was inlaid and etched with an intricate gold pattern all over it. Along with the golden-wing forearm guards and horned helm, the entire suit made for an intimidating sight indeed. He supposed that these might be some special church guard and that perhaps that was the balcony Fresenius may speak on later.

‘Whoop-de-doo’, he thought facetiously.

Not an element of marble or wood within the Hall was left plain and smooth. From the crisscrossing arched trusses holding up the curved ceiling high above their heads, to the very floor itself, everything was intricately carved or painted with the theme of Scripture. Angels fought demons of wind and lightning in the paintings amongst the trusses above. Warriors and demons were locked in battle in sewn tapestries that hung on the back walls. Statues depicted the Kaine laying his knapsack on his claimed land, and a myriad of shields, swords and busts of Kaine were everywhere.

Despite all this, the colors of the Hall, black and white marble with gold inlay, were muted and Harrison’s attention may have been reclaimed if it wasn’t for the myriad of colors of all the attendees and the decorations for Ascension Day within.

Around the hundreds of men and women dressed in their finest suits and dresses of every color, hung streamers of flowers and feathers, ribbons of gossamer white and blue silk and fine soap bubbles that floated throughout the air.

As the party-goers walked about the room talking to one another, Harrison finally began to move about the room, although his feet were more interested in getting his eyes to new things to look at more than performing the task assigned. Luckily, the tray stayed on his shoulder and one guest after another took food off of it as he walked absently under them.

He noticed that many of them weren’t young, in fact a good deal of the people were at least a few years older than the age of mandatory service soldiers. Many of them spoke of laborers, guilds and other business in third person, helping him ascertain who really was here at the Ball. The wealthy. No sooner did Harrison realize this when he noted altar boy with a large silver bowl. As the boy walked quietly beside and amongst the guests, he collected generous donations within the bowl which clinked with every silver, gold and platinum coin drop.
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:...he had heard it had taken quite an effort removing all of the stone pus from the Hall." Stone pus? ew.

response coming.
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Pew or pews in this case, sorry about that. My spelling was way off. Reply still forthcoming?
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Harrison looked about taking it all in, and found himself feeling a bit closed in. Everything was bussling around him. Activity ALL over. Even the things most people would call intricate, Harrison would call unnecessarily complicated.

What was the point of building walls out of glass? What if it broke? They couldn't just pop a new brick in there, they'd have to replace the whole pane! Not only that, but someone could get hurt! What if someone tripped into the glass? Harrison shuddered to think.

This whole festival was starting to weigh on him. He longed for his tree out in the park, or the woods, or even his dorm. He wished something around this place were at least familiar, if not calm.

He looked about desperately searching for something that didn't send his senses into overload. Much to his relief, there was a stack of books next to a small wooden bench. It seemed out of the path of traffic.

He wasn't sure he'd be able to read and retain anything with all this distraction around him, but even if he could just feel the cover of the book in his hand, and smell the pages... He could sit and admire the penmenship of the writer.
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The wooden bench and small stack of books looked out of place, as if they had been deposited in the corner adjacent to the entry alcove as an afterthought. When he made it to them, guests snatching cheese from his food tray still on his shoulder as he went, he guessed as to their purpose. All of the books were fantasy night-time stories written for children. He looked about and noted that there was indeed a very small number of children about. This pile must have been left for them if and when they got bored of the festivities around them, which none of them appeared to be just yet.

Harrison put the tray on the bench beside him as he sat down, momentarily forgetting about his charge and reached for one of the books, the shapes of fairies etched in it's hardbound cover. As his fingers touched the book he was distracted by a gasp of awe in the crowd. He turned towards them, and then faced up towards the balcony where they all gazed.

At the edge of the white marble platform that extended from the third floor balcony stood a figure of incredible beauty. A young girl in the costume of an angel.

She wore a short-sleeved dress of white gossamer silk, the light behind her silhouetting her thin frame underneath it. Her face, and all other bare skin not covered by the dress, was painted with a layer of soft-toned silver make-up, her lips accentuated with white lipstick and her eyes painted with white eye-shadow matched white feathers that framed her face. These white feathers were held by a delicate tiara, upon which was mounted a shield-shaped diamond at its center. Her long brown hair underneath the headpiece was formed into a tight braid and rested on her left shoulder. Along the length of her hair a myriad of silver-spun strands and white silk cords lovingly wrapped around the braid from tiara to its end at her stomach. Each silver strand was bejeweled with an array of aquamarine gems and diamonds. But what completed the other-worldly facade was the life-like wings which seemed to move lightly back and forth behind and above her. The huge wings of the whitest feathers surrounded her small frame and looked so much like a part of her, that she truly appeared as the Angel she was sent here to portray.

Harrison thought Emma was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his entire short life.

Like many guests in the audience, he simply stared at her for a few turns. One by one though, as the party-goers realized she wasn't going to speak and was simply another glamorous decoration of the festival, they turned back to their conversation.

Harrison however had a heart-wrenching epiphany, as he looked upon the toes of her soft white slippers. They extended dangerously beyond the ledge of the platform that had no rail. Where everyone else at the party saw a beautiful little girl playing the part of angel, Harrison feared something completely different. He suddenly realized why she was covered in silver make-up, for it completely covered the bruises Fresenius had made on her days ago.

With a moment of panic Harrison, unsure of his friend's emotional state, didn’t know what to do. He looked into her eyes and from the distance, could swear that they were wet with tears. He thought of yelling to her but then sighted Leslie walking past and behind Emma and quickly realized he was allowed to serve[/i] on the third floor.
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Europe Matt, or is the final countdown?
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Harrison descided that there was great need for care. Emma's father already knew about him and the little transaction they'd had, and it wouldn't help anything for the two to be seen together again.

Upon further thought, Harrison realized that most of the crowd would be watching her off and on throughout the entire night. As much as he wanted to run up there, wipe off the makeup and expose her father for the scum he was, and carry her off to safety... now was not the time.

With a deep breath, he decided that the best, the only thing he could do, was to let Emma bare this burden alone.

With a tear brimming in one eye, he pulled his hat down to cover his face and continued serving. He could only hope that Clive was tucked stealthly somewhere within her wings. At least maybe he could bring her some measure of comfort.

Harrison ground his teeth and cracked his knuckles as he passed time by imagining the slow painful death he'd bring Fresenius when the time came. He knew it'd be a long time, which would give him the chance to think of some pretty awful things.
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The night did indeed seem to pass along at a crawling pace. For almost two hands, Harrison went back and forth from the kitchen. A dozen times he refreshed his silver platter with more cheese and went out to feed the guests who seemed to have no end to their appetite for drink, finger food and extremely boring conversation.

It was on his return through the busy corridor that a small hand reached out and grabbed him, stopping him in mid-stride and almost tipping the tray from his shoulder.

He looked angrily over his right shoulder at the grabber, a bit of fire in his eyes. Eyes which were fueled with hate and filled with the fantasies of the visual of Fresenius being tortured in all manner of ways. They softened when he realized their real target was now merely another serving girl, who, stepped back from his intimidating glare.

The girl was extremely pretty, with long blonde hair and intense green eyes. She was dressed in the same serving garb and was about his age Harrison guessed.

“Um...hello,” the girl began, now a bit uncertain. “My name is Kristen. I merely have a message to convey to you should you be who I think you are.”

Harrison merely blinked at her.

“What’s your name?” Kristen asked, a bit slighted that he didn’t pick up on the hint.
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Harrison kept his scowl, but tried to make it look like it was wrought of concentration and focus instead of Ire.

"My name's Harrison," he cordially. "Pleased to meet you."

He had no idea who would be sending him a message, but he decided that he'd play it off like it was a very commonplace thing.
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Kristen gave him a small curtsy, then said, “Emmanuelle wanted me to give you a message."

“She wanted to again thank you for Clive, and she also wishes you to dance with her this evening.”
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Great! he thought. Her father's going to see them dancing and Harrison would be the one wearing silver make up!

A quick thought of what Harrison would do in retaliation flashed through his mind.

This girl certainly didn't know what was good for her. Far to reckless. With a mental sigh, he decided he'd take the risk.

Harrison pursed his lips slightly and bobbed his head. "Tell her that sounds... diverting." He continued bobbing his head while watching the pretty face go from warm and friendly to slightly confused and startled.

Perhaps a different word would have been better, you dolt.

He quickly changed the subject by sticking his mostly empty serving tray in front of her. "Cheese?" he asked.

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Kristen's scowl of confusion turned quickly back into a smile.

"No thanks," she said, "I have been nibbling all night. The chicken fritz are to die for."

She continued to look at him for such a long moment that Harrison almost became uncomfortable, just before he attempted to excuse himself she interrupted him.

"Not a common thing, a tamed squirrel. Where did you get such a clever white rascal anyway?" Kristen asked with a sly smirk.
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The question made Harrison uncomfortable, though he wasn't certain why. He didn't like when people knew things about him. He didn't know this girl, and he certainly wasn't about to trust her.

"We went to school together," he said flatly. It was true after all, Clive had always gone to school with Harrison. It wasn't a lie, even if it wasn't an answer to her question.

With a small bob of his head, he excused himself. "Gotta get some more cheese, the guests are hungry."

Harrison's eyes fell on a fat patron, who was rubbing his stuffed belly. He could read the mans lips saying "I'm stuffed". He admitted to himself that actually no one had taken a cheese cube for about an hour at that point.

"I'm sure we'll meet again," he said, turning to go.

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Quote from: Griznuq

"We went to school together," he said flatly.

Kristen had laughed at Harrison's backhand humor (OOC: yeah, I guess you aren't playing Griznuq the MT in here). As he turned to go she reached out and gently tugged at his arm to stop him, when he looked back she in turn looked around to verify that no one was listening.

She then said in a tone a bit more quiet, "I have a friend who has a smart pet just like yours. If you want to meet him sometime and compare animal tricks, I am sure he would get a kick out of it."
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ooc: hahah, to WHO'S backand humor?!?

PET?? A PET! PET indeed!

Harrison's blood boiled, though he showed no outward sign. Clyve was no pet! a PET chased yarn! a PET fetched slippers!

Still though, the idea that there may be someone else with talents simiar to his own took the edge off of the unintended bite. Perhaps it would be healthy for him to meet other people anyway. "I would like that," he said.

Can't wait to meet this idiot and watch him play fetch and give paw.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
Post by: Dray on August 15, 2008, 12:53:46 PM
"Neat." Kristen replied. "I will arrange it. Do you live here in the city during the break (she is referring to "Summer Vacation from School") or are you just in for the festival?"
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
Post by: Griznuq on September 23, 2008, 01:03:39 PM
"Oh," Harrison said. "I'm a resident of the city."
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
Post by: Dray on September 24, 2008, 05:50:05 AM
"Neat", Kristen repeated. "Where do you live?"
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
Post by: Griznuq on September 24, 2008, 01:46:40 PM
Ugh, why won't she leave me alone?!

"I live at the orphanage." Harrison hoped that maybe now she'd feel bad and leave him alone.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
Post by: Dray on September 25, 2008, 12:21:24 PM
"Oh...I'm sorry," Kristen apologized, and then stood a moment wondering what to say next.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
Post by: Griznuq on September 25, 2008, 02:33:21 PM
Harrison felt a little satisfaction that she finally didn't have anything to say, but also guilt for making her feel bad.

"It ain't so bad," he said casually. "So hey, I uh, I gotta get back to this," Harrison showed her the mostly empty platter.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
Post by: Dray on September 27, 2008, 12:45:34 PM
Kristen, to Harrison's surprise, looked happy to have a reason to excuse herself.

"Ok, hope to talk to you again soon eh?" With a small curtsy, she walked back into the crowd of guests.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
Post by: Dray on September 27, 2008, 01:08:42 PM
Harrison decided to take a last scan of the pompous guests, wondering if a return trip to the kitchen was really worth it.

A few moments of observing their total lack of consideration to the children around them was all he needed. He wasn't surprised to find that most of the guests had finally satisfied their gluttony. They no longer were paying much attention to the delicacies. They stood about the ground floor of the grande hall in their individual circles and continued to drink, talk and laugh.

The older kids serving the wine were still very busy.

He hadn't seen the angelic form of his Emma for half a hand and thought it was for the best. There was quite a bit of movement on the upper balcony though. It appeared that an orchestra was setting up. As he watched servants setting chairs and music stands, he saw the subject of his anger for the first time that evening.

Fresenius appeared at the edge of the balcony, away from the center where Emma had been standing awhile ago. His long white robes, tall hat and taller staff made him look quite regal.

Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
Post by: Griznuq on September 29, 2008, 09:56:37 AM
Harrison's mother had always told him that there was kindness in everyone. Since his stay in town he questioned if perhaps she'd been mistaken.

Almost didn't matter, he decided. Even if someone was ridiculously kind in one form or another, you don't beat a child. Harrison looked forward to the time when revenge could be possible. For now, he would wait.

He wondered how Emma would feel if Harrison were to kill her father. Sure, she said she hated him, but if Harrison had learned nothing else in his short stay at the orphanage, it was that girls were weird.

He decided he'd keep thoughts of killing people to himself.

Still glaring at the unaware Fresenius, Harrison decided that he would need to find a way to get close to Emma's father, observe him and learn about him.

Perhaps there was a job he could attain in the church.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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/me clears his throat... *ahem*

Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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As Harrison became lost in his thoughts he was forgotten by the satiated guests of the grand ball. He stood for many turns as the guests milled about and talked about things they thought important while sipping their wine. Harrison’s attention was finally reclaimed when Fresenius made his way to the balcony that his daughter had stood upon.

He raised his hands for attention and immediately received it from the devout followers of Kaine.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome once again to the final celebration of Ascension Day.” He began as he lowered his arms to each side, taking hold of a tall ornamented staff his altar boy had held for him.

Harrison sensed a very boring speech forthcoming. Although this was the closest he had ever been to the highest priest of the church, his enemy, he wasn’t sure he could endure the pain of a long diatribe.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
Post by: Griznuq on November 10, 2008, 06:40:17 PM
As disinteresting as this speach promised to be, Harrison forced himself to listen, to hang on every word. Like a wolf stalking his prey, Harrison listened, and studied.

Unfortunately, this speach was very charasimatic. It was wordsmithed so as to please the masses. Harrison decided that he would not find much if anything of use in this speach, but he'd continue to listen. He realized now that it may be many years before he found what he was looking for.

He could wait.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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The speech was once again the religious dogma of Ascension Day, the day in history that the Lord Kaine ascended to the heaven above to battle with the Kark’Thul spirits for all of mankind. The day he ascended to reclaim the glory of heaven for the souls of every man and woman in Safe-Haven.

It was a long but incredibly eloquent speech. Fresenius was obviously not a high priest by mistake, for the man could weave the tale (familiar to every man, woman and child in that Hall) like no other person could. By its’ end, an end that Harrison himself had heard at least a hundred times, many of the guests stood crying silently as they looked up at the holy man.

There was then a burst of applause and praises to Kaine from the audience that was almost frightening in it’s strength.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Harrison's face remained blank as he watched the people in the room, child and adult applaud. He had the wrapped around his child-beating fingers. Didn't seem to his advantage to look out of the ordinary, so he clapped along with the group.

Harrison wondered where Clive was.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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As the applause died and the guests turned back to their conversations the floor of the church hall became alive with servants.

As guests and servers alike backed away, a flurry of teenage boys and girls quickly transferred the orchestra to the main floor, moving chairs, music stands, instruments and the conductors podium. The orchestra formed a half circle around the northern end of the hall.

In only a few turns the task was complete. The orchestra, conducted by a very short and stout man with a squirrely beard, started anew with music composed for a third-step-glide (a waltz). The guests took their queue and immediate started pairing off as dance partners on the middle of the floor.

Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Harrison's lip curled a bit. Dancing? he thought. His distasteful sneer went quickly to wide eyed shock as he realized that Kristen's comment that Emma wanted to dance might actually be true! He'd dismissed it as a miscommunication. He'd thought that perhaps Kristen misunderstood something, or that she was talking in code... he didn't consider that Emma would actually expect him do literally dance with her.

What was it with girls and dancing? Harrison really didn't see a point to it, other than to spend energy. He could think of all sorts of excersize he'd rather spend energy on.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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The music played on and yet there was no sign of Emma. Finally, nerves a bit more relaxed, Harrison went back to the kitchen to get a full tray of cheese.

When he returned, his heart leapt into his throat. Emma was at the edge of the dancers looking for him. She was still beautifully dorned in the eloquent garb of an angel, silver make-up covering all of her bare skin.

She spotted him and slowly started making her way over.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Harrison's shoulders slumped as he realized all he could do was stand there like a deer in the wagonlights. The feeling of failure washed over him, as he realized he could have made himself scarce and avoided this... but there was nothing left to do but ... dance.

He was happy to be in the company of Emma again at least.

His ears burned and the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. He really didn't want to dance.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Emma worked her way around and through the guests, not trying to make a direct line for him lest she be too obvious.

Harrison now noted that none of the guests stopped her to talk or exchange any pleasantries. She was however, smiled and nodded at, and he noticed that recognition of who she was underneath the costume was in the eyes of some.

Myrtle intercepted Harrison almost a turn before Emma reached him, blocking his view of her.

“You have earned a 15 turn break my boy, work well done,” she said as she took the tray from him. “Do with your break as you wish,” she finished with a smile and a wink. She walked away before he could get a word in edge-wise.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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A fifteen minute break? Harrison thought to himself. I haven’t actually done anything in about twenty minutes as it is!
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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As Myrtle had stepped away, Emma stepped to him from behind her departing form.
“Thank you so much for being here Harrison,” she said a bit more seriously than he expected. Her eyes darted left and right to see if anyone was taking notice.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
Post by: Griznuq on November 15, 2008, 01:13:39 PM
Harrison was confused at her actions. What was she looking around for?

“Ah,” he said in a similarly serious tone. “No problem?”

The selfish part of him wanted to ask where Clive was, but he thought the better of it, and simply stood there rigidly, hoping that he wouldn’t have to dance.  
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Suddenly, Emma seemed to gather some nerve. “Would you like to dance?” she asked.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Immediately, Harrison stiffened, his shoulders rising slightly as if he were a turtle trying to withdraw behind a protective shell. Now was the time for thought, and that thought had to come quickly.

She was staring him in the eye, keeping him locked in place. The sensation of entrapment gave way to submission and dread, and he knew disappointing her was not an option.  

He drew a deep breath, and let it out slowly so it wouldn’t look like a sigh.

Unblinking, he said “I’d be… honored.” His body stood unmoving and his brain called him twenty kinds of fool. You idiot! Now you have to dance! They’re ALL going to be watching the two of you and you’re going to look like a darn fool!

He managed a strained smile.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Emma didn’t make a move at first, and was obviously expecting him too. Before he could panic as to what to do she put her forearms on his shoulders and clasped her hands behind his neck.

Harrison still did not move.

“Take my waist,” she said simply. “Don’t worry, I don’t think I am banned from dancing at the ball,” she said, not sensing the real reason he was immobile.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Bloody hell you imbecile! his mind berated him further. This could be against the rules! And in front of everyone! You’ve done it this time boy. You wanted attention, whoa-oh-oh you got it. This entire congregation is going to beat you about the head and ears until you go deaf and blind! And you’ll deserve it!

Harrison looked around as if to say to the stunned glares “Help! I’m not doing anything wrong! Look, it’s just her!”
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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To Harrison’s amazement the entire throng of guests was not actually glaring at him. Although one woman with short cropped blonde hair and a purple dress was whispering to her dance partner. As the couple slowly spun about at the edge of Harrison’s version she darted looks at them in a busy-body fashion. Nothing seemed to come from it however.

“We won’t have much time Harrison, take my waist and lets go dance, I have something urgent to tell you,” Emma said in almost a whisper.

Her hands were still clasped behind his back and Harrison noted the smell of cinnamon emanating off of her.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Harrison took her waist, overcome by the feeling that someone was going to grab him by the back of his neck and pound the stuffing out of him.

He almost couldn't take pleasure in holding her.

Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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With Harrison holding her waist Emma started to three-step to her right, into the center of the dance floor.

(OOC: Can he dance?)
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Harrison followed. He was at least dexterous enough to not step on her feet, though he was incredibly uncomfortable.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Emmanuelle smiled, she closed her eyes and smiled. Harrison noted a strand of her hair, caught on her thick lipstick.

He realized she wasn't going to immediately tell him whatever important news she had.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Harrison's partial OCD kicked in. He reached up and gently brushed the hair neatly behind her ear. There, he thought to himself. That's better.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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(LOL, dude, you SO just did the wrong thing.)

Emma opened her eyes and gave him a look that made his level of anxiety shot through the roof. His ears burned.

Fortunately for Harrison though, Emma eyes caught something from behind Harrison and she quickly became a little more serious.

"I need you to get the book out of the church, it is behind the bookcase in the corner of the Hall. You know? Where you come in and out of the Hall with your tray?" she pushed out a little quickly.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Harrison glanced over at the bookcase. "Yeah, I know it," he said. "What, right now?"
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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She was growing more and more concerned about something that apparently was happening behind him.

"Yes please. Please take it out of the Church and hide it..and someday," she lowered her voice, "someday we will be able to use it against him."

Then, when she apparently thought she had an opportunity, she kissed him on the cheek and as quickly broke their dancing embrace and walked away.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Girls are so weird, he thought. With a shrug of his shoulders, he headed off to the bookcase.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Harrison turned and bumped into a huge suit of black plate mail armor. To make matters worse, it stopped to talk to him.

"I am thinking you should have more to do servant boy, than kissing and dancing with angels yes?" asked a voice inside the plate mail helm. The man's voice was almost casual, and Harrison didn't sense any impending doom within it's inflection. When he looked up however, and realized that the suit was that of a Judge, he ...
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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"Oh, pardon me sir, I didn't see you there. Miss Millie gave me a fifteen minute break," he said dusting himself off as he got to his feet.

"Uh, but I wasn't kissing anyone though," he explained matter-of-factly. "She gave me a kiss on the cheek before she left, but I'm pretty sure it was ceremonial or some custom or something" Harrison nodded ignorantly. There was an awful lot about Society in Our Commons that Harrison took blindly as custom. It seemed there was little to the customs that could be explained, therefore anything he couldn't explain must be custom.

"But to your point, I do have more to do, I'm sure my fifteen minutes is just about up. Would you like some cheese sir?"
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OOC: I assume you meant Harrison, not Griznuq.  :)
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That is the SECOND time I have done that.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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"Even when on a break servant you are not allowed to mingle with the guests," started the reply echoing in the helm. "Nor the Celestial Spirit for that matter."

The man still didn't sound angry to Harrison, as if the man was simply performing his duty.

"Get back to your duties son."

Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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OOC: didn't seem Angry to whom??

"Oh!" Harrison said enlightened. "I didn't know that! Wont' happen again.

The youth turned to head back to the kitchen, but stopped short. He turned back around and said "Thanks! No body's explained any of this to me. It's all very new."
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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LOL, I will call you Leslie next, I just know it.

The Judge, who had been walking towards Emma as she slipped through the crowd to get away, stopped in his tracks.

He turned around for a moment, his helm turning fully towards Harrison, then he turned away again to find Emma...who he had now lost. ‘Did I say something wrong?’ Harrison wondered.

Harrison caught movement on the floor in his periphrial vision to his left. As he turned, he noticed that the few little kids who had been invited to the Ball with their parents had returned to the small bookcase with the story books. Some inconsiderate parent must have given their child wax colors (crayons), as the kids were now coloring in all of the books and in effect, ruining them.

Harrison's heart leapt to his throat.

All at once he realized which book Emma had meant for him to secret out of the church…it was the book that made her feel funny a few days ago, the one she said she summoned a spirit with.

He knew this because to his shock and horror, one of the children had a large tomb open on the floor that could be nothing but said book. The large, old-yellow parchment pages were open to a complex glyph that centered about a pentagram...the child was actually drawing a purple flower over the glyph!!
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Harrison thanked Kaine or any god who happened to be listening that he saw Clive skittering along the floor. Harrison motioned toward the child with the crayons.

As if reading Harrison's mind, Clive ran over and jumpped on the book, knocking the crayon from the kid's hand. Harrison scrambled over to the book as quickly as he could without drawing attention.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Two things happened at once.

The child screamed at the squirrel like it was a wild dog that had arrived to eat him.

At the same time, Harrison got hold of the book and everything in his vision blurred and swirled. One moment he was standing in the grande ball with a sense that everyone was turning to face him, the next, he was alone in a large dark room with walls beyond shadow. At the rooms center was a white marble sarcophagus with a light from a source unknown shining down upon it. Upon it was a marble relief of a woman lieing in wake.

Suddenly he was awake again, but had a hard time discerning where he was. A corridor ceiling was passing by him and his but was sore from the fact it was currently sliding on the floor, and his neck hurt, due to the fact that his collar was choking him....he was being dragged by the neck somewhere!

Harrison suddenly realized that he was being dragged through a corridor of the church. He could just make out Clive bouncing along behind him, as he could see where he had been despite not knowing where he was going.

He did notice that he was still holding the book tight in his grasp however.

Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Desperately he looked for a place to stash the book, but he saw none. He hoped that no one who could identify the book saw anything.

Once again, he was being punished for doing the right thing. Somewhere in his future there had better be some damned satisfying events, the light knew he deserved it.

With his free hand, he grasped as his collar and gulped for air. He tried to crane his neck back to see who he had to thank for the help out of the ball room, but he had a feeling that he already knew who to expect.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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He heard the pounding of metal greaves hit granite floor even before he looked at the black plate mail armor.

As he looked past the Judge he realized he was quickly getting pulled close to the door. As they reached it, the Judge opened the big iron door as Elite House Guards stood aside. He was unceremoniously tossed, book and all, outside onto the cold courtyard grounds.

"Good night." The Judge said and closed the door.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Harrison rolled painfully over the unyielding courtyard. He sat up waited for his head to stop spinning. He looked around but saw no one. They must all be inside, he thought.

"That all you got, scumbag?", he said to himself feeling safe, as he rose shakily. "Shanteel would have gotten another dozen feet, weakling."

Clive's hurried jump from the ground to Harrison's shoulder nearly shocked Harrison out of his skin. For an instant, he thought the Judge must have been right behind him and heard what he'd said.

Harrison clutched his chest with his left hand. He could feel his heart trying to burst through his chest.

He took a deep breath, and winced as his ribs protested. Slowly he began to hobble home to the orphanage.

"And you!" Harrison said, grabbing clive's head in the palm of his hand and giving him a playful shake. "Lot of help you are! I haven't seen you in days!" Clive chittered a spirited response.

Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Harrison entered his room and was relieved to find that he was alone.  He concentrated a moment, and released the power his mother had taught him. He felt the cracks in his rib mend themselves. He was careful to leave some bruising, but he couldn't take the pain when he inhaled.

He drew a deep breath that mercifully didn't hurt, and began to write a hastey letter to Emma. He was sure she was in trouble, and had to know her fate.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Much to Harrisons surprise, Clive came back within the hand, always a good sign.

He took the note out of Clive's satchel, someday he would have to teach him to take it out on his own.

'Yes, everything is okay, I am in the tub now wiping all this make-up off. Thank you for the dance, and I am sorry if I got you into trouble. Did you get the book out of the Church?'

The ink was blotted, apparently from drips of water she accidently allowed while scribing in the tub.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Harrison was relieved that she was ok.

He stashed the book in his backpack and sent her a brief reply to let her know that it was safe.
Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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Title: 04.19.2127 - White Rascal
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FIN?!? As in: The end? This thread ends?