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Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Dray on March 19, 2008, 07:03:38 PM
All afternoon each and every one of you had difficulty concentrating on your instructors and your school work. The Whisper meeting was finally tonight! It had been two weeks since the last one and as many months since a real one had taken place. Ever since the uncharacteristic guard rotation change and their unusual increased activity, the Whisper Guild had a hard time circumventing the government and getting together as a large group.

Not tonight though. Today, every member you ran into was instilled with excitement. Renee had used her influence (on Captain Jonathon Athol no doubt) to lighten the guard rotations around the Theater District entrances to Lowtown. And when Captain Athol was doing his beloved Renee’s bidding, it was always mere child’s play to get into the tunnel system.

So as the afternoon wore on, member looked at their watches, jumped from their seats when the clock tower bell ended a period and rushed the halls giving each other knowing smiles. As night fell and the final bell rang announcing not only the end of the school day, but the end of the week for the students, each member rushed back to their room to gather the necessary belongings. It would be two hands between class end and meeting begin, most used their time wisely. Some packed two days of clothes, knowing they would head out to either their parents house or their live-in apartments at their places of employment. Many hung out at the dormitories during the heart of the snowy winter, using the time to take showers in the dormitories, read the weekly newspaper or get homework done early. Very few left the school district as many of the others did. Those others, over two thousand students headed out to their ordinary lives abiding by a system without question and ignorant of any wrong.

The Whisper knew better.
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Wildfire on March 19, 2008, 09:11:51 PM
Shannon entered her empty room and looked around. She had some expectations for tonights meeting...some good...some bad. Meetings like this were always filled with boring talk so she grabbed her art kit and some paper, placed them in her back pack.

She walked into the quiet hall and headed outside. She did have some excitement towards the meeting was a course of action to at least discussing ideas of how to change what seemed to be an oppresive way of life under the guise of freedom.

Walking into the winter air was invigorating! Most of her classes she found boring excpet for her art classes...there she could cut free. She could make her imagination real and soar like bird.

She looked around for any nearby Guards. Secure that none were around she headed for the meeting looking for anyone else that would be attending.
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Johan on March 19, 2008, 09:22:07 PM
Temmit's last class ended, as it always did. Kids ran to and fro around the school grounds, going their own ways, getting their own things.

Temmit made his way alone to the Theater district. He liked the theater district. People were generally what they were, and allowed one to be what they were as well.

Plus, he could watch the guards' movements, and keep an eye out for any issues that might intervene with Renee's plans.

He walked idly about the district, noting any folks who were there, but were not usually so. Nothing led him to believe that there would be an issue with tonight's meeting.

He waited and watched, making his way to that specific entrance that Renee had indicated.
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Dray on March 19, 2008, 09:25:53 PM
Temmit watched the entrance that he knew gave the guild the easiest access to sneak into. As the snow fell about him, the hard populace, used to hard Winters, shrugged it off and kept along their way. Each person headed to a show that would start around 8 night-hand.

'The snow! Even invisible they would still show passage through the snow!' Temmit thought suddenly, but even as he did, the problem solved itself, and whistling to himself, Temmit walk merrly away to get his things.
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Dray on March 19, 2008, 09:31:46 PM
As time drew near, each student unlocked their footlocker or pried within their secret cubbies and withdrew two draughts of the invisibility potions given to them at the last meeting. These potions were key to the success of the recent guild meetings and an absolutely brilliant acquirement of Renee’s. Although they only lasted about a minute or two, that was more than enough time to pass by the guards at the stairwell entrances of Lowtown, and now that Renee promised the portcullis before the entrance would be raised just high enough for a child to crawl under, it would be easy-peezy.
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Dray on March 19, 2008, 09:33:44 PM
Each student left the dormitory, giving themselves a little more time than needed to make it to the 9 night-hand meeting within Lowtown. As usual it was snowing, and at ankle height already.

As promised, even though there were two guards stationed in the Theater District at the ornate granite stairwell entrance to the underground, it could be seen by torchlight that the portcullis was indeed raised. And the worry from the walk over was abated by the forethought of the Captain, as it appeared that the guards had ordered the sweeping of the snow in all of the nearby streets and alleys in and around the entrance.

The draught tasted of pure blueberry sugar, it was hard not to drink it merely as a treat in-between the meetings, and one usually caught themselves licking their lips with the precious first moments before heading into the tunnels.

The tunnel system was not hard to traverse, and the secret door was in an out of the way back corridor that saw little use from the general public. 9 night-hand was a time chosen for a specific reason. Most of the others had left the school already and wouldn’t be found in Theater Lowtown, and the shows and plays were in full swing above with captive audiences unaware of the mischief beneath their feet. It was easy for each member this night to make it to The Quiet Room.
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Johan on March 19, 2008, 09:38:06 PM
Temmit took up a post, ostensibly watching one of the many shows that the Theater district was renown for. In actuality, he was strategically positioned to keep an eye upon the entrance to Theater Lowtown.

His purpose there was layered:
Whisper was a small gang filled with gifted individuals. But there were largely kids nonetheless.
He was always concerned that one of them would be childish. Foolish, actually.
He needed to be sure that none of the kids approached too closely before drinking their drought.
He needed to ensure that no one other than Whisper tried to enter through the portcullis.
There must be no shinanegans. He was always surprised that some kids didn't seem to appreciate the trouble that would come if Whisper were uncovered.

Temmit laughed at himself a bit. He truly needed to relax.

At length, as the meeting time approached, Leslie finished her performance and met him there, as he knew she would. They had found themselves in a serendipitous pattern: they would proceed together.
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Himo on March 19, 2008, 09:43:27 PM
Lucien, Though weary from his days activities in preparation for the meeting began to the passage, after drinking the invisibility potion. As he passed the gaurd, he couldn't help but to quietly tap one on the shoulder as he passed by, snickering as the gaurd looked around for the prankster, who had already made his way towards the enterence.
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Dray on March 19, 2008, 09:46:14 PM
The guard put out his hand, face-up towards the sky.

"Think I just felt hail Lucious," he said to his comrade.
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Wildfire on March 19, 2008, 09:51:55 PM
Shannon walked through the darkened streets. She loved the snow. It gave everything a different look and feel. A fresh snow had such energy and was also fun to draw. People loved winter scenes…especially of the countryside. Something about it gave everything an etheric quality and brought out the pure beauty that resides in all things.

She approached the portcullis. She looked about to see if anyone was watching. Settled with the notion that no one was, she ducked into an ally and swiftly guzzled her potion. Tingles emanted through her and the taste was positively addictive!

Shannon stepped back out into the street and continued towards the open gate. Stepping through she could smell the musty air and knew a night of plotting was ahead…or so she hoped. Creeping down the stairs in silence she headed for the secret meeting room.
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Dray on March 19, 2008, 09:54:52 PM
As members filed in, most greeted each other with smiles, handshakes or hugs. There would be only a few of the younger children here this night, for the usual lateness of the meeting didn’t agree with curfew. Although some dormitories had Residents that were very casual about Friday night roll-call, since it was so hard to keep track of, it wasn’t very common.

Renee, as was typical, was the first one to be seen. Tonight she had on yet another one of her beautiful dresses. This dress was forest green and covered her from the top of her shoulders to the bottom of her very boots, form-fitting at the top and flowing loose from waist down. She had her hair done up and tied back behind her head with pretty costume jewelry and had a few loose groups of strands framing her face. Pretty as always.

Emmanuelle was standing beside her, and the hope of the meetings importance that was within each member was confirmed as they enetered the Quiet Room. As also was typical, Emma used these meetings as a rare opportunity to dress below her normal station. She wore loose leather breeches and a peasant blouse, her school robe, with its symbol of Kaine draped behind her back and held by the crook of above her elbows. Her long brown hair was neatly combed straight. Although not wearing the same light make-up Renee wore, she was still absolutely lovely.

There were at last count, 37 members in the Whisper, and it was starting to appear that most of them were going to be in attendance this evening. Quite the meeting, since usually only a little more than a dozen usually could make it.

All three Whisper healers were in attendance. Kristen was still in her clergy uniform, she was yet another lovely girl with long blonde hair. She was normally quiet but quick to smile. River, a boy with a crew cut who was as good at drawing blood as he was stopping it, was beside her as always. The going rumor that there was more going on between those two than being in the same house. Unlike her, he had taken off his Clergy school uniform and was wearing the familiar leather armor which spoke to his weekend plans, patrolling the wild lands. His big bearskin coat and a pair of snap-buckle snow shoes lay on the crates near the head of the room. And finally there was Will, a tall and lanky boy also still in his clergy uniform. Unlike the ever confident River, Will was the type of awkward friendly boy who was always tries to help but does so in a clumsy way.

One of the three Whisper Guards was in the room, David, along with his friends Mark and John are all members of the Protectors, soldiers through in through, but they also had a knack for stealth maneuvers and shadow gliding that their superiors in the House would find disturbing. David was wearing his typical black leather armor, with boots, shirt and cloak to match. Any entering the room knew by his presence here, that at least one of his two friends, if not both, were posted at key spots outside the Quiet Room. The fact that they were not seen when passing was always impressive to each member who knew they were out there.

When viewing Ashley, the guild’s administrator, one could not escape the fact that not a single girl in the gang was unfortunate looking. Ashley was no exception to the lovely girls in the room. From the House of The Scribes, Ashley was an excellent choice to handle all monetary and supply requirements of the guild. She too was out of uniform and wearing padded leather armor skirt and leggings, with big fur-lined boots and a very soft looking knit sweater.

Yet another beauty was Hayden who sat on the very same crates and a little away from everyone else at the moment. A total introvert, she never spoke unless Renee addressed her directly in a meeting with a question, and even then most times she merely nodded or answered in as few words as possilbe. But respected the lovely girl was, for she was what they called the Whisper Shaman, a title taken from children stories that was appropriate for the girl drawn from the wild. For prophecies came from her lips to Renee’s ears, and were always scary in their accuracy.

She was scantily dressed as usual, with a leather halter top and a leather skirt that was so short it gave her very limited modesty. (Many guys have always watched for a peek and have never gotten a glimpse, damned mindful she is). Whisper rumor had it that the girl always went straight to the wildlands each weekend, using only her school robe for modesty until she was out of public view. Cold and extreme temperatures had no affect on her. Renee asked the utmost respect for her, but as introverted as Hayden was, the rumors about who she really was, and what she did for Whisper were just as strong.

Those were the members of importance to Whisper, ones whose leadership was prevalent, and for all of them to be gathering at once spoke of many possibilities.
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Johan on March 19, 2008, 10:11:57 PM
Temmit entered the room quietly, as was his way. His uncanny eyes flitted this way and that, taking in all who were there. Smokey surveyed the room too.

I told you she was going to break Whisper up! The crystal whispered in his mind. Why else would all these people be here?

Temmit smiled inwardly at the old story-teller. He split from Leslie as they enetred, and took up his customary position flanking Renee and Emma, where he could watch those in attendance as Renee spoke.

Interesting things were on the winds.
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Wildfire on March 19, 2008, 10:15:16 PM
Shannon, in typical fashion, took a seat in the back so as to be inconspicuous. Settled in, she took out her sketchbook and a pencil and began to draw. She recalled a landscape that she had seen as a small child and set it in the snow…the spirit of winter had struck her. She would occasionally look up to see who was about and listened for the start of the meeting.
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Chassic on March 19, 2008, 10:22:22 PM
Xavier entered the Quiet Room and moved to stand beside his friend, River. They had spent some long days out patrolling the wild lands together on their days off. Both hoped to test their skills against a Kar’Thul.
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Dray on March 19, 2008, 10:25:55 PM
12.21.2132 – Session #1

Soon, streams of kids came in, more than a meeting had seen in one place in its over 70 year history. If curfew wasn’t so close to the meeting start for some of the younger members, many thought the whole clan would be in attendance, as it was, they were only 10 kids short of all 37.
Discussions filled with laughter and fun were erupting in pockets about the room. Renee and her two lieutenants, Emma and Temmit, didn’t seem concerned. The Quiet Room was known for the lack of noise that could be heard outside of it, not what was required within.
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Himo on March 19, 2008, 10:30:57 PM
Lucien made his way through the room into a small corner, there he took a seat upon a small little piece of stone.
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Dray on March 19, 2008, 10:31:35 PM
Renee spoke in whispers to her pair of confidantes and then stepped forward on the makeshift stage of crates while Emma and Temmit sat down.

“Greetings everyone,” she said with a warm smile and everyone immediate hushed and let out a round of applause at the same time. As the clapping died down she continued.

“It is heart-warming and delightful to see all of you as well. Thank you one-and-all for coming this evening.” she said, still smiling from a few feet above the dozens of children.

With that, she held up hand and with a flick of her finger in front of her face, she cast the cantrip that places a small candle-flame about 6 inches in front of her face. She recited, in a strong whisper, the Whisper pledge. Many recited in whisper with her, and the affect of so many member whispering the passage echoed about the room ominously.

”I am a whisper, although strong with intent, I am only meant for the concern of the trusted. I pledge that I will be ever-questioning of my destiny, and only accept the truth of what is known and not told. My flicker of light is the fire of what will someday change future history.”

With that, Renee exhaled forcefully and extinguished the arcane flame, some said a word of prayer to Kaine, others simply clapped softly.

Renee smiled, walked about the stage a bit and looked over at each one of them before starting. “I can’t tell you how proud I am of this guild and of each one of you this day. We number thirty-seven members and yet no-one above knows one peep about us. It is an accomplishment for any guild to remain secret, but more-so, a guild consisting of so many that are so young to be hidden for so long is am achievement.”

Whispers of response like ‘damn straight’, ‘yeah’, and ‘no one will ever know from me’ flitted about the room.

“And soon my friends, we could be forty.” she said with a gleam in her eye.

Shock and awe broke all around the room, for that could only mean she had three more candidates to interview, an unprecedented amount all at once. This year they had picked up four new recruits, and thought that was a lot!

“That’s right my friends, three children, two right here in Our-Commons, have shown promise and will be interviewed this very weekend. Wish us luck,” she said with a nod to her two lieutenants.
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Johan on March 19, 2008, 10:36:20 PM
Temmit scrutinized the audience. Looking for anything that might be not as he thought it should be.

His eyes burned.
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Wildfire on March 19, 2008, 10:39:45 PM
Shannon paused to recite the pledge. She was never one for pledges for they usually meant blind faith. This pledge was about anything but that. It had a sentiment that she took to heart. Being artist, she could only accept what she had witnessed for herself.
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Chassic on March 19, 2008, 10:40:58 PM
“Too many,” thought Xavier. “She’s too impetuos. One of these times she’ll let in an informant. We should keep it small.” Xavier, as always, kept these thoughts to himself.
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Dray on March 19, 2008, 10:43:26 PM
“But I get a little ahead of myself. I wanted to talk to you on the increased activity of the guards during what is normally a slower time of year,” nods went around the room. “It appears that the guards are only seeking for the increased black market activity in Lowtown and are NOT on to us,” she said with a sympathetic smile that displayed how much she had worried that the younger members may have been scared.

“So not to worry all, we are still safe.”
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Dray on March 20, 2008, 12:35:24 PM
“And on to very exciting and recent business that I am sure some of you have been busting to hear,” Renee said, clasping her hands behind her posterior and for a moment pausing as she soak in the room’s anticipation.

“The Sword of Truth exists.”

Stunned silence enveloped from the room as the meaning of her words took hold, then everyone in the room talked at once. Renee giggled as the questions all came at once.

‘The sword from the play?’

‘Where is it?’

‘Who has it?’

‘Does it really slay Karh’Thul in one swing?’

‘Did we find it?’

‘The one from the Battle of Millenguard?’

‘Is the pommel gem still intact, does it still glow?’

‘Does the government know?’

‘Will the government destroy it?’

‘Pfft, they probably will waste it on a statue!’

‘How can we get it?’

‘Will you wield it Renee?’

Almost every kid in the room had burst out with a question, their words tripping over each other in excitement. Renee raised her hand for quiet and continued, still smiling.

“It is very exciting news, for this sword, used to save the Kingdom in a battle over 14 centuries ago, has been nothing but a myth according to our beloved government. Even though the sword plays as a third leading role in some of the plays that are occurring in the theaters right above our heads as I speak.” Renee pointed to the wood ceiling, which was the bottom floor of an unused warehouse basement in the Theater District. Either Mark or John, or perhaps even one of the guild runners would be stationed there now, listening in, and watching the basement entrance.

Renee acquiesced to the bright, beckoning eyes of the children who knew there was more, Renee never gave information based on hunches.

“Within the library, my source tells me that invisible arcane symbols have been discovered in various children’s books. Cleverly hidden in fairy tales that have nothing to do with the sword, which seems to be missing in every historical text and serious “adult” books of education and fact in the rest of the library,” Renee’s smile had vanished and turned to a look of questioning concern. All knew Renee wanted to love the government, but as an abused child would love the offending parent, she would still run away, question, and be disillusioned.

“This source searched for countless hours through every book of the Arts section. Not an easy task. And was rewarded for the effort with a scrambled mass of letters, that once the source, and Emma and I decoded, turned into a message that not only gave me hope, but once again renewed my distrust of those above who would lie to us.”

“That section is enormous, it must of taken him weeks,” Jared exclaimed.

“It did my friend,” Renee replied.

“What was the message? I am dieing of anticipation here!” Ashley asked with a smile.

“The Sword of Truth still exists within reach of a Hero.”

The whole group of starry-eyed kids let out an audible exclamation of awe, which sounded really funny, so therefore a burst of laughter exploded in the room.

After a moment of goodly-founded sillyness, Renee put her hand again for attention.

“Now it is up to us to find it before a member of the government does. We have no further clues to go on, even though our source is now working diligently in other stacks to find more symbols.”

Renee never revealed certain sources, trying to keep facets of the members in separate cells should the unthinkable happen. Better to keep hidden those directly responsible for transgressions of a certain nature, and therefore safe from future over-zealous questioning of soldiers. She had seen first hand the questioning, the torture, of black market criminals at the hands of the city guard, and that is why she was leader of Whisper today.

“So this is what I need you to do my friends, I need you to peek into your parents history. Those few of you who have parents who support this guild, ask them directly. Those of you who do not have this trust, I need to ask you to betray your parents this one time for the good of all that this guild represents. Seek out notes, journals or any clues within their “private” cubbies, invade their privacy and please do not get caught. I am hoping that somewhere we may find a clue. My deepest apologies for asking you to perform this task, but we must have that sword first. If you do get caught, well, we are kids aren’t we? Parents always except ‘I don’t know’ (Renee said dumbly) when caught.”

The whole room giggled.
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Dray on March 20, 2008, 12:37:31 PM
...more to come...

(OOC: Please feel free to post questions to Renee or email me questions on what is the known history of the Sword. Although I will be putting in a thread as soon as I can on the story of legend surround the Sword of Truth, it may take longer than I would want to wait to continue this thread. - did I say that right?)
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Dray on March 21, 2008, 07:55:19 AM
“Also in the candlelight of new discoveries, we have yet another,” Renee was pacing the short stage as she walked now, her mind in the thick of it.

“The same source, and you are going to love this, after library hours, watched as the guards and priests removed a stack of books from the vault and temporarily placed them in the library. The source thinks that they were making room for whatever they were doing behind that huge iron lock.”

Everyone in the room was stunned. This news confirmed everything they always believed in but couldn’t prove, the government truly was keeping knowledge away from the public.

“And our incredibly genius and crafty source was able to actually acquire just one of the books from this incredibly valuable cache of writ, right from under their noses.”

”Cold,” Wil exclaimed. (OOC: “Cold” is like saying “Cool” in our world. Inheritantly, many people of Safe-Haven bock at the cold weather, knowing it is a truth of life, they deem it “neatoes” instead of trying to fight it).

“Very cold,” Renee agreed. “This book as it turns out was a daily journal kept by a hunter over 800 years ago, but not any mere hunter was he. This scribe was a man in a special patrol unit sanctioned by the Council of Five.”

Renee held her captive audience in a dramatic pause.

“A unit that patrolled the Outlands, beyond the Outer-Rim.”

“No mate’n way,” Jared swore. (OOC: guess what four-letter word mate replaces?)

Giggles went through the group even though most were stunned by this even more shocking news. Temmit frowned visibly at Jared who shrunk behind Leslie.

“Don’t be too harsh Temmit she said, catching his glare at Jared, I said the same exact thing,” replied Renee to which another response of giggles ensued. “Yes its true my friends, a patrol, disbanded by the government shortly after that journal was made, once patrolled lands that have been told to us are inhabited only by chaos and death. Lands that lead only to a quick suicide should anyone enter.”

Renee crouched down, folding her knees so she could sit on the balls of her heels and get closer to eye level with her audience, her beautiful green dress rose up a bit to reveal her ankles. “But we believe the validity of the book, for why would the government keep it behind lock and key if it were mere fancy.”

“But how would they survive out there?” River spoke up. “We all know that when the barrier is taken down each season for their conquest of land, the Karh’Thul come through by the dozens upon dozens, sometimes hundreds! Millenguard for instance. If that story is now real, that means the Sword of Truth saved the Kingdom from thousands, plus the (KT) demon Ustag!” (OOC: pronounced OO-STAHG = in the “fable” he was depicted as HUGE, literally).

“How could they survive out there?!” River seemed frustrated for more information he knew he wasn’t going to immediate get, and the few who knew River understood why.

“Indeed River.” Renee almost whispered. “How indeed”.

Renee stood up.

“And that is another task I put to you all. The journal doesn’t elude to much outside the normal routine soldier tasks, but we do know that the special patrol which is not named therein had at least an identifiable symbol.” And with that, Renee reached in her pocket and unfolded a small piece of parchment. She held each end and displayed it for all in the room to see.

Upon the parchment was the etching of a circle with the familiar spire at its center, but the rest was very unusual. Within the circle was the drawing of an open eye to the right of the Spire, with a full moon and stars in the sky behind, and a closed eye to the left, with the sun and sparse clouds behind.

“I need all of you to look for any sign of this symbol anywhere in the city and beyond. We must find out more on what is behind this mysterious patrol, and more importantly, what they did for the Council of 5.”
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Dray on March 21, 2008, 08:13:52 AM
...yet even more coming....

(OOC: If any of you want to post a question about the previous subject, in other words, go back in time to do so, post it now, and I will move the Outlands Patrol post (the recent one) down and below any dialogue that is created about the previous subject. Otherwise, feel free to post any questions you have for Renee on this new subject at this time. If there are any questions as to what your character would know about either subject in general, please feel free to take me aside offline, or better yet, ask in the OCD thread. Thanks!)
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Wildfire on March 21, 2008, 04:35:22 PM
Shannon paused in her drawing. She cocked her head to the side allowing her hair to hang down covering part of her face. Peering out she asked, "Though it may seem obvious to some I would still like to ask...Renee, what exactly would we, as the Whisper Gang, achieve by having the sword?...if that is what you're suggesting"
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Himo on March 21, 2008, 06:53:43 PM
Lucien, who was already intrigued by the mentioning of the sword, leaned forward slightly on his rock and began to think. 'What was so special about the symbol? Its not like anybody would know, and besides, the government would have already confiscated the items the pertain to information about the symbol, or the sword...'. Lucien looks at Shannon as she had finished looking to Renee eagerly awaiting her response to Shannon.
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Dray on March 21, 2008, 07:16:38 PM
(OOC: On second thought, I think I wil keep your post where it is WF, conversation is as easily plausible after the announcement of the patrol as it was before).

Renee looked at Shannon and had an answer that more than anyone else in the room, Shannon, would appreciate the most.

"What do we need the sword for? Shannon....the government says it doesn't exist." She stared at her, awaiting the joy of appreciation of her words to sink into Shannon's mind.
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Dray on March 22, 2008, 02:41:23 PM
Shannon winked at her, Renee let out a small giggle.

Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Dray on March 22, 2008, 02:42:53 PM
“On to a new subject and one that breaks my heart,” Renee almost whispered, the smile only a hint at the corners of her mouth.

“As you know, I am now 18 and in four-and-a-half months my life will be the property of the military.”

This got the expectant boos and calls of blasphemy from most in attendance.

Renee raised her hand for attention.

“I understand and agree with your frustration my friends, but no fear, for my destiny, although pushed by those who would lie to us, is still under my own guidance, I will prevail,” she said sternly.

“Just don’t die at on a pair of Karh’Thul claws Renee,” Will whispered with awkward worry.

With a great look of appreciation and concern for those would worry about her, Renee scanned the room, looking at each face in that mirrored the concern Will had voiced, many were indeed worried for their favorite leaders life, some even now on the verge of tears.

Renee spoke with serious confidence. “I vow to each and every one of you that worry for prosecution from using my talents will not outweigh the privilege to save my life with it. I will not allow their rules to extinguish my flame.”

Some of the worried faces gained a slight smile.

Renee smiled, “you all just better break my ass out of prison afterwards.”

Everyone laughed hysterically.

Renee let the laughter die down naturally, relieved she could convince them all she was going to be fine. As the last giggle was finishing she continued, “This means we are going to need a new leader to baby-sit you giggle-heads.”

“Watch it,” River warned with a smile, “we will leave you in prison longer.”

More giggles.

“Since there are so many members in attendance this night, we should cast our vote for the next leader this very moment.” she said, then turned to look at her two lieutenants, who both gave quick nods of agreement.

“Torches of Truth (OOC: A common title given to each members), I propose to you the following three possibilities as my nominee’s to replace me in the Spring.”

There was suddenly tension in the room, a third of the members having never been involved in this process as they hadn’t been members when Renee had taken over years ago.

“Emmanuelle Keepsake.” Renee announced.

Emma took a step forward behind her and nodded again. She didn’t seem surprised by the nomination nor humbled bye it, in fact she gave no indication in her stoic face what she thought. Such was the way with Emma, but those who knew her, which this guild did, loved her, for they knew the person was behind the mask of station was a genuine leader of compassion and character.

“Temmit Janalinus’. Renee announced.
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Johan on March 22, 2008, 04:12:31 PM
Three? Temmit hadn't expected three nominations, but his quick mind made sense of it. He supposed that by nominating a third, one who hadn't been part of the leadership yet, she was also declaring her nomination for a new Leiutenant, which would be necessary as either Emma or Temmit would now take on a more prominent role.

"I bet it's Leslie." Smokey suggested. "Not likely." Temmit responded. "It wouldn't do to uncover such a valuable secret source as Leslie. My bet would be Hayden. Perhaps Xavier. Temmit scanned the audience for anyone who might exhibit an anticipation of this third nomination, but he saw none in the dim light of the Quiet Room.

Temmit looked at his lovely friend and smiled shallowly. He stepped forward, as Emma had, and nodded his acceptance of her nomination.'s the speech you should give." Smokey whispered in his mind. "Thank you, Renee. In addition to wanting to take you for my own (and others as well)..." Outwardly, his smile broadened as Smokey went on about Temmit's intentions as leader of Whisper. A harem was included.

"Thank you for your confidence, Renee." He said evenly. His smooth and quiet voice was louder in the hall than it might otherwise have been. "Know that however this vote goes, Emma and I will be at the service of Whisper's leadership. We are still in this together."
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Dray on March 22, 2008, 05:05:24 PM
“Thank you Temmit.” Renee turned and specifically sought out his gaze. She gave him a curtsy, a touch more drama than he expected.

She returned to her audience and announced the third nominee.

“My last offer to you, but by no means least is Hayden Smith, our Whisper Shaman,” Renee seemed to say in a rush.

Comments burst out all at once around the room.


‘Is she kidding?’

‘Does she talk?’

‘Cool, will she stand above us on the crates then?’ (a boy snickered)

‘Are we to be led by only prophecy now?’

‘Well, I like her.’ (Leslie)

‘As long as she doesn’t change outfits.’ (another boy)

‘Sweet, I have seen her fight in school, she is no pushover.’

‘I might vote for her’

‘Are you kidding?!’

As the flood of comments came, Renee simply turned to her. Hayden, for her part, had ignored the comments, both good and bad and just looked away for a minute, as if struggling with the decision.

Finally, she turned back to Renee and stood slowly while her hands pulled the short leather skirt down.

“If it is the wish of the guild Renee,” she stated in more words than most were used too. The statement felt loaded to all but the most daft of members, as if she were making some kind of unknown deal with the Whisper leader.

“Thank you Shaman,” Renee said with a short nod.

She again returned to her audience who were starting to get up off the floor as some now sensed they would be required to take some action.

“Behind the crates we have set up a makeshift voting booth. In it are three sets of coins, one type for each nominee; copper for Temmit, silver for Emma and gold for Hayden. Please take one of these coins and hand it to David who will be in the booth over-seeing the vote with me. We have already cast our vote and two coins wait to be tallied with the others within the cauldron on his lap.”

Renee stepped over to the end of the stage and hopped off.

“Please form a line in front of me and we will start.”
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Dray on March 22, 2008, 05:20:43 PM
(OOC: Everyone votes, even nominee's. I will stop the thread here until all five players, Xavier, Lucien, Harrison, Shannon and Temmit vote. Since there are only 27 members here, your votes may actually matter.

Info on the booth. Crates have been stacked so there are three "walls" about 7 feet high, with a curtain (soldier blanket) for a door. A member steps inside to see Renee and David sitting behind a 6" board that has been nailed at waist level on both sidewalls. David has an iron cauldron on his lap. There are three stacks of coins from left to right in groups. 35 copper, 35 silver, and 35 gold.)
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Johan on March 22, 2008, 09:21:10 PM
My vote is being e-mailed.
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Dray on March 22, 2008, 09:22:59 PM
So far I have two votes via email, but if the other three (Lucien, Xavier and Shannon want to vote either by email or posting here, that works)
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Dray on March 24, 2008, 07:54:15 AM
The last member voted and returned to the area where Renee has addressed them. There was at least a dozen conversations going on all at once while the group waited for the tally.

Renee and David came around the corner of the crates. Renee stepped up on the makeshift stage and David stood on the floor at its edge, the cauldron placed by his feet.

The room was quiet before Renee’s hand was half-way up in the air.

“I know this person will serve you well for the next few years,” she paused and all now knew she wasn’t going to delay her announcement as some had feared.

“Your new leader of Whisper on WinterEnd 15th, shall be Emmanuelle Keepsake,” she announced with a smile. A happy applause erupted within the room. Calls for a speech came from half the kids.

“Well?” Renee questioned her soon-to-be successor who was still on the stage.

Emma, with a genuine and sincere smile walked up to Renee and stood beside her. She unexpectedly wrapped her arms around Renee and gave her a big hug, sharing a whisper in her ear, the answer to which was a nod from Renee as Emma let go of her. Emmanuelle Keepsake, daughter of the High Priest and future leader of the revolutionary guild known as Whisper, turned and addressed her audience.

“My friends, now is not the time for my acceptance speech, for this red-head has quite a lot of work to finish in her last four months,” she smiled at her friend while some in the audience laughed. “I want to thank you however for the incredible trust you have displayed to me tonight and have always given me in the past, specifically considering my designated station by those above.”

Where Renee was a natural on the stage, Emmanuelle was a girl imbued with heavy training over her life, but the difference was subtle. Emmanuelle was a powerful speaker nevertheless, and had the complete attention of the entire room of 27 children.

“Graduation day this year comes to us faster than any before it, for we will lose one of this guild’s most powerful and influential leaders, and more importantly a member of our family who will be sorely missed,” Emma’s eyes actually became wet, her voice slightly faltered and her words missed a beat on that last word. The stage was something Emma shared over the past few years, and this was the first time she showed any emotion on it. The result of this was mirrored tears in a few of the girls about the room. Leslie reached out and held Ashley’s hand for strength.

“Know this...” and Emma stopped as she once again attempted to collect herself. “We will continue on, even though four of us will be away to War they will always be with us in our hearts. With that knowledge and with the growing strength of our own resolve we will see to it that someday the destiny of the children, even if it is our own children, will not be decided by those in the government.”

A small cheer followed by applause responded.

“For now though, just a big thank-you to each of my friends today. Now let’s get back to work,” she said, returning the floor to Renee.

Another small round of applause as Emma stepped back but not before Renee could give her another hug.

Leslie and some other girls wiped their eyes, while Jared rolled his.

“Thanks Emma,” Renee said with a final nod and returned to her command of the meeting.
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Dray on March 24, 2008, 07:57:41 AM be continued

Note; we are getting close to the end of the "offical business" of the meeting , after which there will be a free-for-all, hand of time where all can talk to one another. At THAT time (again, when Renee announced meeting is adjourned), any of you can start a conversation with anyone you wish, perhaps in a separate ICD or by email with me if you wish.
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Johan on March 24, 2008, 10:35:23 AM
Temmit would be lying to himself to say that he wasn't at least a little disapointed in the outcome of the vote. However, the larger part of him was relieved. He himself had voted for Emma as their leader; she was, to his thinking, a better fit.

Temmit sought out Emma's eyes as she returned to her now-short-term station. He smiled and nodded a congratulatory nod to her. He even saluted her, which was something that he rarely did without compulsion, and even then, never in public. He was genuinely happy at this decision made. And he was genuinely sincere in what he had stated earlier: he would support Emma and Whisper to the best of his modest abilities.
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Dray on March 24, 2008, 06:22:12 PM
Renee's smile was radiant, it was the happiest the guild had ever seen her, she continued her sppech.

“Sword of Truth, a patrol that had wandered the Outlands, three new candidates for the guild and finally, the Daughter of the High Priest soon to be leading the resistance...I would say, this was quite the interesting meeting,” Renee said with a proud smile.

‘Damn straight.’


‘You got that right!’

‘Can’t wait to rummage through my father’s closet.’

‘Be cool if the sword were just sitting in there eh?’

‘Emma will rule the city!’

Renee held her hand up, almost reluctantly, to hold the them once again.

“For official announcements, that concludes our meeting, but I will be walking around to each one of your sub-groups to give you further suggestions on what can be done to further our cause by the next meeting in WinterSecond,” she said, placing her hands again behind her back.

“Thank you all for coming this night to what has proved to be a very successful meeting. When you go back to their world, remember not only your vow of secrecy, but what I have told you of this night. Let’s find these secrets, let’s use these in our intellectual arsenal for the case that we will someday bring to the people of Safe-Haven.”

And with that, Renee gave the audience a deep curtsy and the room exploded with applause. The meeting was over, and now the fun of re-acquainting with one another could begin.
Title: Session 1 - (ICD)
Post by: Wildfire on March 24, 2008, 07:31:16 PM
Shannon studied Renee's curtsy with implicit detail. She looked at the pose, the form, the clothes, the smile...everything.

She had not gotten very far in her drawing since her concentration was intterupted with the meetings jubilation but she had the basics of the drawing down...enough to finish her intention.

In the moment of the curtsy, Shannon decided she would add something that wasn't part of the original design...Renee taking her bow. To have her bowing amidst a winter landscape background symbolized the grace she had during the cold season of oppression that the Whisper Gang was trying to thaw. Shannon also thought that a dual meaning was that Renee was 'cold'.

Shannon closed her eyes briefly and locked the swirling images into her mind so she could duplicate them later when it was quieter.

Packing up her pen and ink well, Shannon decided it was time to mingle and discuss the plans of the Whisper Gang. Before talking with her friends she thought, 'I hope Renee will like this picture'.