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Title: The First Lesson
Post by: Wildfire on January 14, 2008, 07:20:39 PM
The First Lesson

Dracum Aryor, VY 237 (May 18)

The morning looked like much of any other morning.  The Fogveil was living up to it’s name and the roar of The Hammer was echoing from across the valley that Threshold lay in. The Spike of Fire was blazing in full glory and the Sythus birds were singing their call for Kossuth to shine on for as long as it would.

Ashe had woken extra early this day. He was remembering events of old and new and his thoughts seemed to be wrestling with themselves. He wasn’t sure if teaching her was the right thing to do. He would be forced to relive days that he tried so hard to forget. She needed him though. She needed guidance if she was going to fully harness her raw power. Whether or not he should tap into his own subdued powers he wasn’t sure. Despite his misgivings it felt to be the right thing to do. He surmised that he shouldn’t let events of the past prevent him from nurturing the promise of another’s future.

His brother was not able to control his own energy. He had lost his way and would have paid a dear price and almost did were it not for Ashe rescuing him and bringing him back to balance. Ashe had done a psychic surgery on him and relieved him of his madness. It was an event that Ashe would never forget. His brother’s power was close to consuming him because he did not know how to saddle it. Ashe felt that he had to teach her so that she would not fall into the same precipice of insanity. He had to face his demons.

He gathered his traveling gear and donned his sacred bronzewood symbol. He also took with him his bronzewood scimitar. He opened the door to his house and headed out into the newborn morning.

He passed by the House of Shadows and saw a dark figure on the steps. Unable to contain his curiosity, he approached. “Good morning.” Ashe said. “You must be Severen. Julius has told me that a Priest of Takhisis had arrived.”

“Arrived I have. You must be Ashe.” Severn said with a smooth silky voice.

“I am. What brings you here?” Ashe asked even though he already knew the answer.

“My guess would be that you already know, most honored Ashe.” Severen replied.

Ashe was surprised that Severen had realized the prestige that Ashe held within the town. “Well, why don’t you tell me in your own words.” Ashe said with a matter of fact tone.

“I am here to maintain the balance of representation in Threshold. A call went out and I answered. Balance is important don’t you think?” Severen asked.

“It is of utmost importance” Ashe said. Ashe knew well that Severen, although a priest of Takhisis, was probably knowledgeable in the ways of Mahiya as well.

Ashe looked around the front of the temple and could see dark mercurial images floating about and around Severen. He had been in the Temple of Shadows before and had come to understand that these living shadows were bound to the Temple and under the control of the governing priest. “Your companions guard you well.” Ashe said letting Severen realize that he knew of their existence.

“Yes, they do. They gave their physical lives to remain as watchers of the Temple. It was a noble sacrifice. I admire them greatly.” Severen cooed. “There was an incident at your home recently. I could sense death was near. Is everything…in order?”

Ashe was irritated with the question. With the recent episode, he had come to regard Kit as one of his own. He was now self-committed to aid in her tutelage and occasional protection. He initially felt that this was a violation of that protection. He then thought again on it and realized that Severen was merely fulfilling his role in the balance of things. There were no priests other than those of Takhisis and Mahiya. Perhaps he had a vested interest in those that may die. “Everything is fine…back in order. Why do you ask?”

Severen smiled and raised an eyebrow and said, “Because I’ve offered to perform the rituals of passage for the townsfolk until their own priests arrive. I may be a priest of Takhisis but I am familiar with the death rites of other followings. Death is my province and I understand the needs of people to lay their loved ones to rest.”

Ashe was surprised at Severen’s candidness. He wasn’t intimately familiar with the death rites outside of those as a druid. That sort of thing was left up to the clerics of the deities. Ashe couldn’t resist asking, “Does Takhisis take offense to that? Performing the death rites of those that would be it’s opposition?”

Severen laughed, “To those not within my order that would seem to be the case. Performing rituals of other divinities would ordinarily be considered blasphemous. However, Takhisis and I have an understanding. The nature of that understanding I will not delve into though. So let us say that I’m not bound by the dogma of stylized practice.”

Ashe smiled and said, “I understand. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must be going.”

Severen rose to his feet and extended his hand to Ashe, “We’ll have to have to dine together sometime. I’m sure there’s much to be learned by speaking with you.”

Ashe took Severen’s hand and gave it a friendly shake. “I would like that.”

Ashe turned around and made his way back to the road and walked to the Thornhedge.

Title: The First Lesson
Post by: Wildfire on January 14, 2008, 07:22:57 PM
Ashe arrived to the door of the inn and found that it was locked. “Of course. Why wouldn’t it be?” Ashe thought to himself. “Well, it’ll take more than a door to keep me out.” Ashe looked around to see if anyone was in sight. Convinced that he wouldn’t be seen, his form changed instantly to that of a mouse. He walked under the door and was inside the inn. As he skittered across the floor he suddenly found himself in the paws of a calico cat! Without hesitation he morphed back into his human form. The cat was surprised to find that she now hung on the cloak of a human and jumped off immediately. The cat was very familiar to Ashe and he bent down and said, “Shhh. Gertrude, it’s just me.” Ashe pet the cat and scratched her ear. Instantly Gertrude began to purr. The cat, satisfied with the affection, turned her attention to a possible prey in another part of the room.

Ashe smiled at the cat’s instinctive nature and made his way upstairs. He came to Kit’s room and gently knocked on the door. “Kit, wakey, wakey…”
Title: The First Lesson
Post by: Dray on January 16, 2008, 09:28:01 PM
Kithendria didn’t quite wake to the soft knock on her bedroom door. In between sleep and reality, the subconscious trying to recognize any danger couldn’t quite place the the muffled voice. And by the time dreams did become forgotten, so did the voice and knock that had awakened her.

She slowly sat up, careful not to aggravate the stiffness in her lower back Her waist surrounded by tangled blankets that had fought her during the night, she stared blanly out at the night sky that had not yet surrendered to the stars.

The past returned to her, as it had for the last few years of her life on every single morn.

Since her near death experience at Ashe’s apothecary she had secluded herself in her room, refusing entry to everyone. She was so ashamed of all that had transpired. For she had delayed the protectorate from their duties, put Jarmok, Maccabeus and Laren through a bloody experience, and even attacked Ashe in his own home, half destroying his lab in the process. Not to mention that she had been naked physically and emotionally in front of the all of them. As soon as she had recovered enough to use the cane she had made a straight line back to the room at the inn. And when the cane was no longer needed she still thought it might be a good idea to keep going, ‘straight out of town’ was her first real thought of the day.

The morning after the event, she felt at least a little safer from the prying and accusing eyes of all of her former friends, for surely they must all despire her now.

So, despite what was then considerable pain she had arisen the very next day and tried to wash all the memories away by cleaning her room.

For a day, the entire night and another half day she attempted to wash not only the litter away, but the despair. She had taken all the important loose entries of parchment (from the almost hundreds of useless ones) and organized them into a neat pile for transcribing into her journal. She unburied and  finished the tailoring for the Seamstress in Threshold, sending a boy the innkeeper had sent up to deliver the tardy work to her without request for payment.

Old plates of food and dirty cups were sent back to the kitchen in embarrassment. Clothes she had once thought were he salvation and protection from the gender she feared were put in a trunk, shoved under the bed and sworn to be forgotten.

Getting the mural scraped off the wall had been the hardest part. On the few occasions Keltan brought her up a meal, she couldn’t even look at the Innkeeper, asking him to leave it by the door. She knew he had discovered the atrocity done to the room when he investigated Jarmok’s entry that night. But for his part, on the day she sanded the mural, he did as asked and left the food without entering.

She also moved the furniture back, and sanded the scrape marks in the floor as well, she even put her blankets and pillow back on the bed. Only due to sheer exhaustion from over-exerting herself with a day and half of cleaning was she actually able to sleep on the bed the first night. Last night, despite Jordan (psi-crystal) prompting her to hide five or six times in each hand, she never left the bed’s topside, but she only fell asleep about a hand ago.

The nightstand was now organized; all of the useless garbage had been discarded. She even had a stuffed bear sitting on it, her father’s necklace placed around its neck on display. She didn’t want to wear it yet, she wasn’t ready.

For her part, Kit was a mess, and she didn’t care. She hadn’t bathed in days and did not seek too in this one. Her room was now clean, her responsibility to the Innkeeper and the Seamstress fulfilled. Now she just wanted to stay here and sleep….forever.

The forgotten knock repeated at the door, startling her, but she immediately hoped he would go away.
Title: The First Lesson
Post by: Wildfire on January 19, 2008, 08:00:02 AM
Ashe sensed that Kit wanted to be alone. What one wants and what one needs are sometimes different. Ashe knocked again and sternly said, “Kit, it’s your Grandfather. Come on let’s go…we have things to do. By the way, refusal is not an option.” It was before Kossuth had risen and Ashe realized that she might be tired…too bad for her. This was the time for her to learn discipline. At first, discipline is never convenient. This would be her first lesson.
Title: The First Lesson
Post by: Dray on January 22, 2008, 07:11:22 AM
The rest of Kit's mind snapped awake. It was him.

Kit had not lied to Ashe when he had asked her back at the apothecary, she truly had not remembered what had happened during the surgery.

But in the past few days she had remembered all of it, piece by horrible piece coming back to her, even in her sleep she could not escape them as they resurfaced. And with the past few days, scenes from her entire life came into play, like the larger canvas of the puzzle with these new pieces being fitted in. As she cleaned, her mind had become focused in a way she hadn’t thought possible. She was able to recall every part of her life in finite detail. It was as if the event refreshed every moment in her life up to that point.

'Damn her mind and its almost perfect memory' she had cursed herself.

But she remembered Dray, and in the past few days her mind played those scenes over and over. The touch of his lips upon hers…

*knock knock knock*

"I….," she stuttered her attempt to think of anything to make him leave. "…I am still not feeling well Grandfather…I mean...I mean Ashe," she quickly reprimanded herself. The familiar loving name was not requested at any time after she had come back to the real world. She just revealed much with that slip.

She sat there in the bed, staring at the door and biting her lip.
Title: The First Lesson
Post by: Wildfire on January 22, 2008, 08:33:00 PM
“Neither am I.” Ashe said quickly. “But I am here nevertheless. Now stop this charade and let’s go. Life does not stop…or wait…for you. But I will. So wash up and get dressed. Oh, and to you, I am your grandfather.”

Ashe had to be stern with her if she was to learn to control her gift. It had been some time since he had dealt with a young adult…ever since Liam. Liam had left almost two years ago and was wise beyond his years. He understood his purpose and direction. Minding him was easy…especially since Ashe was his blood relative.

Ashe was often a man of wisdom to the youths in the town but he had never acted as their familial elder. He could only advise. Kit was different. She had no parents to oversee her and set limits. Ashe had taken this role that was lacking in her young life. However, Kit could prove to be difficult with her recent changes. Ashe had to set the rules and she had to follow them. There was no other way.
Title: The First Lesson
Post by: Dray on January 23, 2008, 06:19:37 AM
Kit was taken aback, for none had spoken to her in such a tone since her Captain. And this man was even far more powerful. She could not disobey him.

Kit sniffed back a sob, the familiar creep of insecurity crawling up from her tummy.

'No', she thought to herself, 'I am not going to cry.'

"Don’t unlock the door, don’t let him in", Jordan said meekly.

"Hush you," Kit said in a whisper. She was still not yet familiar with Jordan, especially when communicating with her. Although Jordan's thoughts were always within her mind, Kit still didn't instinctively project her own back to the small gem, absently talking to her instead.

Kit didn’t leave the bed, instead she used the trick she had taught herself yesterday. She projected her focus to the key holstered by the lock in the door, and with her mind she turned it.

In a meek voice she said, "it's open." She couldn't call him Grandfather, she was too humiliated.
Title: The First Lesson
Post by: Wildfire on January 23, 2008, 07:21:45 PM
Ashe lifted the latch and slowly opened the door so as not to wake any one else in the inn. He gave Kit a warm smile to let her know that he was not cross with her. He closed the door as quietly as he opened it. “Good morning,” he said with a voice lower in tone than normal. He glided across the room and Kit noted that he didn’t make even the slightest sound. His garb appeared to be well kept and in pristine condition. The Bronzwood symbol that hung around his neck was yet another powerful reminder of her recent tribulations. Ashe put his hand on her forehead and said, “So, you’re not feeling well, eh? Well, you don’t have a temperature. That’s good. The other night you would have melted the Venric snows! So tell me, in what way are you not feeling well?”

Ashe wanted to see if she was truthful about her illness or if she was cleverly trying to excuse herself from emerging into the world again. He had a feeling that she was attempting to cast a ruse on him. Either way, she was going to get out of bed. He just simply wanted to know more about her and her girlish designs.

It was cute to him in a way. He had forgotten the games that young girls would play. He wanted to make her accountable for her games and remind her that he was not a man that would play them. He started to believe that, in a way, he really was her grandfather.

Kit could see that Ashe looked exhausted. He still had blue and purple circles under his bloodshot eyes. His hair was wild under his hood and his glassy eyes reflected the light of the lantern in the room. Ashe’s hand was cool to the touch and they were softer than she had expected them to be. She knew this man in a way few would ever know anyone. He seemed to understand her better than anyone she’d recently met.
Title: The First Lesson
Post by: Dray on January 25, 2008, 05:48:13 AM
She knew her ruse was over before it began. Physically, she felt amazingly well, considering all that had occurred. She almost didn’t need the cane anymore. In cleaning her room she had fought hard against the stiffness in her back, the physical exertion had actually made the pain vanish, which surprised her.

Grandfather knew the power of Mahiya well.

She couldn’t look him in the eyes. This man had seen her at her worst. This man had seen her completely bare, both physically and mentally. She could never truly apologize to him for all the trouble she caused. He looked the way he did because of her.

As she looked down at her hands she felt her face flush and hot tears begin anew. She moved her hand under the pillow, at first to push Jordan further under the sheets, but found herself grabbing hold of her instead.

"Ashe….Gran….I…..uh, I can’t…." the words in her heart would not take form. She sat and cried, one hand in her lap, the other grasping Jordan under the pillow.

She had left his apothecary in a rush, feigning that everything was fine. But it wasn’t.

'How do you thank a man for saving your life when you tried to end his?'
Title: The First Lesson
Post by: Wildfire on January 26, 2008, 09:44:23 AM
Ashe felt her pain. He had suffered with her. He truly understood her spinning mind. She had strength enough to endure her evolution and she had the strength to speak. He knelt down to the side of the bed and held her hands within his. “Kit, look at me.” He said. She turned away. “Kit,” Ashe said softly, “Look at me.” Kit turned to look at Ashe. “The toughest thing in this universe to understand is not the gods, it is not the actions of others…it is ourselves. I’m still trying to understand myself and I’ve been alive for…well, a very long time. I also don’t understand why Feyberry Jam tastes so damn good!” Ashe smiled at his own weary attempt to make her smile. He wiped the tears from her cheeks with his thumbs and said, “Now, you were saying? Something about you ‘can’t’? Believe me, I’m sure that you can.”

There really was no need for him to hear her words. He sensed what she felt. She did not need to say the words for him, she had to say them for herself.
Title: The First Lesson
Post by: Dray on February 01, 2008, 05:22:46 PM
One of Ashe's soft hands was still cupping her chin. The compulsion to look at his gentle face was overpowering, as if he was using some charm on her. Drawn in, Kit focused beyond the surface of his eyes and found nothing but tenderness and compassion from the soul within.

'I don't deserve it, his kindness. It is misplaced,' she thought. Yet she held onto his gaze for a moment, her eyes flickering lightly left and right as she stared into each of his.

Finally she could bare it no longer and she again looked at her hands in her lap, having let Jordan go under the pillow. 'Kit…Kit, you dropped me. Kit?!'

For his gaze had been all-consuming, and was unexpected. No one had looked at her with such tenderness since her late father.

"I can't…I can't put my gratitude to words Grandfather," she finally stuttered quietly, still gazing at Jordan's unintended escape route in the sheets and wishing she were as small.

"I owe you my life. You saved my very soul from oblivion. Yet I tried to kill you for it, I destroyed half your shop in doing so." She was whispering now, as if speaking the history quietly would somehow negate the shame of her own words. It didn't, they instead summoned the tears and the ache to sob again.

Ashe noted that although girl looked physically better, her appearance was completely disheveled. Normally the comely girl was the picture of perfection, well groomed and smelling of lavender. He could tell she had done nothing the past few days to clean herself up, even though, he had first heard from the Innkeeper, she had been doing everything to clean up her room.
Title: The First Lesson
Post by: Wildfire on February 01, 2008, 07:05:46 PM
Ashe smiled. “You don’t owe me anything. Saving you was the only thing I wanted. My shop? That can be rebuilt. Your soul? Well, that very well could never have been reclaimed. Methinks that would be a terrible loss, don’t you?”

Kit’s tears were beginning to settle. Most of all, it seemed she felt alone and just wanted love. Ashe wanted to give that to her as only a grandfather could. He would also be her mentor in focusing her mind. To do so, he would have to reach back to part of him that been mostly dormant until her psychic surgery. A younger part of him would once again have to emerge…and he found himself a bit nervous on it. However, he figured that one must eventually face the reality of who they are. Perhaps she would teach him a few things as well.
Title: The First Lesson
Post by: Dray on February 03, 2008, 08:31:14 AM
Kit gave him a shy smile and a humbled look of gratitude for his words.

"Me thinks that I need to repay you for your service. Can I work at your shop for awhile? I recently quit my tailoring job." She said with a look at her now clean desk.
Title: The First Lesson
Post by: Wildfire on February 03, 2008, 04:45:42 PM
“You need not repay me except to let me teach you.” Ashe said. “Working at the shop is a great idea. Judging by your cleaning skill it’ll need you. It’s still a mess and many of my jars were destroyed during…well, during.” Ashe tried to not accuse her but she was the catalyst of their destruction.

“Not to worry though, many of the herbs can be found again and you’ll learn how to work them.”, Ashe said.

“Now, let’s get some breakfast. I haven’t eaten for days.” He stood up and offered his hand to help her out of bed. “Oh, you do still have your crystal, yes?”
Title: The First Lesson
Post by: Dray on February 05, 2008, 12:28:05 PM
"Shh! Don’t tell him where I am!" Jordan pleaded in Kit’s mind. Kit reactively put her hand under the sheets and grasped her.

Kit looked at Ashe’s extended hand and gave him a worried look. She made no move to get off the bed.

"Teach me?" she asked. Her voice had quickly become a whisper. "Teach me alchemy?"

The look on Kit’s face was one of growing fright.
Title: The First Lesson
Post by: Wildfire on February 09, 2008, 10:21:58 AM
Ashe furrowed his brow at Kit’s apparent reluctance. “Why…yes…sort of. I’ll teach you herbalism among other things. Which I would guess involves alchemy. It’s not the creation of arcane potions if that’s what you’re thinking?” Ashe said questioningly. “Why? Does that spook you?”

Although Ashe had been inside her mind he went only so far as to save her. Out of respect he didn’t probe around. So he did not understand her reticence. There is a certain amount of regard that is associated with entering someone’s psyche and privacy was one of the things that should be minded. However, not everyone felt bound to those discretions.

A large growl rumbled from Ashe’s belly and he couldn’t help but smirk. “You hear how hungry I am? Come, let’s discuss this over some chicken eggs and toasted bread…maybe some meats. Keltan will have opened the kitchen by now to prepare.”

Outside, the sky, the essence of Akadi, was starting to lighten. Kossuth would soon breach the east mountain wall.
Title: The First Lesson
Post by: Dray on February 12, 2008, 10:43:09 PM
Kit looked down and criticized her attire. The nightshirt she had thrown on as an afterthought the night before was a day past due seeing the wash. She had dramatically cleaned her room, but only a handful of clothes had been caught up in the event.

And she hadn't bothered to bathe after sweating in exurtion all day. She had never looked so disheveled and didn’t smell that friendly. The gaze she gave Ashe was in quick embarrassment.
"You're not going to take no for an answer are you sir?" she asked, the words losing their hope before she could finish the question. Her eyes also surrendered before he could even answer, and she held the entangling sheets fast as she bit her lip nervously.
Title: The First Lesson
Post by: Wildfire on February 13, 2008, 07:30:43 PM
“You’ve got that right.” Ashe said. “But if you must wake up with a morning wash I suppose that I can’t refuse that. When you come downstairs your breakfast will be waiting. What would you like to eat?”
Title: The First Lesson
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Kit had been denying herself ample food since her ordeal, somehow that seemed foolish now that she had spoken to Ashe. Her recovery demanded a great deal of energy and at the mention of food her stomach growled in rebellion.

Ashe turned to walk out the door and just before he exited he said, “And no sneaking off. I can hear your footsteps any where you walk in this building…even if you should jump through the window. By the way, don’t forget to bring your crystal.” With that Ashe closed the door and went downstairs leaving Kit to do as she would.

Walking down the stairs Ashe chuckled to himself and thought, “Ashe, you’re such a liar! Hear her anywhere in the building…heh!”

“Pancakes!” she yelled through the door.
Title: The First Lesson
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Kit quickly picked out the most boring outfit she could find, she wanted no attention called upon her today. She was a freak and she feared the stares she would receive.

She picked up some clothes and made her way to the common bath to get some water to clean with.
Title: The First Lesson
Post by: Wildfire on February 23, 2008, 12:40:16 PM

Ashe entered the common room. It was still early and no one had emerged from their rooms yet. Nevertheless, Keltan was preparing for the morning feast. While carrying a platter of mugs to the bar, Keltan passed by Ashe without so much as noticing him. Ashe crept up behind him as he was reaching the bar and said, “Keltan?”

Keltan screamed like a little girl and flipped the mugs into the air spilling them to the ground with a wood sounding clatter. He turned around grabbing his chest. Half winded, he spewed, “Ashe…don’t you EVER do that again!! You scared the goblins out of me!”

Ashe laughed as he hadn’t in weeks. “Oh Keltan, life’s too short to take too seriously. After what I’ve been through the last few days I’ll enjoy a good laugh at your expense!”

Ashe sat at the bar and watched Keltan pick up the scrambled mugs. As Keltan picked up the mugs he asked, “So, how is she doing? She hasn’t come down at all since she went in there.”

Ashe replied, “She’ll be alright. She’s still a bit tender. Her room looks nice though. I hear it was quite a wreck…writing on the wall and such. You’d never know to look at it.”

“Just as long as she’s okay. Honestly, I wasn’t worried about the room. After all, she already blew a window out of it! I’m mostly concerned for her.” Keltan said. “So, I assume that she’s coming down to have breakfast with you? If that’s the case, what’ll you have?”

“I’ve been thinking of nothing but a big plate of eggs and a loaf of warm bread. Kit wants pancakes. Make sure you give her the bronzewood sap…and some feyberry jam…and butter…and some milk…and…and that’s it.” Ashe said.

“Very good. By the way, what happened to your house?” Keltan asked.

“Ahh, I mixed the wrong herbs.” Ashe replied.

Keltan winked and nodded and went into the kitchen to make the morning feast.
Title: The First Lesson
Post by: Dray on February 23, 2008, 01:55:27 PM
Keltan put down Ashe’s plate of eggs in front of him, along with a loaf of honeysuckle bread on a wooden cutting board and a new jar of feyberry jam.

“I will wait on the lass’s grand entrance, girl is incapable of spending two hands each morning making herself pretty. Don’t want to cook her cakes and have them go…” Keltan was interrupted by Kit’s footsteps at the bottom of the stairs.

Kit reached the bottom step and looked around hesitantly.  She wore simple soft brown leather breeches that although form fitting, were the most practical thing Ashe had ever seen her in. In lieu of her usual leather halter that left the men of Threshold stunned, she wore a loose and very large white peasant shirt that left nothing of her top bare and almost reached her mid-thigh with its bottom seam.

Instead of leather boots with a high heel she wore simple soft leather slip-overs. Her long blonde hair had been washed but simply left straight behind her back and although her face had been scrubbed clean it had not visited the grooming kit.

Kit was cleaned, but not polished.

“…I have been wrong before.” Keltan said as he took one last look at the girl and retreated to the kitchen.

She stood at the bottom step with her arms folded across her tummy, looking to be uncertain in advancing any further.

“It’s okay,” Ashe said, “no one will be here for at least another half-hand.” He motioned her to the table to a seat adjacent him.

Kit looked at him, looked at the floor for a moment while shifting her foot around, then reluctantly walked over to the seat and planted herself unceremoniously next to him.

“I don’t want to see them all today,” she said in a quiet sulking voice.
Title: The First Lesson
Post by: Wildfire on February 27, 2008, 11:26:06 PM
“And who would ‘all’ be? Your friends?” Ashe asked. He noted her tone but didn’t address it. While he was not one to endure attitude from one so young he thought it would be best to afford her some space considering her confusion of everything.

“Keltan will be bringing out your stack of pancakes shortly.” Ashe didn’t expect an answer from her. He wasn’t concerned about an answer. She was going to live her life and Ashe was going to be one of many that would be part of that. He didn’t put himself through all that trouble so that she could waste away in her room. He knew that at some point she would appreciate his sternness.

Ashe sat there with his arms folded casually looking around. His steaming plate of food was in front of him but he hadn’t taken a bite. His belly continued to roar. “Your clothes look comfortable.” He said.    
Title: The First Lesson
Post by: Dray on February 28, 2008, 08:46:25 PM
Kit sat and sulked, making no movement or acknowledgement that he spoke. Moments went bye as the plate of eggs steamed and Ashe made no indication of eating.

Finally, Kit couldn’t take the tension, “Are you mad at me?” she asked, sinking in her chair as if expecting a verbal backlash.
Title: The First Lesson
Post by: Wildfire on March 03, 2008, 06:19:56 AM
Ashe blinked and said, “No. Why would you think that?”
Title: The First Lesson
Post by: Dray on March 03, 2008, 01:26:11 PM
Kit fidgeted with her hands in her lap.

“Because you are so……I don’t know.” Kit fumbled.

Ashe knew she was intimidated by his slightly demanding attitude. She didn’t seem to be used to the men in her life giving her direction.
Title: The First Lesson
Post by: Wildfire on March 04, 2008, 05:53:33 AM
“I’m so what?” he asked with great curiosity. Ashe wanted to make her put her thoughts to words. That was one of the baby steps of her progression to directing her power. If she could focus her thoughts to words it was just another step to focusing her thought to form and then action.

“Don’t worry about offending me. Since I’m not angry with you there’s nothing to fear.” Ashe had sensed an ocean of fear while he was in her mind. However, she had nothing to fear from him and she had to realize this fact. “So, what am I?”

Ashe’s breakfast plate continued to steam and his belly continued to rumble.
Title: The First Lesson
Post by: Dray on March 07, 2008, 04:20:47 PM
Kit looked back and forth from him to his plate of eggs.

With the smallest of voices she said, “You can eat. You don’t have to wait on my account Sir.”

Ashe gave her a look that gently asked an answer to his question.

“You just seem angry is all…and a bit bossy,” she said reluctantly.

“All he wants to do is get you back in the lab!” Jordan whispered in her mind, as if Ashe may overhear.

Kit instinctively covered the mound in her left pocket with her hand.
Title: The First Lesson
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Ashe chuckled, “Good. You told me what was on your mind. Now, I’m waiting for your pancakes to arrive as polite courtesy to you…it’s a sign of respect. And yes, I’m being bossy. It may not be what you want or like but it’s what you need. One day when you’re a parent you’ll understand.”

Keltan arrived with a stack of huge pancakes as tall as the Spike of Fire it seemed! With it he brought a bowl of butter and a glass pitcher of the darkest syrup Kit had ever seen. The smell of the cakes made Kit all the hungrier and her belly rumbled in reflex.

“But now, we eat.” Ashe said.
Title: The First Lesson
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Kit looked hesitantly upon Kelten’s gentle face, ‘he should be extremely irate with me’ she thought. But upon seeing his warm smile and eyes that spoke nothing but of concern for her, she smiled back at him.

“All the gold in Threshold would pale in comparison next to these cakes, Kelten,” She said as she picked up a knife and started lathering the butter upon them. Kit couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear, and do a happy little bounce from side to side in her seat.
Title: The First Lesson
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Keltan said, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so happy for flapjacks as you are right now Kit!”

Ashe began devouring his plate of food all the while expressing his approval with sounds of satisfaction. Keltan said, “I’m glad you like them Ashe.” Ashe responded with, “Mmm…uh…uhhmmm…” while nodding his head. “I haven’t had a good meal since breakfast at Zarion’s a couple of days ago.”

Keltan looked at Kit and said, “I’m glad you’re well again Kit. That’s all that matters.”
Title: The First Lesson
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Kit was as ravenous as the man who sat by her. She looked up at Kelten with a mouthful of pancake and syrup slightly dripping for her chin. They shared a knowing look that not only expressed her appreciation for his sentiment, but conveyed she understood how silly she looked.

Kelten let out a hearty belly laugh.

“Ah lass, you could melt the heart of an ogre barbarian.” Kelten gave her a parting wink and went back into the kitchen.

The glutinous pair were quiet as they devoured their breakfast, sharing a look of guilt at the end which made them both laugh.
Title: The First Lesson
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“In a little while we’re both going to feel this breakfast.” Ashe mused. He took a long draw from his mug of milk and it left a white moustache on his stubbly upper lip. He let out a thunderous belch and said, “Oh that feels good! Keltan, you magnificent bastard, that was worthy of the gods!”

For in back Keltan yells, “So I hear! Just leave the plates I’ll clean them up!”

Ashe says to Kit, “Well, are you ready to begin?”
Title: The First Lesson
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Kit put her coffee down and gave Ashe a timid look.

“What do I have to do?” she said with obvious apprehension.
Title: The First Lesson
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Ashe got up from the table and said, “You have to come with me.” Ashe said in a matter of fact way. “You’ll soon see where we are going. Then you’ll soon see where you are going.”
Title: The First Lesson
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“He is so going to make you do things like Mr. Gregell did!” Jordan immediately piped into her mind.

“Shush you!” Kit said to her pocket, then realized she spoke out loud.
Title: The First Lesson
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Ashe glanced over at Kit when she spoke. He smirked and said, “Have you ever been to the Goldleaf trees? It’s a spectacular thing. No doubt you’ve seen them from a distance but to actually stand in the middle of them is wonder few will ever know.”
Title: The First Lesson
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“I uh….um….” Kit stuttered in embarrassment. Upon uttering her demand out loud to Jordan she was sure Ashe would have thought it was directed at him.

“I uh….no, no I haven’t stood amongst them. That sounds….nice,” she said recovering from her mental trip.

She stood up quickly in an attempt to cover her mistake further with action, wiping off pancake crumbs from her oversized peasant blouse.
Title: The First Lesson
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“It’s nice. I’m sure you’ll like it.” Ashe said as he observed her covering her perceived mistake.

They exited the Thornhedge and Kossuth still had not breached the east wall. The soft orange glow could be seen emerging though.

“So, tell me Kit, what are you able to do as a seer?” Ashe decided to get straight to the point. He was going to be direct with this so not to give her any wiggle room for evading answering his questions.
Title: The First Lesson
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Kit looked up at him as they walked. She thought a moment and answered very calmly, her ruse stripped, her attitude transformed and she answered in a surprisingly mature manner.

“I am not sure Grandfather, I once thought I was, but now I am not.” Kit said, looking at the beautiful morning sky in deep thought.

“I can thrust my anger into the minds of my enemies and cause horrific damage,” she said with a grimace. “I can also make a man focus on me like I am the most beautiful thing he has ever gazed upon, charming him.”

Ashe thought she was going to continue, but she merely walked beside him, contemplating.
Title: The First Lesson
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Ashe nodded his head in understanding. “I’ve known people with like abilities. You focus your mind with your emotion and release it. It can be quite a destructive force.”

Ashe wanted to ask a big question but wanted to ease up to that. “How did you first discover your first ability?”
Title: The First Lesson
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'He soooo didn’t just ask that! Quick, make a break for it through those trees!' Jordan asked more than commanded.

Kit put her left hand into her pocket.

Kit looked at Ashe, then back at the horizon.

Her voice was still calm and collected when she said, “I didn’t discover my ability until I was being held prisoner four years ago by an evil man named Drakyr. He and his lacky invaded my home in Mandin, killed my father before my eyes and took me captive.”

Jordan cried in despair in Kit’s mind.

Kit continued, "When I reached his home at the Swamp of Seers, his friend Markell, a body controlling parasite, used me to do his bidding.” Kit’s demeanor slowly changed as she spoke, there was a slight crescendo to her voice as she became angrier with the tale.

“This slug[/i],” she spat the word, “taught me to focus my power.”

Kit pathed back to the crying Jordan, ‘Be at ease my dearest, Grandfather needs to know of us.’
Title: The First Lesson
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Ashe was silent for a moment. Suddenly things started to make sense to him. She had mentioned some of these things in her hysteria but at the time Ashe didn’t know what it meant. The mystery was being unraveled.

Ashe didn’t expect that to be the answer to his question. But since it was he may as well go with it. “Kit, I am not Markell. I will continue to teach you focus. But you must know that my designs are far different than the slug’s. You know this…right?”
Title: The First Lesson
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Kit looked at him, her innocence and vulnerability returned.

“No one would have gone through what you did to save me and not had good intentions, but….” Kit said, then paused.

“But?” Ashe inquired.

“but what do you want of me Grandfather?” Kit stopped in her tracks. Ashe had been taken off guard and walked two further steps before turning back towards her.

Kit folded her arms under her chest, looked off to her left to blink away a tear and returned her gaze to him.

“Why me?” she asked him.

“Well it’s because of your ability and…” Ashe began but was interrupted.

“No.” Kit demanded.


“No, why me?! Why can’t I simply live in a town like any other normal girl?! Why?!” she was starting to yell now, not necessarily at him, but perhaps the Gods.

“Why can’t I choose[/i] my own life? Why does every man I run across have plans for me, whether or not I wish it. Why can’t I choose[/i]?! Why must I merely be a pawn or an object in every man’s mind?! I just want to be left alone Ashe!” She shouted and stared at him with the big blue eyes once again swimming in tears.

“I mean, oh, I am sorry Grandfather.” Kit turned away and now openly wept.

Ashe took two steps towards her and laid a hand on each of the girl’s shoulders.

She looked up at him, not finished with her tirade, but much quieter as she was disarmed by Ashe’s touch. “Why can’t they leave me alone Grandfather? Not you Sir…but them. I tire of hiding…and I am so done with running.”

Kits eyes bounced from side to side as they looked into his, “I miss them. I want them back.”

Ashe knew she spoke of her parents.
Title: The First Lesson
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Ashe looked her in the eye and said, “Kit, what has happened to you in the past was tragic. No one can deny that. You must learn to accept it and carry on. Is it fair? No. But you’re not being fair to yourself if you keep reliving the past and ignoring your future. By doing just that you make yourself more of what you don’t want to be…their prisoner.”

Ashe thought for a moment and said, “When my wife…died I thought that my world would crumble into oblivion. For a while, it did. Loosing her was truly the hardest thing that I ever went through. I was angry and I didn’t understand. I dwelled on it for years and even slipped back into the insanity of the Seers for a time. Then I understood that it was the end of that chapter in my life and that I was being prepared for a new one. It was that experience that would allow me to handle what was in my future. So is it with you.”
Title: The First Lesson
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“End of a chapter! My father had his throat cut before my very eyes as he tried to save me.” Kit told him abruptly and in challenge her eyes flaring in anger.

Ashe in turn didn’t reply, waiting for the words he had spoken to her to sink into her mind. She only stared at him in challenge for a moment, and then sniffed away the sorrow and started to wipe the tears from her eyes, but she couldn’t wipe away the anger.

Kit and Ashe stood alone on The Foot, although there was no-one yet on the town roads, candle and lantern light flickered from the windows of early risers. High up on the hill of the small island was The Circle of All and the Spike of Fire. A thin mist hung over the town offering an ethereal quality to their surroundings.

Neither of them seemed to want to move from the spot. Finally Kit, with her eyes shifted to the ground whispered the hard question hanging in the air.

“How did she die Grandfather?”
Title: The First Lesson
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Ashe’s hand began to quake and his head began to twitch. He knew that she would ask that question and he had prepared for it. He could feel the insanity that had come upon him after her death start to manifest once again. He closed his eyes, drew in a deep breath and with all of his mental clarity he suppressed his seer’s insanity.

With a shaky voice he replied, “Ah…she was caught unawares by the minions of Zyxu and was mortaly wounded.” Ashe took a deep breath and found his resolve to continue, “My children survived though, thank Mahiya. She hung on long enough for me to return.” He cast a glance towards the Circle of All and looked back at Kit. “She died in my arms.”

Ashe proceeded to walk across the island and Kit walked alongside him. Kit could swear she heard him whisper something but as soon as she heard it the whispering stopped.

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Title: The First Lesson
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Kit was now a bundle of nerves and this morning’s dynamic emotions were stirring the psionic power within her chest. Her hands were not only shaking from her own anger, but from anxiety caused by Ashe’s recent revelation. She closed her fists and crossed her arms to conceal her nervousness from him. ‘Who exactly is this man she walked beside?’ she wondered.

‘He wants you to take his wife’s place.’ Jordan whispered.

Kit stopped in her tracks, her currently frayed mind quick to succumb to anger from the shock caused by the Jordan's words. Ashe halted and merely looked back at her and waited patiently.

She pathed back to Jordan in absolute rage at the insolent remark, ‘Alright! First, you can’t be more wrong! Second. Even though I would be lucky to have such a caring, compassionate man like him as a husband, you know as well as I do that this man is NOT like that!’

‘I’m sorry.’ Jordan meekly whispered back.

But Kit, now livid didn‘t even pause in her anger and she was so caught up in her rage that she didn’t even notice Ashe looking back at her knowingly.

‘For fate’s sake where the fuck did that comment come from?! The man saved our lives!’  Kit yelled at Jordan via the telepathic connection that thankfully, they only shared.

The psionic power in Kit was now raging. She closed her eyes, the lids releasing tears from their surface, and checked herself while taking in a long breath as she shook all over. When she telepathed back to her new-found friend her voice had descended back to a gentler, if not condescending tone.

‘Please think about your thoughts Jordan before thrusting them into my mind. Your comment was improper, uncalled for, and took me completely by surprise… I am sorry I yelled at you.’

Kit opened her eyes and resumed walking beside Ashe, who had merely stood for the few moments and said nothing. Her anger subdued, she looked up at him frequently in concern for him as they made their way across the town in the cool morning air.
Title: The First Lesson
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The two walked down the road in silence for a while. Ashe seemed to be lost in his own thoughts and Kit understood well why. Kit thought that she may have seen a tear escape from Ashe’s eye but wasn’t entirely sure.

Soon they were passing by the Temple of Shadows. A lone figure stood at the entrance to the beautiful, albeit nightmarish, building. She could see the soft glow of purple light glowing from beyond the open doors and from the darkened windows.

Kit was startled to see the figure descend the steps and approach her and her adoptive grandfather. At once Ashe said, “Do not worry…he’ll not hurt you.”

Kit could already sense the distress emanating from Jordan.
Title: The First Lesson
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“He won’t try if he knows what is good for him”, Kit whispered to Ashe before the foreboding figure reached them.

“You are not going to just stand here are you?!” Jordan pathed in a near panic.
Title: The First Lesson
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The dark robed man approached. Ashe put a reassuring hand on Kit’s shoulder.

“Well, twice in one day I get the pleasure of your company honored Ashe.” Severen said. He looks at Kit and says, “Hello young one. My name is Severen. I am the High Priest of this glorious Temple of Shadows. Who’s beautiful presence am I gifted to be in?”

Severen had a charming demeanor about him. He seemed to portray kindness and genuine interest. His voice was smooth and he had stunning looks. His hair was long and dark and his eyes were of a deepest purple. He had a glimmering spiked chain around his waist that connected where a belt buckle normally would. Hanging from his neck he had a round, black steel symbol. From within the circle there were five black bars that met at the bottom and fanned out evenly to the top. Kit, although not vastly familiar with spiritual icons, could easily recognize this as a symbol of Takhisis.

Severen held out his hand in greetings and smiled warmly.
Title: The First Lesson
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Kit had never before met a man like the one who stood before him.

The worship of Takhisis was something one got arrested for in Kazbourne, and now that a priest of damnation was actually standing before her, she was intimidated.

He also did not look like a man to be taken lightly, his eyes had a depth of intellect that made her take a step back. Never would she also have expected one who was obviously evil to be so handsome.

She took another half step behind Ashe and didn’t take Severens' hand in greeting. She stood there, biting her lip and said nothing.

“He has spoken with Drakyr, he knows that you know of Drakyrs’ plans.” Jordan whispered in her mind. And part if Kit wondered.
Title: The First Lesson
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Severen lowered his hand and said, “I understand. You fear that which you do not comprehend. Many do. Trying to understand the unknown is the only way we gain knowledge pretty one.” Severen raised an eyebrow and responded in his melodic voice, “Is it not polite to introduce yourself?”

His words slapped Kit in the face. He may have honored Takhisis but he spoke the truth. Suddenly she began to reassess her preconceived notions. Jordan was terrified.

Ashe wanted to whisk Kit away from this conversation. She had been through enough in the last few days but Kit had to deal with the world. It would afford her no special favor. She spent her life running from the past and he wasn’t going to let her run from the present. She had to learn to handle uncomfortable situations. Such is the way of the life.
Title: The First Lesson
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Kit had let out a small start in surprise, not having expected to be called upon her hesitation in greeting him.

“I think I comprehend more than you give me credit for Sir,” she said. Although her words were strong, she continued to hide behind Ashe and did not offer her hand.

Glancing at him from behind her Grandfathers’ right arm she lied as she said, “My name is Kithendria Dovemorrow, it is uh…..interesting to meet you.”
Title: The First Lesson
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“Likewise.” Severen responded. “Perhaps you may understand more. But usually reactions such as yours are born from ignorance. It was my mistaken presumption. Please, forgive my faulty judgment.”

Severen glances back at the Temple of Shadows and says, “You are, of course, welcome to visit at almost anytime should you like. But I can see that you have a purpose this morning so I’ll not keep you from it further. Have a most pleasant day…my child. I'm sure we will not only meet, but talk again.”
Title: The First Lesson
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Title: The First Lesson
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Ashe and Kit continued to walk down the road. Severen stood for a moment then went back to his temple.

The glow of Kossuth was brightening and the songs of the birds were growing into a chorus. Ahead and to the right on a tall cliff were the Goldleaf trees that Ashe spoke of. Ashe knew Kit had seen them many times before and thought she may be excited to be actually standing amongst their magnificence.

“So?” Ashe asked. “What do you think of him?”
Title: The First Lesson
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Kit had been distracted as they walked away from the Temple of Shadows. But as they neared the trees she tilted her face into the warming rays of Kossuth which streamed through the magnificent branches.

“Grandfather, there are some things you should know of me. Our encounter with that priest made me realize how much you may not know about me, and how much you should.” Kit looked up at the man with a hesitant smile.
Title: The First Lesson
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Ashe knew well that Kit had a turbulent past. He had seen many manifestations of it during her psychic surgery. Given the sensitive nature of it, he didn’t want to push the issue and figured she would speak of it in her own time. Apparently, now was that time. “Kit, if you feel there’s something you want to tell me then please, by all means. If you don’t, then I’ll not be offended. Either way, you’ll still be Kit to me.”

He wasn’t sure how she would react but then, that’s exactly why he answered the way he did. Everything he asked or said was meant to challenge her in some way. She needed the growth.
Title: The First Lesson
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“Do not be offended Grandfather when I say this, but it is not I[/i] who is protected in my telling.” She gave him a sidelong glance as they walked and saw that he understood.

“It is not that I wish to make a confession, or, seek some form of reconciliation with you," she paused. "But you have gone into darkness and saved my life, and that would be a debt ill-paid by endangering yours."

Ashe put a finger up and interrupted her, “I merely meant that there was no need to tell me what may be too painful to utter until you are ready.”

“I know it Grandfather, and I appreciate your respect for my feelings, but by not telling you my history puts you, me, and the entire Protectorate in danger. We need to sit Grandfather, if that is what you truly want to be to me then we must have a long talk.” Kit said, her voice getting calmer.

Ashe was having a hard time defining the girl, one moment she was a quaking child in front of a priest, the next, she was an assertive woman who was wiser than most three times her age.
Title: The First Lesson
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Ashe was impressed by her need to protect those around her. It was the mark of a good soul.

Ashe said, “The opened eye is better no matter what it sees, Kit. I very much appreciate your need to protect those around you. It’s a sign of strength. Tell me what you feel I need to know and then we can continue on with things. Sometimes talking about things can help dull the pain of it.”

The two of them turned right and before them lay a decently steep hill with a path riding its’ back up to the cliff.
Title: The First Lesson
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“If you are to be my Grandfather you will…need to know all of it.” Kit said looking down at her fidgeting hands while she walked.

“You have already seen me at my worst, and have seen more of me physically and emotionally than anyone.” Kit said to the ground, a bit embarrassed at the memory but at the same time discovering the truism behind the very words that she spoke. He had seen her through an absolute nightmare in every aspect one could take.

“I have need to tell you everything. If I do it will protect us," she said and paused.

Her decision had already been made, but she had difficulty in speaking the words. Finally, they came from her mind and sounded convincing as she uttered, "I will be making my last stand here in Threshold. I will no longer run.”

Ashe simply nodded as they walked.

“But if I am to give you my story, we will need to find someplace quiet. I have a focused mind and it is full of a lot of detail. Since I have also been told that I am long winded...I fear we made need someplace with food, water and a pillow to sit upon.” Kit smiled at Ashe.

She was a lot less timid in telling him than she had been with the Protecterate, that night after dinner at the stump. Perhaps it was truly because he was not closer to her then most.
Title: The First Lesson
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Kit and Ashe continued up the steepened hill. At the top Kit could see The Temple of Open Skies. From her angle the tops of the rough hewn columns could be seen. There was no lintel stretching from column to column as she had seen on other buildings. Kit could feel the tickle of a breeze flowing down from the sacred place. Carried with the breeze was the scent of feyberries and it reminded Kit of the tasty jam that seemed to be a favorite food of this town.

Ashe nodded and said, “Someplace quiet. That’s where I had intended us to go.” Ashe pointed to the grove of brilliant golden trees. “In the grove of trees lives a faerie of peculiar power. I visit her quite often. Her name is Whisper and she’s unlike anyone you’ve ever met before. She is the guardian of the grove so be careful to tread softly.”

Ashe had spent many hours of many days speaking with Whisper. She was a trusted friend and confidant. It was Ashe that had convinced the faerie to allow the folks of Threshold to collect the fallen leaves to ornament their various crafts. Whisper had been in this grove for centuries as its guardian and Ashe admired her wisdom and devotion to it.

As the two reached the top of the hill Kit could see the temple in all of its glory. It was a rectangular shape and rough columns went around the perimeter. In the middle was a round, walled well. There were carvings of many runes and symbols on the well wall. They were runes that Kit had no comprehension of. Spiraling up from the well was a misty vortex. It vaulted to heights as tall as three humans and whistled ghostly dirges and cast breezes of Sythus air. This was the temple to air and wind, Akadi. Despite the fact that there were no priests of Akadi, the magic of this place did not waver.

Ashe put his hands on Kit’s shoulders and turned her around. The sight before her was breathtaking. She could see cradle of Threshold in its full beauty. She took in the sights of the Fogveil, the islands, the Statue of Havigaard, The Spike of Fire, the doors to The Hiddenmount, The Circle of All. She could even see the roof of the Thornhedge. It made her realize how glad she was to be alive. All of her cares and woes melted away and she briefly forgot who she was. All she knew was that she was so happy to see Mahiya as proud as it had ever been.

As she was admiring the view before her, Kossuth crested the east wall bathing her in its light. The sparkle of the goldleaf trees cast soft gold hues upon her. At last, her spirit could no longer comprehend the majestic beauty of her surroundings and she let a tear slip from her eye.
Title: The First Lesson
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“This place truly is blessed Grandfather,” Kit said in a choked whisper.

The two of them didn’t speak again for a long while. Kit, with her hands in the pockets of her breeches walked lightly around the area, taking every vantage point to not only look upon the town below, but to stare in wonder at the temple at her feet.

Ashe watched Kit take it all in, and could almost see her worries flow from her and dissipate in the warm breeze. He knew the power of this place, and once again it served him well. The tranquility eased the mind of his charge and he thanked Mahiya for it.

Kit walked over to a grassy spot on the ground, just outside the temple and sat with her legs folded in front of her. Ashe took the queue and sat down beside her.

“My tale is dark, foreboding and vile. It is an infliction one of violence, suffering and perversion. Before I tell this tale, I need to know that I will not defile the sanctity of such a beautiful place.” Kit spoke very calmly, although her eyes were wet with the familiar tears.
Title: The First Lesson
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Ashe, staring out beyond, said, “Mahiya is beautiful and ugly, sinister and benign, prosperous and depleting, It is what we would perceive as opposite of itself all at once. Yet these are all illusions of thought. With sorrow there is also happiness. It is what it is. As the gentle vortex in the temple gives us a soft breeze so can wind destroy that which we hold dear. There is no good or evil in this place. There is only Mahiya and it’s children.”

Ashe looked at Kit and said, “The only defilement here are the ones in your heart…and mine.”

“Tell me of your life, Kit” Ashe said.
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debbreviate? you are just making up words.

Kit took a deep breathe and let out a heavy sigh. She almost started then looked away, she gave him a hesitant smile in apology and then almost started again and again stopped. Finally she just stared off at the beautiful horizon and many minutes passed as she lost herself in it.

For his part, Ashe allowed her to lose herself in the serenity, to steal it’s calm and make it hers. It’s why he took her here.

Without a break in her gaze she said, “wind in time rapes the flower trembling on the vine,” she whispered.
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“But the flower still grows at the breaking of Venric and at the birth of Sythus.” Ashe replied. “It continues on to bloom year after year. Some bushes when they have their flowers cut off will grow more flowers the next year. They get stronger regardless of the damage done to them in the past.”
Title: The First Lesson
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“Am I mere shrubbery to you Grandfather?” Kit gave him a playful smile.
Title: The First Lesson
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“Well…uh…no?” Ashe tripped over his words. He noticed the coy smile Kit displayed and said, “Are you?’re messing around!” Ashe laughed.

OOC: Dray, please note that there is a "deviation" from what we originally wrote
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Kit giggled and with a smile looked upon Ashe for a few moments she crossed her ankles in front of her as she sat on the grass, her hands fidgeting with a few blades. Finally she said, "I know I can be a bit...dramatic[/i] once in awhile Grandfather. My apologies, I shouldn't let my emotions control me so."

"Indeed," Ashe said, knowing that to be an understatement.

Kit caught the underscore of his thought and giggled again.

As she sat comfortably on the grass, Ashe could see that she was truly relaxed. She took an intake of breath and looked at him with such sincere adoration that he almost looked away.

“Somehow I feel like I can tell you everything, I’m not nervous the way I was after the Stump that night.” she said to him as her finger began to idly play with the grass.
Title: The First Lesson
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“The Stump?” he inquired.
Title: The First Lesson
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“Yes,” Kit said, pausing as the memory summoned color to her cheeks. It appeared to Ashe that she had expected him to know of the event.

“I got into a discussion with my fellow Protectorate in what should task us next. One thing led to another and I told them of my kidnapping and torture at the hands of Drakyr.”
Title: The First Lesson
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“Is that what you want to talk of, your captivity?” Ashe asked gently.
Title: The First Lesson
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‘Paladine no! I do not want to hear that part. Please skip it Kitalia?!’ Jordan pleaded, sending her telepathic voice into Kit’s mind.

Kit covered the outside of her pocket with her hand and stuttered, “Well….yes, but I get ahead of myself, let me start at the beginning.” Kit paused and looked away, appearing to stare out at the beautiful view of Threshold as she pondered on how to begin.
“Grandfather, my true name is Kitalia Lightower, born in Mandin, a village just outside of Kazbourne. My father was a handyman, my mother a seamstress…”

And so Kit told her tale from the very beginning, it was if she was reciting written text. The detail to which she delved astounded Ashe, she seemed to have a very keen memory of all persons, places and things that even slightly passed her peripheral vision.

She spoke of her first tutor Mr. Gaigell, a kind middle-aged gentleman who taught her for over 4 years until he violated her parents trust by kissing her that hot summer day when she was ten.

‘I keep forgetting about him! We need to look out for him, he is probably stalking the woods outside of Threshold biding his time.’ Jordan pathed in a hushed tone.

‘Don’t be ridiculous.’ Kit telepathed back to her, causing her to stutter in her tale to Ashe. She resumed, “it was my first memory of the lavender scent, a scent that seems to be associated with my attraction power,” she paused her story for a moment. “Does that make any sense teacher?” she asked a bit embarrassed.
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“It does,” Ashe stated in matter of fact tone, “but continue with your story, we will discuss your abilities later.”
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She spoke of Mr. Gaigell’s immediate flight from town after the event and her parents subsequent confusion.

Then she spoke fondly of Dray who she met the day after her eleventh birthday. She reminisced happily of the many long summer days they spent together at a pond just outside of Mandin. She told Ashe of the day Dray revealed the magnificent dragon tattoo on his back and what it meant to him. She spoke of their chance encounter with a man named K’nell who lived in the woods in a magnificent hunting cabin.

She didn’t leave anything out in her story. If Ashe hadn’t found the girls persona so charismatic and full of life, the story at some points would have been one that he could easily had been distracted from. Instead, he found the idiosyncrasies of the minutia to be the most charming part of the tale.

She even spoke of the time later in that winter when her mother explained the reproductive cycle and what it truly meant for a man and a woman to be in love. Although she was clearly embarrassed speaking of it in the tale, Kit nevertheless seemed driven to tell Ashe everything.

Containing his laughter (for her insistence to get everything off her mind) turned out to be more difficult than the surgery itself, but he succeeded.

Kit had a far off look as she described the Dray’s coronation. He was to be inducted into the Knighthood of Kazbourne, for his mother was cousin to the Lord of the grand city. The coronation ball Kit attended with him was one of princess fairy tales, and Ashe was relieved that at one time she had seen this happiness. Through this telling, he was beginning to understand where she drew her strength from. It was evident to him that, at a very young age, the girl had discovered love.

Again blushing she explained how her and Dray snuck away to kiss all the time as they spent almost every day together. Ashe actually caught himself giving her a reprimanding look, for which she curtly apologized for.

‘He would have raped you too given time,’ Jordan telepathed to her in a hesitant and unsure voice. She knew Jordan was testing her.

‘In hindsight if I could go back in time I would let him,’ Kit telepathed back a little bit in anger.

‘Oh my Gods that is disgusting!’ Jordan pathed back in shock.

“I knew no better Grandfather, and I really liked the boy.” Kit said with a small laugh, her face flushed from both discussions.
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“It is evident to me that you loved the boy. But you were an innocent child on the verge of discovery, so do not be ashamed. Relish in the memory as you evidently have, do not regret it.” He told her.
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She smiled in appreciation for his understanding.

‘Ick. Is there a shut off button on me? Can you look?’

Kit continued her story for Ashe, adding more and more of her daily life as she became twelve and spent another summer with her little boyfriend. She started to repeat herself, her story losing continuity.

It was then that he sensed it.
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“You’ve strayed off the page Kit,” he told her. She merely sat, looking at her hands in her lap. He reached over and touched her ankle, “one step at a time.”

As though the sky was listening, a cloud had passed under Kossuth and a slightly cooler breeze passed.
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‘Please don’t tell him, please? As a favor to me?’ Jordan pleaded, already beginning to cry in Kit’s mind.

Kit took a deep breath and begun to spin the tale that was her tragedy. She spoke of the night she got home and was taken captive by Drakyr, and watched her father killed by Leech before her very eyes. The way she had passed out after feeling her mind splinter was something Ashe noted for later discussion.

The tale became darker as she moved into the horror of her captivity within Drakyr’s Keep, nestled at the edge of the Swamp of Seers. She shook as she spoke of Markell, the evil mind controlling parasite which rode her back. She went into great detail on how she couldn’t control any of the actions within her body. She was merely a passenger in her own mind. In effect, she was an entity pushed to the internal “back room” (her description) with but a mere small window to look out at the world. He recognized the cause of her current imbalance, for she was in that state for over two years. The fact she wasn’t completely insane was a testament to the strength of her mind.

She moved on to tell Ashe of the dire plans of Drakyr and Markell. They were attempting to create a potion that would allow the imbiber to cross bridges of magic, a too coincidental theme to that of his own brother which was incredibly disturbing.

“What’s the matter?” Kit asked him with considerable concern.

Jordan who had been quietly crying the entire time stopped, startled as much as she was.
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He found himself standing, fully ten feet away from her. He had been so lost in thought of his brother that he hadn’t noticed he had retreated from her tale and walked away.

“I am sorry Kitalia,” he returned to his spot and sat across from her. It was difficult, but he made another note in his mind to discuss the alchemy with her at a later time.

“You were very wise in telling me all this today. We will discuss the ramifications of all that you have said later, for now, continue please.” Ashe pinched the bridge of his nose in concentration.
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She simply stared at him, wet tears building in her eyes.
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“What?!” he exclaimed alarmed that he may have said something out of turn, she was far more forthcoming thus far than he could have hoped for. They would be able to move onto her tutelage sooner than he thought.
Title: The First Lesson
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“Nothing,” Kit smiled as she wiped her eyes, “its’ been many months since someone I cared about called me by my full name. Took me off-guard is all, also reminded me of Dad.”
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Ashe smiled at her and patted her ankle which lay just under his elevated knees that his elbows rested upon.
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‘Yeah, what exactly is up with that anyway? You name me after an arch nemesis and then you get to tell him your real name? Doesn’t seem fair. Why not name me Kithendri?’ Jordan asked with a mental pout.

‘Because deep down inside, I think Jordan was controlled like we were, so I honor the memory of a girl I didn’t actually meet.’ Kit answered her.

‘Oh my…..that is like….profound and stuff.’ She responded with barely disguised facetiousness.

“Continue on grand daughter, you are doing quite well,” he complimented, not aware of the internal conversation he was missing.

Ashe leaned on his knees with his elbows and held the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger. This small act helped him to concentrate and not be distracted. ‘I must not have thoughts of my brother at this moment and need to take heed of her story,’ he thought to himself.

Ashe knew Whisper was listening, the clouds had not vanquished their hold on Kossuth and for a moment just then he felt a drop of rain hit his face.

Kitalia continued on, speaking of her forced slavery and the full two years[/i] of alchemy work. Ashe took in and made note of the exemplary detail of her memory in regards to the herbs and ingredients she used in their research, although he didn’t question her further here, that was for another time.

She had a fleeting brief smile as she spoke of the parasites unexpected illness, which appeared a season after Kit had turned fourteen. It was made known to her when he simply fell off of her, lapsing into a comatose state. Leaving the wobbly Kit suddenly able to flee and escape. It was a freedom that was incredibly short, as she was captured before even making it out of the Keep. A girl named Jordan, who Kit thought was a fellow slave, turned on her and shot her in the leg with a crossbow.

Kit explained that she was left to bleed to death and fell unconscious, when she came too, both Jordan and Markell were gone, she was strapped to her bed in the dungeon….and…Leech was allowed in.

The punishment that would come was dire, Ashe sensed what it would be as she paused in her tale. Her body language spoke volumes of how horrific these next memories were for her. And it was plainly evident that she wasn’t as prepared as she thought to tell of this next part in her tale, for the characteristic tears of Kit were once again wetting her eyes.

“Could….” Kitalia stuttered.
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“Yes?” Ashe asked.
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“Could I sit closer to you….its cold all of a sudden,” she implored, her eyes again becoming moist.

“Certainly, but do you need to stop for a bit?” he asked her.

She merely climbed into his arms and rested her head on his chest. He held her in his arms with his chin resting atop her head and hugged her close. She didn’t speak for awhile and he gave her as much time as she needed.

Jordan was utterly quiet, and not hearing her tears made it even more difficult for Kit to cope with what she had to say.

Kit spoke quietly in a hushed voice as she went into detail of the manner in which Leech violated her. He didn’t want her too, he came close to telling her that he understood and to move on, but he then realized that she needed to tell him in detail. Something inside her compelled her too. As she discussed the four days of abuse Leech visited upon her Ashe became enraged at the enormity of the criminals’ perversion. She cried during the telling but became quiet when she was finished. He in turn became enraged but held it back so as not to slip into his occasional ramblings. She folded herself deep into him, and covered herself in his rage like a protective blanket.
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It was then that Ashe realized what she meant by truly wanting him to be her grandfather. She was using him for security, both emotional and physical. She had told him so he would become incensed with it, and use the emotion spurned from it as a weapon to protect her. He noted that he would have to reprimand her later for it, but also made note that it couldn’t be too harsh, for he had invited it upon himself.

He waited for his rage to pass, which it quickly did, he buried the thoughts of revenge in his mind for later use.

“You have been very brave not only in living beyond that horror but in being able to even speak of it,” he said to her.

“Please, sit up and speak more of your history. I suspect there is some happiness to come, since you must have escaped.” Ashe pushed her gently into an upright position, which she took willingly.
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‘Is it over?’ Jordan suddenly asked.

‘Yes! Thanks for the help! Where the heck were you?!’ Kit pathed back to her angrily.

‘Hey! Don’t be mad at me, Miss I-want-to-tell-an-Old-Man-my-whole-life-story!’ she matched her tone, but then pathed in a gentler voice, ‘I hid, I had found the off button, really quite clever actually when.....’

Sitting between his legs that circled her Kit ignored Jordan and continued, wiping her eyes and recovering far quicker than he would have thought.
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Kit seemed a bit relieved at passing the true darkness of her tale and invigorated as she continued. Ashe noted that the cloud over the temple started to break up, ‘funny,’ he thought, ‘he didn’t realize how overcast it had become.’

Kit had been retaken by Markell after Drakyr allowed her a short recovery from her punishment. She returned to her alchemy in the Keep’s lab, but the experiments took a dramatic turn as Drakyr and Markell researched a cure for the disease that inflicted him.

Another entire year passed as Markell’s lord became incredibly irate in the delay of the elixir he wanted created. Markell meanwhile hid the fact from him that he was having more and more difficulty in controlling his slave.

Then, a season after she turned fifteen, he lapsed into another coma while Kit was alone with Jordan in the laboratory.
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“What’s the matter Kit? Why did you stop? This promises to be the good part in your tale, no?” Ashe asked. He found himself staring at her face during the last half-hand, wondering if the beautiful lass would be able to somehow find long-lasting happiness.
Title: The First Lesson
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‘Yeah, why did you stop? This is the cool part!’ Jordan said with a bit of glee.

“I….um….I turned to Jordan, who had been commanded to watch over Markell and me while in the lab. Drakyr was not a dumb man, he must have been leery of how much control Markell really had of me, and of how far along his sickness truly was.” Kit said, she had started to play with the grass with her hands.

“Anyway, I turned to her and before she could raise her crossbow I released every bit of my pent up emotion into her.” Kit said solemnly.

Kit looked at Ashe to verify he got the point. "All of it," she said ominously.

‘Yeah, it was so cool, her head exploded all over the lab!’ Jordan laughed wickedly.
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“You did what you had to do my child.” Ashe comforted her with a short hug.
Title: The First Lesson
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“Yes well, it didn’t occur to me until much later that she too could have been a slave like me, and I hadn’t thought to check.”

Ashe stroked her arm in comfort while Kit gathered the strength to continue.

“Anyway, after I picked up Markell and attached him to a table with a lab knife I escaped….”
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From mid-Verindock (October) to the beginning of Infigar (November) Kit traveled a great distance and had more adventure than most true to the actual profession had. In Uth’Ranek she stayed at an Inn with a tin merchant from Aldebaron. After she was nearly discovered by Leech who sought her in the town, she fled by becoming a stowaway on a barge on the harbor for a short time.

After being forced to incapacitate the dredge of a man who piloted that ship she walked many days and miles along its shore until she was discovered by a woman Kit affectionately referred to as “My Captain.”

From what Ashe could discern the lass was lucky to fall in with a headstrong but kind woman who led a brave band of sailors on a fairly large merchant galleon called the Windright.

She met a host of characters who made Kit smile in memory as she recalled numerous happy times with as they sailed the open sea to Hawk Haven Point and then on to Aldebaron. The vessels home port.

While there, Ashe was happy to hear that Kit almost returned to a normal life, one that included a brief winter romance with a sailor from the ship named Jake. Ashe shuffled a bit uncomfortably as the diary dictating Kit told all details of them sneaking away into the back alley of a place called Pappy’s Barn where she worked in the kitchen.
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“Must you tell me of each and every kissing episode?” Ashe asked with a teasing chuckle.
Title: The First Lesson
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'Really?! You are such the tavern-girl!' pathed Jordan.

“I like how your brow wrinkles in disappointment.” Kit teased him back.
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“Hrung.” Ashe grunted mimicking his friend Jarmok.
Title: The First Lesson
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Kit giggled. “You do that pretty good!”

The change in her attitude was sudden and unexpected. “We then got attacked by his minions in early...” she began as she continued her story.

Kit got up after what was two hands of time sitting between Ashe’s knees and walked over to a ledge, looking out over the view.
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Listening to his young apprentice’s story and her fears about protecting those she is close to,  Ashe inquired, “Someone got hurt during the skirmish on the docks, yes?” Ashe asked, still sitting on the ground and looking up to her.
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Kit broke a twig in between her fingers.

“My Captain, shot in the back while trying to save me.”

A long moment of silence followed, Ashe almost expected the clouds to come back.

“She can’t use her legs anymore, the plague that killed or scattered all the clerics here was as far reaching to the north. I came here, I came towards the valley looking for a healer, so as to return her……” her voice broke “…to return her to her ship.”
Title: The First Lesson
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Ashe considered her words carefully. Kit had now made a home here and wondered if the seafaring life was what she really wanted to return to. Much had happened to this fragile soul but through it all she had remained empathic and loyal to those she loved. Perhaps it was all she felt she had left that was her own.

“So now what have you found Kit?” he inquired. He respected her enough to know that if she stayed or returned she would do what she felt was right. That’s the best anyone can do he thought.
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(OOC: Note, Kit said, " return her to her ship", as in returning her Captain to her own ship after Kit finds a healer for her.)

"There are no healers here, not ones powerful enough to restore the life into my Captain's legs...." she paused a moment, "unless you think you may be powerful enough." She looked down at her hands, Ashe perceived she had a hard time asking him for such a favor on the heels of what he had already done for her.
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Ashe already knew he was powerful enough. Only recently had he helped Kit in a more critical manner and upon hearing her question the exhaustion of that episode and many long years had come back upon him. He had kept himself in hiding, had even gone by an alias, to avoid his everlasting struggle between the natural order and his empathy. With the death of so many priests and arcanists in the past year his inner battle was now tenfold.

He looked up to Kit’s hopeful eyes and for a second resented her for asking this of him. It was not his place to play with the fate of others. But neither could he bear to see the innocent suffer, he had seen too much of that through his years.

Ashe stood up. Kit could see crinkles of thought on his face as he weighed the question. He turned to look at the Goldleaf trees half expecting them to answer Kit’s question for him.

He ran his fingers through his long silvery grey hair and thought out in his natural tongue, 'How long will it be that I might receive peace? What must I do…can you tell me that?'

A woman’s soft voice came to his mind, 'You must do what your heart tells you…what comes to your instinct.'

“I no longer know what my instinct tells me.” Ashe’s reply was filled with despair.

“Yes you do…you just need to listen to it. Like you did when you saved her.” came the mystical voice.

Kit looked on at the elder’s back unaware of the conversation. Fear that she asked too much of her new grandfather gripped her and she silently wished she could take back her request. 'Too late for that now…he probably hates you.' pathed Jordan. 'Shush you…he wouldn’t hate me.' Kit quipped in response.

“Every decision I make seems to be the wrong one!” came Ashe’s angered reply.

The silky voice observed, “I’m sure she would completely disagree. Follow your heart Son of Clearwater and your decision will be the right one.”

Ashe visibly sighed. His mind stretched out across the land and his vision narrowed. He could hear the birds in their chatter and the crashing of waves. The feeling in his legs disappeared as he took a deep breath. Closing his eyes he could hear the sound of the world…the sound of Mahiya calling to him.

He realized what his deepest inner self was screaming at him to do and spun to face Kit, “I will help your Captain friend. By Mahiyas own hand she will walk again.”
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From where she sat, Kit looked up at him with pools of tears around her eyes.

She got up and ran over to Ashe and embraced him, her face sinking into the shirt on his chest.

"Thank you so much grandfather," came the muffled cry.
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Ashe tenderly put his arms around the young apprentice. He was able to give her some hope for her future and that settled his mind for it was able to settle hers. He hadn’t realized until now that she too could very well teach him a few things. Kit had no idea of the gift, the peace of mind, she had given to him.

“Kit” Ashe softly spoke, “It is I who should thank you.”

Ashe pulled Kit from his chest and rested his hands on her shoulders, “My dear Kit, all of us, everyone, has a past. What we choose to take, to learn from our past makes us who we are for the future. We can choose to rise above and be the masters of it or we can sink and become a slave to it. Your first lesson is deciding what your choice is…for it yours alone to make.”
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Kit nodded and again wiped the tears away.

"I understand sir," she said solemnly as she looked at the ground and then thought for a few moments. Ashe was as patient as he had been all morning, knowing the girl was still getting past the emotional and physical stress of the event that happened only a few short days ago.

She came to a decision and spoke again. "And I think I can do that. I think I can move on now. Now that I have her."

Kit hesitated another moment, then drew the aquamarine colored, sand-dollar shaped crystal from her oversized pocket. She held it in the palm of her hand before him and looked up into his eyes with a thousand questions in her own.

It was the first time Ashe had seen the crystal since he had taken it out of her body.

"Who is she?" Kit asked her eyes not wavering from his.

"What[/i] is she?"
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Ashe eyed the azure crystal…he could sense the presence in it. He had been in her mind and seen the conflict within her during the birth of the crystal. He knew of the separation Kit had taken between her fear and her self. “She is you. She is piece of your self. She is the vessel that holds the fear from your past and your future.” Ashe proclaimed. He looked at the curious Kit and smiled. “And what she is…well, dearest Kit, she is very special as you will come to learn.”

Ashe looked out over the town which, by now, was bustling with its daily activity. Kossuth was eagerly making the day and the town was peacefully being itself. Looking out over the ledge, Ashe spied on the partial reconstruction to his house and instinctively rubbed his head where he was hit by the beam. He motioned Kit to come look. “Devastation like that requires the vigilance of discipline. My house should be finished in the next few days.” Ashe paused a moment and built the final resolve to train Kit as a Seer. “I have a spare room that you can stay in. It was used by my grandson, Liam, but will be yours if you choose to stay with me. It will be your home.”

Ashe took a deep breath and though his mind drifted through a volume of memories, he was certain that this was the right course of action.
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Kit had placed Jordan back in her pocket as she walked over to stand beside Ashe on the ridge.

She didn't respond to Ashe's invitation, but instead looked solemnly upon the apothecary.

The late-afternoon breeze pushed warm air across the valley and played with their loose garments and Kit's hair as they both drowned in their thoughts of trials past and challenges ahead.

Kit finally broke the quiet.

"Grandfather," she began, not looking away from Ashe's ruined home. "What exactly happened down there?"

Ashe knew she wanted to know more about the evil that had tried to take her.
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Ashe dreaded that question but knew it would be asked. It had been a tough battle and one that she would not have been in a state to recall. “A battle of wills Kit.” Ashe said flatly. “Your crystal on its’ birth was empty, it did not harbor any emotion. The Eye, in it’s everlasting greed, saw a chance to once again attain power but through you. Since it was the catalyst for your crystal to emerge and because you are a seer, it wanted to live through your crystal. It is the Eye of Portence…it could see ahead to the great and terrible things that it and you could achieve.”

Ashe was recalling the few days that all of this took place. Even now the events were fading as much of it seemed as a dream. In a stoic voice he continued, “It made promises of bringing back your parents, and killing your aggressors…giving you the power of the gods. Had you been a lesser person…you might have agreed.”

Ashe looked upon her with admiration, “But you didn’t. You just wanted to be Kitalia.” Ashe smiled as he thought of the destruction done to his house. “As for that down there, well, you can’t make a psi-crystal without breaking a house.” He said cheerfully.
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Psi-crystal, Kit noted the name of the object in her hand.

"Yes but..." she looked up at him and then back down to into the valley, unable to meet his gaze, "...what is the Eye? Where did it come from?"

Despite the experience and knowledge she attained with her adventure alongside Laren, days prior to her first encounter with the crimson gem, she only had a vague idea as to what it was.
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Ashe hesitated on telling Kit exactly where it had come from. It was not shame he felt for it's creation, but rather regret that it had come to such an enduring manifestation. It was a necessary evil if it's creator, one he cared for, were to return and undo the catastrophe he had wrought. It seemed now however, others could be harmed by that choice he made so many years ago. That thought was haunting, and was now visiting back on him.

"It is the crystal of my brother. One day I shall tell you of it's birth. That day is not now though." Ashe said with determined resignation and a hint of sadness.
Title: The First Lesson
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“Will my psi-crystal be capable of that evil?” Kit asked with genuine concern. The question echoed in Ashe’s mind, something about it was extremely foreboding.
Title: The First Lesson
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His brow furrowed sensing the dread she felt in now having this mysterious entity in her possession. He leaned towards her and looked her in the eyes with a piercing green-eyed gaze. "Kit, only if you allow youself to be." he said unforgivingly.
Title: The First Lesson
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A chill went down Kit’s spine at her teacher’s serious tone, it was not the answer she expected. She successfully fought back tears as she asked, “…but what if I lose control again?”
Title: The First Lesson
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He considered her question delicately. The aquisition of power always lends itself to losing control of ones moral self and impressing one's will upon others by force. He had seen people fall to that lust and never return while others were strong enough to fight it completely or pull themselves from it. Ashe secretly asked himself if she had the strength to endure her own power. He believed she did.

Ashe continued to meet her eyes, his intensity unwavering, "Kit, you are now the master of your destiny. You will only lose control if any lust for power drowns your compassion. I have faith in your strength such that it will not happen to you."
Title: The First Lesson
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Kit couldn't endure Ashe's gaze, she looked away and back over the valley's horizon.

"The rage that you experienced within me grandfather..." Kit paused, a lump of emotion caught in her throat. Ashe put a hand on her shoulder and also looked over the town below. Shadows had grown longer and the day had gone bye far quicker than he had realized.

As he watched the trees sway in the afternoon breeze Ashe inwardly sighed. He had hoped that Kit didn't have a focused recollection of all the events in the recent tragedy, apparently that was not the case.

"...some days I know not how I have managed to contain it," she finished.

"Kit, with my tutelage and your good heart you..." Ashe began, but Kit stopped him with a glare of such determination he was caught in mid-sentence.

"Promise me," she asked.

Ashe raised an eyebrow at her in reply.

"Promise me that if it gets out of control." Kit swallowed hard, and although her eyes were once again streaming with tears, her determination did not waver.

"Promise me that you will kill me without hesitation."
Title: The First Lesson
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Ashe was surprised by her request. He wasn't sure if she was experiencing a backlash of regret from her ordeal or was simply scared of the power she harbored. He thought better than to make such a promise for the circumstances surrounding such a situation must also be considered. In his life he learned that there were few absolutes and death, although effective, was not always the best course to solving a problem.

With a hopeful look in his eye he proclaimed, "I can make no such promise as that. The promise I will make is that I will do all I can to help you regain control."

He thought a moment and considered if he could bring himself to end her life. Again, it depended on the circumstances. If it were for her salvation then he would so more out of mercy than want.

"However, if it should come to pass that you cannot be saved then I will do as you ask...but certainly not with a light heart." He didn't want to say those words. He shuddered to think that one as promising as her would die by his making.

He looked down at his hands and could still see the blood of so many on them. In using his gifts, Ashe preferred to think of what he was allowing to live rather than what he was killing.

Title: The First Lesson
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His answer seemed to satiate her current emotional need and once again stabilize her. The tears that had been released by her fluttering eyes as they defended against the wind from across the valley, were also dried by the same zephyr. The unattended drops had lost the battle for freedom as they had reached downward from the edge of her pale cheeks.

Again they stood for many moments and took in the majesty of the scene below them.

A mental nudge came from her new companion in her pocket.

"Thanks for the offer of hearth and home Grandfather. I accept whole-heartedly," Kit said plainly. Ashe didn't see any hint of amusement or relief in her features as he looked over at her, and she kept her gaze on the valley. He quickly surmised that she had made the decision more out of need than for want.

She looked at him and caught this intuitive assertion in his gaze. She smiled at him. "No offense Grandfather, but I know living with you will mean giving up some of the freedoms I have enjoyed. Hard for a youngin like me to make the 'adult decision' and move in with a 'concerned guardian' on her own freewill."
Title: The First Lesson
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Ashe smirked at the notion wondering if he, himself, had truly grown up...or if anyone ever did. So often adults behaved more as what they would call children. Yet, even children could have a far more sophisticated view of things than adults. The world was truly painted in shades of grey.

"A wise man once said, 'Seek freedom and you will surely find a prison, seek discipline and you will find your liberty.'" Ashe professed. "You are your own person Kit. You are welcome to leave or stay as you will. While you are here you will find that I may be many things to you...friend, enemy, parent, teacher...are you prepared for that? Are you ready to find liberty through discipline?"
Title: The First Lesson
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"I'll settle for safety in numbers," Kit said gave him a teasing smile.
Title: The First Lesson
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Ashe nodded with a knowing smile. He could see that Kit had fantastic potential but that her anger must be tempered. Should her fury become unbridled it could very well be her undoing.

The many memories that had flooded him this day became distant. He had become the teacher to both Maccabeus and Kit...and he suspected to others as well...and was now focused on the future.

With the omens of change all around he knew that he could not falter in the least to ensure their guidance. He laughed to himself thinking that life would be the better teacher.

He looked closer at Kit, seeing with his inner eye. Colors were streaming all around her casting her in a scinttilating rainbow of light. The colors spoke of her lifes past, present, and future. Right now, he could see that she had an inner calm of safety and focus. She would need to draw upon that if she were to exercise her gifts.

She was ready.

Satisfied with today's results Ashe asked as much as declared, "Well Kit, I'm hungry. What say we go back to the Thornhedge and get lunch? We'll gather your things, inform Julius where you'll be, and settle you in."
Title: The First Lesson
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"Sounds like a plan old man," Kit said playfully, trying out a new nickname. She smiled and decided that she liked it.

"Are any of my medics around? I really should thank Laren, Maccabeus and Jarmok for helping save my life," she said. Ashe noted that she flushed as she did so, apparently still a bit embarassed to face them after the ordeal.

"If not today, then at least by tomorrow," she added.
Title: The First Lesson
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Ashe eyed Kit curiously, "Old man?" he asked feigning his indignity. "hrm...never thought of myself as old...maybe aged...but definately not old. There is a difference, infant." Ashe smiled down at Kit appreciating the mocking banter.

"I'm sure you'll find everyone where they have come to make their home. But first, let's get lunch."
Title: The First Lesson
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Kit looked up at the sun, now on it's downward descent and then looked back at Ashe with a smirk.

"More like an early dinner, which seems to suit the elderly better anyway," she teased him with a wink and then lightly skipped down the path.

The difference in Kit's aura from the moment he saw her this morning, to the one she had now was as plain as night and day. Her emotions still swung the gamet like the leaves in the wind, but they were not dangerously focused.

Ashe smiled and thanked the gods. Kit's first lesson had been a success.