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Title: A Mission of One ( Completed )
Post by: Dray on December 31, 2007, 06:43:12 PM
A hand went bye as Fir'Ath watched the meanderings of the merchants in RockWater Village. But it was only in the first few moments he ascertained that they had nothing of value for him.

And for his part, he was non-plussed by his first encounter with humans. For a short lived race, they seemed to waste a lot of time and effort on mundane things.

From his place on the side of the road, he turned back to Mithril, who was grazing quietly in a nearby field of autumn grass.

"Come girl, let’s take that run you and I have been waiting ever so patiently. The little round man won’t hold us back any longer." Fir'ath whispered in the horse's ear as he gently patted its powerful neck.

Mithril seemed to understand and was ready to bolt even before Fir'Ath got his other long leg over.

And bolt is what she did. Fir'Ath, as ready as he thought he was, was almost thrown off from the sheer explosive power of the animal. And he was quite sure he was noticed by any and all of the incoming merchants into town. The memory of a tall elven man, on a very large warhorse, streaking into the sunset was one he was sure they would remember.
Title: A Mission of One ( Completed )
Post by: Dray on December 31, 2007, 06:46:30 PM
As beast and man charged away from the merchant village, less and less of the humans were seen. 'They would all want to be tucked into their make-shift twig homes no doubt,' thought Fir'Ath.

It had been the first thought he had during the magnificent sprint away and he summarily dismissed it.

He had developed a kinship with the animal beneath him over the short journey to Rockwater, and now he teased the beast to go even faster. Instinctively knowing her capable of even more. And he was not disappointed, for she lengthened her gate as her hooves seemed to leave the ground.

Fir'Ath lost himself to the animal's power. In a quick motion he untied his cloak, wrapping it around his left arm as he gripped the animal tight with his legs. Upon returning his grip to the reigns he let his wings unfold, angling his body forward so as not to drag the wind. Working out his cramped back muscles was extremely satisfying, but the lowering sun's warmth on him and the breeze through the silver and black feathers was absolutely glorious.

Mithril didn't slow a step, and seemed to understand the freedom of her rider. The silver-gray mare bolted through the evening while her powerful rider held his silver and black wings aloft.
Title: A Mission of One ( Completed )
Post by: Dray on December 31, 2007, 06:47:51 PM
It was over two hands before Mithril decided to slow to a trot. Both she and Fir’Ath almost completely exhausted. The horse's powerful heart pounded between Fir'Ath legs for another half-hand as the sun set.

With tears coming from his eyes, Fir'Ath leaned down and said to her, "You are a magnificent beast my girl, and you honor me with the gift. Thank you Mithril."
Title: A Mission of One ( Completed )
Post by: Dray on December 31, 2007, 06:49:27 PM
As twilight enveloped them he found another field of gold for Mithril to gorge on and decided it was the perfect place to sleep. Munching on the last of his greens in his pack he had unceremoniously tossed onto the ground, he took the light saddle, bit and bridle off his friend.

Letting her wonder off he smiled as she had enough energy still to gallop about the field, chasing fireflies. He watched her awhile as the moon that had crested the horizon silhouetted her.

Not very choosey on his choice of bedding, he stretched his wings beneath him as he lay on the Sungrass and looked up into the stars. And he thought of home.

'Ah Minera, this explains it all. If only you could see me now, you would agree. I belong out here.' he reflected.

The thought of his clutchmate, the mother of his only child, made him wish for her warmth. But alas, wish all he might, this was not meant to be. She had her work in the village, and he had this Mission Alone.

He would be the first Raptoran to visit the City of Embar.
Title: A Mission of One ( Completed )
Post by: Dray on December 31, 2007, 06:53:40 PM
The night was full of pleasant dreams. He and his daughter, not a fledgling but not yet a woman, seeking their prey during one of what used to be their many Summer hunts. How he had enjoyed those years with his only child. How he had enjoyed her primal instincts that she displayed before the majority years had civilized her.

The morning tears in his eyes held many emotions.

It was going to be a beautiful day. Back in the village it would be one of warm son with cool winds, one of harvesting and gathering.

Someday he would return to his village, he would return and protect them all.

Fir'Ath wiped the memories from his eyes and simply sat up to start his morning meditation. The only sound nearby was that of Mithril's occasional hoof stirring as she ate her morning breakfast. Too soon his concentration was satisfied and the chakra of the claws embedded above his hands.

'Now to fetch my own breakfast Mithril,' Fir'Ath thought, and his smile widened. This would prove to be a very peaceful trip to Ironbark.
Title: A Mission of One ( Completed )
Post by: Dray on December 31, 2007, 06:55:13 PM
The End

[OOC: Note, this thread was just a self-serving way to connect the Rocky Road thread with the Game 1 session. Until Fir'Ath gets close to Ironbark Forest, he does indeed have a fantastically relaxing week.]