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Title: Additional Info 0.1 - The Rumors
Post by: Griznuq on August 08, 2007, 07:47:27 AM
Ok, having given you the little bit that I have, I think it's time for a little more info.
I was talking with Drew this morning, and he expressed some interest in this material. I will share with everyone now.

You're starting off in a world that is 50 years after a pretty earth shaking event. People who used to be nothing more than modest working stiffs, or even less now have "incredible" powers.
The government was very upset by this for a couple of reasons. First, governments in general had always sorta leaned on the perenezerath for guidance and support. This support is no longer offered by the Peren as freely as it had been, since the majority of their organization is out hunter magic users, and those who are left, aren't sure who they can trust, or who really trusts them.

When the skies turned, there was a lot of change. There was a period of chaos, as people found that they had these powers. Some were consumed with greed, others were litterally consumed by their new found powers.

MANY people died. Many villages no longer exist. The world is in a "pick yourself up, and dust yourself off" stage of life. There is a very strong theme of rebuilding in the world.  

As for where you're from, I'm going to leave that up to you. There are a couple of big cities, and countless villages. The "main" city in your region is called Embar. It's a city much akin ot Waterdeep in the forgotten realms. It's a port city with a large market place, and a large "government center". (I hesitate to say "castle" but it amounts to the same thing.)

The continant you're on, used to be all one Kingdom, Embarra Lyorris, lead by one king, Jarem Garrinveldt. During his rule, he'd never relied on the Peren, in fact he didnt allow them into his Kingdom. The morning of the Emerald Dawn, Jarem went missing.

 His Kingdom was divided into 4. Embar (Of which The City of Embar is the capital. sparsley wooded plains in the southeast - Like the hinterlands!), Sedgemere (the woodlands in the north east - Elwynn forestish), Carolmere (Marshlands to southwest. - Wetlands) and Kannic, (Northwest mountain region. - Redridge or southern Westfall).

You're in the Kingdom of Embar, a kingdom trying to hold true to the laws and principals of Jarem Garrinveldt. Perenezerath are not welcome here, but are said to come in under cover.

Rumors: (may be true, may be not)

This should be enough to whet an appetite for the time being, methinks. Let me know if you have any ideas or need more info on anything.