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Title: Nettle Remains
Post by: Johan on March 13, 2007, 12:47:09 PM
Duthash Gyth Voldyn 237 (May 25) - Upon the closure of Session 15 - The Nettle Demons

Maccabeus was gladdened that Whisper was feeling better, and that he could have played a hand in the thus-far half salvation of her splendid grove. He wondered whether Mahiya had heard his yearning to travel to the Valley and recover another Vallenwood Acorn, and this was her way of incentivizing him. The good that can come from the vile Nettle Lord and his little demon-like minions.

The thought of the thorny Bulb recollected to Maccabeus that black, pulsing heart that had throbbed in the twisted botanical breast. "OH!" He came upright suddenly. "Ashe, I nearly forgot, ninny that I am!" He pulled his leather bag from its place as it slung across his chest. "I took samples of the Nettled Ones for you. I thought that you might be able to make use of some of their remains." He reached into his bag and produced the pieces that he had wrapped in his own torn shirt. "Ah, yes...and I need a new shirt too." He remarked. "Actually, I was in need of one of those anyway." He conceded. "This one I've been wearing and washing for a long while, and was in need of some replacing."

As he spoke, he handed the wrapped samples up to Ashe. "There was also this...thing." He added. " do I...I don't really want to...hmmmm..." He seemed to stumble around upon himself and eventually upended his bag onto the floor of Ashe's home.

Out pored his tobacco sack, his pipe, some samples of cheese and dried fish, and a small roundish marbled rock, smooth as though it had spent a millennia being caressed by waters. "Feh!" He huffed and shook the bag a little until with a dull thud that Nettle Lord's black pulsing heart fell upon the floor.

Maccabeus reached for the little bit of fish that had emptied from his satchel, but Wolf was quicker. Maccabeus glared playfully at his companion and settled upon the cheese. He looked up at Ashe then...
Title: Nettle Remains
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Title: Nettle Remains
Post by: Johan on March 14, 2007, 09:16:54 AM
Maccabeus trotted into Ashe's kitchen and saw immediately the skin that Ashe needed. It depended upon a peg that was well above his head.

He grabed the skin at it's bottom, and jumped up to release the tension upon its strap. A quick flick and the skin came loose readily. He bore it back to the Elder.

"This skin?" He asked.
Title: Nettle Remains
Post by: Wildfire on March 14, 2007, 12:33:24 PM
Ashe looked at the water skin and saw the symbol on that he and Maccabeus bore on their chest.

"Yes, that's the one. Pull the stopper and bring it here." Ashe said.
Title: Nettle Remains
Post by: Johan on March 14, 2007, 01:12:01 PM
Maccabeus firmly but gently wrested the stopper from the skin as he crossed the last few feet to where Ashe was tending Whisper. He handed the skin up to the Elder.
Title: Nettle Remains
Post by: Wildfire on March 15, 2007, 08:18:55 PM
Ashe brought the skin to Whispers lips and she drank. At first she took gentle sips but then lost all sense of dignity and greedily gulped from it.

Witha tender voice she she said, "I will hold on my love. I will hold on with all the strength that Nyx sees to give me. But you know what you must do."

Ashe nodded. Whisper continued, "Now you must find your strength to leave and find answers."

She reached a hand to Maccabeus, "Come to me Brother of the Wolf" she requested.
Title: Nettle Remains
Post by: Johan on March 16, 2007, 12:11:16 PM
Maccabeus cocked his head in a distinctly canine fashion, and moved towards Whisper. He took her outstretched hand gingerly in his own rough and calloused hand.

"What's going on?" He asked quietly.
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Title: Nettle Remains
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Maccabeus's eyes welled as he beheld the sickened fey. "Wolf can bear both of us back to her home, if you like. We can be there in pretty short order."

Maccabeus considered Ashe's words then. "Is Istan your bear brother?" He asked. "It's actually a bit late for him to be wakening, isn't it?"
Title: Nettle Remains
Post by: Wildfire on March 20, 2007, 12:51:55 PM
Ashe furrowed his brow in thought. He had a calculating look on his face and after a brief moment said, "Yes, that would be helpful. I need to pack some things and then rouse the ol' boy. I'm sure Wolf is strong enough to carry her on his back. Luckily this end of town is very quiet during the day and you'll be seen by few...if any."

Ashe had some glee in his face, "and yes, Istan is my bear brother." he smiled wide. "He is to me as Wolf is to you. He's been my companion for many, many years...since he was a cub actually. Though, in his age he's given to longer sleeps...a gift he has earned many times over."

Ashe leaned in to Whisper, "My love, Maccabeus and Wolf will take you back to your den. The trees need you close...just as you need them. I'll see you before I leave."

Whisper looked back at Ashe with tears in her eyes. Ashe said softly, "shhhh...No words need be said."

Ashe stood up and said, "Let's get her on to Wolf's back. Then take her to grove. Her den is located in the bushy area. She'll point you to the way. I'll be along soon with Istan. From there I must leave."
Title: Nettle Remains
Post by: Johan on March 23, 2007, 12:09:19 PM
Whisper was taller than Maccabeus, but he was strong and she was a mere whisp of a fey. He mounted Wolf, who stood patiently, eager to help, and when Ashe helped Whisper up onto the wolf's broad and furry back, Maccabeus supported her and held her close.

"We'll get you home soon enough, My Lady." He said softly.

Wolf gently padded out of the building and up into the hills quickly but smoothly.
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Title: Nettle Remains
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"A-ya, My Lady." Maccabeus answered, hopping down from Wolf's broad back. "Wolf and I welcome the opportunity to breath your air." He inhaled deeply for emphasis.

The air in Whisper's grove was...different from "normal" air. It wasn't quite as euphoric as that of the Ring, but it was more...primal, somehow. Or more pure, perhaps.

At the Ring, all aspects of Mahiya collided, and the scent of the farms added to the holy scent of Mahiya, her children, and of Vallenwood, the wolves, Maccabeus's fire. The air at the Ring was a mixture of all textures of Mahiya.

Here, there were no farms. There was no wolf pack, nor cook fire. The air here carried the flavor of sythus, when scents and sensations were just starting their lives, and hadn't been matured among the other scents and sensations. Perrenial sythus. Much like Whisper herself, Maccabeus realized.

"I'm sorry for your predicament, My Lady." Maccabeus said sadly. "I tell you now that Wolf and I will do all that we can to bring to you what you need to be healthy and for this blessed grove to prosper." His mouth worked a little more as though he had more thoughts rattling in his fuzzy head, but none found their way to his mouth. At length, he smiled weakly and bobbed his head stupidly. What else was there to say?
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Title: Nettle Remains
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Whisper's hand was long and slender as compared with Maccabeus's. He wondered idly why he had this fascination of comparing things. This fascination that had lead him to place his own foot upon Zarion's. Why did he always find himself compelled to compare what people had and how they got through their days.

At length he supposed that it must be his grandsire's influence upon him. His grandsire had taught him to see the differences in order to know his prey, and his prey's paths. "You need to see how your prey affects the world around him." He would say. "Your prey changes his world, and you must be able to tell what it normal and what is the change that your prey brought to the land."

"Maccabeus?" Whispered quietly called his attention. He realized that he had been staring at her elegant hand.

"Oh!" He blinked, trying to bring his mind back to the present. "Right...take Wolf's hand, right?" He could see the ramble coming along, but couldn't stop it. "Well, Wolf doesn't have hands, so I can't rightly do that." He chuckled a little. "You would have known that, so you wouldn't have told me to take his hand, eh? He doesn't much like to have his ears held, except by Kym, I notice...not that this is there nor here, but I wouldn't grab his ear. Not out of fear, mind you, but out of respect. He don' like it, so I don' doo it. Ach, I tink p'r'aps I'll jist grab his shoulder, eh? Tha' ought ta be enuff, no?"

He looked at Whisper, his blue eyes shifting nervously and his head darting slightly. He smiled a toothy smile to signify that he was ready.
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Title: Nettle Remains
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"Mahiya's breath." Maccabeus whispered in awe, falling into the ancient cant of the Gnarcheon. He took a step into the tree, following the light sprite's gentle tug. Wolf let out a questioning grunt, echoing Maccabeus's disbelief, but the great canine followed as well.

There was a focus that Maccabeus felt as he passed through the shell of the tree, like walking through a sythus waterfall. By the quiver in Wolf's scruff, Maccabeus knew that his brother felt the same sensation.

Inside the tree was an impossibly large domed room whose ceiling appeared to have goldleaf filigree that glowed soft and warm. The floor of this room was carpeted by a layer of dark green moss that was fringed with brown at it's edges. There were various pieces of furniture formed from living wood that was vine-like and twisted. The whole of the area was blessed with all manner of flower that hung tiredly from every nook, niche, and cranny, even on the furniture. Those flowers lent a bittersweet flavor to the botanist that was Maccabeus; they were not as healthy as he somehow knew they should be. Although they were colorful, they were not brilliant as they would be were they truly healthy, and thier tired look dampened what might otherwise be a glorious sight.

In the middle of the round room there was a pool of clouded water that had a dull grey hue to it. Directly across from their point of entry there was a small plateau of moss blistering up from the floor. At one end of the plateau there sat a mass of colored flowers that looked much like a pillow to Maccabeus. These flowers, like the others around the room, were wilting and relatively dull.

A musty smell permeated this sanctuary and had the faint hint of a mildewed underground.
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Whisper looked about sadly at her den. Peering back at Maccabeus and Wolf she said with a quiver in her voice, "I must apologize for my previous offer of food and water. It seems as though the poison has also tainted whatever it is I would lend to you. Were you to eat of it I fear that you both would become ill...forgive me."

Whisper leaned on Maccabeus's sholuder and Wolf's back. "Please, help me to my mossy bed. I must dream with my children soon and try to put their distress at ease. are free to make youselves comfortable in what way you can. Istian should be along soon. I think you'll like him...he's quite a rascal" Whisper smiled and let out a soft waning giggle upon the thought.

Title: Nettle Remains
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Maccabeus felt a juxtaposition of sadness and relief. It was a good thing that he and his companions were able to come to this place earlier to exorcise the demons that had come to settle upon Whisper's grove, but how much better might it have been had they been able to be there sooner?

He gently helped the lithe fey up onto her mossy bed. Although her coloring was better now, she was again lethargic.

"Will, uh...Istian be able to enter your home, or will he simply take up his guard outside?" He asked. Then, as questions occurred to him they began to spill from him: "Oh, and will he be able to eat out there? He's just awakened from his hibernation, isn't he? I'd bet he'll be hungry. Perhaps Wolf and I should journey to the Ring in anticipation of Istian's arrival. We could bring all manner of sweet berries for him...he *is* a bear, right? Or mayhap I should stay and keep you company?"

He looked down upon the beautiful fey and found her asleep. "Ah, well." He sighed. "She'll be as good as she can be here, Brother mine." Wolf lightly licked her precious face. "I think that perhaps it'd be best if we heighed back to the Ring and got some good fruits for Istian, eh? I wonder whether we can leave this place while she's asleep? I wonder how long she'll sleep?"

Maccabeus gently padded to the entry way, and pressed his hand upon the wall there.
Title: Nettle Remains
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Maccabeus found that his hand was able to pass through the smooth inner wall with no resistance. Wolf looked back at Whisper and wimpered a bit. Maccabeus could read that Wolf wanted to stay and protect her but also wanted to remain by his bothers side. It was clear that in the brief time of acqaintance that Wolf had become very fond of the gentle fey woman.

As though coming to a resolve, Wolf moved forward and through the wall.

The two companions found themselves outside next to the deceptive tree bathed in fading, shimmering, golden hued light. The leaves of the trees had begun to turn.

Wolf's head perked and he emitted a warning growl. He raised his nose into the air and moved to face the west. Something was coming.
Title: Nettle Remains
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Maccabeus was saddened for the tree and the sylph that they mirrored. It was too early for a normal tree to be turning.

At Wolf's warning growl Maccabeus came to attention. He adopted his wolf tongue to speak with his brother. "Easy." He said. "It might just be this Istian that we've been hearing about. I think he's a bear - a true warrior of the forest - and I hope that he'll have been told to expect us. I think that this day we meet a new friend, although if not, then we may have to defend dear Whisper."

He held his stout spear ready and peered through the trees in the direction that Wolf indicated.
Title: Nettle Remains
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Wolf looked on expectantly with his fur raised slightly. His lips curled back to reveal his jagged teeth. Though his brothers words offered some comfort he would remain prepared for whatever might be approaching.

In the distance Maccabeus could hear the rustle of leaves and the snapping of undergrowth limbs. Again Wolf raised his nose and stood at the ready.

Slowly a form began to appear amidst the branches. It was a monstrously large form...bigger than even the giants from the Maccabeus's homeland dale.

The form came into view and it was indeed a bear. It was perhaps the largest creature that either Maccabeus or Wolf had ever laid eyes upon. It's ivory white claws were as long as Maccabeus's arm and it's head was as big as Wolf himself. Bony ridges laced the tops of it's eyes and it's fur was a deep amber that seemed to shimmer in the pale light that echoed from the goldleaf trees.

In it's mouth it carried a large bloodied elk with one massive gash in it's side. As the bear approached Maccabeus could sense that the bear meant no harm. In his head he could hear a gentle wisened voice say, "Brother of Wolves, I am Istian. I am companion to our brother Ashe, son of Zebulon. I bring an offering of food so that we may dine."

Istian, towering over Maccabeus in splendid grandeur, placed the the elk at his feet and lowered himself to his elbows. Using his elbows as legs, he moved in close to Maccabeus and Wolf and began to sniff both of them with his enormous snout.

Maccabeus could feel the inhalation of air being drawn in by the massive predator and Wolf was surprisingly calm. Looking closer at the great bears eyes, Maccabeus could see that they were not the normal eyes of a bear but rather, were actually the symbol emblazoned on his own chest...the symbol of Zebulons' legion.
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Maccabeus was rendered breathless as the behemoth came into view. He had assumed that this would be Ashe's bear-brother coming on his errand, but there was nothing in his history that could have suggested that a bear could get quite so massive.

Actually, his agile mind trapped a reference that this grandsire made to certain types of creatures. Ghur'vuhg, he had called them. These were special animals called in the service of their patrons. Many elder druids had huge eagles that they could even have ridden upon.

Odd, he thought, that Shankaria hadn't any special animal friend as so many Gnarcheon did. But then, she seemed to have been free to call upon any of the animals of the Dale...perhaps that was a special providence of Torqaniq?

The great beast's voice in Maccabeus's head brought the little Dale Gnome back to his senses presently. Standing his full height, Maccabeus barely could see over Istian's head; he looked near square into those ursine eyes when Istian put his chin to the ground. Something in that meeting struck Maccabeus as extermely comical and he laughed aloud.

"Istian," he said. adopting his brethren's ancient cant. "My name is Maccabeus, recently of the Dale of Wolves. It is my great pleasure to at last meet you. Ashe has been a great friend and guide to me since my arrival here. My brother Wolf and I are honored that you consider us to be worthy of sharing your kill."

He grabbed up his little dagger and sliced off a piece of meat from the elk, stuffing it raw into his mouth in a ritualistic manner. Wolf also tore a small piece of the elk from the carcas and ate of it. Maccabeus then smiled a bloody smile at the towering beast and said "It's a fine thing to dine with new friends and to meet my siblings in Zebulon.

He opened his shirt laying obvious his own symbol upon his hairy chest.
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"You've been blessed with the mark I see" Maccabeus could see Istians eyes glance towards Wolf. "Your brother is very loyal to you...and a leader as well."

Istian poked his snout forward and opened his gigantic maw slightly. Wolf stood up and walked forward then, with profound dignity lowered his head to Istian. Istian stood up at full height and bent down placing two of his massive fangs on Wolf’s nose.

Wolf calmly looked at Maccabeus as though to put any fears Maccabeus might have to rest. Then, Istian took a quick nip on Wolf with his huge fangs. Maccabeus could see a spot of blood appear on Wolf’s snout. Istian then hunkered back down and lay his head on the ground. Wolf casually looked Maccabeus’s way and then proceeded to Istian.

Wolf jumped onto his hind legs placing his large paws on Istian’s nose. Wolf looked back again to see if Maccabeus was watching.

(Johan, feel free to add anything to this part of the thread you feel would color it in a little)

Maccabeus was watching the play between his brother and the great bear with the intensity of a bonfire.

Satisfied, Wolf bit Istian…enough to draw blood. Istian and Wolf then rubbed noses mixing their blood. With a bloodied snout, Wolf walked back to Maccabeus and sat down looking at Maccabeus eye to eye.
Title: Nettle Remains
Post by: Johan on January 16, 2008, 09:34:47 AM
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As the giant bear spoke in Maccabeus's head, the irrational part of the little Dale Gnome's mind objected to how everyone insisted on telling him how loyal, beautiful, and leaderly Wolf was, as though they thought that Maccabeus had no eyes for himself!

The rational part of his mind however, admonished him for even having such a thought and told him to be more considerate of others, as they were only admiring the gift that Maccabeus basked in each and every day: the gift of kinship to Wolf.

It was then that his frightened mind perked up, wondering if Istian could read his thoughts, and if the Great Ursa...for that is what he was - not just an abnormally large bear, but a creature of legend; a Ghur'vugh...might take offense to the gnome's jumbled and unappreciative thoughts.

It was thus with fearful and regretful eyes that Maccabeus watched as Istian settled two of his great fangs upon Wolf's nose. Wolf must have seen the look on Maccabeus's face, and in his lupine way lent his feral calm to Maccabeus.

When Istian drew blood from Wolf, Maccabeus's head flopped onto his shoulder and a slight, questioning grunt escaped him (he sounded for all the world like Jarmok just then). The Dale Gnome continued to watch in mute fascination as the two beasts furthered their unusual dance. Wolf, casting an occasional glance at his hunka-brother, was clearly concerned that Maccabeus should bear witness to the events unfolding. Maccabeus squatted down on his haunches in the ceremonial manner of his beloved Dale of Wolves, laying his spear upon the ground in front of him, and watched with the fevered intensity of a bonfire.

Satisfied that the often scattered gnome was attending the event, Wolf returned Istian's bite, nipping the Great Ursa upon his nose barely enough so to draw blood. Sacred blood. Maccabeus enforced to himself.

Still standing tall upon Istian's snout, Wolf then mingled the blood of his own nose with that of Istian's. It was then that Maccabeus recognized what was going on. These two were becoming Hurn-Cord, brothers in their blood. Maccabeus and Wolf were Hunka-brothers - brothers by choice, which was a great honor. Hurn-Cord was similarly a great honor in that the two beasts were opting to share their blood, and thereby their lifeforce, with each other. Maccabeus couldn't even begin to understand the depth to which this blood sharing would impact Wolf...or Istian. Time, he supposed, would tell him about that.

Maccabeus found himself staring contentedly into Wolf's deep brown eyes, which twinkled perturnaturally. Maccabeus lifted his little hand and whispered a veneration to Istisha; his finger glowed a soft blue hue as he traced it across Wolf's split nose. The small cut knitted itself closed. He then turned to similarly close the open cut on Istian's nose, only to find that it had already closed itself.

There were no words that came to Maccabeus's tongue that might adequately express is gratitude to Istian for recognizing Wolf's spirit. He thus stared dumbly into Istian's enormous colored eye, smiling crookedly while a lone tear nestled in his hairy chest.

Note: Johan, I had to make a small albeit significant edit. Istian's eyes are actually not brown but rather that of the symbol that Maccabeus has on his chest as noted previously.
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Istian looked to Maccabeus and stood tall and strong. In his head Maccabeus could hear the wise voice of Istian say, "Brother of Zebulon, we must now finish the rite...come with us."

Istian proceeded to walk through the Goldleaf trees to the edge of the cliff overlooking the river valley. He looked down and then to the south. All elements were there to be seen...Kossuth in the sky, Istisha in the river, Grumbar in the facing cliffs, and Akadi in the wind between. All were there to bear witness.

Wolf Stood next to Istian and Maccabeus next to Wolf. All could see the majesty that Mahiya commanded. "In wildness is the preservation of the world." Istian said to Maccabeus. "Howl with your brother...for this is as much your moment as it is his...and mine".

With that, Wolf bellowed forth a howl the likes of which Maccabeus had never heard from his brother Wolf! It was a beautiful song of all that was primal and base. It echoed through the river valley and somehow completed the sight before them. In the distance, Maccabeus could see the activity in the town stop. Even the distant rhythm of the forge came to a halt.

As Wolf belted out his wild cry, Istian bellowed forth a roar of obscene magnitude. The ground under Maccabeus's feet shook as though afraid of the great being and even the bones in Maccabeus's body seemed to shake from the sheer strength of it. In the tongue of the Druids, Maccabeus heard Ashe and Whisper say, "Howl with your brother".
Title: Nettle Remains
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Maccabeus felt his spirit lift from the husk that was his body as the collective of Mahiya's symphony resonated all about him. Even as Ashe's words rang through his mind, his feral nature rose in his throat and he joined his brothers in singing to Mahiya. The wind kicked up in a small twister over the trio singing upon the ridge, spinning debris from the forest floor around them. Maccabeus could feel Vallenwood join in the primal song from his home at the Ring of Mists. Somewhere high above a raptor let forth his own accompaniment.

At length, their song ended. Maccabeus alit back within his body. He was dizzy, a bit disoriented, and energized. And joyous too, he noted. Wolf was also energized and although he stood majestically stoic, Maccabeus could tell that his hunka-brother was excited like a cub whose parents had just returned from a long hunt.

To Maccabeus, Istian seemed gladdened also, but as he had only just met the Great Ursa, Istian was as yet inscrutable to Maccabeus.
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Wolf slowly walked over to Maccabeus. Instantly Maccabeus could sense something was different about Wolf. He was still the brother he had known but he seemed even more lupine…if that was even possible. To the outside observer there would be no apparent difference. To those that know wolves, the change would be profound.

As Wolf drew close, his eyes caught Maccabeus’s. He turned his head in the typical fashion and stared at his brother intently. Then, Wolf’s eyes began to change.

They went from being the dark of his natural bloodline but switched to the fires of Kossuth and flashed out brightly. The light subsided and Maccabeus could see the celestial body of Akadi, then Istisha, then Grumbar, and finally the Symbol of Mahiya. It was the same symbol that Maccabeus and Ashe bore on their chest and that Istian had in his own eyes.

Wolf began to lick Maccabeus’s face and tumble with him playfully. For the slightest second, Maccabeus sight changed and he could see himself. He could see himself through Wolf’s eyes. Then his sight went back to his own.

Istian hunkered back down and watched the two brothers, his eyes gently glowing in a soft myriad of elemental light.
Title: Nettle Remains
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Maccabeus's heart leapt joyfully. He didn't understand the depths of what was going on, but he was not one to let his ignorance impede merriment.

He gruffled with Wolf playfully, reveling in the knowledge that his clan here in Threshold continued to grow; that the honorable siblings of Mahiya were gathering here, and were allowing him into their lives.

He turned at last to Istian and dropped in a kneeling bow before the Great Ursa. "Thank you, Great One." He said, although whilst kneeling he was even lower than Istian's nose. He did not know what to say beyond that.

He rose again, or tried to. He found that his legs were rubbery from the unexpected gift that Wolf had received, and as he rose he fell forward, his head planting itself in Istian's great nostril.

Istian quickly blew the little gnome out and Maccabeus fell backwards, rolling to halt upside down against a tree. "Sorry." He said meekly.
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Istian regarded the Dale Gnome curiously. It had been a long time since he saw fellow of such slight stature but that was by no means a measure of one’s quality.

Sensing the sickness of the trees and frailty of Whisper, Istian said in thought, “The Minions of Zyxu draw closer with every day…I can smell them…as can your brother. Be sure to rest your head about the Golden Fey…she’s under my protection now. Tend your grove my kindred.”
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Maccabeus picked himself up, shaking his head ruefully. "Aye," he said aloud. "I can see she's well tended. Wolf and I shall away, then. Uh..." He began to realize that his role was now delegated to 'hurry up and wait'. He was anxious to set out on his journey to the Valley, but Ashe said that he'd need  a few days to research, and then the true quest would commence. What to do in the meanwhile?

Well, there was some groundwork to be laid, he supposed. He must converse with his clan now and let them know the urgency of what is to be done; he must find companions for this quest as well, without leaving Threshold herself bereft of protection.

He realized that he was standing stupidly in the lovely grove, and needed to be on the move. Istian stared at him expectantly.

Maccabeus bowed properly, with proper respect and a balanced being. "We go to make our preparations, Honored One. Until we meet again." Wolf helpfully came to Maccabeus and the little gnome hopped upon his brother's back. They were off like a sling stone, running towards the Ring of Mists.

It was time to lay the plans.
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