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Title: Episode 13: Return to the Rivercliff Keep
Post by: fraz on July 23, 2006, 02:50:32 AM
Episode 13
Return to the Rivercliff Keep

[Saturday 22 Jul 06 in Randolph]

Cast of characters:
Dale: Blackspear
Aelath?ha (elf): Dray
Laren: Matt C.
Jarmok: Johan
Maal Brengain: fraz
Ragnor: Himo
Sayer: Phin

Aelath?ha?s intro [read by GM]

Julian hires Aelath?ha and tells him to join the Protectorate in the morning.
Aelath?ha sees a ragged and tired party enter the inn and retire for the evening.

Sythus [Spring]
Valley Year 237
Duthash Dracum Fehy [14 May]

Aelath?ha introduces himself to the Protectorate.
He sits down with Sayer and Maal and eats breakfast.
Jarmok arrives and the group leaves.
They follow the path out of the town towards the keep.
Jarmok takes the lead, scouting ahead.
Sayer, Dale & Maal explain the details of the destination to the new recruit.

Arrive at the keep.
Jarmok notes that the ogres did not leave the keep by the same path (there are no exiting tracks).
Jarmok & Laren scout around the outside of the keep, while the others wait around.

They can see two ogres throwing bodies off of the cliff down to the river and report back.

Plan attack:
Laren, Dale & Sayer will attack from north through gate.
Maal & Ragnor will attack from the east.
Jarmok & Aelath?ha will attack from the west.

Laren will initiate attack on the ogres with sneak attack with bow.
Others will follow from their positions.

Sayer rolls his bones for a reading.
Results are favorable [each character receives a +2 bonus on any one roll].
The group spreads out, taking their positions.

round 1 (surprise round)
Laren hits
Jarmok hits
Sayer holds action
Aelath?ha charges forward jumps over wall and fires his bow - he hits with a psionic focus on the arrow.
Ragnor hits
Maal screams and hits with thrown spear (from long range).
Dale hits

round 2
Laren misses
Jarmok hits
Sayer holds
Aelath?ha misses [1 - not crit]
Ragnor misses
Maal misses
Dale misses

Ogre#1 advances towards front gate and attacks Laren: miss
Ogre# 2 hits Maal?s shield with thrown rock [13 dam!]

round 3
Laren hits [crit 21] killing ogre#1
Jarmok hits with arrow: kills ogre#2

Jarmok listens for approach of enemies, but hears nothing.
Jarmok approaches door to inner keep.

Laren loots the ogre bodies and collects treasure:
7 pp
30 gp
60 sp
150 cp
2 gems

Enter the keep (marching order is as follows):

You open the door and a trace stench comes from beyond. ahead is a set of stone stairs descending into dusky darkness.the weak glow of light reflects off of the musty stone worked walls revealing a landing at the bottom of the stairs.

Around the landing the stairs continue. The ceiling above the stairs slopes with the angle of the stairs but not enough for you to be unable to see that the stairs end at a flat. shodows can be seen moving about but you are unable to distinguish any features.

Descend stairs.
Stairs widen.  There are two short corridors leading off to either side.
Laren & Jarmok enter and attack Zombie Trogs in passages.

round 1
Laren misses
Jarmok hits with bow
Zombie Trogs attack Laren & Jarmok
Laren is hit with spear
Laren inhales mist upon being hit
Jarmok is attacked and missed
Maal enters and attacks 3rd Zombie Trog in center - misses
Maal deflects spear with shield.

round 2
Laren misses
Jarmok misses
Dale misses
Aelath?ha fires arrow and misses
Ragnor mind thrusts

round 3
Laren is poisoned by purple mist [-2 Con]
Laren hits
Maal knocks aside an attack
Maal misses with both attacks (antler & shield)
Aelath?ha misses with arrow
Ragnor misses
Jarmok hits

round 4
Laren hits
Maal makes Fort save
Sayer holds
Maal hits with antlers (using +2 from Sayer's earlier reading)
Aelath?ha hits
Jarmok hits
Jarmok is hit (saves)
Dale misses
Ragnor hits

round 5
Laren hits
Sayer holds
Maal blocks spear
Maal misses with antlers and shield
Aelath?ha hits with sword
Jarmok finally destroys one!
Dale hits and destroys one
Ragnor misses

round 6
Laren hits
Maal misses 2x
Sayer holds
Aelath?ha hits with arrow and destroys it

Looking down the stairs, the group can see and opening overlooking the river.

A door is chosen and Jarmok opens it.

You open the door and a glowing purple mist billows out enveloping all of you. Within the room you see six figures in the room. the figures are half eaten and their eyes are rolled to the top just below their eyelids. Their bellies have been ripped out and bloody gore hangs from their chest cavity. You see that there are two shorter individuals that appear to have been children. the other four look to have been common adults but with the lacerations and tears all over their bodies it's a bit hard to tell.

Aelath?ha and Dale breath in the purple mist [temp loss of Con]

6 undead figures approach the doorway
4 adults and 2 children (the missing dead folk from the mines!)
They are each missing several teeth!

round 1
Aelath?ha generates a psionic shield around himself
Jarmok hits w/ axe
Maal hits 2x (with antlers and shield)
Jarmok easily fends off a couple of attacks
Sayer holds
Aelath?ha fends off an attack
Dale hits
Laren hits
Ragnor hits killing a zombie child
Aelath?ha is missed

round 2
Aelath?ha hits
Jarmok hits
Maal misses 2x
Sayer watches the rear - holding action
Jarmok parries a fist w/ shield
Dale hits with staff
Laren misses
Laren is missed
Ragnor hits destroying another zombie child

round 3
Aelath?ha hits with sword
Jarmok hits splitting zombie into a pile o? guts
Maal stabs zombie in eye with antlers and destroys it
Sayer holds
Dale hits
Laren hits
Ragnor hits with axe

round 4
Aelath?ha hits
Jarmok hits
Maal hits with antlers destroying last one

On the west end of the room is a large marble statue of a magnificent dragon.The statue is augmented with platinum highlighting the edges and ridgesof the dragon. The head of the dragon has been defaced and placed upon where the face should be is a large symbol with eyes at each point of a pentagram.

In front of the statue ia a large carved altar with dried rivers of blood creeping down the edges. The legs of the altar are carved wingless dragons reared up holding the altar with their front legs. On the altar are three naked bodies. the bodies have no injuries on them with the exception od a large hole cut in their chest where their heart should be. On one end of the altar is a large obsidian bowl with a soft angled rim. the outside of the bowl is etched with various symbols and inlaid with silver. In the bowl are three piles of ashes.

Upon the walls of the room are a multitude of exquisite reliefs in marble and inlaid with platinum. The ceiling is vaulted from corner to corner with cryptic divine symbols on the dome above.

On the north wall are two doors at opposite ends of the room.

2 doors on north wall
several folks listen at the doors
nothing is heard

Jarmok opens the east door

Opening the door you see that there is a 10' foyer leading into a 20'x20' room. In the room are two beds, chests, and desks. the frames of the beds appear to be in good condition. Both of the mattresses are musty and stripped down. the lids of the chests are opened and the chests are empty. The desks are also in good condition as are the pushed in chairs that accompany them. the tops of the desk are bare and there are 2 drawers on either side of both desks.

Laren finds a hidden compartment in floor
he detects no traps and opens it
a poison dart fires past him
he finds a small chest
he opens the chest and finds 2 scrolls and a ring
the desks are searched and three sheets of paper and three ink wells are found.

Dale investigates area and is able to determine that this temple was converted to temple of Takhisis from a temple of Paladine

Jarmok opens west door

Opening the door you see that there is a 10' foyer leading into a 20'x20' room. In the room are two beds, chests, and desks. the frames of the beds appear to be in good condition. One of the beds has been stripped down and the other appears to have been in use. Opposite of the used bed, upon the wall is a symbol resempling the one hanging on the statue in the temple. the lids of the chests are opened and the chests are empty. One of the desks has the chair pushe in and the other is angled out. The tops of the desk are bare and there are 2 drawers on either side of both desks.

Jarmok searches room for tracks/activity
it has recently been occupied
Laren searches/ransacks room
Laren finds another compartment in the floor here
he finds no trap and opens it cautiously
he finds a coffer containing 5 vials

retreat back out to stairs
Jarmok opens other door
turns to right (south) and angles left
door on north wall
south corridor (right turn) ends in door
left angle opens into chamber
Jarmok opens north door:

Opening the door you see a 10' foyer leading into a 20'x20' room. The room looks to have been burned out long ago. along the walls are piles of cinders. soot lines the walls and ceiling and placed about the room are six burned orc skeletons.

follow south passage
opening on right

The room open to the hallway has many tables and benches thrown aside to the walls. Many arrows stick out from the wood furniture and several of the skeletons that were once on the ground have been tossed upon the wood rubble. A few tables and benches look to have been in recent use with the ornamentation of dirty plates and utensils.

continue on to south door

Beyond the door you see a kitchen. There is a cooking hearth with many pans and pots scattered about. A soot covered chimney is cut into the stone wall and extends up.

Laren searches
exit on left:

This is a 20'x20' room filled with barrels and crates. it looks to be a pantry and storeroom for the kitchen. the stores are young and the containers speak of an age much younger than the rest of the trappings in the underground.

Dale removes stoppers on kegs draining the liquid onto the floor

leave and check out north chamber

This open entry room is lined with empty cobwebbed weapon racks. At the end of the room are target bails with multiple holes in them. The floor is smattered with bones speaking of a battle long over. The skeletons are that of humans, dwarves, and orcs. Hanging in the room is a purple cloud. within the cloud are 8 short upright skeltons with battle axes sporting a thin skin of rust.

8 dwarven skeletons in old chainmail approach

round 1
Laren attacks with club - misses
skeleton misses Aelath?ha
Dale misses
Aelath?ha misses
skeleton misses Ragnor
battleaxe bounces off Maal?s shield
skeleton misses Jarmok
Jarmok misses
another skeleton misses Maal
Maal attracts two attacks off opportunity as she grabs a heavy mace
Ragnor is missed on attack of opportunity
Ragnor grabs a mace from the wall
Sayer moves to safety

round 2
Laren withdraws out through the door
Aelath?ha is missed
Dale withdraws out through the door
Maal is hit for 5
Aelath?ha withdraws
Jarmok blocks with his shield
Maal is hit again
Maal tells Jarmok to retreat - she will cover the their retreat
Jarmok holds action and tells Maal to go first
Maal again tells Jarmok to go and attacks - misses
Jarmok ignores her request and attacks and hits
Ragnor uses energy missile to launch a firebomb - it explodes and damages a few, but none fall
Jarmok is missed
Sayer withdraws

round 3
Dale gets an empty barrel from the pantry and rolls it towards the armory
Jarmok is missed
Maal is missed
Maal is hit  and falls to the floor unconscious [crit for 16]
Jarmok quickly feeds Maal a potion, inviting several attacks of opportunity, but he is missed every time
Maal recovers and regains her feet [9 hp]
Ragnor controls object on a mace and flings it at a skeleton, hitting it in the head [3]

round 4
Jarmok is nicked
Maal is missed
Jarmok is missed
Maal is missed
Dale yells out a warning to Jarmok, Maal and Ragnor as he gets the barrel into position.
Maal finally withdraws (knowing that they are hopelessly outmatched and realizing that Jarmok is too stubborn to go first).
Aelath?ha withdraws.
Jarmok withdraws, but doesn?t pass Ragnor, as they retreat up the corridor.
Dale waits to roll the barrel.
Maal and Jarmok pass Dale (and Jarmok passes Ragnor who stops to help Dale).
Dale and Ragnor roll the barrel at the skeletons.
The barrel rolls over the skeletons and Dale and Ragnor retreat.

grab dead priests
everyone retreats outside
burn ogres
leave keep
walk to threshold with dead priests
Title: Episode 13: Return to the Rivercliff Keep
Post by: Wildfire on July 24, 2006, 08:17:37 PM
Descriptions and comments are in BLUE.

Thank you Fraz for writng this up.
Title: Episode 13: Return to the Rivercliff Keep
Post by: Johan on July 24, 2006, 04:43:40 PM
I'm just now getting around to reading this properly:

Laren will initiate attack on the ogres with sneak attack with bow...

If I'm not mistaken that was with what is called a "Bloodhook". Please chime in, Laren, and let me know one way or the other.

Other than the note that Phin made (which I note is already fixed), I don't see anything that's worth contending.

Thanks for the log, Fraz.

Drew, can you add your descriptions to the appropriate places?
Title: Episode 13: Return to the Rivercliff Keep
Post by: Johan on July 24, 2006, 09:35:33 AM
Indeed. It was his personal shield, which augemented his AC to 22
Title: Episode 13: Return to the Rivercliff Keep
Post by: Phineas on July 23, 2006, 08:56:16 AM
Aelath?ha creates a psionic shield for all

I believe that this was a personal shield?
Title: Episode 13: Return to the Rivercliff Keep
Post by: Dray on October 05, 2006, 01:15:55 PM
Can I tease your memories a bit?

How many "dead priests" were found and in what condition? Descriptions?
Title: Episode 13: Return to the Rivercliff Keep
Post by: Wildfire on October 06, 2006, 08:52:31 AM
Hmm...I had thought I put the decriptions in. I shall remedy the lack therof.

Dray, to quickly surmise: three priest were found dead on the altar with their hearts carved out.
Title: Episode 13: Return to the Rivercliff Keep
Post by: Griznuq on October 06, 2006, 01:42:23 PM
Any indication of the Cause of death??
Title: Episode 13: Return to the Rivercliff Keep
Post by: Johan on October 10, 2006, 12:09:27 PM
Severe chest cold; someone let the cold air in.