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Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Wildfire on June 27, 2006, 08:25:11 PM
Duthash Dracum Arkus 237 VY (May 16)

Kym had woken early. It had been days since she had hunted and the need to run had overtaken her. It was a few hands before Kossuth would rise but the birds had already begun their morning song. She descended the stairs in her hunting clothes to see her father, Zarion, sitting at a table eating breakfast. The lantern was dim and it cast an eerie glow on his face. His long slightly grayed hair, extended sideburns, and  predacious features made him look particularly wolfish. As he took a bite of food from his fork Kym could see markedly pointed canine teeth. She had always known they were there and she too shared this trait but she took keen note of them this morning. It was a sign of family heritage and she was suddenly overwhelmed with pride that she was her father?s daughter.

?You?re up early.? Zarion said.

?I was restless?couldn?t sleep.? Kym replied.

Zarion looked up, ?That?s the night calling you. You?ll get used to it.?

?Dad, when is Mom coming back?? Kym asked.

?When the time is right. Her work is very important, as you know. But I miss her too.? Zarion said trying to convince himself.

?She been in Kaaryn?Zyth for so long I figured that she?d have returned by now.? Kym said with a bit of questioning in her voice.

?She?s safe. If anyone in Mahiya is safe it?s her. Worry not, Kymberly.? Zarion looked upon his daughter and said, ?You look like your going out to hunt.? Zarion said. ?Are you going to run with your pack??

Kym smiled as her worries were alleviated and said, ?Yep. And if I could borrow your bow?I?d sure like to.?

?You know where it is. Don?t hunt on the east side of the river. It?s very dangerous right now.? Zarion warned. ?By the way, have you gone hunting with Maccabeus and his brother yet??

?Actually, that?s where I?m going right now. The ring is?where is the Ring?? Kym said with a furrowed brow.

?South of Coryndar Fields so I?m told. It?s surrounded by brambles that may not welcome you. So be careful. Call to him first. I?m sure he?ll hear you. If he doesn?t, his brother will.?

?Okay Dad. I?ll be careful.? Kym had hesitated for a long time asking her next question but couldn?t hold back any longer, ?Dad, have you seen the Blood Tear??

Zarion took another bite from his fork and said, ?That?s why I?m awake.?
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Wildfire on September 13, 2006, 07:43:31 PM
Kym looked at Maccabeus as he spoke and back at Ashe for the answers.

"Good questions..." Ashe said "...the point of any rite involving the Ashlords and the nameless is to eat the life of Mahiya. That one singular thought consumes drives their very existence."

Ashe knelt down and picked up a hand full of ash and let it slip through his fingers. "The ritual was a success. The ash around you is proof of that."

He then went to the center stone and picked up one of the decrepit symbols and held it up. Pieces of the symbold flaked away in his hand and he said, "And yes...we have an enemy among us. One far more vile and sinister than the Shadow Riders could ever dream of being. Even they are not safe." Ashe crushed the symbol into a fine powder with little effort."

"As for any particular place that they are drawn to...well, just about anywhere suits them. Holy places are of particular interest though. You first saw them at the Ring of Mists. The Ring is the entrance marker for the Valley. I believe it is the the life of the Valley that they seek."

Ashe looked from one dangling body to another and cracked a smile, "You be assured that the Shadow Riders never saw this coming."
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Johan on September 13, 2006, 01:08:50 PM
"So what's the point of this rite?" Maccabeus asked. "Did it succeed? Do we have a new enemy in our hills? What do we do from here?"

He didn't truly expect clear answers to these queries, but they needed to be asked.

"Also, do these rites need to take place at particular places? What makes those spots suitable? Can we find those spots and make them unsuitable? If we can get there ahead of them and sanctify those spots so that they are no longer useful to the Ashlords, then perhaps we can cut their feet our from under them." In the little dale gnome's mind, there was the flavor of merit to this seed of an idea.
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Wildfire on September 05, 2006, 07:29:54 PM
(Johan, page 4 post 11 has other detailed descriptions of the bodies that may have some bearing on further posts)

Ashe glanced from one impaled body to the other and said, "I've seen the effects of this rite before. As a matter of fact, the man that became Zebulon had also seen such defilments at the Tower. It's doubful that these men were willing subjects of this. The brands on their hands mark their loyalty to Takhisis. The symbols are usually made of tempered blackened steel and yet they're flaking apart." Ashe picked up one of the symbols from the center stone and crumbled it in his hand.

"Whether these soldiers were willing or not, the Ashlords make no distinction between divine factions under Mahiya. All they Know, all they feel is the void that is ever hungry. A greed that cannot be sated. Not unlike the greed of the Eye."

Ashe knelt down and scratched Wolf behind the ear. "I cannot say for certain when this occured except that it was recent. I wouldn't be at all surprised if it occured the same night as Kit's...episode...all my herbs destroyed...damnit..." Ashe shook his head. "I've seen far too much in my life to cast events to coincidence. I'd be willing to bet that this happened the same night."
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Johan on August 30, 2006, 08:57:09 AM
"I'm not sure exactly how you make that conclusion." Maccabeus admitted. "I have heard that those symbols are those of the Shadow Empire, but I can't be certain that they were put there voluntarily or not. Jarmok told me that there was a number of soldiers who were taken when the councilors were abducted. Did we ever find those bodies? I would have figured that for this sort of rite they'd almost prefer the sacrifices be hostages. And, since I can't distinguish any details of the armor itself, I can't say for certain what empire these men hailed from."

He considered for a moment. "As usual, all I'm really certain of is that I don't know." He shrugged lightly for emphasis. "As for what this truly tells me, I can't say that either...what was the point of this rite?"

Maccabeus stood rigid for a moment, his brow furrowed in thought as he appeared to count something internal. "Let's say that this event happened not last night, but the night before...that's when you and I were struggling with Kit, wasn't it? Some fairly momentous things happened that night, did they not?" he looked sidelong at Ashe. "Coincidence?" He asked conspiratorially.

Too bad that thread isn't completed eh? Dray?...
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Wildfire on August 29, 2006, 09:37:47 PM
Ashe smirked as Maccabeus's keen assessement. "You're partly right except for..."

Kym was looking at one of the bodies hanging stuck on a pike when she interjected softly to finish the thought, "...except that the symbols with the eyes are symbols of Takhisis. These soldiers were Shadow Riders...much like the ones that attacked the the town the other night."

Kym turned around to face both Maccabeus and Ashe and said, "What in the hell is going on here?"

Ashe pursed his lips a bit and said, "Hell is far too kind a word."
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Johan on August 29, 2006, 05:14:40 PM
Maccabeus hated tests like this one. It was too common that what was to be told pendulated upon the observer's knowledge of his enemy, and while those who held their sacred rite here were enemy to Maccabeus, he had yet to learn more than the merest shreds about them. He was woefully prepared for this kind of test.

Still...he looked on the grisly scene and detached himself from it, as his grandsire had taught him.

"These soldiers were likely not willing participants in this rite." He suggested. "The rite has sucked the life from the soldiers, and from the land; what we have here is a miniature version of what you have described to me as the blasted land north of here." He coughed again, his throat running dry once more.

"It seems to me that the power of this foul rite is likely all but spent now. I note that the bodies of the men, and even their armor, are rapidly disintegrating into nothing. I would guess that those performing this rite used these eyed pentagrams as the vehicles, and further used these soldiers as their source of power, to invert the presence of life in this area. As the sources become spent, I would expect that the propagation of the null-area to cease. That is, this circle of non-life will grow no further for the time being, since the implements of the rite will have been consumed."

"Unless I miss my guess, I'd say that there is some significance to these fellows facing inward towards the stone with the eyes...I'd say that there was a significance to facing the void, or seeing eye-to-eye their own destruction. Other than that, I would say that these are obviously agents of Zyxu, as much as those who violated the Ring were. I would also suggest by the speed that these fellows are decaying, that this event didn't happen very long ago. This very morning or last night perhaps."

He trailed off, looking around the death circle, and finally at Ashe.
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Wildfire on August 28, 2006, 07:30:18 PM
Ashe cleared his throat of the choking grit in the air. "Now, If you look at this scene is says much about what exactly happened here. Look about"

Maccabeus looked around and could see that the people stuck on the pikes were all facing towards the stone in the center of their circle of death. Upon the stone were blackened steel symbols of pentagrams with an eye at each point and wreathed within a circle. Some of the symbols had decayed into powedr while others were quickly meeting the same fate even before Maccabeus's eys. Most of the clothes and, what was probably armor had grown brittle and fallen away from withered corpses who were once, in all likelyhood, soldiers.

Roughly carved upon the bald stone was the bull head symbol that Maccabeus had come to know only shortly after having just arrived to Threshold.

Having attuned himself to the land Maccabeus could usually feel the life energy that it gave. Here there was none. The devestation of whatever had happened here ran wide and deep. Not a trace of anymovement could be found since the dust was was very fine and even the slightest breeze would have masked any possible tracks that might have endured. though the air now was still and silent.

Wolf set about attempting to sniff scents but was only greeted with annoying ash going up his nose. Several times he snorted and gave up.

"What does this scene tell you?" Ashe asked.
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Wildfire on August 23, 2006, 01:21:05 PM
As soon as I can.
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Johan on August 23, 2006, 12:23:27 PM
Can you describe that area where Macc is looking? The one that Ashe had indicated?

Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Wildfire on August 22, 2006, 08:15:40 PM
"Hmm." was all Ashe sounded. "That's interesting. Now, if you look over..."

Kym interupted him, "Interesting? That's all you can say?!" her tone betrayed her significant annoyance with his answer. "Look around! What's happened? You obviously know something that you're not telling us! What is it? Stop with the riddles and stop..."

"Kym! You stop! You think this doesn't bother me? You think me so casual over this? You're wrong. I'm just prepared for it! Don't confuse casual with expectant."

Kym began to protest once again when Ashe continued, "This is simply the beginning. The beginning of something that's been happening for thousands of years. My whole life has been spent fighting this...every single day. So don't think me so casual. You have no idea what you're talking about. Do you understand me?"

Kym was suddenly humbled. The usually cheerful girl of Hunter's Lodge looked down with a sad frown. "I...I'm sorry Uncle."

"Both of you must ask yourselves something as this unfolds. What drives your passions about this? The destruction of something you love or the destruction to something you hate?"
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Johan on August 15, 2006, 01:53:26 PM
Maccabeus moved carefully over to where Ashe was looking. "I had a vision of a man who looked like you, and of a tower on top of a waterfall." He explained as he went. He scanned the area as he went, looking around, trying to sort Ashe's prints from any others that might be present, and trying to estimate the edges of the ashen devastation (Spot: Modified 27...a natural 20!!). "The man looked right at me, like he could see me, and he said: 'Soon.' That is all that I remember."

He peered at the area that Ashe indicated.
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Wildfire on August 15, 2006, 12:54:24 PM
Ashe was crouched down and was studying the rough makeshift alter and hear a question snapped out of his thoughts, "Huh...Tower...What?"

He stood up and said, "What do you mean? I've been in town all day except to come here."

Ashe waved Maccabeus and Kym up to him, "Come...take a look at this."
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Johan on August 15, 2006, 10:46:42 AM
"My head hurts." Maccabeus admitted as he hauled himself to his feet, using Wolf as a crutch on one side and Kym on the other. "It's still a little stuffy too, but that will clear I'm sure." He readjusted the mask that he had been wearing; it had moved as he drank.

"Ashe, was that you I saw after the tower that was over the waterfall? Where were you?" He walked gingerly, still holding Wolf for support, coming into closer proximity to where Ashe was mulling.
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Wildfire on August 14, 2006, 08:43:41 PM
Kym stared at the Dale gnome who, at this point was sitting up on his own, and said, "You passed out. You started speaking in your natural tongue and that tattoo on your chest began to radiate like the light of Kossuth itself! Then you fell into the dust unconscious. You really scared me Maccabeus. I had to calm Wolf down. It if wasn't who Iam i don't think he would have let anyone near you...he's very protective of you, you know."

Ashe continued shifting about through the grove kicking up the fine ash into the air. He seemed outrageously occupied with the grim scene.

Kym said, "Can you stand?"

Wolf stood there overseeing his dirt caked brother making sure that Maccabeus was indeed least by his standards. Alpha was with Ashe following closely by his side with great interest at his side. Kym knew that Alpha was very fond of Ashe as he was always treated by him with profound respect not usually seen outside of the Lupine circle.

Still the bodies hung on the pikes as an effigy would in front of a mob of angry people. Their lifeless bodies revealing only a pain in death rarely ever witnessed.
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Johan on August 11, 2006, 09:24:38 AM
Maccabeus drank greedily from the skin, though his head still swam a bit. The water was from the Ring, and was still very refreshing, although it was diminished compared to a draught directly from the source.

At length, he lowered the skin, and breathed more easily. "Thank you." He said as he sat up. "I'm ok. What happened?" He asked again, trying to better get his bearings. He took another small pull from the water skin.
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Wildfire on August 10, 2006, 08:33:17 PM
Kym cradled the Dale Gnome as though he were her child. His head was held in her arms and she stared a him relieved that he said something. Without words she slipped up his mask and went to pour silvery water down his throat. She was hoping this would revive him even a little. Wolf continued his licking. Maccabeus realized his throat was like rust.

Peering up, Maccabeus could see Kym's worried eyes amidst the dark sooty grime that covered her face. "Maccabeus? Mac...are you okay?" Kym held the waterskin away so that he could answer. Impatient for an answer Kym asked Ashe, "Ashe, will he be alright?"

Casually Ashe answered, "Who...Maccbeus? Oh yeah, he'll be fine. He's just a little smitten is all. He'll snap to-to in a little while." Maccabeus could see Ashe's shadowy form moving about the middle of the foul grove. Thirst blazed in his throat.

"Well, how long is a little while?" Kym asked letting the waterskin rest on her leg. Her tone had betrayed her annoyance at the answer.

"Well, as soon as you let the little man have some of that water he should be okay...quit teasing him..." Ashe said reminding Kym that Maccabeus was, no doubt, thirsty from breathing the darkened air.

Slightly flustered at her own disregard, Kym quickly uncorked the skin and brought it to Maccabeus's lips. "Here, drink this. Ashe says it'll make you feel better."
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Johan on August 10, 2006, 09:40:29 AM
Maccabeus blinked rapidly and tried to dust the cobwebs from his mind. "Whu hap'ned?" He slurred. His tongue was thick behind Kym's green mask. He gripped Wolf's furry cheek for reassurance and peered towards the dark silhouette, wondering if he was hallucinating, or whether Ashe truly was there now. He tried to reconcile Ashe's features to those of the hooded one in his vision.

Was that Ashe? He wondered of the hooded face in his vision. Is this man Ashe? How did he get there so quickly? He couldn't have, so how long was Maccabeus...gone? He looked questioningly at Kym then, hoping for answers to be found in her sharp, delicate eyes.
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Wildfire on August 08, 2006, 07:39:11 PM
Maccabeus's spirit reached to the depths of his reverence for all that was life to reach the majestic presence of the young but mighty Vallenwood. Though the great tree was still new to it's surroundings it's roots ran deep and it's wisdom wide. It carried part of the soul of all that had ever been and that would be. It was life defined.

Quickly Maccabeus felt as though roots were entering the bottom of his feet giving him a tingling sensation. He felt a soft heat on his chest and though his eyes were closed he saw only brilliance. The Vallenwood reached out to him as he reached to it. He was connected in a way that he couldn't even comprehend let alone explain. For those that would understand there was no explaination and for those that couldn't understand there was no explaination.

He wanted to save what he loved more than he wanted to destroy what he hated. It was that feeling that the Vallenwood embraced. It was that feeling that Maccabeus knew would bring Ashe here to him, to this scarred place. Maccabeus could feel it, he knew.

In a flash Maccabeus could see a tower of magnificent stature over a grand waterfall. Then the face of a man was looking at him from under a hood. He had the similar dashing looks that Ashe held even in his age. The man spoke in a timeless voice and simply said, "Soon."

Maccabeus woke up in the strong, caring arms of Kym and was being licked repeatedly in the face by Wolf. Through the gritty air Maccabeus could see the dark silhouette of Ashe in the middle of the grisly scene.
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Johan on August 08, 2006, 09:59:56 AM
The horrid scene leached the joy from Maccabeus. "A-ya." He said quietly behind his mask. "Agents of the nameless one, and a foul ritual besides."

He looked at Kym solemnly. "Ashe needs to see this today. Now." He scanned the scene again. Up, down, and around. "Still, I don't want to leave either."

He closed his eyes and quieted his heart. Seeking in the ground that presence of the Vallenwood...perhaps his young mentor could yet hear him, even this far away, and relay unto Ashe this dire need.
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Wildfire on August 07, 2006, 07:59:17 PM
Wolf looked back to Maccabeus and peered at him with the eye that was facing him. Maccabeus knew his Wolf brother well enough to know that come what may he would never voluntarily leave his side...even should it lead to death. Wolf stood tall and proud with his head and tail high in the air. He was indeed a noble creature. Many two leggeds would not harbor such loyalty to their friends.

Kym was worried for Alpha. She knew that he was nervous and she now understood why. She was relieved to see Wolf bolster his spirits with his pride and fearlessness. Alpha, although anxious, was now at greater ease.

Kym tread forward softly with her bow drawn and ready for anything. Despite her scouting ahead revealing and empty grove, she didn't allow herself to be lured into false security...she was too seasoned a hunter for that.

Wolf cautiously stepped forward delicately to remain silent. The grass beneath started to blend with dark ash and soot. It was as though a fire had swept through selectively burning the surrounding flora. The ending stems of the underbrush faded from brown to black to dust. As the troupe walked by, the delicate configurations fell away into the air in a hazy, grimy cloud.

Kym was fairly close ahead but the gritty dust obscured all but her silhouette to Maccabeus's eyes, which had started to tear up from the sting of the vile cloud.

Ahead Maccabeus could see that there was something up in a clearing. As he proceeded forward it became clear to him that it was people impaled up under the chest and left to dangle in whatever wind might come along. The poles were arranged in a circle with each of the impaled facing to the middle.

There were, at first glance about twenty such ornamented sharpened poles, but as Maccabeus got closer in he could see it was closer to double that.

All of the victims wore inky black cloaks and had the familiar defiled grove symbol carved into their foreheads. Their ashen skin was hard and wrinkled as though the blood has been sucked out of them. Areas of their flesh had fallen away to dust adding to the choking cloud that infested the grove. Their eyes were now empty pits and their lips were curled in an empty death scream. They had the appearance of mummies without the traditional wrappings.

Upon their hands Maccabeus could barely see that each had what looked like brands of an eye. In the middle of the circle of death was a common stone. Upon the stone was a pile of small blackend iron medallions with pentagrams. At each end of the pentagram was a similar eye to the hand brands. Carved into the stone was the symbol that Maccabeus had come to despise.
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Johan on July 31, 2006, 01:02:47 PM
Maccabeus hopped down from Wolf and accepted Kym's mask. "Thank ye." He said simply. Tying it about his face, he said, "This is what the Ring looked like when we arrived. This is the work of the agents of has to be." He then turned to Wolf and asked, "Do you want to stay here, brother? The air is sweeter just a bit behind."
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Wildfire on July 31, 2006, 12:54:57 PM
As he followed, Maccabeus's eys became irritated by the grit. It was alot like the dust at the Ring before it was saved.

Alpha hesitated going forward at first but his bond with Kym was greater then his fear of this place. Approaching, Maccabeus could see that under Wolf's paws the underbrush was mixing with a dark, grey ash. The haze had him squinting to see anything beyond.

He then saw Kym silhouette emerge from the dusty curtain. Her features became clearer the more she pulled out of the gritty fog. She emerged with a thin film of sweat soaked ash on her face making her eyes gleam out. Though it was something that Maccabeus had experienced before somehow on her it looked almost endearing...a girl not afraid to get dirty.

She came up, shaking her head and quietly said, "'ve've got to see this. The area is clear so we shouldn't have any problems."

Kym pulled out two green halfmasks and handed one to Maccabeus. She slipped one on her head and it covered the lower half of her face leaving her eyes exposed. "I usually use these for hunting so my face doesn't shine in the light. Hopefully they'll keep the dust from our inards."
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Johan on July 31, 2006, 10:19:55 AM
As Kym's form grew less distinct, Maccabeus gave Wolf a silent signal to follow the lass. Wolf crouched low, much as Kym herself had, and padded forward, following her slowly so that Kym never quite faded from view.

I don't have his modifiers here, but his base roll was a 14 for Move Silently.
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
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Kym nodded her understanding and crept forward crouched down and bow nocked and ready. Maccabeus didn't hear a single sound of her movements. She was a true huntress.

Kym plunged into the dusty forest and, true to his word, Maccabeus kept a watchful eye on her. He knew that Wolf and most likely Alpha would keep an alert ear out for any other activity. Maccabeus struggled to keep sight of Kym due to the dust and haze of the area and feared to blink for losing her.

At last, he could no longer see her silhouette admidst the dingy air. Alpha became even more restless but nevertheless maintained his vigil. Wolf, as a protector, stared about and was ready for anything.
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Johan on July 28, 2006, 03:20:29 PM
Stoically, wordlessly, Maccabeus pointed at Kym, and then forward, indicating that she should move ahead. Having witnessed her skulking about, he was prepared to submit that she was stealthier than he, even though he was upon the broad back of his brother.

He then jammed his thumb into his own chest, then placed his two longer fingers at his eyes, then pointed one of them to her; he would keep her in his eyesight.
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Wildfire on July 28, 2006, 02:16:21 PM
Kym skulked up to Maccabeus. She crouched down so that she was nearly at eye level. She glanced sidelong at him and pointed with her chin that they should move forward.

She drew her bow tight with the arrow and with Alpha at her side stepped cautiously forward.

There was an unusual dusty haze filling the still air that was highlighted by the beams of light penetrating the treetops. Maccabeus eyes began to itch from the fine airey grit. As they got closer Maccabeus could see ahead that the forest started to clear and thin. Not a word was spoken, not a sound was heard.

Kym crouched again, her bow still drawn. She leaned to Maccabeus's ears and barely whispered, "I can go scout ahead and check it out or we can go together. Either way is fine with me."
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Johan on July 28, 2006, 09:05:35 AM
Maccabeus concentrated on his breathing. He opened his mouth a bit so that the noise of his inhales and exhales wasn't as pronounced. He pulled his stout spear from his back, and gripped it tightly, ready to use it either as a spear or as a staff. Under his breath he uttered a brief prayer, seeking guidance from Istisha.

The silence of birds and insects spoke more loudly to Maccabeus than did Wolf's rumblings. He stroked Wolf's thick neck soothingly, but dared not utter comforting sounds.

He peered as a hunter in all directions [Spot Check 25]  :D  and listened intently for any sounds to betray the enemy. [Listen Check 12]  :cry:
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Wildfire on July 27, 2006, 07:09:59 PM
"Aye." Kym said pulling her bow from her back. She slipped an arrow between her slender fingers and lightly held the shaft of it to the string.

The four of them continued on only Alpha didn't proceed at a hunting pace but rather a stalking one. The other five wolves stayed behind on wary alert just as they were told. Kym moved with the silence of a breeze and Wolf proceeded just as Alpha did. The only sounds to be heard were the occasional rustles of the trees. No birds were singing and no insects were annoyingly flying around anyone's head.

They walked along the cliff with severe caution waiting for anything to happen. Then Alpha stopped. He looked back to the others. Maccabeus could feel the low rumble of Wolf's chest as though he were building up a warning growl. They were very close.
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Johan on July 27, 2006, 02:19:51 PM
"Up here you can keep a fairly close watch on the comings and goings of things and people to and from the valley also." Maccabeus observed.

"These could be watchers, or they could be looking for a point from which they can try to destroy the valley...if that's possible. I suppose that it must be possible since Ashe says that it had happened once upon a time. I wonder if they're going to try to steal those relics again? Those that tried to subvert the Ring were agents of Zyxu."

It all seemed to Maccabeus to fit rather neatly. "Let's go see who's here, shall we?" He asked with a trace of predation infiltrating his voice and tone.
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Wildfire on July 27, 2006, 12:39:28 PM
Kym offhandedly said, "Well, we're not too far from the..." Kym's words hung in the air. She turned her head to look at Maccabeus and finished her thought in a question, "...valley?"

She looked away to the south with an expression of revelation and shock on her face.
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Johan on July 27, 2006, 12:09:47 PM
"War?" Maccabeus echoed. "No. Violence? Yes." He seemed to consider for a moment then.

"Well, perhaps we really do." He conceded at last. "There are generally no campaigns that we tend to think about as war, but I suppose it is war. My folks are at constant odds with the giants and their kin that come out of the mountains. Clan friction isn't unheard of, of course. But our brand of war is motivated not by someone owning something of a piece of land; it's just survival, and the stupid prejudice of the giantkin who come for the sole purpose of killing. They would kill whatever they run into, I suppose, it just happens that we dale gnomes and our allies are the first unfortunates that they come upon. And wildlanders too."

He changed the subject then. "But the presence of ancient ruins intrigues me. I have to wonder if foullings aren't looking for something that has been lost for centuries. I wonder what might be hidden amongst the shattered buildings. I wonder what they might think might be hidden amongst the shattered buildings. I wonder what might happen if they find something of use, or something that they might be seeking."

He looked sidelong at his companion after he mused.
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Wildfire on July 27, 2006, 11:33:55 AM
Just as Kym was about to charge out she stopped. "There are lots of ruins out here in these woods. Some may have been sacred. I'm not really sure. The history of this area has been filled with a lot of violence and destruction. In the last Shadow War Threshold was left as a pile of rubble and the Kingdom of Vychia was cracked. In time Threshold was rebuilt. Then the Arcane Wars brought to it more devestation. Through all of that most of the records and people that lived here have either perished or were lost."

Kym looked at Maccabeus quizzically, "Do you see much war in your beloved Dale of Wolves? Oh, the name of that place...well, it just fills me with hope."
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
Post by: Johan on July 27, 2006, 10:46:52 AM
Maccabeus perked up as Kym spoke. "Are you saying that there are sacred ruins up here? Of what sort?"
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
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Kym was looking to the south and said, "Yes, beyond that range is the Valley of Mist. Aside from ruins there's nothing out here that I know of that is sacred. Of course that doesn't mean there isn't."

Kym instinctually checked all of her equipment. Maccabeus noticed that she certified that the bronzewood bow was still on her back more than a few times.

"I don't know much at all about the foulings or their plans. But this place seems pretty remote. Perhaps they're looking for such a place to build strength without attention. But that's what we're here to find out."

Kym called out to Alpha, "Lead the way, my brother!"
Title: Wolves on the Hunt
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Maccabeus nodded and grunted his understanding as he stared out to the expanse to the south. "I take it that the Valley of the Mists is on the far side of that range?" He asked, confident of the answer. "Are there any sacred things or places up here, Kym? It seems an odd place for foullings to work their atrocities."
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The pack bounded back into the forest. The terrain was becoming much more difficult to navigate. maccabeus knew that this was a certain sign of the mountains beginning to climb.

They climbed a high hill that quickly turned into a cliff. Wolf was in his glory. His run seemed unimpeded by his cargo as he climbed the steep hill. It was testimony to the strength he possessed over the rest of the pack. Arriving to the top the pack continued on.

Maccabeus's origins had taught him that judging by the rockyness there was a cliff nearby. Alpha charged on. The pack came upon the suspected cliff and began to run along the edge. The view was spectacular! Green forest filled the river valley and to the south Maccabeus could see a wall of sharp, snowcapped mountains. He knew full well that they were a few days march from where he stood. It looked just like home.

Kym barked out and Alpha slowed to a stop as did the rest of the pack.

"This is where we leave the other behind." Kym said to Maccabeus in a barely winded breath.
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"Aye, there be shades of tha' lass, t' be sher." Maccabeus lapsed into his northern brogue as he vaulted upon Wolf's strong back. "Tho' it's a certainty that I be much less a man than me gran'sire." And they were off once again, Maccabeus leaning low over Wolf, blending with his solid brother.
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"That's a fine idea, Maccabeus!" Kym, literally, barked out orders relating the plan of the hunt. The five loyals listened intently to what she was saying and when she was done waited to once again be running over the tree shelterd ground.

"They will do as I've commanded." Kym said cinfidently. "Y'know Maccabeus, I feel like we're retracing old steps of our sires. Don't you?"
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"A-ya." Maccabeus agreed happily. "Although perhaps they can accompany another sprint or three so that should the calling be needed they won't be spent upon arrival, but yet be back enough to be out of reach of the giant's club as it were." He nodded thoughtfully; that plan sounded wise and workable.
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Kym cocked her head to the side slightly and looked out with thought. It was a bizarre thing for Maccbeus to see a human behave and act so much like wolf. He had seen this before within the Dale Gnomes but to see it outside was just unexpected.

"Alpha has to go with us. He knows exactly where it is. I'm sure we could find it but I don't want to take the chance of missing the mark and ending up in foul company. Besides, he's my baby. If we went without him he'd get all depressed. As you know, a depressed wolf is...well, it's unbearable!"

Kym scratched Alphas neck.

"The other five will stay here and if anything happens we'll call and they'll quickly arrive. What say you to that?"
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"I know exactly what you mean." Maccabeus answered. "If Wolf is nervous, then I know that there's a real reason to be fearful and alert. They have that uncanny sense about them."

He cast about for a moment, his eyes narrowing, his brow furrowing, and his upper lip disappearing under his lower one. "You know, there's no real reason for all of us to go." He suggested. "I just want to have a look so that I can locate the area and assess whether it's still an active cell of foullings. My thinking calls for running before fighting." He looked into Kym's dark eyes. "It might be a good idea for us to just take Wolf and Alpha...or just Wolf. No need to place any of these other fine mates in jeopardy. As I said before, I think that this would warrant a visit from a larger number of the Protectorate, but right now it's just scouting."

He looked at her questioningly, trying to divine her thinking even before she began her answer.
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Kym admiring the view to the north snapped out of her reverie and said, "Oh..uh...that's a good question. Let me ask."

Kym went over to to alpha who was casually inspecting his troops and knelt before him. As Maccabeus watched it struck him that these two were bonded the same as he and Wolf. she had an uncanny way about her when it came to wolves. She truly preferred their company to all others except maybe her family.

Alpha licked her happily on the cheek and she kissed back. She then began her odd chatter with the him and at after a slight bit of time stood up. She approached Maccabeus and said, "Alpha tells me that it's about five hunting sprints to along the river and then away from the river. What that actually means that it is a little over a mile towards the southwest."

"He's nervous Maccabeus. I don't like it when he's nervous."
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Maccabeus hopped down from his comfortable spot atop Wolf's broad back and surveyed the lands descending below. Kym offered to him a water skin, and suggested that they must be due west of Threshold observation that Maccabeus filed away in the event that it might be useful later. "No thank you." He gently pushed the water skin back to her. "You forget that I am doing nothing other than riding. It is the rest of you that are doing work." He smiled up at his companion.

Kym rather abruptly nudged Maccabeus and drew his attention to a barely perceptible line that wandered through the thick trees far below. She explained that this was the river that became the hammer in the south-east part of Threshold.

Maccabeus couldn't understand why, after such a long, uphill, energetic run, the young lady was not appreciably winded, and why she smelled somewhat of sweet tilled earth.

"So, do you have any idea of where Alpha is leading us, or how high Kossuth sun might be when we arrive?" He asked curiously.
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Alpha ran alongside and slightly ahead of Wolf and Maccabeus. He was going to navigate the hunting pack to the location of vile scene. The bramble, opened up it's great thorny walls and laid down a green road of grass to west at speed with Alpha. The other five hunting wolves followed close behind. Kym kept charge of the rear of the pack.

The trees were sprinkled with Kossuth's light and danced in the wispy mist between the boughs. The dew drops that laced the tips of the darkening leaves twinkled in the newborn daylight. There was a perfume scent of damp ground and old leaves that hung in the sylvan air. The forest floor was thinned of bushes and underbrush and made the passage a bit easier to navigate.

The wild rythme of the packs paws was like a quiet thunder. Soon after leaving the wooded glen, Alpha guided the pack to the south west. The ground began to get hilly and rocky forcing quick dodges and jumps.

Looking back, maccabeus could see that Kym was indeed keeping up with the pack. She was ducking and spinning her way with grace over , under, and around rogue branches and rocks. It looked as though she was dancing her way through the woods making sure not break a single twig.

The Pack climbed a steep hill and arrived to the top. The top of the hill was bare of any trees and all were able to overlook the forest at the break of day. Though ne rest was essential, the hunters of the pack took the opportunity. Two sat down, two scouted the area sniffing, and one remained by Alphas side.

Kym broke open her water skin and took a few deep swallows letting some of the water run down her face. she then handed the skin to Maccabeus. "Alpha wants to let the others rest a bit. If they're winded and we come across hostiles then they'll have a hard fight." Kym looked around and then looked to the east. "Allowing for some degree of error, I'd say that we're due west of town."

To the east the foothills rose sharply into small mountains. Kym kneeled down and got alongside Maccabeus and Wolf. Thrusting her arm over his shoulder she pointed and said, "If you look you can see a dark shadowed path cutting through the trees over there. That's the swift stream that feeds The Hammer, the waterfall behind Hunter's Lodge. I'd guess were about a mile, maybe more, from town."
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Kym was remarkably limber, Maccabeus noted as she twisted and stretched, readying her muscles for a lengthy run. Watching her from his perch atop of Wolf, he didn't realize that she was talking, or more specifically what she was saying, until she had stopped.

She looked at him expectantly. "Ok." He said, not really knowing what she was waiting for. "Let's go?" He thumped his palm upon Wolf's neck, and he let out a quick gruff and leapt forward a stride. Alpha took up the decision and they were off. Maccabeus leaning low over Wolf's shoulders and flowing with the great animal's rhythm.
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?Aye that we shall? Kym in a serious tone. ?I?m sure my father will want to know of this as well. Lead the way my hunter brother? she said to the alpha male. Alpha barked out orders calling to his loyal soldiers. Though Maccabeus could not rightly understand the language of the wolves it was plain for him to see that of the five that came forward, some were of Alpha?s bloodline and other were not. Some things about wolves are outrageously obvious.

Alpha stood next to Wolf with his tongue lolling out of the side of his mouth. His paws were restlessly padding the ground as if waiting for the word to run.

Kym sheathed her two gleaming sickles and squatted to stretch and warm up her legs. She raised her arms over her head and bent from side to side. While doing so she said, ?Maccabeus, You, Wolf, and Alpha should take the lead. I?ll bring up the rear. If anything happens to the front I?ll be able to hit them with my bow giving you cover. If something should attack from behind I?m probably more skilled at combat than any here. Besides I?d be willing to die before I see any of my family come to harm.?

?Let me know when you?re ready and I?ll give the word?well, sort of a word.?
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Maccabeus surveyed the brightening sky, and considered this good timing for such a venture. "Under Kossuth's eye we shall go then, and good timing that is." He looked about at his new pack, fully two hands strong, including Kym, Wolf, and himself.

"What say there be but four or five of us?" He suggested. "A small team would make for greater stealth...we will hopefully not fight this day, but with some information, I'm sure that Jarmok and Maal will join us in the destruction of the defilers. Some of the city folk might also lend a hand...but this day we collect information." He collected his few necessities as he spoke: his sling, his knife, a water skin and his sturdy spear, both of which he strapped behind him. He then leapt upon Wolf's broad back and said, "Shall we go, my newfound family?"
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Kym pulled her two sickles from her belt and held them up to her face. The crescent ends angled towards her face and down past her mouth giving her the appearance of having long fangs. Her auburn locks tumbled down her cheeks as her head slowly tilted to the ground.

Her eyes looked up to Maccabeus with a stern wildness and she said, "Anything that threatens this pack in turn threatens me, threatens you, and threatens Wolf. I'm going. Ashe will get the answers soon enough."

Kossuth was creeping over the east wall and as the sky grew lighter Maccabeus could see Kym in fuller light. Her dark brown and emerald green leather appeared to be soft and flexible. On her back was a longbow the likes of which Maccabeus had never seen. It shimmered like metal but was undeniably wooden. It looked to be of similar wood to Ashe's holy symbol. Decorated with goldleaf, it was clear that this bow was from the grove overlooking town.

Her boots were ornamented with fangs and claws. Maccabeus knew that this was the mark of respect to the spiritof a hunters kills. The sickles that she held were of a keen quality and had a green reflective sheen to them.

Looking at her eyes Maccabeus got the sense that he was looking not at human eyes but rather, wolfish ones. She looked ready to hunt. She looked dangerous.

"I'll keep up in the hunt. Mahiya will make steady sure of that. We have work to do in her name."
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Maccabeus stroked Wolf's great head affectionately. "Oh, yes." He replied quietly, nearly under his breath. "That's actually what I was hoping for: a scouting trip instead of a fight." Maccabeus's normally genial mood was replaced by a calm, somber fierceness now. Outwardly he moved slowly, but his mind was rapidly moving, bent towards loose plans and possible outcomes. "No one should be harmed in this least not us."

He changed then, rather abruptly to speak with Vallenwood. "Ancient child," he said, "Should you speak with Ashe, please tell him that I have learned of more of the defilers and am gone to see where they have taken up residence. I shall come see him upon my return later this day."

Vallenwood chanted his understanding to Maccabeus, who then turned his attention back to the young Wolfjaw. "Any chance, my kindred lady, that you'd be willing to stay behind with the pack, or to return to your home?" He asked hopefully. "I don't know how fast you can run, but I know that a few wolves can flee at great speed should the necessity warrant it, and you can't ride a wolf as I can...I imagine. Perhaps you can go and relate to Ashe what has happened here this shallow morning?"
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Kym drew in a breath making a hissing sound and said, "I'll ask but I'm not sure if they're going to like going. Ultimately they'll follow me to Avernus if I should ask but they'll be edgy."

Kym knelt down to Wolf, and the Alphas. Wolf understood that Maccabeus was distressed as well as he. He had accepted Maccabeus's charge of the Brambles and the Ring as his own and would fight to defend Mahiya to the very end. The two shared emotions as though they were twins in different forms.

Kym spoke to the Alphas and explained the situation and dispelled any confusion they might have. During it all, Wolf walked to Maccabeus and gave him a gentle nudge on the chin with his snout. A gentle creature Wolf was but Maccabeus knew well that he was also as fierce as wolves come.

Kym finished speaking with the pack and stood up. "Okay," she said, "They have agreed to go to the nearest place. It is abandoned so far as they didn't see anything living there. What they did see was...well, they described it to be unholy to their great maker. I have no idea exactly what that means but I imagine it's something akin to the Ring before it's rejuvination." Kym cleared her throat and took a draw from her water flask. "There is one catch though...only the strongest of the pack will go...including Alpha M. Alpha F would go but she wants to stay to insure her bloodline. I can't blame her for that."

Kym raised her eyebrow and asked, "So what do you think? Will that work for you?"
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"Ach!" Maccabeus exclaimed. "There are others?!?! Fool of a gnome!" He smacked himself smartly upon his head. "Of course there would be others! Bastards always have brothers! You fool! You fool! You fool!"

Maccabeus berated himself for a long while for his thoughtlessness, until Kym barked at him, bringing him back to the present. "MACCABEUS!" She knelt in front of him, impeding his continued circuitous pace. "What is the matter? What are these defilers?" She asked with some intensity.

"Ach, sorry, Kymberly." He apologized. "On the very day of my arrival in Threshold, I met Maal at the edge of the town..." He proceeded to relate to Kym the (abbreviated) story of the Reclamation of the Bramble, omitting only the finer details, such as who hit whom, and the fact that the giant stag who came to Maccabeus in the night was in fact Ashe.

"...and after Istisha diverged from her normal ordinance, she revitalized the Ring of Mists. I have been here since, but haven't detected any further evidence of the Defilers. Such a fool am I! I didn't even try to track those few that had been here! Ashe needs to know this..." He rocked a little and chanted for a moment, until his eyes narrowed thoughtfully; an idea was clearly forming in his agile mind.

"But perhaps, before I speak with Ashe, we should scout a bit, eh? The pups will be safe here, only leave some adults for guarding. Perhaps we and the alphas might hunt a different quarry tonight? Can they show to Wolf and me where these Defilers are, that we might learn their strengths, and plan their fall?"
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Kym glanced in thought and replied, "Well, now that you mention it, I'm not sure. I grew up just knowing how to speak wolfish. But I can certainly try to teach you but you have to try to learn. I'd say you have a better chance than most since you've been around wolves far more than most. Learning it would probably make your life easier methinks". She gave Maccabeus a playful wink and a smile.

While she was talking both Maccabeus and Kym could see that Wolf was speaking with Alpha male and female.

Kym continued, "Let me ask the alphas what is bothering them about the outsiders. They seems a little worried. Oh, it looks like Wolf has already asked."

Kym watched and listened to the banter between them and she began to translate, "Wolf asked her what the outsiders looked like. Are they Shadewolves, are they men, are they something else. Alpha F said that the pack has heard the shadewolves and have seen the men and they have caused concern but what they do not understand are the defilers. They poison the maker and their touch withers flesh. The abominations give her fear she's never known. She can feel the spirit of the land and life is in great pain."

Kym raised an eyebrow and looked to Maccabeus, "Wolf said that you two have seen these creatures in the bramble. Alpha F said that there are others that are beyond the sacred thicket."

"What are these creatures Maccabeus? What exactly did you see here?" Kym asked with concern.
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Vellenwood understood the goings-ons well; Maccabeus was correct in that he needn't have explained anything to the growing youngling. It was as though Vallenwood had inner knowledge of Maccabeus's mind and thoughts. Surprisingly, the thought of sharing his thoughts with another was in this case comforting for the dale gnome.

Then, as Kym spoke, Maccabeus listened with a mixture of happiness, excitement and unease. "Men?" He asked somberly. "I think that you'll find if you ask that she's talking about four-leggeds as opposed to two-leggeds. I fear that she's referring to the shadewolves that have been roaming these mountains of late. I've got the suspicion that they haven't been here long. From what Jarmok tells me, they are in league with the men at the old keep, but these wolves aren't frightened of men, I think. It is the shadewolves. I'll have to ask Bramble tomorrow to not let untended pups out of the Ring at all." He watched the rollicking pups swat each other, oblivious to the momentous happenings that eddied around them.

He wished that he could further speak with his new pack, but his voice had given on him and wouldn't return until at least the following morning. Kym had spoken differently with the wolves, though. For Maccabeus, it was more of a direct conversation. Kym adopted wolf postures, and emitted more precise wolf sounds than Maccabeus did...

"Kym?" He asked. "Can you teach me to talk to wolves the way that you do? Is that something that one can learn?"
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"Aye" Kym said.

She stood in front of the pack circle with Wolf on her left and Alpha on her right. It was as though she was speaking at a tribal council fire. She made slight motions and sounds and the pack listened to her attentively...except the pups. They were frolicking and nipping with each other in a freindly lupine brawl that would later give them the skills to hunt.

Kym was moved by Maccabeus's generous offer as it would almost assuredly safeguard the rest of 'her' pack. She wondered what effects the sacred waters and tranquility would have on the younger generations of wolves. She was cetain that they would grow to be as big and strong as Wolf himself. Since Wolf was willing to to mingle his bloodline with them the descendants would be truly marvelous.

After Kym was finished addressing the pack she began to listen to alpha female and translated as she understood. "The alpha female appreciates the safety of the haven that you've offered. She says that this will become her den as it is your home. As of late she's been fearful for the pups from the 'outsiders'..." Kym furrowed her brow and cocked her head to the side in confusion, "...and hopes that her unease will lessen."

Kym turned to Maccabeus, "Outsiders? I wonder if she's talking about the men at the old keep..."
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Maccabeus hacked again as Kym proffered to him her water skin. He took a hasty gulp of water, noting that she had drawn water into it from Mahiya?s pool; it more than slaked his thirst. The smooth, clean, clear water instantly rinsed the barbs from his throat and soothed him comfortingly. His last mouthful he kept in his cheeks and allowed the water to trickle slowly and gently down the back of his throat.

The wolves, apparently finished with their negotiations, lifted their muzzles in unison and sang to the morning stars. It brought Maccabeus instantly back to his clan days, when such a chorus was commonplace. He hadn?t heard so closely the wolfsong in many seasons. It raised a tender spot in Maccabeus?s chest, to hear that song.

"C'mon Maccabeus, you're part of the pack...howl with us and then we shall hunt!" Maccabeus realized that Kym was right; it was his duty to sing with the pack at this time, and he thrust his voice out to those divinities that yet rode the sky, and to Kossuth, still more than a hand away. False dawn was nigh.

The newly formed clan sang sweetly together for too short a time, announcing their forging to the forest and mountains. It felt good; thanks to Mahiya?s water, Maccabeus?s voice was well pitched and true. When the song was over, Wolf licked Maccabeus?s chin, and then Kym?s. The pack?s alpha male licked Kym?s face, and then Maccabeus?s. It was good to have a family again.

?Hold a moment, please, whilst I inform Bramble that we have a large, new family that he may allow to enter and exit freely. I would suggest, by the way, that our pack try to enter and exit the Ring by any way other than the North, where Little Threshold lay. Bramble will accommodate our comings and goings.?

He then sat next to Bramble, pushed his pointed nose into the vibrant fronds, and began to talk with the great shrub. ?Bramble,? he said, ?I am sure that you are keen enough to know that this starry morning I and Wolf have bound ourselves unto this wolf pack, and to this kindred woman as well. We are a family now. Much as I have to this day asked that you grant passage to the ones called Ashe and Jarmok, I ask that this pack of wolfkin and this young lady be granted passage unto the Ring of Mists. They are trusted allies of ours, and of Vallenwood.?

Bramble caressed Maccabeus?s face, embracing him as they communicated. And so it was.

?Sorry for the momentary delay.? He apologized, turning back to Kym and to the wolves. ?Kym, can you tell our brethren that as of this moment onward, Bramble will allow them to come unto and go forth from the Ring of Mists as they please? I will have a similar (although unnecessary) word with Vallenwood.
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Kym handed Maccabeus her water skin. During her quiet time while Maccabeus was dancing she had filled them with the divine waters that sprang from the center stone pool.

Wolf looked at both of the alphas and gestured as to speak to them. Miraculously the movements were translated to Maccabeus's ears as understood words.

"So far very few others have received an invitation such as this" Wolf said "My brother has an understanding unlike the others that live here. His great sire knows the antlered one. You can trust that this sacred grove of our maker will protect you."

The alpha male looked to the rest of his pack and replied, "We would all be honored great one. Our pups shall grr to carry growl legacy of the pack growl grr grr prodigy growl whine grr grr growl brother. "

As Maccabeus listened to the alpha speak with Wolf, his blessing began to wane into unintelligible gestures and sounds.

Kym leaned down to alpha and scratched him on the neck and thumped his side with her hand. She looked up to Maccabeus and simply said, "You truly are your great sire's decendant."

At once every member of the pack craned their neck high and began to howl with overwhelming joy. They sang out in their primal scream and Wolf joined them in their reverie. As Kym took in a deep breath she paused and said, "C'mon Maccabeus, you're part of the pack...howl with us and then we shall hunt!" Kym then began to howl feeling her deeply running instinct flow out of her.
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Bear in mind that Maccabeus?s gift is ?Speak with Animal: Canine?, so his dialect is likely more rudimentary than proper ?Wolfspeak?. Maccabeus should be speaking a tongue that would be understood by any canine.

"This is as joyous news as any I've heard of late." Maccabeus answered Wolf. As he spoke he gestured respectfully to the male and female alphas of Kym's pack. "It is good to have a family at one's back. I am Maccabeus, soldier of Mahiya, and recent guardian of this holy Ring in which we now meet. Bramble and Vallenwood are members of my family here, as you now are." Maccabeus was talking quickly, knowing that he had but a short moment to communicate his desires.

"Forgive my rushed tongue," He apologized. "I am gifted by Mahiya to speak in your language for but a short moment, and must thereby speak quickly, and therefore poorly." He whined a bit, in the way of apology.

He turned then back to Wolf, saying, "As you and I have spoke over the last days, brother mine, I would like for this newly formed clan to join us in living here in the Ring and protecting it from our enemies...those allied with the foullings."

"I will likely need to leave to you and to lovely Kymberly the details of our invitation, though, as my time grows short indeed." Maccabeus coughed then, from the back of his throat, which was rapidly growing raw.

He turned in his last moments towards the two new Alphas, saying to them, "I thank you for the welcome to your pack, and please know that in the Dale of my kin, our two kinds live in close harmony with one another; I hope that we can thus live together here, and should you choose to call this Ring your den, then I will beg of Bramble that your path into and out of this Ring will not be impeded, and you will come and go how and when you please. My only request..." he coughed again, this time spasmodically and with a tear in his eye. " that the two leggeds and their tame four leggeds that dwell in this area may not be taken as food, but must live unmolested by either you or by me." At last his canine voice gave out, and he coughed raucously into the crook of his elbow.

"Water." He croaked hoarsely to Kym, his arm extended hopefully.
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"Good morning brother...we have company." Wolf said in his way.

The largest of the pack stood noblely alongside and slightly behind Wolf. This gesture made it apparent to Maccabeus just who the leader of the pack was. He had a grey underbelly and and a black top. The fur crest on his chest was a snowy white. He was large by wolf standards but was small compared to Maccabeus's eternal friend. It became blatently obvious that the leader had respect for Wolf as being the stronger. It was as though all in the pack considered Wolf to be lupine royalty.

Behind them in a delegated circle stood the rest of the pack. There were seven males and ten females. Among them were three male juviniles and three female juviniles. The forwardmost female of the pack, the alpha female, had a slightly larger belly than the others and it was easy to tell that she would be giving birth to a litter of pups very soon.

Kym looked on with pride as a mother would on her grown son. She had reared the alpha male from the time that he was just a tiny ball of fur. To see him standing proudly with his pack filled her with joy.

Wolf continued, "They accept us as part of their pack and have asked me to mate with their females. I have yet to accept their offer. I wanted your feelings on this offer." Wolf looked back to the pack then continued with Maccabeus, "If you have anything that you would ask of them now would be the time."
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Maccabeus's dance today was more energetic than he could recall. He left his conscious behind and leapt in spinning reels to the beat that Vallenwood established. He felt particularly feral this night, and the baying of wolves echoed in his soul.

But as much energy as his dance consumed, it returned twice that to him. Every leap imbued him with terrestrial resonance, every land filled him with the power of life. Deep in his mind he knew that this morning he was destined to meet new pack mates, and still later would he enjoy a hunt; his heart echoed the ancient rhythm of the lands.

The too-early end to his dance came as naturally as the beginning had: its time resounded in his being. He came spinning upon a zephyr to land kneeling before Wolf, sliding upon the lush grasses of the Ring to rest prostrate before his friend and brother.

Smiling widely, and his eyes aglow with ancient energy, Maccabeus greeted Wolf, adopting to the best of his own abilities Wolf's native tongue. "Good morning, my fine friend." He said gaily, then noted that Wolf was all but surrounded by a pack of his kindred, all of them sitting and surveying the little dale gnome. "And good morning to all of you noble clanfolk as well." He greeted them, unable to in that instant discern who was alpha and who was beta.
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Kym and Wolf continued to howl, beckoning the local pack that she had come to regards as family. The Vallenwood sang out in rythme and rhyme with Maccabeus's tribal dance.

Through the words of Vallen's 'woodsong' he began to impart to Maccabeus subliminal secrets and messages to him. So subtle were they that Maccabeus would not know he was hearing them. But the Vallenwood knew full well that when it came time for Maccabeus to achieve his next stages of understanding his heart and soul would be nearly deafened by the wisdom of the woodsong. This was a teaching that has taken place for thousands of years.

Satisfied that their message was heard Kym stopped howling. She reached for her waterskin when she saw Wolf casually walk to the center pool of the Ring and drink from it. "Hmm...not a bad idea..." she thought. She sat down next to the pool and centerstone, dipped her hands into the water and drank.

In the distance she could see Maccabeus in the throws of his ritual dance. She felt so at ease in his and Wolf's company. Although socially eloquent with the townsfolk, and much loved by them, she felt more at home in the wild. Maccabeus and Wolf were from the wild. They made more sense to her.

Kym poked around the Ring and looked over the carving on the stones and before she knew where the time had gone, she heard a familiar yip to the north of the ring. Wolf instantly bounded towards the sound and the brambles began to open for him. Wolf's tail was angled high and his trot was strong and proud. Kym could tell that Wolf had already met this pack.
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Maccabeus placed his palms upon the ever widening trunk of the Vallenwood and listened to the rhythm there, attuning himself with it as he now did every morning. He thought that Vallenwood looked forward to commencing the morning ritual as much as he himself did.

The chant that Maccabeus shared with Vellenwood was on this day more primal than others. Perhaps because of Kym's and Wolf's howling, perhaps because of the knowledge that wolfkin were on their way and would be introduced to the Ring of Mists.

Whatever the reason, Maccabeus's bare feet thumped a little more soundly upon the turf, and his body spun a little more randomly than usual. The break from the dance of the last few days was welcome to Maccabeus, who never liked to fall into rote patterns. This day was decidedly different.
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Kym, suddenly posed with the idea of calling her pack said, "Oh, that's a great idea! It'll take some time for them to get here. Meanwhile you can commune with Mahiya. They should be here when you finish. Not to mention that I would like to speak with Mahiya as my own way of course. Mom said that someday she'd teach me to speak the cant and become a Mystic like her. Both my parents want me to have a foot on each of the paths they've taken. So when my training is done I'll be a Vallenwood Mystic and a Warrior of the Wolf. What would I be then...a Mystic of the Wolf?"

"A Vallenwood Wolf, perhaps?" Maccabeus suggested.

Kym's voice trailed off towards the Ring of Mists and just before Maccabeus went into his meditative dance he could hear Kym's wolf howl. Wolf himself quickly joined in the wild dirge and the cries echoed out through the predawn morning in perfect harmony. It was almost as if the Dale, the clans, and the packs had come all this way to be with Maccabeus.
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Maccabeus stammered a bit. It hadn't occurred to him that Kym wouldn't know. But if she didn't know, then Ashe must have purposefully kept it a secret, and why the Elder might do that he didn't know, and wouldn't want to transcend.

"If you don't mind, m'lady, I'd like to check with...where I got it to see if that information is alright to share. But we have to assume that the remarkable growth evident in this babe is in part because of where it's planted. I was thinking on traveling to the Valley for another, but I don't know if that's going to be a possibility."

He cast about the Ring for other sites to steer the conversation towards. "You see here that there is a fount to each of the Divinities, and to Mahiya herself. All of these founts feed Vallenwood." He traced the dimly lit rivulets that ran from the founts to the moat that circumscribed the trunk of the Vallenwood tree.

"Please, look about. I've got to meditate to start my day. Wolf can keep you company if you like. You might even call to your pack to bring them here so we can ask if they would help us." He suggested.
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Kym nodded her head, "I certainly do."

"There are many generations of noble blood in me. I'm decended from the founding members The Order of Elsenban. Many would call them heroes but they were not the sort to see themselves as such. It was my grand matron and her brother, my grand uncle that actually helped to bring the Valley from it's darkness. Though my blood may be considered above royalty I just see myself as Kym. Happy to run with wolves and sit in the light of Kossuth"

Kym sat down on the soft moss and continued, "My mother was at one time a student of Ashe's and like my dad, is decended from the Order. She too is a Vallenwood Ashe. Right now she's in Kaaryn'Zyth on special purpose. What that is neither she or my Dad will say...just that it's important."

She looked over to Wolf and gestured and groaned. Just as Maccabeus had seen her do before she spoke Wolfish. To Maccabeus's ears it was fluent and flawless. Wolf got up and came over to Kym. She opened her pack and pulled out several strips of meat. "See, I told you before that when we went hunting I'd bring you some..."

She glanced back to Maccabeus,"So the Vallenwood lulls you to sleep? That's nice. Now, I thought that the Vallens were only now in the Valley and in Kaaryn'Zyth. Yet, you said that you planted this one just eight days ago? Where did you get the seed may I ask?"
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"Your mother speaks the ancient cant?" Maccabeus was a bit surprised at this revelation, but then he smiled and laughed a bit. "Figures: another pool of nobility in you! And you wear it well."

He closed his eyes and breathed deep of the early morning air. "Yes," he answered at last. "Vallenwood speaks to me in our cant. I can hear him as far off as Threshold itself. He dances with me, lullabies me, and teaches me daily. Ashe, Wolf, Jarmok (no doubt a good friend of yours, given your similar natures) and I planted the seedling that has become this great tree. That was a mere eight days ago."

His sapphire eyes shone up at her. "This is my home." He said simply. "You can imagine why I might want to enlist the wolves to help me protect it."
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Kym's hand rested gently upon the bark skin of the the majestic tree. She closed her eyes and and a calm came over her. She whispered, "I..I think it's...yes, it's singing! It sings in the ancient language of my mother and of Ashe. Though I do not know what it says. I can feel it's's very love of all that it carries a wisdom that spans the ages long before even the elves..."

Kym gently pulled her hand away and looked down to Maccabeus. Wolf was nearby lying down watching the events before him sniping at the occasional insect. "I'm not sure I have words for...Maccabeus? Does it speak to you?"
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"Fate...Divine planning...yes. I'd have to say that there is a tome within which a divine hand scribes our meeting and our future." Maccabeus answered. "And yes, the Divinities have smiled rather profoundly upon me and upon Wolf. I can think of no greater compliment to the ingredients that comprise the sum of my being."

He took up her hand and led her towards the great Vallenwood tree saying, "Place your palm upon his bark. You can feel his power. Born but a short while ago, he is as ancient as the land. You can see why I might want your wolf friends to aid me in my defense of this place." He placed her palm upon the Vallenwood and pressed his smaller hand over hers; he watched her face to see if she could hear his musings as the outlander Jarmok had heard the voice of the seedling.
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The brambles opened up into a large glen. The glow from the Vallenwood lit up the immediate area of the founts. The bubbling springs also had a slight luminousity to them especially the spring of Kossuth.

The Vallenwood had grown ever taller and wider in girth as it had been doing daily. Never had a tree grown so quickly before but this was no ordinary tree and this was no ordinary place. This was divine ground dedicated to the parent of Nature and Life, Mahiya.

As Kym entered the grove Maccabeus could her the breath escape from Kym's lips. The green glow of the Vallenwood lit her dazzled face. Her mouth dropped open and she stared about in a sort of hypnotic trance. To the southerly end of the leafy chamber Kym could see the Ring of Mists standing as stones amidst the ever present fog that surrounded this sacred ground. She was truly in awe.

"'s so...magnificent! The pools , the Ring, the Vallenwood...all of it is just...Great Mahiya!" Kym looked around briefly completely dumbfounded until she could understand her current surroundings. She took in a breath and said, "Mahiya and the Four must smile upon you to give you the charge of this beautiful grove. It seems a grand fit as your great sire was also chosen amongst others for a special charge. I suppose it was fate for us to meet, eh?"
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Maccabeus's eyes opened wide at Kym's question. "Words?" He echoed hollowly. "Customs? Hehe...I asked Ashe a similar question upon my first (well second) visit into Threshold. But no, there aren't." He began to walk slowly down the thick-sodden path that Bramble had made for them, trusting her to follow. "As long as I let you in, Bramble will let you in as well. He and I have become rather close this past half-a-fortnight. The only thing to bear in mind here - and I don't truly feel that I have to tell you - is that this is a sacred place, especially to Gnarcheon, and peace is the order for this shrine. Watch how Bramble closes up behind us as we go deeper; he protects this holy place." They were walking very slowly as Maccabeus spoke; Kymberly was looking about the botanical corridor along which they walked. At Maccabeus's urging she turned to see Bramble sealing their path behind them, its movements making a soft sound like a strong wind in the branches of the trees. She took an involuntary step backward and Bramble moved to close the path a little further, causing her to gasp and take yet another step, whereupon Bramble closed yet further.

"He won't close upon us." Maccabeus said. "Come along. The Ring awaits." Wolf stepped sidelong into Kym, jarring her eyes away from the fluid shrubbery behind them. "Come along." Maccabeus repeated. "This is a most wonderful place!" He turned and led the way further towards the Ring of Mists.
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Kym grinned from ear to ear and eagerly said, "To be honest, I was hoping you'd ask that! And I'm certainly willing to wait for you to convene with Mahiya. It'll give me a chance to look around."

Kym looked up wide eyed taking in the surroundings of the thorn guarded entrance. She breathed deep and whispered, "Trumpetblooms...". Maccabeus could see her fingers twitching with excitement and as she stepped forward to the entrance she asked, "Is there any sort of custom to be followed or words to be spoken when I enter?"
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Maccabeus breathed more easily upon seeing Kym, and more easily still upon her invitation for a hunt.

"Thank goodness." He sighed. "I don't get too many visitors here, especially so early in the day; I was worried for a moment." He smiled up at the young lady.

"It seems as good a time for a hunt as any." He agreed. "But I can't go until I've greeted the day properly. Plus, now that you're here you should come in and see my new home...and I'll introduce you to Vallenwood." He stood aside and held his arms wide in invitation. "Won't you come in whilst I prepare myself? It'll take but a hand."
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Wolf trotted effortlessly towards the familiar call of his kind. The brambles opened up keeping pace with Wolf's progress. As the thorns parted thick grass sprouted on the ground carpeting the soil as Wolf landed his large paws.

Maccabeus did his best to keep pace with Wolf but was quickly outdistanced. Soon he could see Wolf greeting a crouched, hooded figure who's eyes reflected the waning light of the divine moons. It was Kym!

A girlish laugh met Maccabeus's ears as Wolf licked Kym's face. Wolf knocked her back on her rump and Kym began to playfully wrestle with him.

As Maccabeus got closer Kym looked to him and said, "Ah, Maccabeus! I knew you two were around here somewhere!" Kym stood up and brushed the dirt and leaves off of her. "So, are you ready to hunt? Wolf here seems overly eager." She scratched his neck, "Don'tcha, boy...yes, you doooo!"
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What's that Wolfy? Sayer fell in the well?  :lol:

Through bleary eyes and mind, Maccabeus understood that he had a visitor. Grumbar was well on its decent and was dipping below the westwall. A gentle breeze carressed the thick grasses of the Ring of Mists and blew the now-sparse embers of his small cook-fire to feeble life.

"Still a while before Kossuth arrives." He mumbled, rubbing his sleep-filled eyes and trying to stumble to his feet, which seemed so far away right then. "Go see who it is, Wolf." He said. "They might be in trouble." As Wolf sprang forward, Maccabeus cast about, grabbed his sturdy short spear and ran off bare-chested, following his brother through the venue that Bramble cleared for him.
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Wolf got up and Maccabeus?s head plopped unceremoniously onto his mossy bed waking him as well. He could hear the now familiar bubbling of water from the sacred founts and could see a dull green glow shimmering inside Vallen. Almost as a whisper he could hear Vallen singing a soft operatic lullaby.

Vallen had grown considerably in the last few days and was nearing the height of the other trees. Recently the other trees seemed as though they were far more vibrant than normal. Their leaves were dark and lush and well ahead of their seasonal growth, Maccabeus had noted.

Wolf had walked to the north side of the blessed grove and Maccabeus, upon hearing a wolf yip, now understood why.
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 "Ach! What a ninny I am!" Maccabeus said ruefully. "I had been thinking all along that these sacrificed soldiers were of a mind with the practitioners of the rite! No, though, true? This is a rite o' the Ashlords, who used Shadowriders fer their sacrifices!" He smacked his little forehead. As he came to grips with the new theories growing, Maccabeus slipped once again towards his native brogue.

"As to wha' this rite truly does, though, we don' really know, yeah? Could ha' been tha' they wuz bringin' sum beastie inna being, or jus' sacrificin' th' rid'rs ta eat Mahiya...we jus' don' know, eh? An' then, where'd they git to? Where might they be now? How does we trak'em? I need ta learn on these foullings tha' I might fight'em better. Do ya know a bunch on'em Ashe? Can ye teach me?"

He looked up at his mentor and at Kym, both of whom looked down upon the pacing gnome quizzically. "What?" He asked, confused. His brogue had vanished more quickly than it had appeared. "Is that not a good idea? What's wrong?"
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Ashe raise his eyebrow and cocked his head, "I'll offer up what I can but you'll probably learn much firsthand as well, Maccabeus...and Kym. Yes, my dear, you're in this now too. I'm sure you wouldn't have it any other way though."

"The right performed here was one of pure eating." Ashe remarked. "Otherwise there would be no bodies. The Ashlords do...recruit...looking to swell their ranks. It's an insidious crime against infestation if you will. Like boulder rolling down a hill it will only pick up speed. Once someone has been converted there is no salvation. Their soul has been comsumed and lost forever."

Ashe continued on only now he started to pace absentmindedly kicking dust into the stagnant air, "It's that emptiness that makes them so dangerous since they truly have nothing to lose."

Ashe looked around and said, "We should leave this place...and leave it as it is...though that thought sickens me. They may return and if we were to leave any sign of passage it may foil our study of them...of their movements."

Ashe knelt down and placed his hand on Maccabeus's shoulder and said, "You will eventually heal this scare upon Nyx, my friend. It's something you were chosen to do."
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There was wisdom in what Ashe said, but there was unspoken ignorance too. Maccabeus realized that Ashe didn't have all the answers that were needed. These Ashlords couldn't have arrived here coincidentally to everything else that was happening.

Maccabeus had only just arrived, as had much of the Protectorate. Kit had arrived more or less just in time to birth her crystal, and Maccabeus had arrived more or less just in time to assist in that and also to serve as Istisha's instrument for salvation of the Ring. The Shadowriders had just recently arrived as well, and Maal, Laren, Dale, Sayer, Ragnor...all arrived just in time to resist the Shadowriders. This rite, preformed in time with the Blackheart's attempted theft of Kit's crystal.

Coincidence was certainly a reality as one wandered or strode through life. But a high concentration of coincidence could only be design, and pointedly NOT coincidence.

"Let me look about the perimeter for signs of the Ashlord's passage." He suggested at last, realizing that the rain that had fallen only teh day before would likely have erased much of what signs might have been left. "Kym, could you talk to the Alpha and Wolf, let them know that we have a keen interest in these Ashlords? They could help to be our eyes and ears in the forest; they might already know where more sacred sites are, though they likely don't realize that they are sacred."

He considered for a moment. "I think our hunt is abandoned for the day, no?" He noted rather suddenly that Kossuth was riding fairly high. "How long was I away for anyway?" He asked curiously.
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Kym was keenly concentrating on the moment and trying to absorb the situation as it hit. Startled she said, "Oh...out...yes, umm about a hand of time. Are you feeling better? Well, you must be. You're up and about."

Kym turned to Alpha and Wolf and in the curious translation told them of the situation. Wolf licked his chops and Maccabeus could tell that it was in anticipation.

After relaying the message Kym smirked and said, "My short friend, I do believe that Alpha and Wolf speak the truth in feeling that our hunt has only begun. Though I would have to say that for this day, it is over. Besides, I'm feeling remarkably tired."

Ashe flately said, "It's this place that's doing that."
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"In truth, my head is buzzing and my eyes are a bit bleary, like I haven't slept in a day or two." Maccabeus answered. "I can't see any sign of the Ashlords' passing here. I can't fathom where they went or anything at all, and I don't know whether that is due to the rain, or the manner in which they move (perhaps they simply melt into the ash at our feet), or my own current lethargy." The little dale gnome sighed disconsolately. "I'm tired of not knowing." He said to no one in particular. "Istisha has laid for me a path of discovery and adventure, and I'm grateful to her for that, but once in a while, I'd like to have an answer instead of a handful of questions." He smiled and shrugged. "All things in time, eh?"

"Let us be away from here. Ashe, my thanks for coming. We will no doubt be learning a fair amount this Brak and Rynnyx. It might perhaps be a good idea to heigh ourselves to the Valley for an acorn sooner rather than later." He moved back towards the direction they came; back towards the few wolves that were left as a rear guard earlier that morning.
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"I think it no coincidence that any of us are here." Maccabeus responded tiredly. He then fell back to the common tongue to continue. "I think I need to retire to my home for the day. I am growing more fatigued as the moments pass. I realize it's this circle largely, but the last few days have, to say the least." He yawned grandly then.

"P'rhaps this night I'll visit the Hunter's Lodge. Late, if that's agreeable." He climbed wearily upon Wolf's broad back and laid down, his face comfortably settled upon Wolf's neck.

"I've a few questions to ask of yer sire, Kym, and I need some guidance on my drive to get a second acorn from the Valley of Mists." He seemed to be falling asleep upon his brother's furry back. "Bett'r yet, Ah'd bet Master Zarion might like ta vizit th' Ring, eh? Mayhap such talks be best carried out in the privicy of me home? Wha e''ll be as it Istisha an' her fam'ly wishes it be. Mugler b'fuglizer..."
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