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Title: Valen's Thinking
Post by: Dray on March 06, 2006, 11:47:57 AM
[OOC: This is merely Valen?s thinking the night prior to talking to the companions].

?They didn?t kill him.?

Valen said to the wolf, out under the blanket of stars, the walls of the Keep surrounded him and his companion who looked up at him, almost appearing to have the question in her eyes.

?The Vulture King, the Captain only thinks they killed him, I think he lives.?

The wolf let out a small whine and lowered her head back to the ground where she lay. Valen let out a small half-smile at the animal?s amazing sense of perception. He consoled her with scratching behind the ear. Valen sat back against the wooden wall and pondered for a few moments.

?It is quite possible he used the event of his fake death as a way to feign a want for atonement with Ehlonna, and Dannabar was the tool. It was a trick, using the man?s pity as a weapon against him.?

Valen was lost in thought for more than a few more moments, his stroking of the wolf?s fur fading. The wolf looked at him in gentle reprimand.

Valen closed his eyes and said mournfully, ?We killed an innocent man, and I have saddened her. I must make amends for my part in this.?

The night breeze was gentle and cool, it was quiet in the Keep, the only sound coming from the guards footfalls along the parapet. Despite their presence, Valen never felt more alone in his short life.

?I have to attempt to convince the others. We need to return to the Gargon Valley and find this false King. If he represents what I think he does, he is more of a danger than the Keepers at home. He is a representation of all that is ruthless within nature. Unforgiving and apathetic to the plights of sentients, and he is passively aligned with the Wendigo who seek to annihilate all that represents a threat to nature.? Valen spoke softly, but firm, patting the animal?s fur with calm assurance, so as not to alarm her.

?The experience of defeating him will only give me more knowledge, more power and understanding of my own abilities.?

The look of reproach the wolf gave him startled Valen.

?No worries my pet, I only lust for it in seeking the resolution of a greater problem. For I must eventually return home, the Keepers cannot exist unchecked in their current state.? Valen let out a small sigh. ?In fact, they would find this Vulture King and Wendigo situation most interesting, applaud it in fact.?

Valen started to tire from the burden weighed upon his soul.

?Tomorrow I will speak to the others, I cannot tell them all. They have not known me long enough, and would doubt the sincerity of my search for power. But hopefully, the atonement of Brother Dannobar?s soul will be enough to move them.?

Valen closed his eyes, his hold on his thoughts starting to slip.

?She was so beautiful, so majestic, so?.saddened,? he said and drifted into sleep.
Title: Valen's Thinking
Post by: Johan on February 05, 2007, 03:33:49 PM
What, I wonder, is Vallen thinking now? >:)
Title: Valen's Thinking
Post by: Dray on February 08, 2007, 12:20:04 PM
He is looking for the dozens of virgins he was promised.