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Title: Session 6 - Whispers of Treason
Post by: Johan on February 23, 2005, 03:37:10 PM
Sixth Session: October 17th, 2003
Sap/ Delver’s Moon +11 (continued)
After the fighting, Himo has requested a long sword; he is given one of the recovered masterwork weapons.

Danobar has entered the Inner Bailey to assist with the wounded. Among some of the guards that he is tending he also heals Brescht a bit.

The companions prepare to turn in, but Himo wants to take a closer look at the entrance to the Inner Bailey. Upon nearing that building, Himo hears some harsh whispering nearby. He cannot make out what is being said, and he returns to the inn to retrieve Belwar. By the time both men return, there is no one nearby.

Sap/ Delver’s Moon +12

Rest. Danobar visits Brescht again and heals him some more. The Captain of the Guard (Commander Bob) enters the inn in the morning; he looks terrible. He wordlessly goes to the innkeeper and orders a beer.

Belwar speaks with him and learns that he and Coris have been talking all night. Coris wants to send half the men out from the Keep towards the city of Gorna beyond the eastern fringe of the forest. They are concerned as this will leave the already flagging Garrison with only a handful of men for at least two weeks, if the contingent can get through at all. Bob resignedly leaves and heads out of the inn (presumably for his quarters for some rest).

The companions spend some time investigating the perimeter of the wall. Brescht actually mounts the walls to tour them from above. Himo accompanies him, while Belwar is left below.

Wandering about, Belwar notices that one of the private apartments has its door ajar. This is one of the apartments that Belwar knows is vacant. He edges closer and hears a conversation from within. One voice is familiar.

Unfamiliar Voice: “I just don’t want to be caught up and killed with the rest of them.”

Familiar Voice: “Don’t worry, as long as you keep this symbol with you they won’t kill you. Just head off and don’t return.”
UV: “I hope that Dreblar can make this work.”
FV: “We have it all well in hand. You will be rewarded. Just keep the Circle of Squares close at hand.”

Belwar then hears footsteps headed towards the entrance to the apartment (the folks inside appear to be leaving) He acts nonchalantly, an pretends to be surprised when Danobar and one of the Keep guards exist from the apartment. The Guard is named Dreblar, and Belwar is only vaguely familiar with him. – Question for Johan. Is this correct? Why would Dreblar have said “I hope Dreblar can make this work”?

Belwar strikes up a conversation with Danobar, expressing his concerns about how things are going. Danobar offers to lend spiritual guidance to Belwar, and they agree to meet at Danobar’s apartments the next morning. [Not such a bad thing, even if untrue!]

Sap/ Delver’s Moon +13
Himo accompanies Belwar to Danobar’s apartments. They are both welcomed in and Danobar presents Belwar with a symbol to help in the dwarf’s spiritual journey. The symbol is that of a raven awing over a field of barley. His god is apparently the god of agriculture and spirits (beer). The two visitors sit patiently while Danobar talks about his religion.

Night finds B&H just leaving Danobar’s residence. Himo decides to leave the Keep and go hunting, and Belwar heads for the inn, where he finds Brescht eating and tending his weapons. Belwar tells Brescht of the conversation that he heard between Danobar and Dreblar. Brescht can’t believe it! Danobar is such a nice fellow!