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Title: Purple Haze
Post by: Blackspear on July 23, 2006, 09:12:07 AM
"Damn I'm glad to get out of that keep!  That purple fog was really startin to get to me.   It smelled worse than that dwarf in the common room back at that inn...... Come to think of it, it didn't tatse too good either and made me almost as nauseous as that Goldleaf brew!"   Dale says this turning to anyone who will listen to him as they leave the keep and head on the trail back to Threshold.   As he walks along the trail, he fights off the desire to go into the woods and purge himself.
Title: Purple Haze
Post by: Griznuq on August 02, 2006, 03:28:46 PM
Laren was actually starting to get irratated. He wanted to be alone with his ponderings, but the suddenly interested human didn't seem to notice.

"I would exactly say that I 'snatched' them. Everyone was there to see them, everyone knows I have em."

Laren kept his voice from being to sharp. A man on the defensive was never a help to anyone. Besides, he did not really believe that Dale meant any offense.

"I definitely would like to take another look at them myself once we get back, perhaps over a bowl of stew and a tankard." Laren looked to the rest of the folks in the team. "I think we should all take a look!" He even managed a weak smile.

He couldn't explain it, not even to himself what he disliked about magic and the folks who wield it. There was just something unsettling about a force that was not always tangible.

The fact that Dale was so interested in these things made Laren suspicious at first. He told himself that he was just being silly.

"I'm sure it's probably just some old silly thing. Nothing as interesting as a treasure map!" Laren grinned, "Wouldn't that be something! A dragon's horde!"
Title: Purple Haze
Post by: Blackspear on August 01, 2006, 11:26:52 PM
"We'll get you fixed up with a beer when we get back to town.   I'm also curious about those pieces of parchment you snatched off the desk back at the fort.  I know you planned on giving them to Sayer, but I'd certainly like to decipher them.   I am fascinated with all different kinds of writings.   As a matter of fact I'm pretty good at translatin' stuff.   Its proven quite handy in more than one situation, if ya know what I mean."  Dale winks at Laren, hoping the halfling won't catch on to him.
Title: Purple Haze
Post by: Griznuq on July 30, 2006, 12:37:38 PM
What's wrong? Laren though to himself. Oh, if you only knew... Let's see, I don't know why I'm bothering to do any of this... I'm stretching my neck out for these people who I don't owe anything to, I got no family left... And that's just for starters.

"I'm not feeling all that well..." he lied. Small talk didn't come naturally, but he had no problem lying. He actually managed a thin grin and said "I think it's been too long since my last drink."

Laren knew that Dale's concern was most likely out of concern, but he'd damaged enough people's lives with his simple presence. He'd not let anyone else close enough to get them in trouble.
Title: Purple Haze
Post by: Blackspear on July 27, 2006, 01:15:54 AM
Dale turns and faces his halfling compatriot and says "What's wrong?  You're acting awfully strange."  Dale's face shows a serious amount of concern as he waits for Laren to spill the beans.
Title: Purple Haze
Post by: Griznuq on July 23, 2006, 06:21:48 PM
"Yeah, sounds good." Laren's tone was one of dismissal. Wasn't a subject he cared much about.

He felt badly for being curt with the wizard. "So uh... How's things?" Laren was never good at small talk.
Title: Purple Haze
Post by: Blackspear on July 23, 2006, 05:12:09 PM
Dale gives Laren a strange look as if to say, who would want to eat stew after seeing all of those undead corpses getting mutilated everywhere?
"Uh   Yeah that sounds good....Say I would like to get a look at that ring you found in the castle.   I am pretty good at appraising jewlery and other.. um ...wares.  Maybe we can share a table at the Thornhedge tonight?"
Title: Purple Haze
Post by: Griznuq on July 23, 2006, 01:18:15 PM
Laren looks up, apparenlty unaware he was talking out loud. "Oh, uh... Yeah, I was just thinking about gettin a nice bowl of stew at the stump when we get back."

He knew it sounded weak, but he didn't really care.
Title: Purple Haze
Post by: Blackspear on July 23, 2006, 01:16:08 PM
"What bowl are ya talkin about Laren?"   Dale looks down at the halfling and notices that he's been in a sour mood all day.   He thinks to himself, I wonder what's got him in a bunch?   He's probably just worried about Kit.   Dale pats him on the shoulder and purposely slows down to walk at the little man's pace.
Title: Purple Haze
Post by: Griznuq on July 23, 2006, 01:08:09 PM
Laren mumbled to himself about the mist and the bowl.

"Why would I have seen the bowl?" he asked no one in particular.