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Title: Hangover
Post by: Blackspear on December 20, 2005, 03:32:47 PM
Duthash Zinnyas Fehy [May 8th]: Morning

"HUUUUUUGGHHHHH"  a few ragged gasps at air.


Although vomiting on the smelly dwarf felt rather vindicating, the dry heaves that followed were not so glorious.

"Oh Paladine, have mercy on my soul.   Taakhisis take me now.   Where's Severen when I need to be stabbed in the back....   HUUGGGHHHHH!"

Dale's only thought was that he'd rathr die than suffer through this hell any longer.   What was in that drink anyway?   It was only one small glass!!

The last of this wave of heaves seemed to be over.   Dale leaned his head on the privy in relief, not caring that his face was in his own vomit and who knows what else from so many others..."I hope that was the end of it.!"   He wearily fell asleep
Title: Hangover
Post by: Wildfire on January 16, 2006, 09:16:18 AM
OOC: Looking at the Threshold Chronology You could probably make your scrolls on Duthash Zinnyas Fehy (May 9th) because later on in the morning of this ICD is Session 7-A Chamber of Horrors.

Give the chronology a look. It's a damn handy thing that Johan has done.
Title: Hangover
Post by: Blackspear on January 13, 2006, 05:46:55 PM
Like I said earlier I'm lost on the calendar dates.   I'd like to have Dale write a scroll or two, but I'm not going to do it if it was on the day we were attacked, because he wouldn't have had spells ready for that battle.  I'm not opposed to having him do it on a seperate thread though.  Let me know what you would like me to do.
Title: Hangover
Post by: Wildfire on January 13, 2006, 03:36:54 PM
OOC: The end?
Title: Hangover
Post by: Blackspear on January 11, 2006, 11:10:29 AM
Dale heads to the inn.   When he arrives, he immediately makes his way upstairs.  He needs to feed Xorn before the toad croaks. :lol:
Title: Hangover
Post by: Wildfire on January 11, 2006, 09:26:29 AM
"Why the fields of course! There's much work to be done in the time of planting. I won't bore a city boy such as yourself with the details but there's more than a day's work for anyone of the farmers here. Speaking of which I gotta git movin'." Thurgin lets Dale off of the wagon and says, "So long Dale. I'm off to the...dale! HAHA"
Title: Hangover
Post by: Blackspear on January 11, 2006, 09:20:06 AM
"You too Thurgin.   Say, what brought you out this way at this time of day?"
Title: Hangover
Post by: Wildfire on January 11, 2006, 07:27:37 AM
"Aye, it is. Sythus here is unlike anywhere else. The very air is enough to almost make you fly. After venric the soil here is dark and rich. The snow waters of the Fogveil are as pure as you'll find anywhere. All this makes for miraculous fostering of crops and their eventual harvest in rynnyx. Still, I think there's something more to it. In all od my years I've never seen a bad year of crops. Other places aren't so lucky." Thurgin says.

The cart rolls over the Rosewalk and turns to head to the fields. "Well, your inn is coming up ahead. I hope you have a peaceful day."
Title: Hangover
Post by: Johan on January 09, 2006, 04:12:12 PM
By gum, you're right! Now that you mention that, I do recall you asking for those shots! My apologies. For some reason I was thinking the Kym did it of her own accord.

Carry on, my thoroughly soused friend!
Title: Hangover
Post by: Blackspear on January 09, 2006, 03:41:44 PM
Assuming that he remembers ordering the drink, he knows that he got a triple shot.   He specifically asked to have Mac and Ashe's shots put into his glass.   Whether he remembers it or not, I'll leave up to Wildfire.
Title: Hangover
Post by: Johan on January 09, 2006, 02:07:02 PM
Does Dale know that he got a triple shot?

Just wondering.
Title: Hangover
Post by: Blackspear on January 09, 2006, 01:58:33 PM
"That makes me feel much better!   I pride myself on being able to hold my liquor.  I was embarassed not only for my actions, but because a mere triple shot had so badly wrecked my noggin.   I managed to walk al the way back to the inn.   So I guess I'm not a total loss."  Dale shakes his head and smiles.   "What a beautiful day!"
Title: Hangover
Post by: Wildfire on January 09, 2006, 01:40:20 PM
OOC: it's before

" must've gone to the Lodge last night. That dizzysap'll get ya if you don't watch out. If ya stick to one or two regular cups you'll be fine but beyond that and you're asking for trouble. some of us in town call it the 'three house drop'. 'Cause if you drink more than your rightful share you'll walk about three houses and drop!" Thurgin laughs.
Title: Hangover
Post by: Blackspear on January 09, 2006, 01:31:27 PM
"Well I was introduced to bronze sap last night.  Good stuff.  Powerful kick!    I'll never drink it again."   Dale chuckles  "I completely embarassed myself.  Moderation is a virtue."

I am totally lost on the calendar and I don't know if this is before or after the fight with the dark cloaks.   I think its before.
Title: Hangover
Post by: Wildfire on January 09, 2006, 01:09:03 PM
Thurgin glances at Dale's stomach and chuckles, "Sounds to me like you better feed that beast or he's gonna eat you!" He snaps the horse reigns slightly and says, "Things on the farm are much as they were 'ceptin' that people are a little more edgey than before. I hear Coryndar has been a ripe ol' sour grape to his men the last couple of days...which I don't see as bein' any different than before. Otherwise things are just fine. How 'bout with you? What's news?"
Title: Hangover
Post by: Blackspear on January 09, 2006, 11:33:38 AM
"Its good to see you.   How's the farming business?   Has there been anymore trouble?"   Dale grasps Thurgins' offered hand and pulls himself into the wagon.  

 Dale is beginning to feel a lot better.   He may have to go and order himself a hearty breakfast when he gets back to the inn.   As if on cue, Dale's stomach gives a mighty rumble, so loud that even Thurgin can hear it.
Title: Hangover
Post by: Wildfire on January 07, 2006, 05:02:49 PM
"Nay man! Not tonight. But we may be about the town. Come on, hop on we'll give ye a ride to the inn. We're goin' by it just the same anyhow."
Title: Hangover
Post by: Blackspear on January 06, 2006, 11:10:48 PM
"Hey Thurgin!   How goes it?!"   Dale shouts heartily to the farmer and gives him a broad smile.  "Are you and the boys going to come by for dinner tonight?"
Title: Hangover
Post by: Wildfire on January 06, 2006, 01:59:15 PM
The cold snow melt waters make Dale feel exhilarated and the effect of the triple shot of dizzysap that he drank the night before has completely faded out.

The fog coming off of the river is decently thick but not quite thick enough to have hidden Dale's exhibitions. He notices that the food goods merchants are rousing up to their daily rounds. Towards the Wolfsong he can hear the muffled clanging of metal on metal. A few carts pass down the streets taking the farmers to their fields for the day. From one of the carts Dale hears, "Hey, Good day to ya Dale!" Dale looks and sees Thurgin and his band of farmhands riding to Little Threshold.
Title: Hangover
Post by: Blackspear on January 02, 2006, 09:06:26 PM
Dale stares blankly at Maal.    He sees Maal, but is very confused to see her sopping wet and her wet hair throws him off.   After he strides 3 or 4 steps past her, he turns and starts to greet her, but feels stupid for not having recognized her, spears and all.   Instead he mumbles something unintelligible and gives a half wave to her back as she strides away from him.  

"Well, I must be making a good impression with everyone.   Pretty soon I'll have to move out of this place too.....Jackass!  Who else looks like an amazon carrying spears and shields.   That Bronzesap is dangerous stuff!"

Dale continues towards the river and mentally berates himself to be kinder to others.  

As he continues to think about how he should be more nice to others, he strips his shirt, drops his pants and wades buck naked into the cold river.   The shock of the cold water startles him awake.

"WHOA!!   THIS IS COLD!!!"  

As if waking from a dream, Dale for the first time notices the fog steaming off the water in the early morning sun.   As he feels the sharp river rocks beneath his feet, he notices a few townsfolk staring at him.  Not the least of which is two young maidens who laugh and giggle, while pointing at Dale's shriveled and shrunken manhood.  

Not appreciating the audience, Dale dives under the water and swims away from the spectators.   "Damn it Dale!  Think before you act!   Stop being so impulsive!"  

Dale swims a good way down river, before he swims back to his clothes.   He steps boldly out of the river and dries off.  He puts on his clothes as if he doesn't care that he's stark naked in the middle of town.
Once he finishes lacing his shirt, he turns towards the old lady who is blankly staring at him, and he simply winks at her.   Then he strides back towards the inn.
Title: Hangover
Post by: Wildfire on January 01, 2006, 06:46:52 PM
OOC: Fraz thanks for adding the date.
Title: Hangover
Post by: fraz on December 23, 2005, 10:43:34 PM
Maal Brengain marches diligently towards the Thornhedge.

She is dripping wet, having just come from a morning swim in the Fogveil. As always, she carries her spears and shield with her, on alert and ready for anything that may suddenly transpire.

She proceeds to pass by Dale with only a slight nod in acknowledgement as she approaches the front door of the inn intending to grab a bite to eat and dry off by the warmth of the hearth...

OOC: I believe this is taking place on the morning of Duthash Zinnyas Fehy [May 8th] which is also the transition to the beginning of Episode 7: A Chamber of Horrors (and I've taken the liberty of adding that date to the beginning of Blackspear's original post, hope that's okay!). I suppose that Maal could be taking a morning swim before breakfast at the inn with Dale, Laren, and Ragnar. BTW, Maal's swims are not necessarily confined to the morning hours - she will take a dip at whatever time is most convenient. She is unpredictable that way... it's just her chaotic nature.
Title: Hangover
Post by: Wildfire on December 23, 2005, 08:27:10 PM
Dale passes through the sparsely populated common eating room and Keltan gives him an approving nod.

Dale walks outside to see through the river mist that there is early morning activity about the town. Appoaching the road to The Foot is a cart full of freshly baked bread being delivered to the Thornhedge and elsewhere. The driver of the cart looks to be in her teens and the boy next to her looks to be quickly approaching his teens. As Dale passes by the girl looks down and says, "Good day, sir."

From down the road Dale sees Maal walking towards the inn. He notices that her hair is hanging as if it is wet.

OOC: Fraz, I'm not entirely sure of Maal's swimming routine except that she goes to swim every morning. So if you care to embelish on details and descriptions by all means...
Title: Hangover
Post by: Blackspear on December 21, 2005, 09:30:44 AM

Dale stands up and goes to the door of the privy.  He opens it and picks up the water and brings it to the dressing table in the common room.  There, he begins to wash and shave himself, paying special attention to his hair and beard, making sure that there are no lasting remnants of his night out.

Once finished, he looks at the dwarf and feels a bit of remorse.  "Damn it I shouldn't have done that.  Now he'll only smell worse!"

Changing his clothes, he heads to the river for a swim.
Title: Hangover
Post by: Wildfire on December 21, 2005, 09:18:20 AM
"Okay then. Remember, Ashe said you should take a swim or your muscles will stiffen up and you'll hurt. Make sure you do that, okay?", Keltan says.
Title: Hangover
Post by: Blackspear on December 21, 2005, 09:01:57 AM
"Don't worry Keltan.  I've got it under control.  Just leave the water by the door.   I'll clean myself up.
Title: Hangover
Post by: Wildfire on December 21, 2005, 07:12:27 AM
Dale suddenly heard another thumping. Then it stopped. Wait, there it was again. It wasn't coming from inside his head though. Then it stopped again. Dale looked around somewhat bewildered. KNOCK-KNOCK-KNOCK "Dale, it's Keltan. Are you all right?" a voice asked fron the other side of the door. "I have some water here for you. I thought you might be thirsty."

On the other side of the door Keltan was quietly muttering to himself, "I'm of a mind right now to make him clean up his own stinking mess! People have been complaining about his moaning and heaving all night! Not to mention he heaved all over the old dwarf! well, he had coming too I suppose. I know I'm in the business of servicing people but how far does one have to go to make sure one is serviced? If it weren't for the fact that he's a friend of Ashe and a member of the Protectorate I'd dump his sorry ass on the street right now!"

Keltan knocked on the door again, "Dale, open the door so that my girls can get you cleaned up. Remember, Ashe told you to take a swim so you would feel better."
Title: Hangover
Post by: Blackspear on December 20, 2005, 04:34:07 PM
Hours later, Dale awakened to a foul stench rising up his nostrils.   With a start, he realized that he was literally on the hopper at the Thornhedge.  

"How in Kosuth did I get here?!! "

He then began to notice the thumping.... Thump.. Thump....THUmp...THUMP....THUMP!!   Then he realized it was his own brain pounding away like a blacksmith hammering an anvil.

As he tried to put his thoughts together, he slowly recalled the events of the previous evening.   "Man!  I've never been so drunk before....OHH Ashe and Mac must think I'm a total fool!  Well I am.    Although I never intended to get that drunk.   That Golden sap or whatever its called, has  a  strong kick!"

Now sitting on the hopper rather than resting his head on it, Dale remembered hurling his dinner all over that smelly dwarf.   He chuckled to himself...Then he felt terrible...   "What a waste of a perefctly good pheasant!"