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Title: Writing a report
Post by: Phineas on December 07, 2005, 12:54:44 AM
This would take place during Jarmok, Maal and Dale's patrolling of the woodlands.

Sayer's small writing desk was cluttered with scraps of papers.  He wrote out several notes regarding this evening's attack on the eastern side of town.

Blazing buildings, dark denizens, viscerated villagers, stealthy snipers.  Sayer had hastily scribbled the specifics of the events on numerous pieces of parchments.  He sorted through his notes and began composing his report for Julius.  He wrote quickly and fluidly, summarizing in his beautiful handwriting the events of the evening.  He then listed the specifics: the number of buildings that burned, the number of citizens that were killed, the number of corpse-eaters that were among the buildings, and finally the number of archers that were defeated.

There was one detail that Sayer could not include in his report: why?  Why did this attack happen?  Sayer would want this question answered before writing a similar report to the Arch Duke of Kurr.

Sayer formulated a thought.  Julius may have that answer.  Surely he would be awake at this hour, having been alerted to this evening's incident.  If Sayer could present his report to Julius now and make some casual inquires...

Sayer stood, and prepared his report for delivery.  After sealing the parchment with wax, he wrapped his cloak around himself and stepped out into the evening air.
Title: Writing a report
Post by: Wildfire on December 14, 2005, 08:03:57 AM
Even this far into sythus the night air held the last fragments of the venric chill. The Dragonteeth Mountains away to the south were aptly named as their bite could felt as if bitten by a dragon. The people on the streets were quite silent in their confusion of the nights events and were slowly clearing the streets.

Sayer made his way to the Council House to speak with Julius. From a distance he could see a lantern was on in the front window. As he walked to the front door, Sayer could see a dark robed man standing on the Rosewalk bridge which was located next to the Council House. As if on cue the man glanced over to Sayer and smirked.
Title: Writing a report
Post by: Johan on December 07, 2005, 09:48:57 AM
Very Nice!