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Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Wildfire on July 25, 2005, 08:39:22 PM
Duthash Albyr Aryor- Valley Year 237


You walk out of the Forest into Coryndar Fields. Kossuth is still hanging high in the sky and with the slight burning of your eyes from the ash it seems all too bright. You see several farm tenders vigilantly working the fields trying to earn a living. Out in the clear light of day you notice that you all have ash and dust covering your faces and bodies.

Sayer quietly hopes that there is a laundry service at the Thornhedge, Wolf seems to have relaxed after exiting the defiled grove of thorns, Maal is laboring with every step but manages to carry on, Dale's mind is racing to think of what the name of the that stone circle is and where or what he might research to get the answer, Ragnar is walking with a bit of pride at having unleashed his talent, and Maccabeus brushing the dust off of wolf and himself while walking. You are all unusually tired and weary and would like nothing more than a drink to wet your dry throats.

As you walk into the open fields you see the ash and dust flying off of yourselves with every step and breeze. Some of the field workers notice your emegence from the thicket and gather in various companies of two to four people. You see that they point at you and talk inquisitively amongst themselves.

Ahead is the large barn of Coryndar Fields.
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Wildfire on July 29, 2005, 06:01:06 PM
"Well," Thugin says, "The sacred grove IS the Valley of Mist. 237 years ago the Valley was brought out of darkness to it's original beauty. For thousands of years it was lost...well, lost is a bad was twisted and evil and no one knew why. It was thought that the gods had abandoned us. Then the 4 relics were found by a group of heroes...artifacts that kept the Valley balanced and right. They returned the 4 relics to the Valley against unspeakable odds and the Valley was brought back in what's known as the 'Great Rejuvination'. So every Qwydeon Zinnyas Basque there is a celebration to honor the Valley and its' significance."

You cross the Angelhawk Bridge into town and roll by the Mushroom o' the Stump tavern and see that it's still closed. Ahead the street is buzzing with activity. People are walking about, minstrels are singing happy tunes, acrobats are performing tricks, and the merchants are advertising their goods. It's hard to believe that so many people can fit into this town.

Thurgin slowly pulls the wagon up to the Thornhedge and says, "Is anyone getting off the wagon here?"
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Blackspear on July 29, 2005, 04:11:03 PM
"Actually I am new to the area.   I've never heard of the festival, the sacred grove, or the Valley of Mists.  Please, tell me about them."
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Wildfire on July 29, 2005, 03:04:21 PM
Oh, the irony...   :wink:
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Johan on July 29, 2005, 02:21:26 PM
Hey - you misspelled "Figveil" there. You erroneously put in an "o".  :oops:
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Wildfire on July 29, 2005, 01:15:57 PM
With a snort Thurgin says, "C'mon lad!  Don't tell me that you've never heard of the The Day of the Valley. It's only one of the biggest celebrations in the year! Threshold is the place to be for it too...other than the Valley, of course. People come from all over to join in the fests and feasts. Oh, and the contests! Can't forget 'bout them now. Why do you think the town has been so busy lately? People been passing through to go to the sacred grove. That's why Threshold is named what it is...because it's on the 'Threshold' of the Valley."

The Angelhawk was just a stones throw away and the resonant sound of the Fogveil was a soothing greeting.

OOC: this would be a good place to start the individual posts for those that want to ICD their individual goals for this day.
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Blackspear on July 29, 2005, 11:16:56 AM
"Well I'll look forward to seeing ya there!  You mentioned festivities.  What are they all about?"   As Dale listens to the farmer's reply, he can't help but look at Maal and wish that they could get to Ashe's house jut a little faster.
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Wildfire on July 29, 2005, 07:32:10 AM
"It's no trouble bringing you to Ashe's. We have to go to the other side of the river anyhow. Thanks for the offer of the drinks...I and anyone else that cares to will join you tonite. We haven't seen much of the festivities yet this year and we have a day off tomorrow so what the heck...sound good to you guys?" The group of workers, especially Jarro, shouts in a "Huzza!!". Through the tunnel of trees you can see the Angelhawk Bridge welcoming you back to town.
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Blackspear on July 28, 2005, 10:46:31 PM
"We're all staying at the Thornhedge, but Maal and I need to get to Ashe's home.  Is that too far out of the way?   If  it is, the Thornhedge will be fine.   We really appreciate the ride.   Maybe you can stop by the inn tonight and I'll buy you all a round of ale.  Cider for the young one" as Dale nods towards Daniel with a smile.
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Wildfire on July 28, 2005, 07:37:02 PM
Thurgin shrugs and snaps the reigns on the horses to get the wagon rolling again. "Well, you be sure to have a nice's a great day for it..." Thurgin looks back again and says, "It'll be just a few minutes before we're in town. So, where are you all staying?"

The wagon pulls away leaving Ragnar behind.
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: on July 28, 2005, 07:21:46 PM
"thanks but i belive that i will walk far more time to take in the scenery" ragnar replied " besides it gives me more time to dust my self along the path" as that ragnar says someting to mr. Thurgin ( ragnar still uncomfortable sying master) and continues to walk down the road tward the aprocing city of threshhold.
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Wildfire on July 28, 2005, 06:41:31 PM
After the wagon creeked to a stop, Thurgin looks at the dusty ash covered Ragnar and says, "I'm sure we have enough room for one more back there. Although, you may not be able to stretch those long limbs of yours. Climb aboard!"

Thurgin half turns behind and says, "Make some room for one more guys..."

OOC: Thanks for the stand in Johan!

OOC: Johan wrote:[color]
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Sorry...I got a good laugh from this type-O[/color]
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Phineas on July 28, 2005, 06:29:06 PM
Quote from: On behalf of Ragnar, Johan
As the cart came up along side him, Ragnar craned his neck and nodded in greeting to those aboard. "Found a ride, did you Sayer?" He asked conversationally.

"Indeed I have," Sayer smiles.  "Perhaps Master Thurgin would know if this cart would hold room for one more passenger.  If there is not, or if you prefer to walk, then we may meet in town at a later time."
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Johan on July 28, 2005, 10:32:59 AM
Just want to insert a note that Ragnar is not currently available for participating in this; he's been at a friend's house for a couple of days. I think that he should be back this evening, but I can't be sure as plans can change on a dime.

I'll try to represent him as best I can; He can correct me later, if he should so desire:

The road back to Threshold was fairly quiet and peacful and Ragnar's long legs chewed the distance rapidly. Dust and ash continued to plume from his body with every moment and a deep thirst continued to assail his throat.

At some length he became aware that a cart was coming along the road behind him, not speeding but gaining on him nonetheless. He cast an apprehensive glance behind him and relaxed upon realizing that this cart bore only farmers. Upon second glance he noted that it also bore the fellow Sayer as well.

Continuing his walk (it wouldn't be too far now), he strode towards the side of the road to afford the cart room to pass. The figveil ran its course off to his right, exacerbating that ever-present thirst in his cottony mouth.

As the cart came up along side him, Ragnar craned his neck and nodded in greeting to those aboard. "Found a ride, did you Sayer?" He asked conversationally. He noted that Maal and Dale were also riding in the cart, although they were at the rear of the vehicle. Maal looked far paler than usual, and tired besides.
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Blackspear on July 28, 2005, 08:50:26 AM
Dale lost in his dark reverie stares blankly at Ragnar as they pull along side of him.   If anyone should greet Ragnar, he will snap out of his memory with a quick shake to the head and greet Ragnar in kind.    Otherwise he will continue to be lost in his thoughts...
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Wildfire on July 28, 2005, 07:20:09 AM
OOC: Yes, Sayer is from Kurr

Thurgin indulging the question answers, "Well, the road does get a little pocked during Venric and Sythus with the harsh and wet weather. It doesn't much matter in Venric since no one does any traveling much...'cept of course 'round town. After Convergance us farm hands repair the road from big to little so that it's an easier ride. Years ago they talked about cobblin' the whole stretch but then they started building the gate to the Valley and our road got put on hold. Someday maybe..."

As soon as the incident of the "demon" is mentioned Thurgin sort of quiets so as to hear the banter...

As Sayer is listening to the "demon" conversation he notices that the wagon is starting to pull by Ragnar.
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Phineas on July 27, 2005, 11:36:20 PM
Sayer's keeps his conversation with Thurgin light and friendly, and tactfully redirects questions about himself or his business back to Thurgin.  When Thurgin asks about Sayer's origin, Sayer responds that he travelled long from Kerr (is that where Sayer is from?), but quickly comments on the conditions of the roads and asks about if they've been muddy/dusty/overgrown/pocketed for a while -- how does Thurgin manage the cart on such roads?

As the conversation turns to the recent events concerning Kyle, Sayer will listen and guage the reaction of the others.  Are they comfortable discussing this?  Are they fearful?  Do they feel secure that the matter has been resolved?
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Blackspear on July 27, 2005, 08:39:03 PM
As Dale listens to Maal's tale, he wonders how she got the scar on her lip.   She certainly isn't bothered by it.   She seems to wear it as a badge of honor.   He wishes that he could get over the jagged scar on his own face....

He remembers the painful night when his father's lackeys finally caught him.   He had been running for nearly three years.  His luck had finally run out.    As his attackers pinned him to the cobblestoned alley, he could hear rats scurrying frantically away.   Then he heard a blade escape its sheath and he saw the leader of the thugs pull out a long, crooked dagger.   With an evil smile he spoke in a gravelly voice, "This is because you look to much like your dear old Dad."  He grabbed Dale by the hair at the front of his head and placed the blade by his left cheek.   He could feel the cold blade touch his skin.   He began to panic and struggle anew.   His efforts were futile.   As he struggled, the ugly assailant began to slice into his face with the crude weapon.   The assassin took his time enjoying the anguish and pain displayed in Dale's eyes.   That was the killer's mistake.   Wthout realizing what happened, a series of terryfying loud screams erupted with glowing red flashes in the night.   The flashes struck the assassin full in the chest driving him forcefully off of Dale.   The other assassins turned to face their attacker.  They saw an elderly man dressed in dark flowing robes standing at the end of the alley.   The aged wizard shouted to Dale "Run, run for your life boy!"   The assassins slowly began to approach the wizard with their weapons drawn.   Before the assassins could reach the wizard he raised his gnarled old staff and cried out "VOLTINUUUUUM!!!"   Dale looked over his shoulder as he ran and saw a brilliant multiforked bolt of lightning strike all four of his attackers to the ground.    Dale stopped running.   He cautiously made his way back towards the wizard who was leaning on his staff and breathing heavily.   Dale could smell burnt flesh and hair as he passed the dead thugs.   As he arrived next to the wizard, he stuck his hand out and said "Dalyhas Bal X'ulnathra.   Well met."   The wizard shook his head slowly and said, "Let's do introductions later boy, you need help.   Those brutes nearly cut yer face off!"  Only then did Dale notice the pain emanating from the left side of his face.   After a few short, panicked breaths Dale blacked out...

To this day Dale wears a full beard in a bad attempt to hide his ugly scar.
His dark thoughts go on for a while as the wagon continues to rumble its way towards Threhold.
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: fraz on July 27, 2005, 04:45:30 PM
Quote from: Blackspear
"Huh?  What animal did he take shape as?"  Dale turns to Maal and asks her "How did you solve the problem?   What caused the infection?"

Maal Brengain hacks up some more dark-colored phlegm and clears her throat.  She looks over to Dale, staring directly at him with her black eyes.  Despite the cupful of water, her voice is still raspy as she answers his question:

"'E took th' shape o' a rat.  I know not th' cause o' such illnesses, Ashe cured th' three boys tha' were infected by th' rat-man, Rawlin'.  But fer Rawlin' himself, only death waited.  My companion, Jarmok, hacked him up with 'is axe and 'is severed 'ead was brought back ta Julius."

Maal's scarred upper lip curls up awkwardly into a sneering smile.  A chipped upper tooth (just beneath the scar) shows conspiculously from within her mouth.
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Blackspear on July 27, 2005, 09:16:04 AM
"Huh?  What animal did he take shape as?"  Dale turns to Maal and asks her "How did you solve the problem?   What caused the infection?"   Dale is very curious about this, just in case he runs into some strange animal lunatic.   He's beginning to wonder why so much wierd stuff is happening around Threshold, but he keeps his thoughts to himself so that he doesn't scare the farmers.   He just bounces along in the rickety wagon as they make their way back to this strange new town.
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Wildfire on July 27, 2005, 07:11:46 AM
Jarro, slightly annoyed with Daniel, turns to Dale and replies, "There was no demon. It was just a sick man who would take an animal shape. He infected some of the kids in town. They were rescued again yesterday...the details of which I haven't heard. Right now they're back at Ashe's."

"Would anyone else care for some water?"
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Blackspear on July 27, 2005, 12:20:24 AM
Dale looks at Maal and sees that while the water did some good for her complexion, he's not convinced that it helped her all that much.   Although he is impressed with her ability to tough it out(Particularly the distance she's getting on each and every ball of spit.  No one ever spit that far back in Kerr.  Then again you'd probably hit four or five people if you tried),  Dale is beginning to get worried about the young amazon warrior.   In an effort to keep her mind engaged on something other than her suffering, Dale picks up on the young farmer's cue,"Demon huh?  What's that all about?"
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: fraz on July 26, 2005, 08:58:54 PM
Quote from: wildfire
In the hold of the wagon the older man looks to Maal and says, "Lass, perhaps a drink will soften your throat and bring some color back to ye." He opens the lid on a water barrel and dunks a dipper filling it with water. He then hands the handle to Maal. "Oh, I'm Jarro by the way."

Maal receives the dipper and nods to Jarro.  "Thank ye, Jarro," she rasps, through a dust and phlem clogged throat.  She takes a long pull from the cup, draining it entirely in one gulp and then wipes the sweat and dust from her face with her forearm.
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Wildfire on July 26, 2005, 08:39:54 PM
After talking with the driver, Sayer (and those who are listening) learns that they are farm hands returning from a day's work of turning the soil. They are very kind and offer water to any that want it. The workers (6 in total) are of various ages ranging from teen to mid-life. The driver's name is Thurgin and the people in the wagon are related to him in some way. Thurgin and the others show the hallmarks of the working folk: calloused hands, simple clothes, and a strong look.

Thurgin asks Sayer, "So where are you from good fellow? My bet is the city...given your fineries. What brings you 'round these parts? The coming fests? For someone from the city you look a bit...ah...dusty, if you pardon my words."

Just up ahead is Ragnar walking towards Threshold.

In the hold of the wagon the older man looks to Maal and says, "Lass, perhaps a drink will soften your throat and bring some color back to ye." He opens the lid on a water barrel and dunks a dipper filling it with water. He then hands the handle to Maal. "Oh, I'm Jarro by the way."

The youngest worker asks the group, "I heard that you helped Kyle and the others from that nasty that true?" Jarro shoots a look at the young teen and sternly says, "Daniel! Don't trouble them with such questions. They're tired and probably want some ease." He turns back and urges, "Please...drink."
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Phineas on July 26, 2005, 08:37:03 PM
Quote from: Maccabeus
"Oh," he added, "if you would like to stay you're more than welcome."

Sayer graciously declines, stating that he has a report to prepare for Julius.  "Sleep well under the stars, and I look forward to our next meeting."
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Johan on July 26, 2005, 07:43:22 PM
"Hmm?" Maccabeus seemed a little distractedupon hearing the fancy man's question. "Oh, no." He answered as he smiled at his companion. "I figure on staying out here tonight to see if any more of those... things come out. In the morning I think I'll look into what I can do to help that poor plant back to health. By this time of year it should be home to scores of birds, thousands of insects, and should probably be beginning to birth some blueberries."

The little man looked wistfully at the sorry Shrubbery. "Poor thing is suffering badly. I Should be able to help it somewhat." He turned back to his tall, cadaverous companion  and smiled again." Don't worry. I haven't yet explored that marvelous city. I'd be back there  tomorrow night. I still owe that Kelton fellow for a meal too." He then seemed to consider  something. "Oh," he added, "if you would like to stay you're more than welcome."
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Phineas on July 26, 2005, 07:20:43 PM
Sayer would have consulted with Maccabeus before accompanying Dale and Maal on the road to town (primarily: are you coming back to town with us? If not, why not; when will we meet again).  He would also ask the group for the whereabouts of Ragnar (I'm not clear if we were told by Ragnar that he was leaving ahead of us).

Along the walk back, Sayer's only words would be declaring his intention to write out a full, concise report for Julius, concentrating only on the facts from our investigation.  These two traveling associates are neither talkative nor social, and Sayer's counsel experience has taught him to chat only when it is welcomed.

When offered a ride back to town, Sayer is humble and gracious to the driver, and clambers awkwardly onto the back.  Sayer will evaluate the driver with a couple of simple, casual social questions, and based on the driver's responses, will either sit in silence, or talk with the driver until we reach town.

[Edit]: I missed the part about workers being in the cart as well.  Sayer will initiate casual conversation with all willing participants -- he will not converse exclusively with the driver.
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: fraz on July 26, 2005, 04:50:23 PM
Maal Brengain's demeanor is silent and sullen as she plods her way down the road toward town...

After the cart stops for them she stubbornly waves off Dale's offered hand.

She then violently coughs up a wad of ash-colored phlegm and spits it upon the ground before leaping up into the back of the farmer's wagon.  Her face seems somewhat peaked, somehow even paler than usual, but she obviously still has the same muscle strength that she did before and is able to exert herself in bursts of energy.

Yet she continues to cough up the dark colored phlegm during the entire ride back to town and is unabashed in her ability to spit it a good distance off the cart as they roll along.
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Blackspear on July 26, 2005, 02:40:07 PM
Looking at Maal slowly making her way down the dusty road, Dale speaks up,"Aye a ride to town would be great!  We're much obliged.  I'm Dale and this is my friend Maal. (If Sayer is with us I'll introduce him too.)   We're on our way to visit Ashe Pryassant."   Dale hops into the back of the wagon and extends a hand out to the wounded warrioress.  He wonders if she'll be offended by the gesture.
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Johan on July 26, 2005, 01:52:44 PM
Quote from: green:3bbe63ead8
Are we talking about the same Phin?!? 8O [/color]
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Wildfire on July 26, 2005, 12:52:57 PM
The road back to town seems as if it's a tunnel with the trees branching over to greet each other. Kossuth shines down in full glory giving warmth to the ground that has begged for it through all of Venric. The leaves grow larger and greener with every day and the grass is coming back from it's  brown of the cold season.

While you're traveling the road, a wagon with a few farm workers strolls by and stops up ahead. The driver stands up and shouts to you, "Do you need a ride into town? We're headed that way..."
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Blackspear on July 26, 2005, 12:08:42 PM
Dale suggests to Maal,"Let Sayer report to Julius.  You need to get some help.  You are looking awfully queezy.   Why don't we go straight to Ashe's house.   He should be able to fix you up.  We can talk with Julius later in case Sayer forgets anything.  I'm sure he won't though.   He had a great view of the battle."   Dale hopes that Sayer didn't notice him casting that Sleep spell back there.  The last thing I need right now is for anybody to know that I'm a wizard.   Especially the Duke.   If the Duke finds out about me it will be a double whammy....

In case anyone misconstrues my slants towards Sayer, I'm simply role playing Dale.   He is very prejudiced towards nobility and he despises people who sit in the back and don't roll up their sleeves.   He probably won't pick a fight or publicly comment on his disposition, but he will think about them.  He is also very worried that Sayer will include him in the report to the Duke, which could bring trouble from his past down on his head.  
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Johan on July 26, 2005, 10:21:22 AM
As his companions departed in a more-or-less staggered progression, Maccabeus took his bedroll, opened it, and dunked it repeatedly in the cool water, rinsing the ash sediment from the thick, heavy wool. He then spread the blanket out on the grass to dry in the mid-day sun while he and wolf lay back, resting from the morning's ordeal.

The sun translated by a hand or more as the two friends languished in the field. "An odd day." Maccabeus remarked to wolf. "I've never heard nor seen such unusual creatures." Wolf yawned widely, apparently disinterested in Mac's conversation; it was a dynamic that had played itself out countless times in the couple of years that the two had been friends. Ultimately it didn't matter, however. Maccabeus was more using the wolf to hear and digest his own thoughts.

"I think we should stay out here tonight and see if anything emerges from in there." The little man continued. "In the morning, we'll try to help the plant. What say we roam upstream to find some dinner?" He rolled his now-dry blanket, and started following the vernal stream into the forest. They should easily be able to find some early-season berries, and perhaps a rabbit, he thought. They'll be back here with the moons and keep watch together through the night.
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Phineas on July 26, 2005, 07:31:01 AM
Sayer would have washed up briefly at the stream.

If Sayer is the first to respond, then he would assure Jared that the bandits have been dealt with decidedly, omitting any details.  If Jared presses for details, Sayer would politely and diplomatically remind Jared that Julius should be the first to hear the full report.

Sayer's intentions for the day: back in Threshold, Sayer wants to *write* the report in his beautiful, flowing handwriting.   One copy will go to Julius, the other will go to the Archduke.  Once this task is done, then Sayer will take his time bathing.
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Wildfire on July 26, 2005, 07:09:36 AM
Jared looks to Dale, Maal, and Sayer (OCC:i'm assumingthat Sayer would also be informing to say Phin?) and then further beyond to the Gnome and the wolf. His eyes quickly follow the the tall, grey sheen skinned Maenad marching towrds the bridge to the road. "What happened back there?! You're all dusty and she looks sick! What happened to the bandits? Are they dead?" Jared asks with dire concern.
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: fraz on July 26, 2005, 06:35:03 AM
Maal Brengain will stand by silently (as is her way) while Dale explains things to Jared MacDougal.

Once the business there is complete, she will walk back to the town (slowly rather than briskly, I would think).

Since Ragnar's departure was rather abrupt, I don't believe Maal is aware that he intends to report immediately to Julius.

Therefore: If Maal is aware that Dale will be reporting immediately to Julius, then she will instead make her way to Ashe's home (where she hopes to find some treatment for her mysterious "evil magic" illness [lowered CON ability]).

If she is, for some reason, not aware of Dale's intent, then she will report to Julius first upon arrival in the town before making her way to Ashe's home.
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Blackspear on July 25, 2005, 11:58:42 PM
Dale also stops at the stream to scrub his face and wash his hands.   Before he leaves the babbling stream, he takes a long drink of the chilling water.   Feeling refreshed, Dale trots through the farmer's wheat fields to catch up with Maal.   He accompanies her to the barn, where he tells Farmer MacDougal "There's no need to worry, the bandits are gone. If you should see any other suspicious activities let Julius Hawkhaven know about it.    I will come visit the thorn hedge in the next few days just to make sure that everything is still quiet."

Dale is a very active thinker.  He is constantly mulling things over in his mind.

(In real life, Blackspear is very forgetful.   Therefore, I am writing down everything I would like Dale to do over the next few days.)

Dale wonders to himself whether it might be more wise to clear the brambles now that they are weak and thereby keeping the standing stones easily accessible. Or would it be better to let the brambles reclaim the stones. He will consult Julius when he arrives in town. He will also consult Ashe about this last adventure with the "bandits" who were defiling the elemental standing stones. He will show both Ashe and Julius the "steer" symbol that he took from the first bandit that Maal killed. If neither Ashe nor Julius knows anything about the steer symbol, Dale will conduct some research upon the symbol. He will start with casting an Identify Magic spell. After that he will document in his journal everything he can remember about the symbol and the circumstances surrounding it. He will inquire of both Julius and Ashe if they knew of the standing stones and if they have any idea as to why or how the "bandits" knew it was there. Is there any place in or near Threshold that might help me research these stones? Is there a library or a historian nearby?
Dale will also inform Ashe that he is interested in a long dead resident of Threshold named Valekai. Does Ashe know anything about him? Does he know of anyone who might know more?
On the following day, unless something more pressing presents itself Dale would like to ask Ragnar and Maccabeus (he won't ask Maal or the Duke's lackey, because he doesn't want to reveal to them that he is a spellcaster.   Not to mention that the Duke's boy is just plain worthless in a fight.) to accompany him back to the stones so that he can do more research on them. Dale will map them and write down the symbology on all the stones. Dale will then ask his friends to help him search for secret doors. If they don't find any he will also cast Detect Secret Doors on the center standing stone and again on the inner circle.
He continues to think to himself that he would like to get into the habit of scribing some scrolls as circumstances allow. He would like to build a small reserve of scrolls for when he gets into trouble. Dale comes to the conclusion that he can scribe scrolls at night on the days after he has not spent his prepared spells. He does the math and realizes that he can currently scribe as many as three scrolls. He intends to start in a couple of days. After he reiinvestigates the standing stones.
He also remembers that he needs to buy a baldric for his quarterstaff, since his last one broke on the journey to Threshold.
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: fraz on July 25, 2005, 09:12:10 PM
Quote from: green:0758cf34fd
I saw it.  That was a great job of cutting and pasting, Himo.  Yet, as you can see, we are starting from scratch here, so I recommend you repost your responses one at a time here (if you have time to do so) as we progress forward.  Let's take it slow and not jump too far ahead this time.[/color]

Maal Brengain walks sluggishly across the fields.  She ignores the gawking farm tenders and heads straight for the barn where they had talked with Jared MacDougal earlier.
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: on July 25, 2005, 09:06:59 PM
Ragnar thinks to himself "what to should I do?" while surrfering enough from his desprate need for water also belives he must consult Hawkhaven on this matter and quickly decides to consult Hakhaven first and heads of down the road to do so.
Title: A Dusty Return
Post by: Johan on July 25, 2005, 08:49:21 PM
The mid-day sun burned in Maccabeus's pale eyes. He looked to the ground and squinted, placing a hand on Wolf's shoulder and caughing again on the cloud of ash thus produced.

His mouth was dry and foul; he was equally sure that Wolf's was too. Having passed this area only yesterday, he knew that countless vernal streams ran down from the mountains and through these foothills to feed the noisey river that ran along side the road into the city. That would be his first priority, personally. He realized that the tall folk would doubtless need to report back to their boss in the city, but they did not need him for that.

Raising his slowly-adjusting eyes to the fields around him, shading his brow with his hand, he cast about the fields. There, behind them and to the south, just south of the sorrowed bramble patch, he espied a break in the flora at the edge of the field. That would be where one of the vernal streams fed this field with a natural irrigation waterway - and this time of year it would be flowing high.

"I'm going to get cleaned." He croaked to his companions. "Hayi," he added, coughing, "water." Wolf perked up and strode along with him.

It was but a short distance to where Maccabeus had spotted the stream, and it gurggled happily as it flowed into the fields. Maccabeus removed his hide armor as he approached its banks. His bedroll, spear, and dagger he cast upon the bank and splashed full into the invigorating, chill waters.

Shallow though it was, it was plenty deep to attend Maccabeus's needs; standing in the middle of the stream the waters ran about him up to his armpits. He dunked full under the water, rubbing his head vigorously to dislodge the ashe that had settled upon him. Wolf pounced on his friend happily and the two splashed for a time, field-workers glancing nervously as they were not accustomed to seeing such a large wolf, and so close to their flocks.

Emerging from the water, much refreshed, the pair moved stone's throw upstream and drank deeply of the clean near-freezing waters. Maccabeus took some care to rinse his water skin and refill it with fresher water.
Title: A Dusty Return
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