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Title: Coming Soon: Elemental Sodalis
Post by: Wildfire on July 08, 2005, 11:09:50 PM
This is something that i've been working on for years. In 2nd ed these were known as "Specialty Priests". I choose not to use the word "Specialty" for this strain of cleric/druids that I'm creating. To me it sounds more like it's own class (which they will sort of be) and signiture to my Campaign if they're called Sodalis.

To give a little bit of background on this word: it is a latin root word meaning "member of a secret society or priesthood". This word is used as both singular and plural (at least in my game use of it).

Each Elemental Sodalis will have a range of class features and abilities making them unique from the other Sodalis. Some years ago when "Specialty Priests" were introduced in "Forgotten Realms" they didn't pay much attention to the four element gods (the names of which I blatently stole for my camp...I do actually have my own names for them). This was somewhat distressing to me. After all, why should these guys get snubbed? So I had it in my mind to make my own Specialty Priests of the elemental gods. I only made 2 of them: Kossuth (fire) and Istisha (water). They were SO cool!! A player of mine (character: Karsyn Nightstar)actually played a Fire priest...quite successfully...I however, made a villain who was a Water priest (Kythorian Mylz'Zuatha) ...equally successful.

So, in the spirit of continueing the conversion from 2nd ed to 3.5ed and in keeping with my Elemental obssesions I'll be working on my Elemental Sodalis (amidst MANY other things for our game). Hold tight folks, they'll be here soon (Johan, I haven't forgotten about the Totems  :wink: )
Title: Coming Soon: Elemental Sodalis
Post by: Wildfire on July 28, 2005, 08:06:49 PM
Okay, enough with the Jedi mind tricks...
Title: Coming Soon: Elemental Sodalis
Post by: on July 28, 2005, 07:27:59 PM
i feel the introduction to the villan(s) comming soon *dramatic background music* so lets stay tuned to find a weakness
Title: Coming Soon: Elemental Sodalis
Post by: Blackspear on July 26, 2005, 12:27:39 PM
Just going back through posts that I missed.

The Sodalis is a great name!
I would like to do one as my back up character.  I'm not sure which element though.  Water and Fire seem most appealing to me, but let me know what you work out for air and earth as well!