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Title: A walk through the camp
Post by: Wildfire on June 12, 2005, 10:19:25 AM
10 Goodmonth (Aug) 591

The morning after the chasm crossing T'Riad goes through his morning discilpline routines with Erinalia. [OOC: this is in reference to "T'Riad speaks with Erinalia ("[/color:39cb65598a].] He decides that instead of going on his run that he'll Walk through the camp. He thinks to himself, "I wonder if there are any others of my type of discipline here. It would be beneficial to practice with someone of similar fighting skill. My brother master told me that the life of our sort is not one that is usually sought out by regular folk. If there is one of my kind I hope that we can teach each other our ways and become better at what we are"

T'Riad wanders through the camp observing the increasing morning activity and taking note at what is where. "I've not spent much time in the camp since we just seems to be too noisy. However, these people are here the same as I and are part of my family now. It would be good to know them." he continues thinking. Walking about the main throughways amongst the tents his curiosity is insatiable. He realizes to himself, "I've never lived among other people. My life, and a good one at that, was spent in the temple-monastary away from everything. I saw some of the outside world on the way from Rieuwood to Dustrand but never stayed long enough in any one place to become familiar with any of it. Such is not the case now."

Walking along the paths that have been made in the past days he looks about for any one that might be practicing their motions of discipline or Katas hoping to see a shred of something reminiscent of his old life at the the temple-monastary.

He looks down at his signet ring that his brother-master gave to him befor leaving and wonders, "What time of day is it back at the Order? What will they be having for breakfast? What will brother-master do today? No doubt he will be teaching others of The Way. I can't deny that I miss them all...him especially. 'The world will be my teacher' master-brother said. Already I have learned much from the outside. Still, I have much more to learn. That will come in time. With every question that I answer, more questions arise. Some answers, it seems, change as I go. It would appear that few things, if any, are set in stone."

Passing by the chow tent T'Riad smells the food cooking and realizes that he's quite hungry. The call of hunger is hard to ignore. After coming to the mutual desicion by his exploration team to establish a residence in the dwarven halls he knows that fresh meals in the chow tent may become fewer.

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Title: A walk through the camp
Post by: Wildfire on June 15, 2005, 07:30:11 AM
T'Riad makes his way back to his tent...always looking. He arrives and grabs his quaterbarrel and goes down to the shore to fill it up with water to begin the daily ritual of slapping the water out of the barrel. "Some warriors sharpen their blades. Others practice their bows. Slapping the water makes my hands as deadly as any weapon...combined with discpline and focus they will soon be deadlier..." *smacksplash*...*smacksplash*...*smacksplash*...
Title: A walk through the camp
Post by: Dray on June 14, 2005, 07:28:19 PM
High up on the northern rise, next to the Quartermaster's Tent, T'riad watched the slow moving but mighty river flow into Outpost Bay. The dwarves had done a fine job in constructing the one dock for the small village. It was hard to believe the massive stone piers were installed in less than a week, let alone the incredible work done on the platform. It even had a small shack upon it for the dock master.

The Amistad barge was currently docked on one side and the Venture clipper was on the other. Dozens of men scurried about, unloading cargo. T'riad now realized why it seemed the village was suddenly sprouting out of the ground. Cargo was arriving, and being used as soon as it hit the shore.

At the mess hall earlier, the dwarves had talked in almost sheer jubilation about how they could finally bite into the mountain. Now that the humans could build there village, the dwarves were free to dig into theirs. It was interesting to see what the two different races considered home to be.

He had spotted no monks or anyone of similar teachings in his morning walk. He knew one who had come over on the Endeavor, a man named Chek, but he had not seen him this entire week. He had heared that there were others as well, but perhaps they were on assignment or simply meditating in their tents, he did not know.

His companions would soon wake and it would be time to meet them in the mess hall, then on to the dwarven halls.
Title: A walk through the camp
Post by: Wildfire on June 14, 2005, 12:59:22 PM
T'Riad enters the tent to see a swarm of dwarves. All of them are chattering amongst themselves, laughing and joking. T'Riad hears a comment about 'the elf in the skirt'. He takes a little offense but sees it wiser to leave it unanswered.

He gets his plate, utensils, and food. He sits away from the dwarves by himself. Looking over his meal of bread and dried fruit that was brought over on the voyage he thinks back, "I'd give anything for a bowl of nut and venison stew like back at the temple-monastary. Oh, sweet peaches and strawberries...fresh and juicy. mmmm...dunk a tear of bread into the..." T'Riad was suddenly distracted from his memory by a deep dwarven voice calling him. "Hey, green skirt! you want to be joinin' us for the morning feast?" T'Riad looks up and over to the shouting. He noticed that it was the same dwarf that made the earlier comment. The dwarf waved his arm motioning T'Riad over, "Come on, we won't bite. You look like you could use the company."

T'Riad gets up and moves his plate of food over to the dwarves. As he gets to the table the dwarf that called him over stands, extends his hand upright and says, "G'moring to ye. My name is Bergin and these er some of me clan members. What's your name?" T?Riad noticed his very thick Dwarven accent. ?He must have been fresh from his homeland. His accent is thicker than a dwarf that?s been living in the common city? T?Riad thinks.

T'Riad grabs Bergin?s hand firmly and responds, ?Bergin, it?s a pleasure to meet you and your kin. I?m T?Riad Shy?Eve. In the commoners tongue it means Moondancer.? T?Riad became very aware of the difference in his speech as compared to the dwarves. He had held company with one, sometimes two, dwarves before at the temple-monastary and also with Dhaige and Dakal. Never before had he been surrounded by them. He was all too mindful of his differences from the dwarves. The dwarves seemed to pay no mind to any differences. They spent their breakfast eating and talking and comparing notes on the past week. T?Riad had learned that this squad of dwarves was working in the big mine that he remembers being mentioned at the boring ?state of affairs? meeting. Many times the sturdy fellows would ramble on in their native tongue. T?Riad would listen close to hear any words that sounded familiar. He couldn?t make any words out so he started rambling in his own elven language. All of the dwarves stopped their conversations and looked at him. T?Riad, quite proud of his silencing the dwarves, smiled and said, ?I bid you all farewell. I must go now. Breakfast was quite enjoyable and I hope to see all of you again for the morning feast sometime. Be careful in the mines?there?s something not right about this place.? The troupe of dwarves all said farewell and T?Riad was once again out exploring.

Towards the Northern end of camp T?Riad could see ahead that the carpenters were breaking ground and establishing a series of permanent buildings. He also noticed that he had now entered the artisan and crafters section of camp. Many of the ?shops? had their working spots outside under large open tents so keep the rain off of the tools and supplies.

Trekking further north into camp T?Riad could see a team of men digging a trench and lining it with flat rocks. Not understanding the logic of this T?Riad had walked up to the authority of this endeavor and inquired on it. ?Excuse me sir?What is this for?? the man turns his head and looks at the inquisitive elf and says, ?Don?t ya know a water drain when ya see one?? T?Riad steps forward a bit and looks at the laboring. Uninterested, he continues.

Up ahead T?Riad heard the sound of hammering and loud talking and could see the skeletons of the buildings that would soon become a village. T?Riad thought, ?So, this is how it starts. A city, even the legendary Greyhawk, used to be nothing more than a few tents and a lot of ambition. Everything starts out small?and given a chance it can become grand. I?m sure that Lord Tarkanian used to be nothing more than a squire himself. All anyone needs is a chance?? After coming out of his thought T?Riad noticed that he was near the animal section of camp. He didn?t actually see them but he could smell them.

T?Riad looked around to get his bearings. He turned to face the west and could the indigo waters of the bay. To the east he could see the giant Cascade of Lost Souls. The hills all around were lush and green. The river cliff to the north was tall and imposing looking like it would be there forever. He thought, ?this could have been the vision of paradise were it not for the dead bodies of the dwarves in their own sacred halls. At any time the fishmen could come up out of the water. Those four armed beasts are still in the jungle. Perhaps it?s we who are the intruders. Looking at from their viewpoint, how can we say that we?re not. Regardless, I?m here to do a job and meet the challenges of it. I care not for the politics in the morality of it. What matters is balance. As there is the wild we will establish tamed civilization to exist with it.?