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Title: Mel Visits Iviellos
Post by: Johan on May 13, 2005, 01:41:23 PM
Mel would like to track Ivan down, preferrably in the Big Top, but if the occasion presents itself elsewhere he'll carpe the fricken diem...

So, I'm thinking, another day or so and we're pretty well sure that we'll have fully investigated this part of the  Dwarven hold that we've been looting - I mean, charting [Mel grins impishly]. The next obvious bent would be to investigate that portion of it that's on the other side of the chasm, but getting there will take some doing. I think it'll take something like a full day just to jungle-hike around the chasm to the far said. Any single jaunt over there will likely be an adventure that would take days; not something that would bring us back by nightfall.

This brings a thought to mind, and coupled with another thought the first thought seems downright plausible. I think.

Although this side of the Dwarven facility is damaged, it could still be very much usefull to us; My thinking is that we should perhaps turn a bunch of dwarves loose in there to correct the defects (the damaged traps, the broken smithy...) and air the place out. It could be usefull as a more permanent base of operations. I mean, it's a lot more defensible than the beach is, and if the dwarves put some effort to it, they could seal off the centipede nest, and make the system a great base. There's storage areas, living quarters, forges, anvils. Granted, we can't all live there, but it could be very usefull. The presence of that sauna could even be usefull for medicinal reasons. The whole east wing could be put to use as an infirmary! Plus, it's more defensible than the beach.

I have this vision of building a bridge from this side to the other side. I would, were I a dwarf, build a proper gateway or door at the southern wall of that great hall, perhaps a stairway leading upwards to the forest and down toward the bottom of the chasm (we should investigate that to see what's there - probably not much more than fallen debris, relatively new forest growth, and a lot of centipededs; have you noticed that there seem to be a lot of nuisance critters running around over there? Centipedes particularly. There were like, thousands of them in that nest. Why do you suppose they need nests? You'd think...Oh, sorry).

Part of me wonders when the militant humaniods from the deep are going to attack us again. If anything, they are likely building their forces now; I think it'd be a good idea for us to make use of the Dwarven facility. Like I say, it's more easily defensible than the beach, and if we can at least build a temporary bridge to the other side (say, a rope bridge...they can seem very unstable but they'll surprise you too. A single strand may not be very strong, but put them together and...) er, then who knows what might be found as usefull over there.

Me and the gang can get across a rope (Elb can shoot it across and I'll cross, tie off a larger, stronger rope for the get the idea), but while we're investigating that side a better bridge can be in the works and within a month we'll have a decent fortress. One, I think, that'll be more easily defended than the beach.

True, the dwarves might not think it's decent [Mel frowns and lowers his voice rediculously, cupping his chin in his hands to carricturize a beard] "It fell once, it can fall again...oops, I tripped, don't help me up - I'll only fall again." but the truth is that this facility is very much more defensible than the beach. Did I mention that?

Wow, look at her...Hey, you know that druid chick you sent to help us? She's awfully pretty. Pretty skitty...prettish skittish. pbpbptttt ahahahaha!!

Ohh! Look! T'Riad's balancing on a stick! Excuse me, I've got something that needs pushing...
Title: Mel Visits Iviellos
Post by: Dray on May 16, 2005, 11:53:20 AM
Wanted to note that the DM has read this very well thought out post.