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Title: A visitor for Kit
Post by: Wildfire on May 10, 2005, 09:57:31 PM
Duthash Albyr Voldyn [May 1st, 237 VY]

After her morning bath and mid-morning breakfast, Kit headed out to visit Ashe. The streets were busy with townsfolk and visitors hustling about the town. As she started to cross the Rosewalk she saw a boy, near her age, approach her. She quickly recognized his strong build and shoulder-length auburn hair. Kyle Stagdrake was a very handsome young man, despite his grimy work clothes. And Kit thought he looked much better, now that he was many days away from his stint as a rat boy.

He smiled shyly at her as he intercepted her on the bridge. "Ah, m-miss? I wanted to thank you for helping to save me from that rat change disease. It was a terrible ordeal and I hope to someday to get the man that did that to me and my friends. I don't know if you know what it's like, being driven to do despicable things, but I never want to be like that again. I think that I'll always be somewhat ashamed of what I did. But you helped us! I don't know if this will ever tell you how thankful I am but I hope that it helps." He had rushed so quickly, through his obviously rehearsed speech, that it was a moment before Kit looked down at what he offered.

He reached awkwardly and handed her a leather hair piece with a carved stick that pierced either end. The leather was a deep chestnut color and had stained wood carvings of crescents evolving into a circle and then back to crescents. The wood carvings were inlaid with copper and the edges of the leather had light brown leather strings spiraling through copper inlets that tied off on the ends of the strap and hung with long laces. The ends of the laces were ornamented with etched copper beads. "I made this for you. you like it?" he asked while looking at her with nervous, yet hopeful eyes.
Title: A visitor for Kit
Post by: Wildfire on May 12, 2005, 06:47:28 AM
Kyle's heart sank at her reaction. He turned to watch her run away. He was completely confused and struggled to understand what he did wrong. He really wanted her to have the gift that he made. He stood and looked out from the bridge at the searing jet of flame that reached into the sky from the the Spike of Fire. Taking a deep breath he continued across the Rosewalk toward The Thornhedge Inn.
Title: A visitor for Kit
Post by: Dray on May 12, 2005, 05:00:43 AM
Kit stared at the beautiful hair piece in her hands. Moments went bye. Kyle's heart felt it would stop as he anxiously awaited her response.

The wind caught her hair and blew it forward across her face, almost hiding her tears from him. She let a small cry as she continued to stare at the gift.

Kyle was suddenly frightened that he had offended her in some way. A moment before he started to apologize, for Paladine knew not what, she spoke.

"It is indeed the most beautiful adornament I have ever seen Kyle, but I cannot accept it," she said through her crying. The whisper of her voice almost stolen by the wind. She handed the gift back to his reluctant hands.

"Perhaps if I was a normal girl, but I am not. You would best be served if you did not pursue me."

Without warning, she bolted past him, running down the street, crying.