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Title: Mage (not Sorcerer) dice
Post by: Wildfire on April 07, 2005, 08:25:28 AM
FYI: in Threshold, 3.5 Sorceres are called Mages. Also, i'm not fond of "wizard" either (i keep seeing some skinny dork in a pointy hat and robes 3 sizes to big with glittery moons and stars). so, in Threshold, Wizards are called Arcanists. However, for game speak terminology purposes i'll stick with convention.

now, to my original point (and i do have one). i'm adopting Johan's d6 increase to a Sorcerers hit dice. they really are underbalanced against the wizard (and hence the other classes as well). the chronic lack of bonus feats against a wizards i find is really the source of the imbalance.

Perhaps an alternative would be to give the Sorcerer's the bonus feats that a wizard gets...but i like keeping them (Wizards & Sorcerers) different enough to make them apparently different.