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Title: Session 24-A Up the Mountain Over the Chasm
Post by: Wildfire on March 03, 2012, 05:17:10 PM
Session 24: Up the Mountain Over the Chasm (Part 1)

Qwydeon Zinnyas Voldyn  VY 237 (June 7)


Your nomadic life in this part of the world has been volleying you back and forth from Threshold to the Valley wall for weeks now. The view of the trail has been the same but those that have hired you as a guard escort have been different. Many are pilgrims to see the legendary Valley of Mist and pay homage to their respective deities. Others have been merchants on a less noble endeavor to make some coin from the pilgrims. Still, others are students and teachers on their way to see the vast library at the main temple. Whatever their persuasion or cause for their trip, they all have paid honestly for your expertise in protection. So here you are at the partially constructed entrance to the most blessed of places never having gone in. Many of the tradesmen here that are constructing the entrance know your face and call you friend. The mammoths that are used to aid construction have developed a fondness for you and often rub your head with their massive trunks.


Your last few weeks in Threshold have been quiet to say the least, that is, except for the training sessions you’ve had with young man Kyle and his friends. After the Fortmount was emptied of its inhabitants, Julius asked if you would keep watch over it until the Protectorate had returned in full force to see to its full use. So there you’ve stayed as the steward of the keep. Every day the boys come and complete their assigned tasks and as payment you train them to fight. You often hear them talking about who exactly you like more and which one you’ll kiss first. Of course, you then promptly beat that thought out of them when it comes to sparring time.

A coupe of day ago your friends in the Protectorate embarked on a journey south to the Valley of Mist. It‘s a mission of profound importance but Julius thought that having a skilled warrior of your caliber in the town was equally important. A day after they left, Julius came to you with concerns that they would, in fact, need your guided spear. So south you traveled to a Wildlander place of legend.


You stand on the edge of the most divine location in all of Elsenban. For a priest, any priest, there is no other place that would compare save the heaven that awaits each soul. In your bones you can feel the sanctity before you. Your heart even feels drawn to the Valley giving you the sensation of having been there even though you know that you have not. What you do know, besides the common knowledge of the Valley, is that a great library housing thousands of tomes and scrolls in the great Temple of Nyx’Ianar waits at the far end of the Valley. To visit such a library is perhaps the finest pleasure for a priest of Sardior second only to the temple itself. Yet there is urgent purpose to this visit to the Valley of Mist and perhaps the vast library will have to wait.

Not only does your desire to dissect the library call to you but also the chalice. It calls not with a voice but with a yearning felt inside much like a thirst. You sense that it is fractured and wishes to once again be whole…but to what importance?


For any member of your clan and kin it would be no small event to visit this place of legend, nearly myth, known in the common tongue as The Valley of Mist. Few, if any, of your kin have been to this place although others have spoken of your grandsire speaking of it. Here you are now walking the same path as he probably did so many years before. Thoughts of coincidence versus destiny have gnawed at you in the back of your mind. You know that Ashe would say there’s no such thing as an accident.

Although the excitement of visiting what is surely a most sacred land fills you it is shadowed by the purpose of the visit. The salvation of Whispers life and the survival of the Goldleaf Grove is being carried by you. The violation to the unique trees by agents of Zyxu can only be cured by the planting of a Vallenwood Acorn within the grove. That acorn can only be found in the Valley. So down the dusty road you walk taking the same steps perhaps as your grandsire before you.
Title: Session 24-A Up the Mountain Over the Chasm
Post by: Johan on March 17, 2012, 12:05:43 PM
Kossuth breached to find Wolf watching Maccabeus capering about in his typical salute to the Divinities. Today would begin the last leg to the journey that would culminate in the little gnome's arrival at the sconce of his faith.

The companions met the morning by setting out through the small shanty town that spread out before the great wall, it's dual ramps still under construction (the work for which a multitude of craftsmen and laborers bent), that would put them on the last road to the Valley of Mists. In between those ramps a tall waterfall that crashed to the floor of this approach. There was also an older spiral-wound roadway, which the two ramps being built would replace, up to the broad avenue that would bring them south.

The road at the top of the wall was a broad throughway that could accommodate two lines of carts, at least, to go to and from the Valley. On the right was a steep drop of dizzying heights at the bottom of which was a river that flowed northely to tumble into the plain just the north side of the wall and slithered north from there.

To the left a wall rose up steep to varying heights along their journey. The broad road had clearly been carved from the rising wall of a great chasm.

The day hadn't proceeded long, however, when the group was beset upon by a small band of what appeared to be the exact nettle demons that Maccabeus and his other companions had fought when first they began working in Whisper's behalf. Their appearance here disconcerted the gnome; if these foullings were here as well as there...well, it could be no coincidence.

The companions fought these demons quickly and efficiently; the nettle demons were vanquished, leaving Maccabeus more nervous than not. He had just been nearly successful in banishing the ghost of the mysterious attacker from the previous night - Maccabeus thought that it must be that the attacker was a servant of the Ash Lords, and that of course would mean that their enemies knew exactly where the companions were and what might be their goal. These nettle demons enfirmed this fear in Maccabeus.

The group continued on...

The sun had not set, however, when a new foe made itself known. A huge boulder descended from the wall above and crashed into Wolf and Maccabeus as they ranged ahead of the group. Strange battle ensued.

Their foe, it turned out, was a cowardly (though clever for the race) ogre who, from a hiding spot above, dropped small boulders upon the group and hid out of easy bow shot of the group. At this point of the passage, a few tens of feet above the roadway the chasm wall fell back into a bit of a copse where the ogre had set his ambush.

Maccabeus drew upon mysteries recently opened to him by Vallen and summoned forth a hippogrif to assist in this combat. All the rest of us could do was to cast sling stones and javelins at the brute.

The combat was short, the ogre defeated. Maal and Hafaveral climbed to where the ogre had been to investigate the area, but found nothing of interest.

The companions pushed further south.
Title: Session 24-A Up the Mountain Over the Chasm
Post by: Wildfire on March 26, 2012, 07:30:15 PM
Thanks Johan...much appreciated!