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Title: Following the Trail
Post by: Wildfire on November 24, 2011, 08:21:57 AM

  Following the Trail  

[Reference to Session 14 Part 2]

{This thread involves Jarmok and Sayer if Phin wishes)  

Duthash Gyth Basque VY. 237 (May 29)  

OOC: Johan, setting the mood, feel free to edit anything that I presume in regards to Jarmok


Kossuth had not yet risen over the horizon. The scent of late spring flowers coasted on the morning breeze and the sounds of a waking city were just beginning. From his window Jarmok could see the silhouette of enormous white cathedral in the distance. The height of its towers were surpassed by only the mountains themselves it seemed. The tangled web of streets of Kurr seemed confusing compared to the roads that ran through Threshold, as did all of the buildings. Looking at it too long one could have gotten dizzy it seemed. Perhaps it was a different sort of “forest”. One with buildings instead of trees…but not even close to natural.  


The suite that was lent to Jarmok was perhaps larger than the cabin that Mercer had given him back in Threshold. Utilitarian drapes and elegant tapestries lined the walls to shield from the cold stone in the winter retain their coolness in the summer. There was a desk for which to write and a sitting area to converse in comfort. It was by all measures, a nice place. It was not home though and it certainly wasn’t the forest and fields that he felt most attuned to.

Title: Following the Trail
Post by: Johan on November 25, 2011, 09:59:25 AM
Jarmok could not remember ever having been *in* a city before. He had been close though, and back at that time, he had thought that the smell would make him expel his breakfast. So much humanity in one small area, he supposed. The rotting trash, unwashed people, and other waste were noxious.

Now that he was inside the walls of such a place, he realized that the wind was unable to flow freely through such a place, only making matters worse. The bit of floral scent was able to rise above it in the pre-dawn morning, but Jarmok suspected that as the city folk went about their day, they'd make the day smell rather rank.

Jarmok hoped that Sayer could quickly get done what he needed to get done, so that they could be back to Threshold as soon as possible...or at least out of Kurr. He wondered whether there might be a spot in this stench-hole where there might be a park of some sort; perhaps he might forget where he was, at least for a short while.
Title: Following the Trail
Post by: Wildfire on November 25, 2011, 01:08:42 PM
Jarmok took notice of a faint knock on his door. From beyond he could hear a baritone voice ask quietly, “Trailmaster Jarmok, are you awake yet? I have some breakfast to share.”

The ranger recognized the voice as being that of the Arch-Duke himself. His fine senses could indeed tell that there was some breakfast, Jarmok was certain there was a variety of meats, to be had.
Title: Following the Trail
Post by: Johan on November 25, 2011, 01:15:47 PM
Jarmok walked a bit too quickly over to the door to open it. He was a bit surprised to see that there was no mere servant at the door (rich city folk, he had thought, preferred to let other people do the little chores).

Jarmok jerked his head in greeting to the Arch-Duke. "Come." He said, opening the door wide.
Title: Following the Trail
Post by: Wildfire on November 25, 2011, 09:36:42 PM
Corwynn bowed in acceptance of the invitation. “My thanks to you.” He replied as he balanced a large platter in his left hand and swept his right hand out in grandiose fashion. His enormous frame was clothed in simple fineries of black pants, tan shirt, and soft black leather boots. His long copper colored hair was tied into a messy ponytail and around his neck was a round, bronzewood medallion with the carved face of a wolf gilded with the unmistakable shine of the goldleaves from the grove overlooking Threshold.

Strapped to his belt was a blunt wooden axe and sheathed to his back was a blunt wooden bastard sword. Jarmok knew from his sparring days with Mercer that they were practice weapons.

The Duke entered the room and set the platter of food on a table in the living area. “Please pardon my early intrusion if you would. I’m an early riser and you being a guide and trailmaster I figured you were up about as well. I’m glad I wasn’t wrong.” he said as he belted out a hearty laugh.

“I’ve brought a steaming heap of spiced meats and some…cheeses…I think…maybe some root fruit. Really I just grabbed whatever I could find on the spits and cutting tables in the kitchen.” Corwynn stated as he arranged the plates and forks on the table. He lifted the cover from the platter to reveal a mountain of food with an irresistible aroma of seasonings.

“Please, sit down…there’s enough food here for both of us. Tell me a bit about yourself. I like to know someone before I ask something of them.” He stated plainly and casually.
Title: Following the Trail
Post by: Johan on November 26, 2011, 08:14:49 AM
Secretive and shy by nature, Jarmok grew a bit anxious as the Arch-Duke entered his apartment, but his stomach growled noisily almost immediately when the meats' odors assailed his nostrils. He closed the door silently and followed his host into the room.

The bronzewood medallion that Corwynn wore about his thick neck should have put Jarmok at ease, knowing as he did how such a treasure would be granted only to a select, honorable few. But the man could have inherited it, or he might have stolen it outright, for all Jarmok knew.

"Not much tell." Jarmok answered, shrugging. "Was hope to see Kossuth rise, but over mountain." He said, regretting his west-facing window and yearning for his usual morning routine of a pre-dawn trek across Threshold's little valley to his vantage point where he would daily watch the sky lighten over the eastwall. He decided to try to change the conversation.

"Is Sayer have what needed?" He asked. "Much trouble in Threshold, horse man traitor councilors." He supposed that the Arch-Duke must already know these things, but it was more comfortable conversation for Jarmok.
Title: Following the Trail
Post by: Wildfire on November 27, 2011, 10:33:10 AM
The duke tried as best he could to decipher Jarmok’s limited speech. Recognizing that Jarmok was clearly not of any race he knew of he was curious as to what his native tongue sounded like. What he did know for certain, based on Sayers proclaimed "discrepancy" and Jarmoks immediate mention of it now, was that there was a breach in security that had been established between Kurr and Threshold.

Corwynn took a hunk of meat from the platter along with some cheese and set it on his plate. His mouth began to water as the steam from the meat curled up into his face. Unable to resist the temptation, and seeing no reason to, he carved an oversized piece and quickly shoved it into his mouth. He chased it down with a sip of truffle coffee that he had on the platter with the breakfast.

“Oh…that tastes delicious!” Corwynn exclaimed as looked at Jarmok. “Be sure to get your fill, you’ll be glad you did. There’s also a cup of truffle coffee here for you if you like.”

He considered Jarmok’s unease with speaking of his past and decided that perhaps in his own good time that Jarmok would speak more plainly. The least he could do was respect the cat-mans wishes and not press the point. There were other ways to learn of his race.

“There is still time to see Kossuth waken this morning. His birth isn’t due for…hrm…at least another hand by my reckoning. I’d be happy to take you to the keeps tallest tower so that you can see it.” Corwynn considered another possibility. “Although, if you prefer, we could go beyond the walls of Kurr and watch it without the city below us. We could go after breakfast!” He smiled at this thought because it would surly bother some of the court administrators that he left without a royal escort.
Title: Following the Trail
Post by: Johan on November 27, 2011, 11:19:43 AM
Jarmok's mouth watered all the more when the Arch-Duke took the large cover off of the food, and his stomach growled noisily. He somewhat timidly took up the plate offered and helped himself to perhaps too much of the meat and cheese - his over-active apatite was larger than usual this morning. It was as good on his tongue as it had been in his nose.

"Is out place good near to see?" He asked. "Tower maybe tomorrow?" He really wanted to be back in the trees just now; the city felt too much like a cage to Jarmok.

He tore at the meat with his teeth and chewed the too-large piece that came off of the larger slab. As he chewed he stuck his nose in the cup that Corwynn indicated; it did indeed smell good, but Jarmok made it a rule to not drink of what the Mahiya did not provide directly. He searched for a pitcher of water.
Title: Following the Trail
Post by: Wildfire on November 27, 2011, 05:08:09 PM
Corwynn chewed greedily on his plate of food as he listened to Jarmoks question. He could hear in his mild voice and see the discomfort in his eyes about being in the city. He thought of it as keeping a horse in a stable for too long. He also wondered if jarmok had encountered something volatile in his past that made him wary of a city. Corwynn certainly found Jarmok intriguing. How life was full of surprises!

Seeing that Jarmok was looking for an alternative to the truffle coffee he decided to help the fellow out. “Oh….wait…allow me.” The duke stated. His mouth was half filled with meat muffling his words. He hoped Jarmok would understand his words and intention. As he stood up from his chair he took a last big swallow clearing his mouth of food and proceeded to walk over to the side table next to Jarmoks bed to get the pitcher and mug.

“I believe it is a view that you will like. It’s out of the city, in amongst the trees, and away from the noise.” He said as he brought the pitcher of water over to Jarmok and sat back down. “It’s on the water too. Do you know how to ride a horse? We can pack up the food and take it with us” he offered eagerly.

(Wildfire’s Note: Kurr is a city on Vallensun Lake in The Forest [embarrassingly enough I have no name for this forest. Suffice it to say it’s the biggest forest on my maps]. There is a clear perimeter from the city walls for about a half mile out to the forest itself that is used for farmland. This clearing was created for city construction but also for defensive reasons.)
Title: Following the Trail
Post by: Johan on December 04, 2011, 09:00:42 AM
Jarmok watched as the huge man divined the object of Jarmok's desire and accepted the ewer gratefully. "Ung...thank." he said clumsily, as he poured water into the mug. It wasn't good water; it was tepid, having sat out in the room all night (perhaps longer), and it had lost any flavor of the river that it must once have held. In fact, Jarmok realized, it tasted a bit like the city itself.

Normally Jarmok reached for water to wash his mouth after eating; here, it seemed he would have to eat something to wash his mouth after drinking the water. His first thought was that a fruit would likely have the moisture that he'd need for that pallet cleanse, but he realized immediately that the fruit would likely taste like the water, having been raised upon it.

The city was no place for a child of the forest; of this he was more certain than ever. Perhaps there'd be cleaner water at this place where Corwynn proposed to meet Kossuth. With luck, this location would be up stream and not down.

"We go, half hand less?" Jarmok suggested as he took up cheese, half dreading the flavor of it. He was pleasantly surprised by the cheese, however; perhaps, he thought, it was not made inside the city. Perhaps too, the fruit had been grown up stream. "Need dress." He said simply, indicating his travelling gear that lay in a heap on the floor next to his bedroll, where he had obviously slept.
Title: Following the Trail
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Cowynn empathized with Jarmok’s eagerness to exit the city. He often longed for the same freedom from the city but all too often his responsibilities to affairs of state kept him within the walls. He laughed at himself thinking that if he chose to leave for a hunting trip or some still time that no one was in a reasonable position to stop him. His wife, Nicola, would most likely encourage him to leave. It was his own sense of duty that kept him to stay. While Nicola admired his senses she was likewise frustrated by them for the burden's they would place.

Now with the reports from the outside, not just from the Protectorate, his court needed his attention in many matters. He suspected that this jaunt with Jarmok could well be the last time he’d get out to the field and not be leading a charge of soldiers.

“We can leave as soon as you’re able.” The duke said. “I’ll need to get some travel clothes…maybe some light armor. I don’t suspect trouble but you can never tell when some highwaymen might strike and get in a lucky arrow.”

Corwynn started to pack up the food, after taking a big a last big bite, and looked at Jarmok. “I’ll meet you down in the stables, eh? Feel free to pick out any horse you like…except for mine and my wife’s of course. The stable master down there, Erikan, will be able to help you out. Sound okay to you? Don’t worry about the food…I’ll pack that to take with us.”  Jarmok could tell that the man was nearly giddy with excitement!
Title: Following the Trail
Post by: Johan on January 21, 2012, 05:29:13 PM
So how long have we been in this place at this point? It seems like the next day, eh? I'm not sure that Jarmok would know the way to the stables, but it'd make for interesting posting on him finding it.

" is needed?" He asked anxiously, bobbing his head. "Can ride, but not ride...much. Can am fast run, mostly."
Title: Following the Trail
Post by: Wildfire on January 22, 2012, 09:21:06 AM
Good question, I hadn’t thought of that! This is the following day of having arrived in Kurr. Another perspective is that it’s the same day of  “Royal Company”, “Once Home”, and “Darkening Shadows”. Not having lived extensively in a keep or a society with them, it may not be blatantly obvious to Jarmok where the stables are.

Corwynn cocked his head and smiled at Jarmok curiously. How intriguing this individual was! From his look, to his manner, to speaking…it was all so new to the Arch-Duke and he welcomed the opportunity for the difference.

“Far be it for me to make a welcomed guest uncomfortable.” The Arch-Duke said with a slight bow. “If to run is what you prefer, then I’ll not request otherwise.” Corwynn conceded. “How about we meet down at the front gates instead? From there we’ll strike out.”
Title: Following the Trail
Post by: Johan on February 10, 2012, 07:58:09 PM
How high off the ground is this room? Is the window a viable means of exit?
Title: Following the Trail
Post by: Wildfire on February 15, 2012, 05:40:43 PM
OOC: The balcony to your room is approximatley 30'-0" above the ground.
Title: Following the Trail
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Jarmok was reaching for his leather armor even before the door had closed fully. He donned it, as well as the rest of his gear (leaving nothing whatever in the room) and all but leapt at the door.

Inside the huge manor of the Arch Duke Jarmok became a bit disoriented. He found himself wondering whether this was a palace, or what Jullian sometimes referred to as an 'estate'...or what the difference was, exactly.

It didn't matter though. What mattered was getting as quickly and quietly as possible to the gate where Corwynn suggested that they meet. He could see it quite clearly in his mind's eye, from when the company of the Protectorate had yesterday arrived. But since then, they had been led in a number of different directions to waiting chambers, baths, audience chambers, and ultimately to their assigned sleeping quarters. Being in the city itself was bad enough, but when once Jarmok was inside this labyrinth, he couldn't even see the sky to help him know his way.

He fumbled for too long among the corridors of the building. One path looked very much like another. He took a very narrow stairway that led down, knowing at least that he'd eventually have to get to the ground-level floor. The stair left him in another very odd corridor that looked very different from anything that he had seen up to that point. This passage was narrow and very bland, where most other passageways had been wide, tall, and well appointed by what Jarmok was coming to think of as "city standards".

One thing that this little hallway did have, which had been non-existent in the other hallways that Jarmok had been passing through, was a window. It wasn't opened, but that was easy enough to change.

Once his feet touched the ground outside he felt immeasurably better. In the pre-dawn morning the thick grass was wet with dew that, Jarmok realized, was probably the cleanest water in the city just then. He couldn't resist running his hands along the thick grass, skimming it to collect a handful of water before moving on.

At this point, it was a small matter to circumnavigate the manor (or palace, if that's what it was) to get to the gate. Naturally, Jarmok chose the longer way around the building...
Title: Following the Trail
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Though it was difficult for Jarmok to tell the exact size of the Keep he knew it was big…bigger than any building in Threshold including the Fortmount. The Keep looked to be a series of buildings of various shapes built into each other as though they were built at different times for different reasons. Judging by the ramparts Jarmok had seen in the past it was not a building built to withstand a siege- that’s what the outer wall was built for.

The high outer walls seemed to loom over Jarmok and appeared more as a prison than shelter to his sensibilities. No wonder the Duke wanted to get out as much as possible! The walls were guarded by armed soldiers pacing back and forth on the torch lit walls though from this distance Jarmok could only see their silhouettes against the soft purple glow Kossuth cast on Akadi and the occasional glint of torch light on polished steel weapons. The inner courtyard was still quiet and Jarmok could see the various utility shops snuggled into various locations. Soon all would be awake and bustling, just like Threshold. Mercer once told Jarmok that everything had a sort of predictability…races especially. They were all so predictable. They longed for whatever passed for comfort. This was not a bad thing he would say as it’s their nature. He would also say that nature is not always predictable and that once you believed it to be, it would kill you. The way of the Ranger is to overcome and adapt to Mahiya’s tests of unpredictability. The way of the responsible Ranger is to guide others on how to do so as well.

Jarmoks eyes had no trouble adjusting to the dim torch lit courtyard to make his way to the entrance of the Keep. As he rounded the corner of another wing he saw what could be considered an uncommon sight in a walled monstrosity of human engineering: a flower garden. Here amidst all of the stone work, industry, beaten dirt and cobblestone was a delicate and wonderous flower garden.

As the cat-like Ranger took in the full sight he heard, “Hold! Who is over there!?”
Title: Following the Trail
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Jarmok was caught by surprise by that authoritative voice, and its proximity. This city threw his senses off a bit, it seemed.

Sayre had explained enough to Jarmok of living in this foul place that Jarmok could at least guess the source: city guard. Or perhaps a palace guard? No...this was no palace, Sayre had been careful to explain.

Whatever the case, this was a guard - a person much like Jarmok himself, except a city one.

Jarmok stood straight up and spoke clearly. "Is Jarmok." He said. "Am look for front gate."
Title: Following the Trail
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Jarmok instantly saw that there were four guards cautiously approaching him. Two had clubs in their hands and one had a sword and one carried a torch. Each of the guards were fully armed. Their armor was polished scale mail and they wore black tabards embroidered with a silver wolves head on the front.

One of the guards who carried a club appeared older than the other three and the one bearing the torch looked to be the youngest- barely a young adult- and seemed to be uneasy at the encounter. The other two, though probably had not seen real battle, seemed a bit more confident. It was the guard with the sword that asked, “You think maybe he was thieving, Sergeant?”

The older guard, clearly the leader, replied sarcastically, “Yes, private…he’s a thief. That’s why he introduced himself to us and isn’t running away.” The other two guards visibly restrained their laughter. The guard that asked the question lowered his head in embarrassment.

“Front gate, eh?” the squad leader, a sergeant by rank, asked rhetorically, “Well, keep walking the way you were going ‘round the keep and you’ll be sure to find it. We can escort you if you like.” The sergeant had been briefed earlier by his captain about the visitors from the south who had been accompanied by the Duke’s advisor Sayer. Judging by the respected company Jarmok arrived with the sergeant he had no intention of letting his soldiers hassle them. In fact, he was glad that he had come across Jarmok in the hopes that maybe a favorable mention might be made on their behalf.

The leader extended his hand to Jarmok “My name is Sergeant Radmun. And these three are in my squad. The one with the club is Pyter, the one with the sword is Fredik, and that youngling back there holding the torch trying not to wet himself is Mardel.” A wide smile came over his face, “You’re friends of Sayer, yes?”
Title: Following the Trail
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"Hng". Jarmok acknowledged the Sargent. "Am Jarmok." He repeated. "Sayer friend am here with." He extended his own long hand to receive the sergeant's. He was glad to have met city folk who would be helpful; for some reason, he had expected them to be adversarial. To hear both Laren and Kit talk, he assumed that there was nothing buy villainy to be had in these cities.

"Am not live in big build-ins." He explained. "Escort welcome, please."
Title: Following the Trail
Post by: Wildfire on September 03, 2012, 01:44:14 PM
The Sergeant cocked his head trying to understand Jarmok’s broken common and place his unusual accent. He knew for certain that Jarmok was not from anywhere within the city-sates but also knew for certain he didn’t know where he was from. Instead of trying to guess at the exotic ranger’s origin he would find out through conversation.

Sergeant Radmun nodded sidelong at his troops to stay their weapons back in a peaceful carrying position. He smiled again at Jarmok, a reassuring smile, and nodded at him glad that his offer had been accepted. Sergeant Radmun motioned for Jarmok to walk with him the direction that Jarmok was going. “Come my friend, it’s not too much further to walk.”

The escort took them through the gardens that seemed quite out of place in the stone surroundings. It offered a slight bit of comfort for those that found the walls confining and barren. Although with Kossuth continuing to wake Jarmok did notice that much of the walls were covered in ivy. During the walk in the garden Jarmok’s could hear one of the guards whispering something about his bronzewood axe and the rarity of such an item.

“So, Jar-Jarmok?” The Sergeant asked making sure his pronunciation was correct, “If I may ask, where are you from? You’re accent I can’t seem to place.”
Title: Following the Trail
Post by: Johan on September 03, 2012, 08:47:55 PM
Jarmok was grateful for the escort, though in the back of his mind he had to also keep sight of the fact that he did not know any of these people; he kept his ears closely on those who followed behind.

He also understood what Sargent Radmun was getting at, and he hoped that he would be able to avoid the protracted conversation that would no doubt follow. "Threshold." He answered. "Am try protect Threshold."
Title: Following the Trail
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Sergeant Radmun wasn’t sure if Jarmok understood the question given his loose common speech but didn’t want to make the honored guest uncomfortable with what he knew to be invasive questions. During the initial encounter with Jarmok Radmun did notice that Jarmok’s axe was of a peculiar make. Perhaps that was a more appropriate angle to question from.

“Your axe. Nice weapon indeed…looks to be made of wood. Is that a special metal that looks of wood?”

The troop rounded a corner of the keep though it seemed there were many corners given the various additions to it. Jarmok could only tell given the difference in angle from which they turned. Again it struck Jarmok as unnatural how devoid of flora this keep seemed save the ivy and the garden that was now well out of view. Not too far away Jarmok could hear the animated steps of a horse.
Title: Following the Trail
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"Hrung." Jarmok responded, nodding in simultaneous confirmation. He was grateful that Sargent Radmun had found a new focus for his curiosity. "Is Bronzewood. Is special axe made at Threshold. Is gift."

As they made their way around the wall, Jamok perked up noticeably at the sounds of the horse. He sniffed at the air to try to determine whether a stable was near by, or was this a singular horse. He tensed up a bit, not sure of what to expect...horses, while children of Mahiya, were under the control of men, and men were not necessarily children of Mahiya.

A slight growl escaped his throat.

BTW, is this clopping on cobble stones, padding on sod, or jingle of harness...?
Title: Following the Trail
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Clop clop on the cobbles
Title: Following the Trail
Post by: Johan on September 11, 2012, 02:07:05 PM
Duly noted. Thanks. Your serve. :)
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The sound of the hooves on the cobblestone was a common din in the city during the day but at this early hour it was far more distinguished. The lower rank guards looked around to see who it might actually be. “Bronzwood! A nice gift indeed!” remarked the officer excitedly. “You must have done a great ser…” The sergeant continued to say though his attention was abruptly pulled.

Jarmok could plainly see what was stealing everyone’s interest. Riding up on his horse was the Duke. He was plainly dressed as before but with the addition of a plain hard leather tunic. The horse was perhaps the most massive horse Jarmok had ever seen. It was a magnificent black steed that stood clearly a full head above other horses. The one distinguishing feature the horse had- aside from it’s size- was the snow white mane that hung off of it’s think neck.

It was immediately noted by the observant ranger that the Duke rode his horse bareback, an odd thing for city folk and villagers. The horse was not without trappings on it’s back though. Corwynn had leather strap bags and sheathed weapons hanging against the horses flanks.

“Sergeant, I trust you’ve treated our honored guest fairly with no trouble, aye?” The Duke inquired. Jarmok could hear the slightest zephyr of an accent coming from the Duke.

“No trouble at all sir…no trouble at all.” Sergeant Radmun replied as he stood at attention. The other guards remained as still as statues with eyes forward and head firm.

“Excellent. My thanks to you for escorting the good Jarmok this far. I shall see him out from here.” Corwynn replied with a smile as he dismounted his horse landing with a subtle thud. “That will be all Sergeant. Good work tonight.”

As one, the four saluted the Duke and Radmun stated a final offering, “Thank you sir, and may Paladine watch your back on the road”.

Jarmok stepped forward when the soldiers were dismissed and grasped the Sergeant's hand as he had seen done in these parts. "Is thank." He said to the officer. He turned then to Corwynn and said, "Is good man."

The Four Troop walked back the way they had led the escort while Jarmok and the Duke continued forward. Glancing back at his charger Corwynn remarked, “His name is Fionndougal but most just call him Tempest…which isn’t short for his actual name mind you. It’s because when he was younger he had a temper unlike any the trainers had seen before.” The two walked on further. “It took my wife to sooth his spirit. She has way of her. She kept calling him Fionndougal…Fionndougal she would repeat. Sometimes she would simply whisper it in his ear. For weeks she was the only one who could approach him. Fionndougal she would say.”

“Of course, I had to ask her what the word meant. She said it meant ‘the white dark stranger’ in Wildlander speak.” Corwynn related.
Title: Following the Trail
Post by: Johan on September 18, 2012, 11:03:20 AM
"Hrung. Good horse." Jarmok admired the animal. He wasn't necessarily a great judge of horseflesh (as he had heard stable hands refer to it), but there was always a difference in an animal of quality as compared to others of its kind. Jarmok noted in that odd moment that the same was really true of people.

You might not know a person, but still be able to spot in a person whether they are a person of quality. It was something in their bearing. The Arch-Duke Corwynn had such a bearing. Jarmok didn't know the fellow really at all, but he sensed something in the man that told Jarmok that Corwynn was a man who knew how to be a friend. He hoped he was right.

Jarmok looked up at the pre-dawn sky. They might have a hand or so, he guessed, before dawn. "Where go?" He asked.
Title: Following the Trail
Post by: Wildfire on September 20, 2012, 08:48:18 PM
“It’s not too far from here” Corwynn replied. “We’ll need to walk to the city walls and from there it’s easy travel.” The duke was now aware of Jarmok’s restlessness in the city and tried his best to enforce the idea of breaking out of it’s binds. He could empathize with this feeling because he felt it too in his own way. The Arch-Duke loved his people and his city but there were times when he wanted to not bear the responsibility of it. He did not at all regret having the city under his charge but there were times he just wanted the freedom of the hunt. Parents may love their children, but time away from them is sometimes required.

Jarmok and Corwynn soon arrived to the front gate under the watch of a 4 Troop. They were similarly dressed and armed as Jarmok’s escort and saluted upon seeing the Arch-Duke approach. Corwynn nodded and two of the guards pulled open one of the doors.

The Duke cleared his throat in part to get Jarmok’s attention but also in part to speak. He offered a sidelong glance and smirk pointing his head forward towards the open door. “I tell ya, with those Azgaard Clan pansies watching the place I’m amazed that the gutter rats haven’t taken place!” Corwynn barked forcefully but not too loudly.

From beyond the door Jarmok could hear a deep voice, “See, I told you that you would wake him with your goon calling while we spoke with the little fellow. And here he is…awake.”

Corwynn walked quickly through the door with a hearty chuckle prompting Jarmok to follow. “Bah! Don’t let him push you around…I’m an early riser!” The Duke proclaimed truthfully. “Boys, this is one of our guests from Threshold, Jarmok. He’s here for a few days as an emissary and guide for the others.” He said looking at the ranger with reassuring smile. “Jarmok, these are the elite guards of the Keep.” He pointed at each as he sounded off their names. “Mirak, Bjornin, Varhuk, and Sven of the Clan Azgaard.” Each of the guards stood tall, about twice the height of Jarmok, as the Duke introduced them.

The four behemoth guards were an impressive sight of raw muscle power. Their arms alone seemed as big around as Jarmok’s mid-section. And although they wore studded leather armor the could be no doubt that their chest were nothing but muscle. They wore the tunic of the city and each of their weapons were crafted with runes entwined with lupine images. Each of them had copper hair of various hues with braided beards and hair. It was almost as though some one took four dwarves and made them quadruple their size. They all looked at Jarmok each having a wide inviting grin as they held out their hands for a friendly shake.
Title: Following the Trail
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Jarmok recognized the banter that the Arch Duke shared with the four giants; he had seen similar play among the residents of Threshold routinely, especially in watching (from a distance) the brothers from the Hunter's Lodge. He recognized it, but he didn't understand it. That was one of the many things that made Jarmok feel very much outside the normal population: everyone else seemed to understand this play, and many used it often, but to Jarmok it was a mystery. This was also one of the reasons that he was so fond of Maal: the young wildlander lass seemed to be more of a kind with Jarmok in this regard.

Upon introduction, Jarmok grasped the closest hand in greeting. "Am Jarmok." He said simply. "Am honored meet." He added as he moved through the rank of elite guards. As he greeted them, each in turn, something from Threshold entered his nose. He sniffed at the air.

"Smell Threshold." He said, with an odd look on his face.

I think that Jarmok's next feat is going to be "Scent"
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Corwynn looked at Jarmok quizzically. Mirak cocked his head and raised his eyebrow in his recollections at Jarmok’s proclamation. “Ah yes!” the giant guard exclaimed nodding his head. “Your little halfling friend went out not long ago. Charming fellow he is…good sense of humor.”

“Alright, alright…can’t let you lunks scare the man away.” the duke stated. “We’ll be out for a time to my thinking spot and back before the food gifting. If we’re not back by then, you know what to do. Try not to let the place burn down in the meantime, eh?” he said with a playful wink. He then motioned for Mirak, the presumptive leader of these massive men, to step away with him.

As the two we’re speaking with each other off to the side (OOC: Yes, if you wish to make a Listen check you’re free to do so) the closest guard, Sven, by Jarmok’s memory, looked at Jarmok approvingly and asked, “So, how do you find your time in the city?”.

Varhuk huffed and rolled his eyes, “Rockhead, he’s barely seen the city…they just got here yesterday don’cha know?”

“Oh…heh…yeah. Didn’t think of that.” Sven said, somewhat foolishly. “So, anyway, what do you think of what you’ve seen? Bjarnin laughed aloud at Sven’s innocent and somewhat child-like inquiry.
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Jarmok cocked his head slightly, indicating his relative lack of decision. "Not see much yet." He agreed with Varhuk. "But miss home. Miss mountains and trees." He shrugged then, and added, "Not made for city."

He wondered suddenly about Laren passing though. "Where Laren go?" He asked.
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The three large men looked at each other with a common understanding as though Jarmok had said something that they also felt in their hearts.

Sven pursed his lips and nodded his head. “Aye, we understand what you mean. Our clan was from the mountains but was driven out by the giants from Fomor. Perhaps we might see a holiday in Threshold though.”

Jarmok could see that Mirak and Corwynn were heading back to the group while finishing up their private conversation. Varhuk decided to address the question of Laren, “I believe your friend said he was going to the library.” he said with a shrug.

“Well, Jarmok, are you ready to get out of the city? I imagine just being around these fleshy walls…” the duke said playfully while glancing at the four giants “…would make you claustrophobic if the stone walls haven’t already.” Corwynn gave a hard scratch behind Fionndougal’s ear and tousled the shock of white hair that hung down the noble horses forehead. He secretly believed that he would soon see what a warrior this horse was sooner than later. The “dark stranger” would soon come to know dark strangers.

“Mind the place men…enjoy the peace.” The duke said with tint of a warning.
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Jarmok eyed the stone walls warily, and the flesh ones somewhat more comfortably. His logic waged a small argument with his viscera: something inside of him wanted to trust these four men immediately, but his tendency, born of his relatively short history, prevented him from becoming too comfortable with them so quickly. Men were very good at hiding who they were.

"Hrung." Jarmok grunted his assent to the Arch Duke. "Kossuth soon." He observed, then addressed the three giants once again, saying, "Good meet. See again, should." He bobbed his head to each man in turn as he followed Corynn's lead.
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The Duke walked with Jarmok at a brisk pace and spied that Jarmok had little, if any, trouble keeping up. In fact, he noticed that Jarmok could out pace him. Not with his stride- for Jarmok’s stride was certainly not longer than Corwynn’s- but with his sheer speed in self locomotion. A speedy ranger Jarmok must be he thought, truly a tenacious adversary in the forest or anywhere for that matter.

“Those four guards, men, if you will take my meaning…” the Duke’s words hung in the air as his thoughts trailed away. He continued to walk absentmindedly it seemed though Jarmok could see that his mind was anything but blank. “…they are very loyal to me…my family and I to them. My family’s bond with their clan stretches back for many generations…back to when the Valley was in Darkness.” Corwynn looked to Jarmok with a nod and a smile. The tall Duke’s stride began to hasten as he noticed the sky lighten in it’s indigo and purple shade.
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It was just about all that Jarmok could do to keep from breaking into a run. He was already feeling  a bit closer to home, having gotten out of that keep...or castle (he really couldn't tell which it might have been; what might be the difference? He wondered).

He concentrated on not outpacing the Arch Duke and listened to the rather un-pointed musings of his new associate.

"Hgn. Long time." He acknowledged Corwynn's comment. He picked up his own pace to keep as much shoulder-to-shoulder with the Arch Duke as possible.
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The look of the city changed as Jarmok and the Duke traveled the streets. Around the keep seemed obviously well kept and polished. As the two ventured further out away from the keep the city looked more as how people really lived. Not dirty or smelly but more as lived in house- less showy and more comfortable.

Soon the western gate came in to view. Corwynn could feel Jarmok’s anticipation for passing beyond and into the open field and road. He truly sympathized with the out-of-place ranger as he often wished to ride beyond the gates more than he had in recent months.

A contingent of guards had gathered at the gate and all were dressed similarly. They were in a formation and there was one dressed in finer armor marching back and forth performing an inspection. Even from this distance Jarmok could see a shock of long red hair flowing in the breeze. The voice was stern and commanding and offered no sympathy. “Oh those poor souls. My daughter’s gotten a hold of them. Paladine help them if they so much as blink too loudly or clear their throat.” The duke chuckled to Jarmok.

“Look lively soldiers! Your Arch-Duke approaches!” the woman called out to the garrison. Upon seeing Corwynn they all stood a little straighter and saluted in unison. Corwynn mounted Fionndougal and saluted back. “Fine looking troops we have here, Bridget” Corwynn commented knowing full well that addressing her by her name in front of the troops would annoy her. “And fine troops they will stay if I have anything to say of it, Dad.” Bridget remarked back with a wink and a brogue that Jarmok couldn’t help but notice.

“Ride well or stay off the horse, Dad.” the young woman said as she leaned towards her father. She looked to be of the same age as Kym Wolfjaw and no doubt was friends with her given the prestige of each family. In a voice that could only be heard by Corwynn and Jarmok she asked, “Out to the cabin, eh?”

“Yes, I have things to discuss with our friend here and I need to get us out of the keep before we both go outside our minds.” The woman spied Jarmok and held out her hand in greetings, “Welcome to Kurr good sir. I hope that we may become better acquainted before you return south.” Looking back at her father she playfully commanded, “Get thee gone sir…and be quick of it.”

Turning to Jarmok the Duke asked, “Are you ready to run my friend?”
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It was an odd paradox for Jarmok as he and the Arch-Duke followed the streets of Kurr. The lean outlander had felt so caged within the great walls that he had slept within, one would think that once outside of those walls he would have been more comfortable. But he wasn't. He was uncomfortable in a different way.

Where through the night he had felt much like a trapped and caged animal, in the streets he felt surrounded, even though at this time of the morning there were relatively few people about. He felt that around any corner there might be some lurking presence that he would rather avoid. Was there danger there? If there was, and he was forced to defend himself, who would be the criminal?

He had no foundation for such anxiety - none that he was aware of, at any rate - but it was there nonetheless: that unshakable conviction that no matter what might happen, he, the outlander, would be scapegoated in favor of a local face.

Soon the western gate came into view. Jarmok noted that Corwynn seemed as though some painful thoughts were crossing his mind as they shared an side-long glance, each ensuring the other was still in company.

As they approached the contingent of guards who were undergoing a stern inspection, Jarmok fell a bit behind the Arch-Duke. In part because this is what many who were in service to the Arch-Duke had done last night, but in greater part that he might not be a focal point.

The lovely red-headed lass in charge of the guard appeared to be in play with the Arch-Duke; it was clear that the father and daughter had played these games for a long while. At length, the inevitable happened, as Jarmok knew that it must: the Arch-Duke made note of Jarmok to Bridget, and Bridget instantly greeted Jarmok.

Jarmok stepped forward, bobbing his head in what had long since become an ingrained response. He grasped the outstretched hand firmly, as Kymberly had suggested he should. "Am good meet, thank." Jarmok replied. "Maybe if can, good talk." He agreed with her. He nodded and smiled his clumsy smile, but he was all too aware that the gate loomed so close and yet so far.

Bridget, bless her, obviously noted his preoccupation and withdrew, telling her father to be off.

When Corwynn asked whether Jarmok was ready to run, Jarmok himself had already taken a step or two towards the gates. He held up at Corwynn's question, however, and grunted his assent. "Hgruh." His legs were itching to burn.
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Corwynn, still mounted on Fionndougal, patted his large steed on the neck and asked him, “It’s been a while my friend...I pray you’ve not forgotten how to charge? Come Jarmok, let us run!” The horse reared up and whinnied- though Jarmok with his acute hearing may have also heard the low notes of a growl- kicking it’s front legs with a wild look in his eye. The Duke raised his fist and shouted a “Hyah!” and charged through the gate hoping that Jarmok took the cue.

The garrison of soldiers that were in the square under inspection by Bridget all admitted their awe. Some with gasps, others with an exclaimation, and still others with a primal scream. Already running full tilt and through the gate, Jarmok could hear the girl-warrior administering her discipline on the outspoken soldiers. From the sounds of it, they were now in for a rough day.

Upon exiting the gate Jarmok could immediately see the farmland that supported the city. It looked so very much like Little Threshold with the open fields, barns, and hamlets of houses that it almost seemed that they were, in fact, there. The road they traveled westward was lined with majestic trees with boughs that brushed the ground. They were a bit back from the road which allowed them to stretch without encroaching on the road itself. The leaves were reaching their dark summer green and with branches unhindered by pruning, the trees were full and round like Istisha shining every month. The trunks of the trees were thick and knobbed betraying their age. They would make for good climbing trees if Jarmok ever had to scout from them for any particular reason.

Corwynn wasn’t pushing Fionndougal to his potential for fear of getting too far ahead of his guest. He glanced back to see that Jarmok was not at all far behind and was shocked to find him closer than he expected! This unusual ranger had again surprised him despite previously seeing that he had some speed about him. Laughing with his astonishment the Duke quickened the steeds pace to see how far he could push the ranger. Also the Duke was hungry and the food was only getting cold.
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Jarmok fancied that the smell of the air changed for the better within but a few paces of exiting the gate. It may have been that the scene that opened so agreeably before his eyes helped to change the air in his nose, and it may also have been that the flavor of the land - so much like Little Threshold - also made the air sweeter. Whatever the case, he felt free again, and freedom smelled uniquely sweet among all other smells.

He ran for all he was worth. He was, of course no match for a magnificent warhorse like this Fionndougal in speed. At full run, in fact, he was no match for any horse, but as the Arch Duke and his great steed pulled further away from Jarmok, the lean ranger felt nothing so much as exhilaration in the run. There was no fear that he might lose track of Corwynn and Fionndougal - the two galloped a roughly straight line, leaving the curves of the road here and there, and they left a swath in the summer grasses that even the untrained could follow. Not to mention both horse and rider were laughing loudly, each in their own way.

It was also Jarmok's experience that he could run much longer than any horse could. It just didn't matter how far ahead they got...Jarmok would find them.

Jarmok was finally relaxed; the combination of being out of that huge cage of a city and the run purged his body of its tension. Here, it was him and the run, and he had only Kossuth to best.

He just ran as the paces became spans and as spans grew to leagues.
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Fionndougal charged as though he was a lightning bolt sent to the ground by Paladine itself. It had been a long while since the stallion had the chance to express what he knew was his birthright magnificence.

Corwynn laughed uncontrollably at his steed. He understood the horse had an ego that was barely tamed. Not tamed he thought better, rather the horse was simply well behaved. He came to understand that the anxiety his horse felt always being in the city must be kindred to Jarmok’s. Jarmok! The Duke looked back to see that Jarmok was back a distance running at his own swift pace. There really was nothing quite like the freedom of the open road with infinite possibilities ahead of you Corwynn thought.

Figuring that Jarmok was more than capable of locating the trail of the spirited horse, Corwynn pushed the steed on. It was shortly thereafter that the city clearing submitted to the natural forest and the Duke found himself racing on the road under a thick canopy of trees. It was a well worn road that led directly to one of Kurr’s two sister cities, New Jarla- the once center of the now extinct kingdom of Vychia. New Jarla still held an aged but noble majesty about it as an elder would have among his grown children. The other city, Aldebaron, rest further east towards Kazbourne. The three great cities made up the Tri State of Vychia and while not the epicenter of the City State Alliance still commanded a respect akin to the kingdom of old.

The tunnel of leaves that shrouded the road made it almost hard to see. Kossuth, it seemed, was being a lazy deity this particular morning. The Duke knew well enough that it was his own perception of the morning and that nothing odd was actually happening with the morning light. The shadows were dark enough to almost obscure the entrance columns that led to their destination. By this time Corwynn had relaxed the gallop of the mighty destrier despite the protest and eagerness of the horse to continue at full stride. He stopped briefly at the ornamented stone columns that were topped with detailed carvings of howling wolves and wondered if he should wait for the sprinting ranger. With a wry smile he coaxed Fionndougal down the well worn trail.
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Jarmok settled down a bit after a handful of stades; his giddiness matured into a more dignified joy and his inner self merged with the lands that would within the hand begin to wake.

He followed the Arch Duke and his magnificent steed through the dark of the night, which was deepened as the road led them in amongst the canopy of the trees. While Jarmok's eyes were as keen as any, he followed his escort by ear for the most part. It was clear to Jarmok when Corwynn reigned Fionndougal, though the lean ranger could not see them. He heard quite clearly that Fionndougal argued with Corwynn a bit, not begging (for begging was beneath him); the horse was more admonishing Corwynn for imposing his human will upon Fionndougal.

Jarmok couldn't be sure why that brief argument ended, but he knew how it ended - horse and rider continued along - departing the road - at a slower pace than they had taken to get across the short span of open plain. They proceeded along somewhat softer ground at a brisk trot rather than the sprint they had used on the harder road.

Jarmok followed the two companions at his own pace, now gaining on the horse and his Arch Duke.
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Corwynn and Fionndougal traversed the trail quickly and came upon a clearing at the large lakes edge. Ahead of him was a modest hamlet built on the lake’s shore. It had a handful of buildings with a small stone keep only a few stories high. On the shore of the lake were at least twice as many boats as buildings betraying what the prime trade was in this little village. With the sky brightening it was easier to see the cultivated fields that enveloped the village and already the roosters were crowing about the new day.

“My friend…” Corwynn said to his steed, “We do not come here nearly often enough.” The horse sneezed in response. “Not the answer I expected but neither does it surprise me.” He mused.

The duke dismounted and began to walk towards the cozy community Fionndougal walking with him- not behind or ahead. Looking towards the tower he could see two guards manning the top as he anticipated. The worn road split as they approached. One road went towards the hamlet proper and the other banked to the left away from the community. The duke walked to the left.

After a very short while and a jaunt out of the village clearing and through the wooded road Corwynn came upon a cabin on the lakes shore. The cabin was nothing fancy but it did have a dock accompanied by a boat that bumped the dock with every calm wave. The duke encouraged the destrier to eat his fill of sweet clovers that grew on what land was cleared for the cabin but not before he grabbed the sack of food that he brought from Kurr.

Before too long, Corwynn had a fire blazing in the cabins fire pit.

(OOC. The cabin looks very much like the rural cabins in Threshold’s highland areas- like Jarmok’s/Mercer’s cabin)
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When Jarmok realized that the Arch-Duke was headed towards a populated location he quieted his equipment and his tread, though he slowed down but a little.

He was happy to see that his two companions veered off to the road, and didn't just proceed into the little village. Jarmok followed the path that led more southerly, as Corwyyn and Fionndougal had; it wasn't a long path before he came upon the small lakeside cabin and it's merry fire, which was but a few minutes old at that point, that made Jarmok feel like he was coming home...if it wasn't for the vast lake just to the west.

Fionndougal, searching through the grasses for the most acceptable shoots and clovers, grunted as Jarmok approached, and Jarmok grunted his greeting in turn. Before approaching the young fire and its attendant, Jarmok walked wide around the fire to be sure that Corwynn knew of the outlander's arrival before he approached.
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As Jarmok approached, Corwynn said, “Look to the south my friend and behold the magnificence of the mountains. They always take my breath away. The two taller peaks there? Those are the entrance to the legendary valley. My great-by-eight grandmother helped free that valley from it’s evil long ago. Please, come warm yourself by the fire and enjoy some breakfast.”

Jarmok could see the two snowy peaks rising above all others. They ambitiously reached for the sky and the very tops of the peaks were barely being kissed by Kossuth. It was a meeting of the four elements in one dance. The surrounding mountains looked sharp and jagged like earthy fangs. It made sense that this stretch of mountain spine was known as the Dragonteeth Mountains. Some of the rumors that Jarmok had heard in Threshold was that the range had it’s name for more reasons than cosmetic ones.

The lake was smooth and looked as soft as silk and offered a chance to see the toothy range twice. It reflected the mountains, sky, and trees perfectly. By the size of the lake it was difficult to see the other side with any ease. It would often prove to be a treacherous body of water in an angry storm although it seemed inviting right now.

It was a serene scene and a vision of peace that Jarmok came to know at his own cabin in Threshold. The smell of the food and the fire begged Jarmok to take comfort.
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"Hrung." Jarmok replied as he approached the fire...and the food. "Thank." He said, his head bobbing as he sat.

He gazed southerly towards the peaks that the Arch-Duke indicated, and felt considerably at ease and content. He could remember last year when, homeless and wandering still to find a safe place to land, as it were, he had spied those sky-reaching peaks and something in them spoke to him. It was a scene very much like this that urged him southerly at that time.

"Is home." He said gesturing towards the mountains as he selected a piece of meat, which he married to a bit of cheese. "Is same, but different looks distance." Most everything looked different from a distance. Jarmok's usual morning had a very different vantage to look towards those peaks, and his attention was more usually in the easterly direction, not south. But they were the same nonetheless. He mind knew that even if his eyes didn't.

"Was south little of here, think, last year when saw first mountains." He breathed deep into his nose, appreciating the mixture of forest and lake in mid-sythus. "Was late Rynnyx." He smiled at the memories. "Smelled cold wet."

He considered the memory for a moment. "Is two talls [pointing to the two peaks that Corwynn had indicated] drew me south. Mountains thought should have shelter." His morning run had left him ravenous and he stuffed an over-large piece of bread into his mouth, washing it with his water skin.

"Thank." He reiterated.
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The mystery of the ranger sitting next to him grasped and squeezed the Duke’s curiosity. Between his exotic appearance, broken common, soft demeanor, and obvious foreign origin, Jarmok was fascinating to him. There was an innocence about him that Corwynn admired. Being the ruler of a city state, innocence was not a trait that Corwynn often witnessed in the politics he often dealt with.

Corwynn understood Jarmok to be a private individual not indulging in detail either because of his loose grasp of common language or because that was his personality. Still, he had to know more; he had to be sure.

“Late Rynnyx…that’s a tough bit of the year to be wandering especially towards the mountains. More notably, towards those mountains.” Corwynn bit of a huge hunk of meat and chewed just enough to speak without his words getting garbled. “How did you survive that harshness of the season in the mountains? Many expert woodsman wouldn't dare do what you did for fear their skill was wanting and they'd perish.”
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A small shudder shook Jarmok's lean frame as  smile touched his mouth and eyes. "Ignorant." He said. "If knew better, maybe not go." He laid a few pieces of meat on one of the stones that ringed their little fire so that the meat might warm up a bit (not that it had gotten cold between his chambers and this cabin). He then cut small slices of the cheese and laid them carefully atop the meat so that the cheese might melt.

While doing this, and cutting a thin slab of bread besides, he answered the Arch-Duke's question more properly.

"Food find, specially Brak...Rynnyx. Venric early though...harsh. Have cave, fire easy...warm...water lot. Food harder and harder, go deer north, have steal to sheep." He was clearly not happy with himself for having to do what he had been forced to do to survive, but he reminded himself that it was survival after all.

"My Mercer find and help." He shrugged rather simply. "My Mercer give home. Easy after."

Jarmok had begun to busy himself by putting his sturdy tin cup into the embers at the edge of the fire and filling it with water. Then, he picked up a nearby pine frond and began stripping it of its green needles, which he put into the heating cup of water.

"Is Mercer Tea." He told the Arch-Duke. "Help healthy and en-ur-gee."
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Corwynn grinned warmly as he chewed the spiced meat. Hearing Jarmok speak of Mercer was just the sort of reassurance he needed as he wasn’t ever confident in Julius’s judgment in character. Corwynn should have known by the axe that Jarmok carried that he was worthy of trust. It was, after all, the axe that Mercer had carried.

“I know well of Mercer. He is as an uncle to me…a close friend indeed. I see you have the axe he once carried. That is a sacred trust methinks.” Corwynn said as much to himself as to Jarmok.

“I welcome you to my cabin Jarmok! I come here to relax and think away from the city.” Corwynn professed. “Not that I hate the city mind you…but sometimes it’s good to get away. I’m glad you thought of it truth be told. It’s a nice way to spend the morning.”

“I assume that Mercer has taken to the wilderness now…which would be why you now carry the axe. He spoke once of doing that. Only he needed someone worthy of taking his place. You, my friend, have earned the respect of one of the finest foresters of this age by carrying that weapon.” The copper haired duke stated.

“It’s because of that imparted trust that I must ask something of you.”
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Jarmok perked up when Corwynn noted that this was his cabin; he hadn't expected that such an august person might have a humble cabin in the forest, though he was beginning to sense that more of these city folk were children of the forest than he might have imagined.

"My Mercer left." He affirned Corwynn's guess that the old hunter was gone. "Not know where." Jarmok couldn't be too sure of his own worthiness, but he was all that Mercer had at the time. All the outlander could do was his best.

"Hrung." He assented to his host. "What need?" He asked.

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“Somedays the adversaries we face are more elusive than the ones on the battlefield.” Corwynn said to Jarmok in a tone that was the most serious. “They have plans and schemes and often strike from the shadows. Somedays they are the shadows. Worst of all, they could be ones you’ve trusted.”

The Duke turned to Jarmok and handed him a cold mug of water. “I need for you and Sayer to follow the trail of deception in my court. My letters never reached Sayer in Threshold and his never arrived. Clearly there is someone cutting communications. What worries me further is not knowing how long it’s been happening.” Corwynn admitted. “The good thing in all of this is that they didn’t anticipate that Threshold would come here. If they were smart they would have let some of the correspondence through and we would not have known just yet.”

“For me to track this myself would betray the veil of ignorance they believe surrounds this matter. Not to mention that my presence would shy people into lying for fear of punishment. It must be Sayer and yourself that reveals the betrayal. You both may have insight that isn’t blinded by the want to trust.” Corwynn confessed. His tone was both one of anger and sadness. Jarmok could see that he obviously pained by the situation of not knowing who he could trust. The mere fact that he was putting his trust in someone whom he met only a day prior was testimony to his desperation in the matter.

“If you decline my request I’ll understand. I’m a self reliant man and so I’m loathe to even ask you. My wife reminds me that discretion is the better part of valor. So I ask you with humility. Please, help me find the deceivers.”
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"Hrung." Jarmok indicated his understanding. Jarmok took the proffered water, but did not drink of it just then. He listened intently to the Arch-Duke's request, and when the weary ruler had finished, Jarmok briefly scurried on haunch-and-hand about the camp fire to collect a cubit-long stick and then clear a patch of dirt where he could draw.

"Is first traitor." He said and he swiftly began sketching out the Ambush Site that only a fortnight ago he had inspected. That trip had been much on Jarmok's mind during the intervening weeks; the site was fair etched in his mind at this point. As he drew the north-south road and the cut-off where the party had bivouacked for that fateful night, and the protected hollow, and all the elements that made that site, he spoke rather tersely.

"Councilors from Rivercliff tell story. Ambush at night. Find place and look...old, but many tracks. Much learn." He didn't look at Corwynn as he spoke. He was busily creating something of a battle map in the dirt.

"Is road, Threshold [drew an arrow] long day, maybe two short days. Kurr [another arrow]. Party camp here...hill..hill...tree. Good place for camp. Enemy [drawing arrows indicating that the enemy forces that surrounded the little camp came from various directions, as if coming to a meeting at the sound of a call], man and shadewolf, on hill, on hill, arrows to kill soldiers."

Jarmok began digging in his satchel for a moment, but continued to speak animatedly. "Councillors say dark. Not just night...dark [with emphasis]. Am think shade wolf dark. Found [holds up the claw that he found at the ambush site so that Corwynn might inspect it, if he so wished]"

"But arrows only hit soldiers, not Councillors. Is aim good."

"Is traitor on horse." He stated somberly. "Is only one horse in Kurr company. Find horse prints here [pokes the dirt], here, [poke], and here [pokes the south hill side], on top of hill. Shadow Riders not ride horse. Horse from Kurr." He stated firmly. "Rider up on hill is signal to Shadow Riders: come kill, think."

"Am yesterday Sayer told...when get to on horse is back, say, 'all good... Councillors at Threshold'. Is lie. Is traitor."

Pleased with his battle map, and his narration, Jarmok sat back on his haunches and drank of the cup that Corwynn had handed him. He made a few minor additions to his map.

"Man on horse is traitor." He reiterated. "Who is?"
Title: Following the Trail
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As Jarmok told his unembellished tale, Corwynn's fears came to fruition. A trusted soldier was now a traitor. When Sayer spoke of a discrepancy (Game Log-Session 14 Part 2) it was likely that he would face this moment. “Sergeant Farkus was the officer to escort the Councilers back to Threshold.” Corwynn said somberly. “Are you sure there were no others…that it was a man on horseback? There can be no doubt on this if I’m to pursue a course of action on this matter.” Corwynn thought quickly on the situation. Even if Sergeant Farkus wasn’t directly responsible for or witness to the death of the squad of soldiers and the napping of the councilers he was somehow involved. Why else would he return claiming their safe passage? He was guilty in some way and that was enough reason for the Arch-Duke of Kurr to unleash his lawful, merciless wrath.

Having convinced himself of Farkus’s guilt, Corwynn moved on to another concern without Jarmok’s confirmation of a mounted rider. “The couriers…they concern me as they do Sayer. All correspondence is overseen by Herald Sabine. Given that no one in my court can be trusted except for Sayer and my wife I think that the inquiries should start with her and follow the course of logic and instinct.” Corwynn believed that despite logic and instinct being opposites, they could work together and achieve a mutual goal.

“Sayer and Sabine have worked closely in the past and they are friends so I’ll ask that you keep an objective point of view. This is not to claim that Sayer won’t but only to ensure that prejudgments are mitigated.”
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"Hrung." Jarmok indicated his understanding. "Can't tell on horse who." He admitted. "But one horse at site, shadow riders not ride horse, think." He reiterated. "Am logic Kurr soldier. Am sorry." He felt a point of irritated disappointment that he must bring news of such betrayal to anyone, and the Arch-Duke seemed kind indeed.

"Can Sayer help answers find." He assured Corwynn. "Answers find. Questions too. Always questions find."
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Corwynn found a strange amusement in Jarmok’s broken use of the common tongue. It wasn’t a mocking fascination but rather he saw it as an honest attempt with an honest intent. He sensed that Jarmok was far more honest with his limited ability than many others with a fluent ability. Jarmok had no means to twist words to manipulate anyone and that fact alone brought Corwynn comfort.

“It is an unfortunate thing, Jarmok, when you find someone untrustworthy…find them a betrayer. The open eye is better no matter what it sees. Speaking of which, Sayer can definitely help you find answers. I would not advise for you alone to try and follow this trail.” Corwynn surmised. He knew that Sergeant Farkus was guilty for his part. How deep did the deception go? “Sayer will be able to help you as he knows…things. How he knows I’m still mystified by. He has a way of him…it’s what he does and who he is.”

Kossuth was now elegantly splashing across the mountains and the boats had set out on Vallensun Lake for their daily haul. Around them was the melodic chirping of birds and the comforting smell of an open fire. Distant sounds from the hamlet occasi9oanlly mingled with the birds. Behind them they could hear Fionndougal eagerly munching away on the clovers that carpeted the ground.

“The village is called Adryanna’s Landing. T’would be a nice place to live methinks.” Corwynn said to himself as much as he did to Jarmok as he gobbled up another piece of morning feast meat.
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"Hrung. Is pretty lake...good spot, but close." He looked about significantly, and sniffed the late spring morning. "Sayer know yet request?"
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“I was not able to meet with Sayer on this yet.” Corwynn replied. “I have confidence that he’ll want to get to the end of this as much as I do.” He continued as he tore a piece of meat off with his teeth. Though he was nobility he was the sort of man that had little need for pomp in his daily life. Jarmok could clearly see that, at heart, the Duke was a man that preferred the wild expanse- Fionndougal as well.

“Well talk with Sayer later this morning. For now, enjoy the quiet scenery and good food my friend for soon we will be heading back.” stated the Duke.

Off to Jarmok’s right was the not too distant sound of boats casting off onto Vallensun Lake for their daily netting of fish.
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Title: Following the Trail
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