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Title: Darkening Shadows
Post by: Wildfire on July 28, 2011, 06:33:31 PM
Darkening Shadows

Duthash Gyth Basque VY 237 (May 29)

OCC: This thread picks up after Once Home

The clothes Laren wore seemed clumsy. They were relaxed enough to offer a healthy amount of movement but the cloak, the pants over his pants, and the shirt over his shirt made him feel like he was wearing blankets. Gurden could see it on his face.

“Dunna ye be thinking that ye can be goin’ without this extra fluff. By the time I be done with ye, you’ll be a spitting image of Oddy...smell o’ him too.” Gibble had informed Laren that a clothing shop down near the docks, Hefters Finery, owned by Gurden Hammerhill-a tailoring loving dwarf-was the place to go. While Gurden wasn’t in the “family” he could be trusted to not ask questions and not answer them either- The Hawk Ring made sure of that.

Gurden, like many of his dwarven race, was a thick and sturdy fellow. His black beard, while not unkempt, seemed a bit wild as was the horseshoe of hair that stretched from ear to ear. He wore simple functional clothes and a tailors’ measure around his neck. At least three of his fingers had thimbles on them and Laren could swear at times he saw four and sometimes even five. Gurden was a tailor for laborers, fishermen, and laymen and he dressed the part.

Laren noted that the disguise clothes he was wearing over his own weren’t new by any stretch. They had rips, patches, and stains of food and mud that created a rainbow of crusty filth. The smell of the clothes, while not completely overpowering, stunk of rotten fish that had been left to bake in the sun. If, in fact, anyone that wished him harm could recognize Laren through the disguise they might have difficulty getting past the stench fog that was surrounding him.

“I have to admit…this be some o’ me good work!” Gurden said with a wide smile and a juicy sneeze.
Title: Darkening Shadows
Post by: Griznuq on July 29, 2011, 09:42:01 AM
OOC: I was a little confused by: "Laren noted that the clothes he was wearing weren’t new by any stretch." I thought you were talking about Gurden's clothes.

Laren was no novice to disguise, but it'd be a very long time since he had to do it. He used to do it frequently, just to keep in practice and prank friends; back when life was simpler. Lately though, survival required more of Laren's other skills. He'd been relying on his fighting prowess and reflexes so much these past months, he was nervous being so encumbered. If the disguise failed, he'd have to fight, and these were not fighting clothes.

Still though, as uncomfortable as it was to wear the disguise it was much more comfortable than walking around in his own skin where someone might recognize him.

Of course they'd recognize you, he thought to himself wryly. Who could forget a handsome devil like you?!

He threw a sly wink to his reflection in the large mirror, grinning silently to himself. It was a relief to be in a different frame of mind. Already he felt invisible, and was looking excitedly forward to shuffling around the side streets without fearing the unseen.

"Your work is masterful," he said. "You've got Oscar pegged, right down to the smell of fish." The smell of invisibility, I hope. he thought.

Then a thought crossed his mind that he wished he'd thought of sooner... Gee, I hope I don't run into Oscar!
Title: Darkening Shadows
Post by: Wildfire on August 03, 2011, 07:58:22 PM
OOC: edit for clarity in above post by Griznuq was made

“Thank ye laddie. It’s not so easy to be mimicin’ some folks…especially if they be known. Yeah, and Oddball Oscar…he’s a known fella ‘round here always beggin’ fer a fish with his tricky speak.” Gurden stated as he crafted the finishing stitches. “I ain’t be seein’ much o’ him though…not lately at least. So yer probably safe in yer dupin’ so long as ye dunna cross the threshold if ye take me figgerin’.”

Gurden seemed genuinely concerned as he presented his advice to Laren. He didn’t know many of the names of people in the Order of the Hawk but he knew them to be of honorable intent- even if their actions appeared to be otherwise. To Gurden, Laren seemed too young to know what evils may be found on the streets of Kurr. He reasoned that was what probably made Laren all the more dangerous to anyone that might single the halfling as an enemy. Members of the Order were not to be taken lightly when it came to their work.

“I dunna know yer dealin’s or yer intents…and I ain’t askin’ ye neither ye see. Just ye be mindful out there in what ye do. Seems obvious to many that advice does I know. An’ I feel like a damned fool for sayin’ it to ye too!” Gurden said with a chuckle. “All too often I be hearin’ o’ folks…good folks…make the mistake o’ thinkin’ with their anger or their bravado or worse yet, their be stinkin’ pride. They dunna usually meet good ends when that happens.”

Gurden found himself standing in front of Laren with a wagging, thimbled finger lecturing him as he would a child. Realizing his patronizing mannerisms he cocked his head and stepped back. “Pardon me for that. It ain’t me place to say such things to folks I dunna know nor do they know me.”

The aging dwarf righted himself, tugged on the tailors measure around his neck, and declared, “If the fishmongers canna’ make o’ the difference than not a one will methinks. I think ye be ready laddie!”
Title: Darkening Shadows
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Laren looked himself over in the polished metal mirror. He was indeed an image of Oscar. "If this doesn't work, I don't know what will," Laren said more to himself than to Gurden.

He bowed graciously, and stepped down off of the small box he'd been standing on. The movement stirred the air, and Laren got the full brunt of "Double-O's" stench. His heart went out to that fellow and anyone downwind.

One step completed. I can only hope I get what I need today, so I can get out of this disguise! he thought to himself.

As the shop's door swung closed behind him, Laren realized he really didn't have much of a plan in mind. He had realized that a disguise would be a good idea, and just rushed off to get one before really thinking about what he'd do next.

It was late morning, and the streets were busy. Laren was already drawing side-long glances, followed by quickened paces from the passersby. As his cheeks gave way to a small victorious grin, he remembered who he was now. The grin stretched into the semi-intoxicated semi-demented grin only "Double-o" (and Laren) could grin!

As he stepped down off the small door step, he intentionally turned an ankle and came crashing down. He threw out an arm to stop himself, and it went splashing down in the horse trough. He stood back up jerkily, and dusted himself off.

"Oh blast," he said loudly. "I've gone and got a clean spot on me sleeve! That shall ruin my ambiance!" He laughed Oscar's wheezing laugh as the small crowd that was watching shook their heads, some in disgust.

Only one place to go, he thought, pointing his shambling course to the Half Pint. If he could fool Ol Gibble, he could fool anyone. Acting drunk is a lot easier when drunk too.

"I'd love a gold piece," He shouted to no one in particular. "But if you don't have one, a platinum will do just fine!"

If nothing else came of this day, Laren was at least going to have a good time.
Title: Darkening Shadows
Post by: Wildfire on August 25, 2011, 07:29:44 PM
The streets of Kurr were bustling this day. Laborers toiled on replacing broken and missing cobbles, barrel filled wagons bumped by with a constant racket, and street peddlers shouted out the deals they had for passer-byes. The trades section of Kurr was always busy and always moving.

Laren got random looks of sympathy and some of disdain but mostly people just ignored him-or didn’t notice him-as they would any “street-lifer”. The folks in this part of town were hard workers with calloused hands and seemed to not have time to pay to someone that did not significantly impact their life as there was work and business to be done! As Laren ambled his way down the street, now soaked and just as smelly, he passed by a four troop of guards with worn armor. “Yeesh, I haven’t seen Oddy around for a while…wonder where he’s been?” remarked one of the guards. “Honestly private, does it matter?” answered the troop sergeant. The others laughed at the comment except the curious guard. From the corner of his eye Laren could see the questioning guard look back in sympathy and “accidentally” drop a *griffon.

*the name of a silver piece in the Tri-State of Vychia (Kurr being one of the three states)commonly called a “grif”.
Title: Darkening Shadows
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Laren felt a pang of guilt that he hadn't expected. Somehow, the thought that playing the part of a beggar would earn him coin from the people who were fooled by the disguise, had never crossed his little mind. Should he go over and pick up the coin for which he had no need? Surely that kind-hearted guard could use it more than Laren could have.

Sighing, Laren decided that he'd chosen to play the part, and he couldn't break character yet. He shambled over to the coin and picked it up. He decided not to put it in his own pouch that he had buried under the layers of rank clothing, but in a separate pocket instead. Perhaps he could find a poor soul who needed it more than he did. He hoped he'd run into that guard at some point, somewhere that he could return the favor.

It was not long before his wandering brought him back to The Half Pint. Laren had seen Oscar dine here from time to time, and always felt a great swell of pity for the man, as he sat alone in the corner, surrounded by empty chairs. He now felt a swell of guilt realizing those people were now feeling pity for him, when none was really warranted.

Nothing to do for it now, he'd have to figure out how to pay it all forward sometime down the line. He busied his mind trying to figure out how he was expected to eat anything, smelling like he did.

Taking a deep breath and getting back into character, he stepped up to the door, and pushed it open.
Title: Darkening Shadows
Post by: Wildfire on October 03, 2011, 06:55:23 PM
The door swung in to reveal a fuller bar than had been here earlier. It was filled with the faces of the shorter folk- dwarves, gnomes, and, of course, Halflings- most of whom were tradesmen or crafters of some sort. In the air hung the familiar smoke of inexpensive pipe weed and the smell of tapped kegs. Many tables and “hob-nob posts” as they were called were filled with raucous laughter and din of loud conversation.

Laren could see through the numerous heads that Gibble was furiously working the bar along with two other of his and Larens kin. Several bar-maids, Winnie among them, were constantly moving delivering drinks, picking up empty plates and delivering full ones.

This was a familiar scene that Laren witnessed countless times before- but never in disguise.

As Laren moved into the bar those he came near sniffed the air sensing something out of place- and foul. Realizing where the aroma was coming from they would turn his way. Some would sneer, others would wince, and others would remark with astonishment that Oddy was indeed still around. None made any faces of recognition that Laren was anything beyond who he pretended to be.

Laren caught the slight gesture that Gibble made towards Winnie and with the grace of a dancer dodged between the numerous patrons and approached Laren.

“Oddy! We’ve not seen you  around here for a spell. Come on over here and set at this table away from the ruckus. We can’t be having you stink everyone out now can we? I’ll have Burldak fix you something right quick.”
Title: Darkening Shadows
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Laren found himself a little annoyed. They guy's name is Oscar, for crying out loud. I wonder if anyone's ever asked him if it bothers him being called "Oddball"? People are jerks.

"Aye, yes, wouldn't want to turn any stomachs around here." he said sourly. This disguise was going to be more demoralizing than he'd realized. 

Title: Darkening Shadows
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By the way, does Laren know Burldak?

Title: Darkening Shadows
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Yes, Laren knows Burldak. Burldak is the cousin to Copper, the halfling bartender that was left dead at the door some weeks ago (this was mentioned in a previous post...the name of which i can't recall right now)

Title: Darkening Shadows
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OOC: Because it will come into play for writing this post, would you be so kind as to make 5 Sense Motive, 5 Gather Information, and 5 Disguise checks?
Title: Darkening Shadows
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Winnie went off to get the disguised Halfling some food and a drink. Even to Laren’s trained eyes she seemed to melt into the crowd without a trace. He wasn’t able to see even her head bobbing or a flash of her clothes as she moved through the patrons and to the bar. He wasn’t sure if she did this purposely or if it was merely her skill at crowd dodging. If she could do that even as he watched her then she had some skills that could make Laren glad she was part of the Hawk family.

Most of the patrons currently in the bar were here for their mid-day mead and ale along with plate of food. The mead and ale was, by far, more popular among the regular folks.

Laren did notice amidst the chaos of the tavern that some sitting at a table on the mezzanine were as sober as stones and not making much conversation at all. It seemed as though they were watching the bars activities; even scanning the crowd. Laren could see that they were doing their best to not be noticed. Perhaps more suspicious than the groups mannerisms was that they were all young adult humans. While by no means unseen in the Half-Pint, humans, save a select known few, were not casual customers. Laren noted that this group of four, by trying to blend in and not appear suspicious, made themselves more so. Additionally, their race alone betrayed any sort of secrecy they obviously tried to harness.
Title: Darkening Shadows
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Laren slowly rocked and swayed in his chair the way Oscar did, mumbling softly about the rolling waves beneath the hull of his fishing boat.

Beneath his facade of incoherent memories of lost times, Laren's mental gears cranked excitedly. Judging by the relative youth of the lads, they were likely Duskshrouds; a small time gang of opportune riff-raff always looking to gain the respect and credibility of the other establishments of Kurr.

If that were the case though, Laren didn't believe they were there looking for him. Surely they were up to no good, but no one who knew the importance of the Eye would trust a Duskshroud to the task. Then again, it was possible that Crimson really had no idea of the Eye's importance to begin with. Laren filed the thought away for consideration in the evening.

Winnie returned with a bowl of oatmeal and a mug of steaming coffee. Laren breathed a sigh of disappointment even as he thanked her noisily. He'd forgotten Oscar's customary morning meal. How Laren hated oatmeal. He grew unreasonably sick of it while traveling, but it's convenience while on the road was undeniable.

"My thanks, mistress o' the pint!" Laren said loudly, tossing a wink to Winnie, a hand on her arm. "And uh," he added quietly, gently tugging her closer. "My apologies for the stench... I'd like to send a round of Hawkberry brandy to our shrouded friends in the loft. Put it on my tab, but tell them it's on the house?"

Laren wondered if in her chaotic duties, she'd spied the lads for what they were. No doubt she had.

The Hawkberry brandy was the calling card for the Brotherhood of the Hawk. This gesture was known in Kurr as the "Showing of the hand" a analogy not only in reference to gambling, but to the ring on the fingers of the brothers.

It was a warning to outsiders. It said they were welcome to stay as long as they kept the Hawk's peace. Laren liked to think of it as explaining the house rules, and affording the players an opportunity to leave before the deal.

He wondered excitedly how they'd react.

Title: Darkening Shadows
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In due time, Laren spied Winnie traipsing up the stairs. Rushing down those stairs were three Halflings that nearly knocked Winnie over the stair railing. “Don’t be knocking me over because you’re late for work you three winebellies!” she howled. As the last Halfling was passing her he caught his step on Winnie’s strategically placed foot rolling him and the others down the rest of the way. The bar erupted into thunderous laughter and the three dazed and “half-drunken-lings” (a name used in the bar for the Halflings that got too much of their fill) stumbled to their feet and nearly fell out of the door to the Half-Pint.

Winnie took a bow to the cheering crowd and waved as a queen would in a royal procession all the while proclaiming her thanks to the onlookers. Laren could barely hear Gibble at the bar, “Don’t mess with Miss Winnie, you’ll get her boot!”

The tavern folks went back to their chatter and laughter which all blended into a constant din of noise. This made it impossible for Laren to hear anything of what was being said even a few feet from where he was sitting.

Winnie approached the table with the four young adults. Laren could see her speaking with them as they were quite surprised by the anonymous “gift”. During the conversation one of the four blatantly scanned the noisy tavern. Laren could surmise that he must be looking for the drink donor. Winnie shook her head and turned slightly so that Laren could see her mouth the words, “no, no…it’s on the house” and follow them with a wink and a smile the way only Winnie could. Satisfied that the intention had been completed, she walked to the next table to tend a pack of ale guzzling dwarves.
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Satisfied that the goons got the message, Laren was curious what they'd do. He considered following them when they left, but there'd be no way to do that without being seen.

He had no real reason to wish them ill will, but Laren was tired of having to run and hide, that he was inclined to put a stop to anyone up to no good. He'd have liked nothing more than to follow them home, and ring their necks. Give em all a case of Laren-gitis.

... he chucked to himself at his new word. He'd have to remember that one.
Title: Darkening Shadows
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The four humans at the table got visibly nervous. The face of one of them went white and he began to speak forcefully to the other three. Another began to speak and and pat the air as though to calm him down. The other two looked at each other nervously in doubt.

Laren noted that Winnie kept an ear cocked in their direction trying to hear every bit of the conversation as she waited on the next table. He also noted that Gibble glanced in their direction repeatedly.
The outspoken of the four began to rise and the calm one, the leader of the four Laren could safely assume, gripped his arm and offered what appeared to be a word of warning. With a sneer the young man pulled his arm free of the leaders grip and began to head for the stairs to exit the tavern.

Laren was not able to hear anything that the men said through the loud and continuous chatter but he was able to see the leader mouth the words, “You are making a mistake!”
Title: Darkening Shadows
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Laren could help but smirk a bit, watching the fear in the Duskshrouds boil over. He stood up and shambled out of the bar behind the upset youth, hoping he'd be able to follow him. He imagined the kid was spooked, and would slow his gait shortly after getting out of eye shot of the establishment.

Luckily it wasn't unusual to see Oscar scurrying along the streets as if he had somewhere important to be. Just then, and odd thought occured to Laren. Wouldn't it be funny if Oscar was really a disguise in the first place? Perhaps he really did have somewhere important to be from time to time? Perhaps there was a reason that Laren's disguise of choice was such a brilliant one?

Yet another thought born out of the moment that Laren filed away for another day.

He chewed the food he'd shoved into his mouth just before leaving, and followed the youth, keeping a safe distance.
Title: Darkening Shadows
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Gibble gave Laren the most secretive and subtle sign of good luck in “hawk-speak”, a variation on the cant that many underground organizations used known as “slight-speak”. Slight-speak was a universal tongue so that business could be properly conducted without betraying secrecy. The Order of the Hawk cleverly had changed the signs of some words in common slight-speak to mean other things in hawk-speak in order to confuse and misinform any would be spies.

The angered and nervous young man took many alleyway routes along his journey through the trade and lower class section of Kurr. It was obvious to the Halfling that he was trying to not be tailed, which Laren was doing with profound ease.

Laren soon found himself in a derelict section of the city. The buildings around him were in disrepair and many cobblestones were missing from the street exposing the dirt below. Laundry was strung across the street from one building to another opposite of it. They were fitting decorations to the haggard buildings and the poorer nature of this part of the city. Since he fit right in with the pitiable state of his surroundings, Laren got few looks.

From an advantageous point of empty crates Laren spied the suspected Duskshroud. The ruffian approached a group of three others of a similarly meager means, two humans and a dwarf, in front of a house. Closer examination revealed that they were, in fact, armed but the daggers were cleverly concealed on their forearms. Laren could see that the four spoke briefly and then the one he trailed, slipped through the door and into the house.
Title: Darkening Shadows
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Interesting, Laren thought. He assumed the building in which the Dusksroud went was their HQ. Unfortunately, he didn't really know what he'd do with that information, or whether or not it had anything to do with The Eye, or Crimson, or him, or... Anything, really.

He wished he was better at all this. Yes, he had a solid disguise, but he'd never really hatched a plan for what to do once he was invisible. Ashe would have known exactly what to do now. Jarmok would have had a plan. ...His father would have known exactly what to do. Laren push the cloud of melancholy and guilt aside.

Well, at least now he knew where one of the variables in the grand scheme that was Kurr was.

He'd originally gone back to the Half Pint to make sure his disguise was good enough, and he'd confirmed that. Now it was time to answer some questions.

Laren shambled off, intent on finding out the condition of his home.
Title: Darkening Shadows
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The activity on the street was increasing and Laren knew that lunch was quickly coming to an end for most folks. That routine was a cherished way of life for many Kurrians. The day could be measured by the daily ritual almost as accurately as the placement of Kossuth spanning the sky.

Shortly after Laren began to amble, as only Oscar did, back to his old house for any sort of lead to his search, he heard a deep and gravely voice amidst the afternoon shuffle getting louder as it approached from behind him on the narrow street he walked.

“I canna believe ye be knowin’ this fer weeks an’ ye dinna tell me.” the voice growled. “Yer lucky if’n I don’t kick yer hides from here to tha’ Wildlands ye pack o’ hammerheads.” Laren distinctly heard a pair of heavy boots coming up behind him on his left as a wagon full of barrels rolled, and occasionally bounced, towards him to his left.

The gritty voice Laren heard was now at pace with him. He could see that it belonged to a dwarf accompanied by the goon he trailed from The Half-Pint. Either eager to get past Laren wherein his legs were not swift enough or too caught up in the moment to notice, the wagon rolled by pushing both the dwarf and his lackey into Laren causing all of them to tumble to the ground in an unceremonious heap.
Title: Darkening Shadows
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Laren reflexively got his arms up in time to stop himself from smashing face-first into the cobblestone street, and hoped no one saw it, and thought it odd. Oscar wasn't exactly cat-like, after all.

He shuffled to his feet, and dusted himself off, which didn't make him any cleaner. He turned to the wagoner, and shook a fist at him, "Awe, you went and dirtied me trousers!" she said, followed by an outrageous wheezing laugh.

Laren offered a hand to help up the other two. "I ain't seen drivin that bad since the last day I drove!"
Title: Darkening Shadows
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The gruff dwarf stood up in a huff bringing his sidekick with him. He was grizzled fellow with a brown beard pulled to a point and held with an iron clasp tie. He wore brown and black patchwork pants and a black and red checkered vest that had seen better days. His boots went up to his knee- which wasn’t too much higher than Larens- and were wrapped tightly with chains. Laren noted that the toes of his boots each had a crown of vicious little spikes. It was apparent as to why Laren had heard the boots of this dwarf earlier. Strapped to the side of each boot was dagger. Perhaps the most striking feature was the dwarf’s missing eye and the scar that creased from the top of his forehead, across his missing eye, down to his neck. As if that wasn’t enough to make someone cringe at first glance, the uncovered eye socket surly would.

The ruffian that was with him could not have been out of his teenage years Laren guessed. He had black hair messily tied back and sparse facial hair. He was wearing brown pants and a green shirt. Judging by the dirt that seemed to be sewn into the fabric and the smell that oozed off of him they hadn’t been washed in weeks. The young man wore leather boots, not nearly as vicious as the dwarfs, that were in disrepair. Strapped to his belt was a dagger with a hilt inlaid with garnets.

The dwarf brushed himself off from the tumble (not that Laren could tell when he was finished) and looked at Laren. His head cocked to one side and studied the disguised Halfling with a slight squint. His face relaxed after a moment and he said, “Me sorries to ye Oscar. Me boy here dunna be knowin’ how to be getting’ outta tha’ way o’ wagons.” The “boy” looked at the dwarf, shoulders shrugged and hands raised, with an incredulous and shocked look on his face. “Yer old bones okay then?” the one-eyed ruffian asked.
Title: Darkening Shadows
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Laren was shocked at the familiarity in the old Dwarf's tone, and began to wonder, as he had earlier if perhaps there was more to Oscar than there appeared to be.

Laren leaned in closer to the couple, and let his face go dead cold. He dropped his voice to a dire tone that spoke of pain and death, and said "Don't let it happen again." He planned to watch their reactions in the next two or three seconds, and follow up with another ridiculous belly laugh. If they grew scared, his suspicions would be confirmed, Oscar was known and respected (if not feared) by the ruffians, which COULD mean he'd need a different disguise! If they looked shocked or standoffish, the silly laugh would diffuse the situation, and he'd bid them farewell. ...if everything went right, that is.
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The youth looked nervously at his shorter mentor obviously nervous about “Oscar” and anxious as to what the tough street fighter would do. Reflexively he put his hand on the hilt of his dagger, in throwing grip. “Lasher?” he asked.

Saorse “Lasher” MacTeague raised the eyebrow over the empty socket and smirked from the side of his mouth under his good eye. It gave him a comical and twisted look to his face. Laren could see he was calm and not the least bit intimidated. “Ah Oscar! Tha’ be a good one! Getting’ Finkle here all nervous as a gnome about to fight!” Lasher exclaimed in a loud belly laugh.

He slapped Finkle’s hand from his dagger and grabbed him by the shirt collar easily pulling him to his face. “The next time ye be sayin’ me name on the street’ll be the last time ye be seen ten fingers on yer hands. Ye hear me? Ye ain’t exactly in me fine graces right now.” Lasher warned.

Finkle frowned, knowing that he had made a mistake, and simply nodded his understanding of the consequences.
Title: Darkening Shadows
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Interesting, Laren thought... Lasher was a name he knew as the leader of the Duskshrouds, and he wasn't afraid of Oscar the way this "Finkle" was. Still though, he was giving off a friendly vibe, perhaps of equality. He wasn't afraid to flex his proverbial muscle on front of Oscar. He was also not apparently bothered that Oscar now knew his real name. He obviously felt that Oscar was either an ally, or simply not a threat.

The panic on Finkle's face was a different story. Either he was afraid of Oscar, or he was just afraid of anyone who stood up to him. Laren suspected it might be a little of both. His hasty retreat from the Pint was clear evidence of the latter.

Laren threw back his head and let to a belly laugh, followed by a deep gasping inhale, and another round of laughter. "I'll be seein ya later master Dwarf! And ye too, there Fribble!" He began walking in the opposite direction he had been, and stopped only to fake a punch at the youth and shout RAA! followed again by his gut clenching laugh. "Ah, the youth! Scared o' me and my muscles!" he flexed at the few who'd gathered and watched. "I'm so strong!! From upwind!!"

He hoped it wasn't too odd, Oscar suddenly walking a different direction, but he wanted to allow the two a moment to get some distance between them before he decided what to do next.

He was intrigued by his notion that Oscar may have some measure of respect among the ruffians of the city, and considered approaching the guards at the door to the presumed hide out and see what he could gather by just standing in front of them and staring blankly... But then, he also imagined Lasher was on his way to the Pint, possibly taking the round of Hawkberry Brandy as an open threat. Since it was on Laren's tab, he figured he should be there, should trouble happen.

With a sigh, he decided to leave this side adventure he'd concocted in his head about Oscar being some kind of king pin, and get back to what was important. Once the two were back under way, he stopped dead in his tracks, made a show of looking around as if he'd just realized where he was, and turned back around in a bit of a hurry. He didn't want to lose sight of MacTeague.

"Have you seen my chicken??" he asked no one in particular. "Here Gerry! Bok! Bok! Buh-GARK! Where's my chicken!?"
Title: Darkening Shadows
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As Laren plotted the other way he heard Lasher remark to his protégé, “Ye take care o’ Oscar ‘cuz ye never be knowin’ when ye’ll need his tongue.” At that the heavy boots continued to walk in the direction they were going in before the fall.

Some of the passer-byes shook their heads as they witnessed Laren’s Oscar-mimicking antics and speech. Others openly laughed and commented, not derogatorily, on the strange fellow. In this poorer section of the city folks seemed to be familiar with Oscar. He was by no means the only homeless one on the street but he was the only homeless one that was known for his eccentricities. All the other homeless seemed to blend into the walls and were looked past by many.

Lasher and Finkle plotted their way to The Half-Pint. There was no secrecy in their route and Laren observed the occasional cuff by the perturbed dwarf on the back of Finkle’s head. This was typically followed by a verbal condemming.

As Laren watched the two rogues conversing at the door of the tavern, he realized in his anticipation he was perhaps closer than he should have been and tucked himself in a side street. “Would you like some bread, Oscar?” Laren heard a woman ask. Glancing over he could see that it was Gretta the bread lady. (ref. Once Home Page 3 Post 7)
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Laren regarded her cautiously a moment. "Yeah, that'd be nice... Toasted, perhaps? Some honeybutter?" He asked in a tone that suggested he was saying more than he was saying.
Title: Darkening Shadows
Post by: Wildfire on December 18, 2011, 05:37:07 AM
Gretta went into her sales pitch like as she did with every customer talking about the variety of breads and where the grains came from. She also spoke of the sorts of toppings and finally settled with, “…but you did mention honeybutter and I do have some fine honeybutter to be had. So, set right here…”and she motioned to and empty seat behind her booth, “…and have some water while your bread toasts.”

Gretta quickly cut a thick slice of bread and placed it upon a toasting iron over an oil lamp. As the bread was warming she picked up her cross-stitching and continued to thread the fabric secured in a plate sized hoop.

“Y’know, now that I think of it, that honeybutter there is getting old. I’m not sure if you’ve ever had soured honeybutter but let me tell you, it’ll turn your tummy inside out. I’ll get you a fresh jar.” Gretta explained.

Gretta put down her project and got up and went to back of the booth. As before the back of the booth was placed against the back wall to The Half Pint. As Laren watched her pick through the boxes he noticed the subtle way in which she turned and “bumped” the door loose. Laren knew that it would take an army to open that door if they didn’t know how. The subtle way in which she did could be considered artwork by some.

“Here’s a fresh jar for you and feel free to grab another jar before you leave. I imagine you get hungry on the streets.” The Halfling woman offered. “In fact, get it now so you don’t forget. It’s okay, really. No one will see it to think you’re stealing.” Gretta sat back down on her chair and continued to cross-stitch.
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I'm having a little difficult reading into the nuances of what she said. I don't really remember the original introduction Laren had to her... I am pretty sure they'd never actually met, but Gibble said to ask for the honey butter, I believe... But I'm not exactly sure if her reaction was one that she'd give anyone who asked for the honeybutter, or if it's an indication that she understands the question as Laren is asking it.

I made a sense motive check of 17... Does Laren get that *nudge**nudge**wink**wink* feeling from her?
Title: Darkening Shadows
Post by: Wildfire on March 04, 2012, 10:29:36 PM
Good call on the Sense Motive check.

Her sales pitch and actions are her playing every bit the part of your disguise as Oddball Oscar. It's a cover for you in case anyone happens to be watching for whatever reason. Her bumping the secret door open is her allowing you into the Half-Pint and into Gibble's "office" through the secret entrance from the street.
Title: Darkening Shadows
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Very good then, that's what I thought.

Laren muttered something that could have been construed as gratitude and shambled his way through the door. The sneaky side of him was giddy; things like secret doors did that to him. A few years back, he'd have loved to worm his way into the basement of a bar. Today it was simply something he had to do.
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I SAID, Today it was simply something he had to do.
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Okay...been out of action for a spell. I'll be back on this in a day or so.
Title: Darkening Shadows
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does "Or So" mean "week"?
Title: Darkening Shadows
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sort of turned out that way...oops.
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As Laren descended the stairs that led down to Gibbles private room he could hear Gibble talking. As always he had a calm and even tone that was a smooth as the whiskey he served. “I don’t know Lasher, your boys being in here peeking about…how can I trust it? I know you wouldn’t send them which means someone else did. Sure I could cast it off as…” Gibble paused. Laren knew it was for maximum effect. Gibble was a master of linguistic theatrics and drama. “…a foolish indiscretion on their part. But Lasher, you know the creed on the street: know who to fear.”

The tapestry in Gibbles room that concealed the door blocked any hope Laren might have of witnessing the exchange between Lasher and Gibble.

Lasher replied, “Aye know…I know tha’ creed. Me boy here though…he dunna know no better. Now I know what yer gonna say and ye be right. I should taught them the smart way o’things…” Lashers tone became decidedly stern, “..and believe me he’ll be knowin’ them after t’day. But ye I tell ye Gibble, ye not be harming a hair on his dumb head. He messed up being here and peeking on yer people. But no harm’ll come to him.”

Laren knew what was next…and Gibble didn’t fail to deliver.

“Well Lasher, you know that’s not up to me. And you know right well who I may have to report this too, aye? So don’t try to play it tough with me. You’re in no position.”

Laren could hear a grumble from the one eyed dwarf. Gibble continued, “I’ll tell you what will clear this slate though. We want the name of who hired your boy here and your muscle if it comes to it. Sound reasonable?”

Lasher declared, “Nay…fer being in yer bar and lookin’ ‘bout? Even you know that dunna be a fair exchange!”

Gibble laughed, “Lasher, you’re right, it’s not fair…but that’s the offer.”

Laren could hear the heavy breathing of the dwarf. “If’n me boy here gives you a name, it may well get him killed…ye know that…I know ye know that! Ye can’t expect me to agree to them terms knowin’ his life be on the line.”

Gibble, again, calmly spoke, “And I assure you that any actions, if they’re taken, will not lead back to him.”

“Ye canna promise such a thing.” The grizzled dwarf said. “But we dunna have no other way. Tell him son…tell him who be paying ya.”
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Laren waits eagerly... Though somehow, he had a feeling he already knew the name.
Title: Darkening Shadows
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Laren listened close to the any sound that came from beyond the secret door. He could see a sapphire glow coming from his pouch as his sight faded to black. It was as though his eyes were pushing through the door and through the tapestry that covered the door. At once was revealed the private domain of Gibble just as Laren remembered it. Only now there was a one eyed dwarf and a young bandit that Laren had seen earlier. It was as though Laren was in the room…he could see the distress on the dark haired boy’s face, could feel his fear…could sense his desperation. Laren could also sense that Gibble knew something was listening to the conversation.

At once Laren was looking through the eyes, rather, the memory of the boy. He was looking at a dark figure cloaked in shadows with three other figures behind him, “I want you to keep an eye out for any activity…watch to see how they act with the bartender. I want to know if they are Hawk or if they are drunk. If you see the ring with a bloodhook on a Halfling, tell me. I’ll have people watching you watch. So I’ll know if you’re lying or just stupid. Cross me and you’re family will never again see the light of day…not that rats like light.”

“How will I know it’s him” Laren asked though he asked in what seemed to be a young human voice.

“That’s where the test of your skill comes in. Fail me, and you may live, though you won’t want to.” replied the dark figure as he tossed a pouch of money to Laren. It seemed to Laren that while witnessing this exchange he was much taller than the height of a Halfling.

“How will I know how to find you?” Laren, with the boys voice, asked.

“Come back here and ask for Vasago.” The robed figure stated as he walked away.

Laren woke from what seemed to be a dream as the young rogue in the room said “Vasago” just as Laren recalled the boy’s memory wherein he heard the name. It was as though he heard and remembered it at the same time with two different voices: Vasago.

Laren regained his normal vision and could see the glow that was once blue now red, dim from it’s brightness.
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Laren's lip curled slightly in distaste as he pieced together what'd just happened. Although he was intrigued by whatever the Eye had just done, he was all the more eager to rid himself of it.

Laren tried to shake the bad taste it left in his mouth, while trying to figure out if he'd ever met or heard of someone named Vasago.
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Laren had heard the name before, though only in whispers between his father and others in the Ring. Judging by the slightly extended silence from Gibble, Laren knew that the name "Vasago" was deadly business.

“The boy is done here.” Gibble stated plainly to Lasher. “Off with ye lad. An dunna ye be goin’ far.” Lasher commanded as he pulled a "Griffon" (the name of a silver coin in the Tri-state of Vychia) from his belt pouch and flipped it to the boy. “Darren, git yerself a meal. Ya done had a long day already.” Laren could hear hurried steps up the stairs immediately after Lasher gave his order.

“So ye be tellin’ me Gibble, what’s tha’ name be meanin’ to ye?” Gibble smiled and looked at the concerned dwarf. “Lasher…dear Lasher. You need to get some better contacts in your life if you and your adopted kin are to survive the streets of Kurr.” Gibble patronized. At first the advice sounded to Lasher like the Halfling was mocking him. He then realized that Gibble wasn’t at all kidding. He came to understand that Gibble was offering him genuine guidance.

“Wull, ye gonna tell me or are ye just gonna keep it to yerself?” Lasher asked impatiently. The halfling could see the look of worry on the dwarf’s face despite the attempts to hide such a betrayal of emotion. “Vasago is a major agent of the Black Wolves. Rumor has it he’s in charge. No one really knows that for sure though.” Gibble answered with a touch of mirth though the situation was anything but comical.

Lasher breathed deep knowing well the reputaion that surrounded the Black Wolves. “What’s he…they…them be wantin’ with yer tavern ye think?” the one-eyed dwarf posed. Gibble sat down and cradled his chin in his hand in thought. “I have some thoughts on that Saorse, rest assured. Another thought I have is that the Duskshrouds and the Hawk Ring are about to become close indeed. Now go get a drink.” Lasher looked at Gibble with a wide toothy grin and winked with his one good eye at the smirking halfling. Lasher took the advice of his new friend- for rarely could any underground organizations call each other such- and departed up the stairs.
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Laren stood quietly, not exactly sure how to announce his own presence. Clearing his throat seemed a little too pedestrian. He also wasn't exactly sure if his eavesdropping may have been rude. Then again, he was only following Gibble's instructions...

He also wrestled with his intrigue into what he'd just witnessed. Very interesting stuff, but not the sort of thing he was really hoping to find, dressing up like Oscar and all. He'd really hoped to find some sort of answer to his problem with Crimson. He knew whatever was going on was important, and could certainly amount to some valuable information, but he couldn't help feeling like he'd grabbed the tail of the wrong rat. It was rather disappointing.
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Gibble made certain that Lasher had fully ascended the stairs before standing up and moving about. With the weight of the haggard dwarf’s boots it wasn’t too hard to determine when that moment arrived. Subtlety was never the the dwarf's forte. His strength was in sheer power and, Gibble admitted, his likeability! He was as a father to kids whose parents were either brutal, dead, or just unable to see after their own. Despite his lessons in street surviving tactics he genuinely cared for those that were in his fold. It was both an advantage and disadvantage. Gibble secretly feared that Lasher MacTeague might one day find that his empathy could be his undoing. He feared this for Lasher as he feared it for himself.

“Well, methinks it’s time for a drink!” Gibble proclaimed aloud as though talking to himself. “Much to think about, much to discuss.” The barkeeps voice was growing louder towards Laren’s direction. “T’would be nice to have the company of an odd friend to manner over odd and dare I say, exciting, times.” Then Laren could hear Gibble state, with barely a whisper, “The door is open my friend.” Laren could hear the near silent release of the secret door that lead into The Half Pint’s underground chamber.
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Laren chuckeled as he came out from behind the tapestry. "Heh, and here I thought you were known for your subtly."

"I'd really like to get this stinking outfit off of me. I'm not sure it was such a great idea anyway," Laren said disappointingly.
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“I would say it was a great idea.” Gibble stated as he helped his odorous friend remove his bulky cloak. “Especially considering the nature of the conversation between Lasher and me. You can’t be too careful in our line of work.” Gibble’s face soured as he got a full face of the stench coming off of Laren. “Gurden did some impressive work on you and this disguise. I bet even Oscar would be proud!” Gibble laughed.

Gibble, in an effort to distance himself from the smell of Laren’s disguise, went to his desk an filled two glasses with whiskey from a crystal decanter. He brought Laren a glass and spoke more seriously, “I don’t know how much of the conversation you heard but I can tell you that an unsavory sort by the name of Vasago is involved. Vasago is believed, with good reason, to be of the Black Wolves.” Gibble took a slug of his whiskey and continued, “I really do like this stuff. Made in the Wildlands it is. They know how to make a drink. Anyway, as I was saying, The Black Wolves are a nasty organization that deals in assassination and other, well, services.”

Gibble looked at his fellow Hawk with his eyebrows raised in concern. “There are questions that arise based on the company involved. Furthermore, does it involve you?”
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Laren wasn't connecting the dots that Gibble apparently already had.

"Not sure I follow," Laren said. "The stink of this outfit has me too distracted to think straight."
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Gibble raised his eyebrow and nodded. He then took another sip of his whiskey. Casually he walked to his desk and filled his glass with more. “Have a sip. You won’t regret it.” Gibble took a deep breath. “I believe that the Black wolves are somehow involved in looking for you. I also suspect that Copper was murdered because they confused him for you. The Black Wolves may have hired some of Lasher’s flunkies to case The Half Pint looking for you since Copper obviously isn’t you.”

Gibble went to a chest and pulled some clean clothes for Laren to wear. “You were smart enough to foil their efforts and make them soil their pants in the process.” Gibble took another sip of his robust spirit and said, “Now, this is all just my guess based on what we’ve seen. Theirs is a way to be sure though. You could speak with the Inner Eyes. They’d be able to lift the shroud on some of this. Though the information may not come cheaply.”

[Wildfire’s Note: Be sure to review Laren’s Kurr Contact Guidesheet to find out what Laren knows about the Inner Eyes. You rolled a 28 on a skill check so Laren knows some juicy info!]
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Laren groaned at the thought. "Great. I love the idea of paying through the nose for information I have to decode and will likely misunderstand."

He rolled his eyes and looked down into the amber liquid Gibble had poured. Laren never did have a taste for whiskey, but he didn't want to be impolite.

It burned his throat and made his eyes water. It was all he could do not to spit the stuff out. "Smooth," he said straining to keep it down.
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/whew! Got right under that 2-year mark! :)
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It's been something of a 2 years, I tell you what. :)