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Title: Word from the Wise
Post by: Wildfire on July 06, 2009, 07:31:54 PM
Word from the Wise

Qwydeon Albyr Syncath VY. 237(3 June 237)

Ashe had left the Dale of Wolves behind him. He was now in flight and heading back to his home, Threshold. He had with him the deep knowledge that would enable him to impart the location of the where the next Vallenwood would be born to Maccabeus. This paramount knowledge would be essential to saving The Goldleaf Grove and the protector, Whisper, that resided in it. Time was now of the essence.

His trip to the Dale was perhaps not the wisest choice he had made considering what was at stake. However, having been so close to the Dale and recently enlightened to the curious ways of the rugged folk through Maccabeus, he took the chance that two days more would not demand a heavy price. He hoped he was right.

Ashe soared over the forested hills of the Wildlands and once again admired the beauty of the land. With his sight he could see a great distance and in fabulous detail. The majesty of flight never ceased to inspire him.

Soon, Ashe was passing by The Tower of Zebulon, the original destination of his journey. He thought it to be ironic that his grandson, Liam, once sought his words of wisdom and was now imparting them to him. The difference was that Liam had inherited the knowledge collected from ages of beings and was the voice and hand of Mahiya. Liam was many and one at once…he was Zebulon. Thoughts of this state of being mesmerized Ashe to no end. His father, Zachary, had also become Zebulon after rediscovering the sacred Horn of Mahiya. Zachary was also instrumental in bringing the Valley back from darkness. Ashe regretted that his legacy may not be quite as polished as Liam’s or his fathers.

The moment of regret passed him by as quickly as he had passed the tower. There was no place for it now. He had other things to see to that were far more important than what could have been.

OOC: I will be continuing this thread. I figured small doses were better.
Title: Word from the Wise
Post by: Wildfire on July 18, 2009, 09:59:23 AM
Ashe continued on his flight. From his vantage point the dust from the Wasteland of Archea could be seen. He despised what had become of that once beautiful forest. Zyxu and his army claimed it as their own many years ago and turned it into a lesion on the flesh of Mahiya. What, if any, area would be next? Ashe shuddered at the thought especially since some minions had already been seen near Threshold in the Ring of Mists and defiled the grove.

Ashe thought of the Blood Tear and his heart started pounding at the direction his mind was taking him.
Title: Word from the Wise
Post by: Wildfire on August 17, 2009, 06:46:55 PM
Time and the landscape passed as did Ashe’s meditations and thoughts. He found comfort in the repetitive motion of his impressive silver wings. The act of flight and gliding on the mountain drafts was elegant in its simplicity. Most times he was unaware that he was even engaged in the act of flight.

It was these times of bliss that Ashe’s mind was quiet and still. His thoughts were not completely conscious and his heart was fully engaged in hearing Mahiya’s song.

Time passed.

Ashe could see the Wildland Forest thinning below him and ahead was an impressive spine of mountains. He was getting closer to Threshold. The clouds tore on the mountains peaks like thick spider web over grass. Their wispy tendrils curled and undulated in the mountain winds. Ashe dipped quickly and began his ascent to crest the tall peaks…his mind at peace.
Title: Word from the Wise
Post by: Wildfire on September 01, 2009, 08:11:16 PM
Ashe breached the last tall peak and saw before him the dreadful Wasteland of Archea. A massive, thick, grey cloud shrouded the forlorn expanse and hide its decrepit secrets. The wasteland was once a beautiful and vibrant forest but fell victim to the life draining force of Zyxu Archeaon when he last emerged.

As he flew over the river that cascaded from the mountains, Ashe followed its path that took it into badlands. The crystal clear water gradually choked into a vile river of sludge before being enveloped by the cloud. The trees that remained on the border of the wasteland were twisted and leafless. They no longer had any capacity for life and were simply gnarled and pained versions of their former glory.

The desolate area would likely never recover. Ashe hoped beyond hope that it would. He had to believe that it would otherwise all that believed in would be for naught.

Ashe sped quickly towards Threshold with the words and insight Zebulon had given him. He didn’t have too far to go; his anticipation almost too much to bear.
Title: Word from the Wise
Post by: Wildfire on September 08, 2009, 07:14:43 PM
Soon he was flying over the familiar farmsteads of Little Threshold. He spied the dedicated workers tending their crops and various forms of livestock grazing in the rotation fields. In his younger days he traveled far and away but in his later years he had come to know Threshold as his only steadfast home. How he now craved to sit by his hearth and enjoy the simple pleasure of his pipe.

Upon realizing that he was so close to home, Ashe became frighteningly aware of just how tired he was. Essentially he had been awake for days. Add in a flight to the Dale and back and the fatigue was nearly insurmountable. The thought of Whisper and the precious Goldleaf Trees kept him steady and driven. The blessed grove would not fall to corruption as the one that was now a The Wasteland of Archea had; Ashe would not allow it.

He flew over the Ring of Mists and lost his breath at the sight of Vallen. The tree was becoming enormous! Rainbow hued wisps tumbled down from it’s boughs showering the wolf pups in the cascade. Inspired further, Ashe sped towards Whisper as exhaustion crept over him.

Threshold was a blur. He paid no real attention to the goings on but rather, focused on the shimmering but slightly dulled golden leaves. Even in four days time the leaves appeared sicker. The defilement was waxing.

Ashe landed in a run at The Temple of Open Skies and could feel the soothing zephyr that emanated from the sacred place. He was racing against his fatigue and time.

Ahead he saw his long time companion, Istian, who was getting up from his slumber as Ashe approached.

The great bear spoke to Ashe in his mind, in the cant no less, “My friend, the forest sister awaits you.”

“Thank you great one…thank you for watching over.” Ashe replied.

Ashe ran straight for the tree ringed with brambles. The scent of the grove was fouled to his senses. It reminded him of his flight past the decrepit lands and he became angered despite his weariness.

He stopped short before he entered the fey’s home. He had to remain calm even just to help ease her sickness. His fingers darted with an old but familiar twitch. Ashe closed his eyes and breathed…deeply. Regaining his sensibilities Ashe walked into Whispers home.
Title: Word from the Wise
Post by: Wildfire on September 14, 2009, 01:25:05 PM
The lush, scintillating tree now commonly known as Vallen sung it’s message. Maccabeus was busy analyzing the elemental glyphs carved into the stone monoliths that comprised the Ring of Mists. Through his analysis he grew to know the language that was distinct to each element; in particular the one to Istisha.

He felt the canted whisperings of the great tree…a feeling now common to him. “The son of Clearwater, the steward of this vale and my once keeper has returned, my honored tender.” The luminous wisps seemed all the brighter for what could be interpreted as joy. “He resides with my golden forest sister and is weary with his toil. He will need to drink these blessed waters, the blood of our maker, the waters from which I drink.”

The language the tree spoke was very much the same as the druid’s cant only somehow seemed purer. It sounded like a melodious combination of elvish and the sound of the elements all at once. It was beautiful and soothing in its eloquence and it was a sound that Maccabeus felt in his soul.  
Title: Word from the Wise
Post by: Johan on September 17, 2009, 12:48:44 PM
The euphoria that Maccabeus felt whenever Vallen spoke thus to him - which was too infrequent for his liking - flowed away too quickly as the little gnome realized that he now had a job to do. He abandoned his toil to take up a water skin only to find that Wolf already had it in his great maw. As usual, Maccabeus's brother was a stride ahead of the scattered Gnarcheon.

"Thank you, brother mine." Maccabeus said as he accpeted the water skin. He filled it from the intermingled waters of the four founts.

He mounted Wolf, who waited patiently for Maccabeus to settle himself. "Let us away then, to the dwelling of our new-found Sister of the Golden Glade. Mayhap Ashe has found the information that he needed for us, and we need to enlighten him as to noble Ragnar's condition in the Cycle."

Wolf shot off like a furry arrow, straight and true. Alpha had command of the pack and the youngsters while Bramble parted to acommodate the brothers in their flight to see their returned mentor.
Title: Word from the Wise
Post by: Wildfire on September 18, 2009, 02:34:34 PM
Maccabeus and his Wolf brother could see The Temple of Open Skies just ahead and beyond, the Goldleaf Grove. With his affinity to plants, Maccabeus could sense the sickness within the great trees. He could feel that they were in a struggle of pain and even feel that their will was slowly breaking. If what was to come was anything like the bushes upon the first discovery of The Ring of Mists then any time lost in saving them was time that could not be spared.

Wolf deftly navigated through the trees as though he was on a wild hunt. Through the leaves Maccabeus could see a dark hulking form that he knew was Istian, Ashe’s great bear brother. In their minds both Maccabeus and Wolf could hear Istian say, “My brother awaits with the forest sister in the brambled tree.”

Immediately after, Maccabeus could hear Ashe call out, “Maccabeus…over here! Come this way!”
Title: Word from the Wise
Post by: Johan on September 21, 2009, 10:00:04 AM
Wolf needed no direction. He hastily saluted (in his own lupine way) Istian, and redirected towards Ashe's call. Maccabeus leapt from the great wolf's back as they approached Whipser's tree.
Title: Word from the Wise
Post by: Wildfire on September 29, 2009, 07:38:16 PM
The underbrush and brambles around Whisper’s tree posed no hindrance to either Maccabeus or Wolf as they deftly navigated towards the signature abode. Maccabeus approached and noticed there was no door or opening of any kind, no apparent entrance.

He reached to touch the bark hoping that it give way to the inside. To his amazement his little hand passed right through as though there was no tree there! Accepting the surprises that Mahiya held, Maccabeus and Wolf entered into the home of the golden fey.

Maccabeus’s next step landed on browned moss. He could see a round room capped with a dome before him. A dull shimmer emanated from the leafy images sunk into the wood of the room. The scent of the deepest forest welled up his nostrils but was tainted with smell of rot.

Around the room he could see twisted vines covered with wilting flowers that he understood to be furniture. Centered in the hideaway was a pool of cloudy water that offered no reflection of the features within the dwelling.

Opposite of Maccabeus was a mossy bed upon which Whisper rested. Her skin was a pale grey and the light that seemed to once radiate from her now barely sparked the meekest aura.

Ashe sat in a viney chair and observed Maccabeus and Wolf as they entered the fey’s quarters. He was glad that neither of them had been here before so they would be unable to measure the damage that was occurring. Ashe feared that they would know more of it sooner than they would expect. Perhaps entering the Ring of Mists before Istisha graced it gave Maccabeus a deeper understanding than Ashe initially thought. Weary from absolute exhaustion and mindful of Whispers state, Ashe quietly spoke, “Maccabeus…it’s good to see you and your brother again.”
Title: Word from the Wise
Post by: Johan on October 01, 2009, 03:12:38 PM
So here's what's causing me trouble in creating an adequate reply to this thread:

Maccabeus and Wolf were both inside Whisper's tree in "Nettle Remains". It looks to me like you're writing this as though this is the first time they've been there. If that's the case, then I'm going to call you a forgetful old man nearing the end of your sanity.

IF, however, you write this post in full posession of this knowledge, then you are in fact a brilliant story-teller who deserves much adulation and reverence.

Which is it going to be?
Title: Word from the Wise
Post by: Wildfire on October 01, 2009, 06:51:57 PM
I am, in fact, fully aware that Maccabeus was in Whispers tree. This was written to puncuate the changes that had taken place over the course of the last week or so.
Title: Word from the Wise
Post by: Johan on October 02, 2009, 09:12:28 AM
Well, then I guess you are in fact a brilliant story-teller who deserves much adulation and reverence.

Now I just need to figure out how to deal with that.
Title: Word from the Wise
Post by: Johan on October 05, 2009, 08:24:16 AM
"A-ya." Maccabeus answered, casting about Whisper's dwelling. "Good to see you as well, Ashe. There's much to share; you've been sorely missed."

Wolf padded over to Whisper and licked at the fey hand gently. Maccabeus followed his furry brother and cast a concerned gaze upon the not-quite radiant guardian.

"I must be away within Kossuth's next cycle I imagine, eh?" He asked.
Title: Word from the Wise
Post by: Wildfire on October 05, 2009, 07:05:02 PM
Ashe took a deep breath and suddenly felt every day of his flight at once. Since leaving for his audience with Zebulon, Ashe hadn’t really had a night’s sleep. The most relaxation he received was in his visit with Shankaria.

He looked over to Wolf who was trying to comfort Whisper in his own way. He wondered if Maccabeus’s brother understood the decay that the gently fey endured and was helpless to fight. Ashe felt that instinctually, he did and was simply trying to ease the pain.

“Time is essential Maccabeus…but equally our enemy.” Ashe stated. “I sought Zebulon’s guidance and guide us he did. I’ve been tumbling his words through my mind over and over.” He said softly. Ashe leaned in towards the rugged gnome, “It’s something we must discuss outside…away from delicate ears. So if you would, give an old herbalist some water?” He finished his question with a wink.
Title: Word from the Wise
Post by: Johan on October 06, 2009, 09:34:26 AM
Maccabeus slapped his palm to his forehead. "Ach! Sorry. I did bring the skin for just that purpose!." He took the skin from about his chest and proferred to the Elder. He simultaneously moved towards the entrance to Whisper's tree.
Title: Word from the Wise
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Ashe took the water skin and drank greedily. As he drank he felt completely renewed and nourished. The overwhelming fatigue swiftly left him and his mental faculties returned. “Oh that feels so good” Ashe proclaimed. “Now, on to other matters. Grr Growl Grr Grr…if you would, stay here and keep the good lady company…it’ll lift her spirits”

Ashe and Maccabeus exited the hidden chamber and walked to the cliff overlooking Threshold. Ashe took in the view as well as a deep breath. “Maccabeus, your time has come. Forces are in motion and you are part of them. Zebulon himself has given us a mission. Through his words as spoken to me, I’ll explain.”

He though for a moment and recited the words in his head once before he spoke.

“The seed is sacred unto us
Rare is their divine birth
A planting will bring life
By the one that proves worth

Archeaon will also seek
The seed as a prize
Twisting its pure make
For all to realize

The Valley of Mist
Is the womb of the seed
There it will be found
With others of greed

The way will be seen
By the one that that can speak
With the leaves abundant
He will strengthen the weak

In a time of great strife
Will the seed appear
When essence is shallow
And devotion is clear

He of the Wolf
Shall hear the song
And steward the seed
To where it belongs

Failure in this
And the gold will turn
And you my devoted
Must set it to burn”

Ashe finished the poem and looked down at Maccabeus then back at the waning grove. He could hear Istian creeping up towards them in his own subtle way. Ashe was always soothed by the company of his old friend. They endured both good times and bad with each other and were kindred as much as any could be. Istian lowered his great head and Ashe gave him a good scratch behind his ear.

“Maccabeus,” he said “remember the Blood Tear…it grows ever brighter.”
Title: Word from the Wise
Post by: Johan on October 07, 2009, 09:05:05 AM
Maccabeus listened intently to Ashe's words. He closed his sapphire eyes so as to not be distracted by the majesty of his surroundings. His head hung, his chin upon his chest.

As soon as Ashe completed the passage, Maccabeus took it up again from its start, burning it more permanently in his core.

In a small way, he was a bit disappointed in the message that was on the surface of the poem. In his wishful way, he had hoped that the missive would have more explicit instructions, and in retrospect he could hear Shankaria's laughter as she mocked him, pointing out that the Divinities did not communicate with mortals like that. Part of proving one's worth to the Divinities was in digesting their words and coaxing the meaning from them. Thoughtfullness was among the top-most requirements for one of true worth.

He reiterated the poem once more. Only a tantilizing, misty direction. But then, what else should have been expected? The Valley of Mists; the standing people themselves, should they deem him worthy, would tell the precise location, and his worth would be spoken to in how he could understand their song.

It was likely this that Vallen had been teaching him, under his consciouness, these past weeks. Since Vallen's planting,  Maccabeus's morning chants had been the longest of this life to date. Subconscious knowledge was, after all, the truest knowledge there was.

"There's no opportunity for failure in this." He said, not sure if he spoke aloud. "It's not her time." Then he snorted a bit with a realization: it was HIS time.

He looked up at his new mentor then. "There's much to do. I'll leave tonight, if I can, but I want to take help with me, and that help needs the deepest touch that Mahiya will lay upon a Hammarahn." He looked up to Ashe, hoping his meaning was not lost.
Title: Word from the Wise
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Title: Word from the Wise
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on the way
Title: Word from the Wise
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Ashe wished he could go with Maccabeus. He wanted to protect his young aspirant and ensure his safety. Alas, he knew right well that this was a mission granted to Maccabeus and that he had another part to play…whatever that may be. Perhaps he was already reciting his verse in this grand play.

Ashe once again looked out over the river valley of Threshold. He had called many places home, even the many roads he walked. In all of his dwellings Threshold seemed to be the only real fit for him. Here he was surrounded with friends and family that he had known for what seemed like an uncountable number of years. The thought of them being in danger sickened him. Was Whisper, now tainted by the corruption of Zyxu, to be a forecast of what may come to pass to many others?

As he glanced down to the wise little dale gnome he instilled his faith in him to enforce Mahiya’s will and shine forth as a bright agent of Zebulon. If he succeeded in his task it was almost ensured that he would be a target of Zyxu’s minions. Ashe found that he also had to have faith in Zebulon and Mahiya to protect Maccabeus just as surely as Maccabeus would protect them. Unlike Zyxu, Zebulon held a monumental amount of value in his agents. However he understood that Zebulon was not above sacrifice if it meant preserving the balance.

“I think you and Wolf would do well to get a good night’s sleep, Maccabeus.” Ashe stated after his silence. “Time is essential, yes, but not at the expense of your strength to begin and complete your charge. You have much to meditate on and those moments of reflection will be important.” Ashe wondered if Maccabeus was confident in his ability to succeed in this mission. The young druid had such a different perspective than most and very well may not have felt daunted. Regardless, some quiet time to hear Vallen’s wisdom would aid Maccabeus even if he was stable in his ability. “I’m certain that you’ll have some fine company to help in this mercurial task before you.” Ashe professed.

Ashe remembered that he had been away for a goodly amount of time. He’d obviously not heard news of any goings-on in town during his exit. Suddenly curious, Ashe asked, “Did anything happen here during my visit with Nyx’s Champion and your Gnarcheon?”
Title: Word from the Wise
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Maccabeus' brow knotted briefely...apparently the Elder had been away from his ears a moment, he thought. "A-ya." He answered. "As I say, I need you to beg Mahiya's deepest touch for a Hammarahn." He swayed back and forth a bit, seeming to need his feet moving in order for his mind and mouth to work.

"As you've been away," he started, "We found a great mystery buried 'neath the Foot - ancient pathways and burial chambers, some of Wild Land Heroes. The catacomb led us ultimately to the Fortmount where, with Severen's help, we drove out Shadow Riders who had taken up residence there in the absence of the militia."

"Unfortunately, Ragnar lent his very life to that effort, and waits now in repose. I was hoping that we might be able to bring him forth through Mahiya's grace, but aside from Shankaria, I know of only one Torqanic who might be able to do that." His sapphire eyes looked meaningfully through his shaggy brow at Ashe.
Title: Word from the Wise
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Ashe was neither saddened nor joyful upon hearing of Ragnar’s death. It was, after all, part of the great cycle and he felt only that Raganr passing was a part of the whole. Ashe also reached into his intuition and felt that Ragnar’s time may have come before it should have. Things of this nature were always so hard to define with any certainty. Was it part of the grand design that Ragnar die or was it a machination to bring a new sort of consciousness to the being? If by altering the Maenads current state of being was Ashe countering an intent? Ashe had wrestled with these thoughts before. Even though he had come to terms with it long ago he still pondered it as an exercise. Ashe felt that he was a child of Mahiya and an Agent of Zebulon. As such he was charged with making the decision of what was right for the time. If Ashe was, in fact, not meant to alter the state of being of a subject, he would not be in the place to do it or Mahiya would not grant the blessing.

Another though came to the venerable druid. He was glad that Severen, although respectful of death, did not abuse his relationship with Takhisis to perform a similar but far more sinister ritual. Mahiya’s way was not Takhisis’s way. Ashe secretly wondered if Severen was stayed from performing his ritual or if he, out of his own volition, refrained from it. He did not know much of Severen but he did respect his stance and perspective wisdom. He also respected, although in a different way, Severen’s undying fascination with grave and the power that he could extract from it.

Always the instructor, Ashe asked, “Why do you believe Ragnar deserves Mahiya’s blessing, Maccabeus?”
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'cause he's a PC,  asshole!


Let me work on this.
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Much love to you too :)
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