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Title: On the Border of Darkness
Post by: Wildfire on December 21, 2008, 08:20:50 AM
On the Border of Darkness

OOC: This is a historical post that Dray and I have been discussing. It details an important piece of the onset of the Shadow Wars as Aelath experienced them. It is with great pleasure that this thread is forged as it offers up some detail of a pinnacle point in Elsenban history. I hope those that read it, enjoy it.

Qwydeon Arek Fehy VY 3 (June 20)

Crusindiar was a haven of trade and diplomacy among many of the races that inhabited Elsenban. Located on the edge of the elven lands of Kaaryn’Zyth, it was the gateway for all who wished to pass into or out of the rich and beautiful forest. The city was the jewel on the crown of commerce and diplomacy for many races.

The society of Crusindiar was a mixture of  Elven, Dwarven, Gnomish, Halfling, and Human. All things different than that found in one races culture were celebrated by the others. Elves honored Dwarven traditions, Gnomes took part in Halfing sports, Humans often spoke with a smattering of words pulled from many languages (which later came to be known as Minglespeak), and racial trade secrets were not so secret.

There was no other city in Elsenban that could match Crusindiar with its triumph in diversity.

*   *   *

The rumors were true- Xanthakos was blowing their horns of war. It was whispered in Crusindiar that they had been striking fast and hard along the southern borders of Kaaryn’Zyth and were marching north towards Crusindiar. Tension had grown in the city since the King of Vychia, Gabryal Marstenstone, had not responded to the elves request for aid in the battles that were quickly mounting. War was upon Kaaryn’Zyth and Xanthakos was ferocious in its pursuit and strength.

*   *   *

Ru’Lian stood at his window and looked down to see the beautiful multi-cultured city of Crusindiar. He had lived here for many years and had seen it grow from when it was just a trading village. Long ago he left the elven capitol of Z’Zandoria to help build the place this now was. It filled him with pride to see that this had become a city without boundaries in its achievements. So long ago he had dreamt that such a thing could be possible and now here he was on the eve of its destruction.

“How could they abandon us so easily…how could…” Ru’Lian asked himself in confusion. A tear came to him as he witnessed the oncoming carnage with his inner eye. He would stay to defend and knew well that it could mean death. Crusindiar was worth fighting for.

From outside his mind Ru’Lian could hear a knock on the door to his study. He had sent for his nephew, Ael’Ath Ha and he well knew that he had now answered the call.

“Aye…you may pass.” Ru’Lian permitted with a somber voice.
Title: On the Border of Darkness
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Title: On the Border of Darkness
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Title: On the Border of Darkness
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Title: On the Border of Darkness
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Title: On the Border of Darkness
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Title: On the Border of Darkness
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