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Title: 07.25.2127 - A Girl in Hell
Post by: Dray on December 01, 2008, 01:00:38 PM
07.25.2127 - A Girl In Hell

Although the scene around her was a living and breathing canvas of incredible tranquility, Shannon could not even see it through the shroud of fear that clouded her vision.

The trees, flowers and other flora that were so apparently abundant around her hadn’t received more than a passing look from the ten year old. The songbirds, singing to a clear blue sky morning, received not even a smile for their praising of the day. She shivered in the shade provided by the canopy of tree branches above, even though the rising sun promised a very warm day. And beyond the edges of the tailored and trimmed landscaping that decorated the courtyard, was the most elaborate of architecture found in the entire Kingdom. But the sculpted granite columns, huge stain-glassed windows and myriad of artistic elements simply poised in her ignorance.

Shannon would have thought herself in Heaven, if she didn’t already know that she stood at the precipice to Hell. The small girl was atop the tallest structure in Safe-Haven, the Church of Kaine, and awaiting a trial that could end with the execution of her parents. A sentence that would be wrought based on Shannon’s own testimony, as she had been a key witness to the alleged crime.

A small circle of white sand formed a clearing within the grass of the courtyard. Shannon sat upon a featureless bench of black and white marble at its center. The Council of Five sat opposite and above her on tall thrones of the same white and black marble, each of theirs however, were ornately crafted from a single piece of marble, and, along with the appearance of being wrapped in a leafy vine, included a small set of spiral stairs wrapping the column.

On the throne to the far left was Cyric Longbow, leader of the Warden Council and, according to Jena and her other short list of friends at the orphanage, her only hope on the council.

To his left was Mindera Michaels, an old lady who not only controlled the mining guild but was the most ornery of the council members, and therefore no help.

At the center was High Priest Fresenius himself, his throne just a bit taller than the pairs that flanked his left and right. He would be the true judge, jury and executioner on the Council, for it had been told to her that he indeed controlled Safe-Haven.

To the left of the devil sat Mark Jamerson, Master of Commerce and to his left, Shannon’s far right, was Leroy Jenkins. Leroy was a Colonel of the Outer-Rim Defense, and along with Mark, was of no known help to her.

The three Judges of the House Guard of Kaine stood in front of the pillars and were all in their full plate-mail armor uniforms. Shannon had no idea which figure was that of Judge Nathaniel Criss, but she was sure he wasn’t the man at center. The man at the center looked to be at least seven feet tall!
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Girl in Hell
Post by: Wildfire on December 02, 2008, 07:47:43 PM
‘Be Brave’ Shannon thought. It was a notion that had come to her so very often in the last ten days. She sat before the intimidating figures and tried to smile but couldn’t. Her time at the orphanage was completely miserable and was made even more so by the beast Shanteel.

The trees loomed over her like hungry vultures and the shade that was cast by them kept the warmth of the day away from her. It was as though they were in league with the court that sat before her and mocked what little hope she had left. They were just trees and had no opinion of her at all but she sat in the shadows of tyranny just the same.

She thought to herself what she had said to the judge, ‘Kaine knows the truth. Though my parents may go to prison their hearts will always be free…as will mine’. As if to accentuate her point she fingered the golden silk ribbon tied around the picture she drew for her mother during her stay at the temple. The picture was of a right peaceful day she had spent in the park with her folks. She hoped it would have the same heartwarming affect on her mother as it did her. In looking at the looming court above her, she wondered if they would let her mother have the picture.

Shannon eyed each of the council members and the judges. She wanted to tell them that her parents were good people and did what anyone would do. It didn’t seem as though they would listen. They had made up their minds and were going to do what they wanted regardless. Could they be trusted to judge fairly? Would they know her father had given years of blood to defend this very temple? Would they even care? Judgment may be blind but that may only prevent them from seeing the truth. “Who watches the watchers?” she thought.

Before she even knew she said it she demanded, “I want to see my parents. I want to give my Mom the picture I drew for her.” The manners in asking never even crossed her mind.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Girl in Hell
Post by: Dray on December 02, 2008, 09:31:06 PM
Seven men and women seemed to tense, but none of them even for a moment looked like they wished to respond.

The eighth did.

"What if the members of this court do not submit to your request child?" asked High Priest Fresenius in a smooth tone.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Girl in Hell
Post by: Wildfire on December 03, 2008, 06:06:33 PM
Shannon wasn’t sure if that was the answer she expected but it lent no less an opportunity to remark on some recent events. Perhaps it would even cause them to question the ethics of those they commanded. She could only hope.

Slyly she responded, “Then I’ll know that the only thing that makes this court different than the bully beast in the orphanage and the spineless guard that put a dagger to my throat are the robes they wear.”

She thought herself rather clever for insulting them without insulting them. She had grown confident since her moments of truthful revelation. Anything bad that they did to her now would only serve to fuel her vendetta.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Girl in Hell
Post by: Dray on December 05, 2008, 12:01:41 PM
The High Priest and the Judges didn't even flinch from her backhanded insult. Cyric stifled a smile and the other councilors shifted uncomfortably in their seats.

Fresenius didn't miss a beat, "you would be best to mind your tongue in this court as you would within Shanteel's office young lady."

"Your request will of course be denied, we can't have you sending messages to your parents through art now can we?" Fresenius said matter of factly.

Cyric looked over at the High Priest as if the man suddenly went mad.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Girl in Hell
Post by: Wildfire on December 05, 2008, 06:19:05 PM
Shannon was furious. ‘I wonder if they’d beat me as Shanteel does the other kids if I didn’t mind my tongue’ she thought. She wanted to actually ask them that but thought better of it. Her words might well get her parents in further trouble.

The court masters first comment didn’t bother her nearly as much as the second. She couldn’t let that slide without remark. She had such strong hopes for at least some sympathy from them. “The only message in my picture is love. I want her to have it so that she can look at it every day and know that I love her. I can see that love is not something this court knows anything about.”

Shannon felt as though she had nothing to lose. All of it had been taken now. Shannon’s eyes started to blur with tears of sadness, anger, and despair. ‘No…don’t let them see it” she scorned herself. She closed her eyes briefly and breathed deep. She concentrated on pulling back her tears…to control that aspect of her mind that would allow only her anger to be seen. She knew well that she could cry later.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Girl in Hell
Post by: Dray on March 27, 2009, 12:53:25 PM
“Apparently”, Fresenius began slowly and as if he hadn’t talked in months, “your parents have betrayed your love with their acts of treason.”

All eyes stayed on the lone girl as she sat on the black and white marble bench.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Girl in Hell
Post by: Wildfire on April 09, 2009, 07:55:19 PM
Shannon wanted to punch the smug monster for speaking of her parents that way. She wished that she could tell him what she really thought but didn’t want her parents to get in more trouble. Her words had to be careful for fear of inadvertently proving whatever guilt they thought was on her folks.

As calmly as she could, Shannon replied with a trembling voice, “You don’t even know my parents…in fact, you don’t even know me. So don’t talk to me as though you do.” Shannon couldn’t help but mutter “monster” under her breath as she finished speaking.

She wanted this persecution to end. Walking the line between sadness, despair, rage, and hope was almost too much for her young mind to bear. The adrenaline in her nerves was almost uncontrollable and she simply wanted to burst.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Girl in Hell
Post by: Dray on April 14, 2009, 12:52:00 PM
Behind Shannon was a small building which simply housed one of the many stairwells of the massive temple below her feet. The iron door to this building opened, accompanied by the court’s officer introduction. Upon his words, Shannon turned around.

“Defendant Guardian Representative, Natasha Marks” the Officer announced and then retreated back into the building.

Shannon met the silver-haired woman’s brown eyes immediately, and found them to be kind. The woman, dressed in a brown dress robe that had some ceremonial tabard Shannon didn’t recognize, walked briskly to the bench Shannon sat on. Before even making it to her she was shouting at her judges, “since when is a defendant brought before the court without representation?!”

None of the seven men and women so much as flinched, although Cyric looked to Fresenius for a response, apparently not willing to take on the challenge for his superior.

“Why are you late Miss Marks?” Fresenius asked coolly.

“Why was my office notified of the change in schedule only a half hand ago Priest?!”

Fresenius cool demeanor quickly became a scowl of contempt. “You will address this court and my station as is proper Miss Marks, do you understand me?!” The tone of the declaration made Shannon’s body tense.

“I understand a lot of things,” the woman said with a smirk in his direction. She seemed un-phased by the man’s anger. She looked down to Shannon.

“Are you alright Miss Auvryndyr?”
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Girl in Hell
Post by: Wildfire on April 14, 2009, 05:01:58 PM
Shannon recoiled slightly. She wasn’t sure who she could trust. This woman seemed nice enough but there was no certainty where her loyalties were. Was it in justice or persecution?

In a ruse of confidence, Shannon replied, “No milady. I’m very far from alright.”
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Girl in Hell
Post by: Dray on April 14, 2009, 09:27:49 PM
Miss Marks turned back to Fresenius. "Your Honor, I would like a short recess to confer with my client at this time due to the lack of being afforded the opportunity to meet her until this moment."

Her tone was short, and didn't lack a certain amount of venom at the High Priest, something Shannon had always thought was absolutely forebidden.

Fresenius, for his part, had reclaimed some of his demeanor, and did not further indulge the woman's obstinance. "I am afraid there isn't time for that Miss Marks."

"High Judge, call your first witness," the High Priest order the tall man at the feet of his raised pillar.

From inside the helmet, a powerful and booming voice declared loudly through the helmet, "The Court will now witness the testemony of Dakin Auvryndyr."
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Girl in Hell
Post by: Wildfire on April 16, 2009, 06:27:34 PM
Shannon’s heart skipped a beat…twice. It had been almost two weeks since she last saw her father. She wanted to say so much to him. How it wasn’t his fault, how he did what anyone would do, but most of all, how much she loved and admired him.

Reflecting back, she wondered if she told him of her admiration enough. She wanted him to be proud of her no matter what. If she could impart any strength she had to her parents she would do so without question.

She feared that this would be the last time she would ever see him again, and suddenly became terrified. Time became the most precious thing in her life for there wasn’t much of it left.

The anticipation was eating her alive.
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As the door opened for her father’s appearance, Shannon was clenching her fists in anxiety at what she anticipated his condition would be.

She was pleasantly surprised as he stepped into the sunlight, for her father was well groomed, clean and lacked the cuts and bruises she expected to see. His shoulder-length brown hair hung loose but was combed, and although his smart-looking goatee was gone, his face was clean shaven. There was a smile in his eyes as he looked upon her, a look that said everything she needed to know in one instant, it was going to all be okay.

Behind her father as they approached the bench was his representative. He was adorned with the same ceremonial garb Natasha Marks wore, and he carried a brown leather briefcase with him that looked a bit worn around the edges. The man had a confident look about him though, and Shannon’s hopes dared to go a even a little higher after seeing her father’s eyes.

She wanted to bolt to her father in order to hug him and never let go, but Natasha sensed it and held her back, giving her a strong “no” motion with her head. It was the empathy in her representative’s eyes though that made her hold her ground.

The pair of men stood directly to Miss Mark’s right, partially blocking Shannon’s view of them.

“Your Honor and Council, thank the Father this opportunity to perform justice” began the representative with what sounded like a standard beginning.

“As discussed two days ago my defendant is prepared to accept all charges made against him before this court…” continued her father’s representative.

‘What?! Wait…’ Shannon thought confused. Then it dawned on her, the trial had already been in session!

“…with the condition pre-agreed by the council that the daughter, Shannon Auvryndyr, will not be subject to any prosecution in regards to the utmost limits of this transgression. He is ready and willing to lay himself upon the mercy of this court understanding with a regretful heart the error of his actions.”
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Girl in Hell
Post by: Wildfire on July 08, 2009, 07:06:48 PM
Shannon well understood that her father had sacrificed himself for her. She would not be prosecuted due to her father’s and mothers noble actions. Had her mother agreed to the same terms? Had her father made the sacrifice for both her and her mother? Was it a decision mutually made by both?

She felt a sudden pang of guilt as though she neglected to fix this whole mess when it was in her power. What could be done now? Her eyes darted around looking for some sort of answer. Her heart was racing and her breathing became short. This was really happening and her father and, in all probability, her mother, were going to jail. Rage, fear, and uncertainty came to her in unbridled waves. Not knowing what else to do, she shouted, “No! Dad no! You’re innocent! They’re the evil ones who are wrong! They should be in jail not you and not Mom!”
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Girl in Hell
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Very calmly, but with a loud enough voice to be overheard by all, Fresenius commanded "Miss Marks control your client".

Natasha who already had a hold of Shannon's shoulder snipped back, "What would you have me do to the ten-year old Your Honor? Club the back of her head?"

"You are out of order representative!" Fresenius replied angrily.

"Perhaps if I had time to acclaimate my client to this process prior to this charade she wouldn't be so disruptive right now!" yelled Natasha back.

Fresenius stood up from his throne and Shannon felt instantly tiny, fear washing over her.

Cyric interrupted what was about to be an ugly command from the High Priest. "I vote for a short recess so Miss Marks can do exactly that." Fresenius turned the venom in his eyes to the other Councilman, the only other man with real power on the roof that morning.

Cyric caught the look and turned back to Natasha. "Miss Marks, we are giving you one hour to confer with your client. When you return you both will have a more respectful tongue in this court, is that understood?"

The warning Cyric had given not to anger Fresenius again was quite clear.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Girl in Hell
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Shannon figured that if she was to ‘have a more respectful tongue’ when she returned she may as well get what she had to say out now before the chance was lost. ‘Be Brave’she thought before she looked towards Fresenius and unleashed.

“If Kaine saw what you were doing to my family today he’d butcher you all with the Kar’Thul! You don’t spread his word you spread your lies!” Tears of anger trailed down Shannons cheeks. She saw them for what they were and someday she would reveal them to everyone.

“Let my family go you monsters!” Shannon shouted with all her rage.

Natasha held the furious girl by the shoulders sensing that she might just run towards the council and incur irreversible damage to her life. Dakin had made a sacrifice to keep her from trial for his crimes but that didn’t exclude any she might bring on herself here today.
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The three judges didn’t move, but those on the council looked to Fresenius for his response to the outrage, except Cyric, he intercepted the moment to perform damage control.

“That will be quite enough Miss Auvryndyr,” Cyric commanded with a raise of his hand for her silence. He continued without pause, lest Shannon strike out with her tongue again, “Miss Marks, please escort your young client to the East Garden and confer with her there. Mr. Mills, if you would please continue with your presentation of Dakin Auvryndyr’s settlement terms…”

“I don’t believe you have the power to excuse a summoned witness in this court Councilman,” interrupted Fresenius. Shannon felt the hands of Miss Marks’ upon her shoulders tense.

Cyric turned back to address Fresenius, who was now standing on his higher throne. “You’re correct Your Honor, but I had assumed you would want the child informed by her representative… what role she is to play in this court appearance. After all, we do have obvious evidence that this child has not been properly pre-conditioned for this trial and…”

Fresenius turned a bit crimson. “You mock this court as some back-house theatre Cyric?!”

Cyric then did an odd thing, he smiled at the High Priest. “Why of course not Your Honor, such a thing would be both blasphemous and considered contempt. I am merely trying to expedite an obvious oversight. This child needs to be briefed on what expectations are placed on her during this appearance.”

Cyric then turned back towards the center of the proceedings, and projected his next words above those in audience, allowing their weight to crash down upon the grassy roof.

“After all, it was agreed that Shannon would not be put on trial here. It would be a shame to undue all the justice being served upon her parents by a breech in the agreement reached with them by this court.”

Miss Mark’s grip on her loosened slightly.

Cyric continued, “The girl speaks out of love, but also in confusion, a confusion that this court in its own negligence is responsible. So before you sentence or question her on her last outburst Your Honor, I humbly request you let this girl of only 10 years get a hand of council.”

During Cyric’s speech, Fresenius had sat down and gained control of his composure. Shannon had a feeling that these two fought a lot, so much, that they seemed to be always ready for the other’s next move.

“Alright Cyric,” replied Fresenius, “as you will.” Fresenius motioned to Miss Marks for her to escort her charge from the rooftop Gardens.

Miss Marks said to Shannon, in almost a whisper in her ear, “come now Shannon, let’s go talk.”
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Girl in Hell
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A hot sensation climbed through Shannon. She had suppressed her fear with anger which was only dominated with love for her parents. She was losing them…and they were losing her.

As she was escorted by Natasha marks out of the formal courtroom she looked at her father with pleading eyes and mouthed the words, “I’m sorry…be brave…” Dakin looked proudly to his daughter and smiled softly. He gave her his telltale wink and his soft smile became a full grin.

It was then that Shannon knew that come what may, things were going to be relatively okay…that he would never lose faith or love in her. She held the picture she drew with the pens of authority and thought that maybe her art could be used as a weapon against the beurocratic hypocrites.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Girl in Hell
Post by: Dray on September 08, 2009, 06:55:13 AM
It took a few moments before Natasha spoke to her. The kind lady simply observed her in the garden for a few ticks while Shannon nervously sat on the white marble bench.

The East Garden was surprisingly on a lower level from the rooftop garden they had just left. It was quite the expanse, bigger in floor space than most homes, and had multiple openings in the ceiling to allow light to shrine down from above. But the most incredible thing about the garden was its open wall to the outdoors. One wall simple didn’t exist in the large room, with the garden, full of shrubberies, flowers and pretty landscaping merely ending at the drop off, the ground being 28 floors below.

If Shannon wasn’t so worried about everything, she would have been lost in the beauty of it all.

“Shannon,” Natasha began, I am truly sorry for what you and your parents are going through right now, I truly am.”

Shannon didn’t speak. She wanted to trust the kind lady, but wasn’t sure about her yet, despite Natasha’s obvious dislike of the priest that was just exhibited in the courtyard.

Natasha sat on a bench a few feet away. The two of them were alone in the indoor park.

“Let’s proceed this way, we have a hand to brief you on what is going on, but let’s get your most important questions answered first, shall we?”

Natasha’s eyes under the slightly grayed brow were very compassionate…it made Shannon want a hug…she really needed a hug. But from her mother.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Girl in Hell
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Shannon had so many questions all of which were important in her eyes. Over the last few weeks Shannon had come to trust no one outside of her family, especially those that were pursuing “justice”. The foreboding feeling that no justice would be served this day was frustrating her and she longed for her old life back.

Now was the time, however brief, to become informed. She prayed that Natasha would be forthcoming and not trying to undermine her.

Shannon looked at the councilor and simply asked, “Are my parents going to jail?”
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Girl in Hell
Post by: Dray on September 13, 2009, 03:56:12 PM
“I am afraid so Shannon,” Natasha answered plainly. Shannon’s eyes looked like they would explode with tears on the spot, so she added, “but compared to what they faced, they are in far better circumstances than you can even appreciate right now.”

It was then that Shannon’s mouth almost exploded, Natasha anticipated, and with her two decades of experience as a lawyer, intercepted. “They faced a death sentence, a public execution no less,” she said with a hand up to delay Shannon’s outburst.

“The city hasn’t seen a hanging in over a century, Fresenius, as evil as, wasn’t willing to spend the political capital even for that type of display of control. So Cyric was able to manipulate him into a prison sentence.”
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Girl in Hell
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Shannon’s fears became certain reality, they were going to prison. What sort of life would they have there? At her tender age she certainly had no concept of prison life. She only knew that’s where “the bad people went”. Her parents weren’t bad and they did nothing wrong. How many others were in prison that acted out of love and moral guidance? There was no forgiveness in this machine of justice.

Shannon nodded her understanding to Natasha. At least with a prison sentence she could still write to them hopefully. But what about…

“Will I be able to see them while they are there?” Shannon asked as if to finish her thought.
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I deleted my mistake and our OOG comments. Enjoy!

“No I am afraid not kiddo,” answered Natasha with sympathy. “It is a hard labor camp in the EastHaven mines, and not a place for young girls like yourself.”

Before Shannon burst with her next question Natasha interrupted her with a palm held up. She walked over to Shannon sitting on the bench and kneeled in front of her.

“Listen kiddo. The place where they are going is not a safe one for any prisoner. You will also find out from others that it is a death sentence in and of itself…”

“But why then….” Shannon started to interrupt. Natasha put her hand over Shannon’s nervous ones to calm them from kneading apart her skirt upon her lap. This stopped her just long enough from speaking to allow Natasha to continue.

“Although this place is horrible, I have assurances from Cyric Longbow, the very same councilman to Fresenius’ left out there in the courtyard, that they will be safe.” Natasha let Shannon absorb this new information, seeing how she would react.

“Alright kiddo?”
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OOC: Fixed

“Miss Marks, my name is Shannon. I’m not a kid anymore.” Shannon stated hoping this would not offend the kind councilor.

“I don’t believe what anyone out there says. They said I would be safe at the orphanage and I got thrown into a wall by the headmaster. They wanted me to say my parents did bad things when they didn’t. They put a knife to my throat and threatened to kill me. They beat my father until he was bloody. They took my mother when all she did was save a life.” Shannon recalled. Thinking about the foul things that had recently happened spawned a resurgence of anger and rage at the futility and insurmountable hopelessness of her situation.

Shannon stood up and started to pace. Her hands clenched into and out of tight fists as her mind began to race. She looked out over the city and admired the majestic expanse of the land. In the distance she could see the fires that warded off the Kar’Thul. To her it symbolized what she was feeling at the moment…a fire within that would protect her. She could douse the fire and let her rage cool or she could nurture it and let grow. She could live a life of herded sedation or embrace one of free rebellion. She untied the rolled picture she drew for her mother, a picture of that happy day in the park, and a single tear fell from her eye. “There is no going back” she thought. Her flame of anger was now becoming brighter while her bliss of innocence dimmed.

“After all of that why now should I believe that my parents will be safe in prison!” Shannon shouted with venom breaking the momentary silence. “Why should I believe a mating thing they say! Why should I hold my Kaine-damned tongue when all they say are lies! How can they mating sit up there and look at my father who has bled buckets of blood to defend them and call him a criminal!”

Shannon’s breathing was heavy and Natasha could see the wild look in her eyes punctuated with an angry frown. “No Miss Marks…the promise of liars is no promise at all.” she spat. Shannon turned to face the councilor, “Miss Marks, everyone out there…all of them, will burn.”
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Girl in Hell
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Natasha Marks looked her client calmly and waited for her rant to end. When Shannon seemed finished, Natasha continued to just stare, showing no sign of emotional response or sign of forthcoming verbal reprimand.

“Shannon, what do you think will happen if you lose your temper and say anything remotely similar to what you just said?” Natasha asked plainly.
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The enraged girl thought for a minute. Deep down she knew that saying anything remotely close to how she truly felt to the council could very well make things worse for her parents. She knew it could make things worse for her as well. The time to lash out was not now, but later. Knowing how to do that effectively was something she needed to calculate over time.

Rage was not something that was so easy to bury. Shannon wondered if she could bury it at all or if she should even try. Perhaps in time she could refine it. It was all consuming right now!

A tempering thought came back to her in her silent rage. The sacrifice her father made in claiming guilt could not be wasted. She now had to harness her feelings and show the strength her father had shown to protect her. Shannon closed her eyes and took a deep breath. In her minds eye she saw an enormous bonfire as she had when her rage first inflamed. She imagined the bonfire getting smaller but still burning with the same intensity of heat. Now she saw the bonfire at the end of a torch and in her hand. She was in control and her mind was clear. Her hand tingled.

“Miss Marks” Shannon replied in an composed tone, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to lose my temper and I’m not mad at you. I don’t plan on saying anything like that to The Council of Liars. I realize that getting angry today will only make things worse for my parents and I don’t want to do that.” Shannon wondered what, if anything, the lawyer could do at this point. Clearly the council had already determined the fate of her parents. What was left to be done? “What’s going to happen to me? What happens now?” Shannon spoke her thought.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Girl in Hell
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Natasha returned the girls’ very serious tone. “Miss Auvryndyr, I am impressed in your anger management skills, so let’s test them. I am going to pretend to be Fresenius and state some of the things he will be stating before you in the court room. Are you ready Miss Auvryndyr?”

At Shannon’s nod Natasha continued.

Natasha stood up straight and posed as the stuffy bureaucrat. Shannon almost laughed but caught herself, knowing that Natasha was a very serious lady and the comedy of her pose wasn’t intentional.

“On this day of grace from Lord Kaine, SummerFirst Fourth-Warday, Twenty-One Hundred Twenty Seven Years post Establishment-Safe-Haven (07.25.2127) Shannon Auvryndyr shall the transferred to the permanent charge of the Our-Commons Orphanage, Shanteel Draven Headmaster presiding. All associated incrimination involved with this case will be absconded from her permanent file and will appear only within this case as a matter of government record. Our Commons orphanage charge will be forgiven at Miss Auvryndyr’s 18th birthday on WinterEnd Fifth-Restday of Twenty-One Hundred Thirty Five Years post Establishment Safe Haven (04.29.2135).”

Natasha paused to judge Shannon’s reaction.
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Shannon listened to the mock sentencing with as much stoicism as she could muster. It was difficult for Shannon to get outraged at Miss Marks with her gentle voice and soothing demeanor. That is, until she heard the name of  the beast “Shanteel Draven”. All she could picture was that bald mans head being kicked by her own foot until he was blind and bloody. Her nostrils flared, her eyes widened, and her fists clenched but she held her tongue in check and let Miss Marks (whom she did not make a dehumanizing name for) finish the faux sentencing.

She decided that she would try to remain as emotionless as possible during the real reading of the trial. She didn’t want to give them the satisfaction they no doubt found in issuing their judgment. Should she let this pass without saying a word though? Would her words make any impact on them at all? Would she be speaking to ears that would not hear? Was it worth saying something? Or should she leave in silence and design her vengeance later? Would speaking in a clever but bridled tone alert them to watch her for the rest of her days? So many questions ran through her mind and she truly did not know what she would do when the time came. Perhaps she should just follow her heart and instinct.

She ran her thumb along the edge of paper that harbored the drawing she made for her mother.

“Miss Marks” Shannon stated plainly “I think I’m ready unless you have anything else I should know.” As the lawyer was about to speak Shannon thought of one more thing and blurted out. “Wait! I only ask for one thing Miss Marks. I want one last conversation with both of my parents. If I can’t talk to both of them then one of them. I want you to fight for that. Please tell me you’ll fight for that!”
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“Miss Avryndyr, if you can promise to refrain from speaking out of turn, I promise you that you will have a final conversation with your parents,” stated Natasha much to Shannon’s surprise.

She then added, “I can make that promise because it’s already owed to you due to the efforts of two men in that very room," she said pointing a thumb behind her without looking.

“Who?!” Shannon asked almost too loudly, her jubilation at this turn of events getting the best of her.

“I can’t tell you Shannon,” Natasha said with both a smile and a calming hand. “But no that not everyone in this land is evil.”
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Shannon nearly staggered to her chair for support upon hearing that bit of information. She knew that was about to happen was going to happen regardless of circumstance or evidence. That much was apparent. All she wanted now aside from vengeance was one final moment with her parents until…until when? Never? They were never going to be able to come out of that hole in the ground.


Unless she could break them out. A wry smile hinted at creeping across her face but she held it in check.

“You’re right Miss Marks. Not everyone in this land is evil. I know of three for sure. You’ve been nice to me so that makes four. Maybe the man that was in my jail room has something to do with it so that might make five…six if what you say is true. Believe me, I appreciate being able to see them. Yet I can’t really thank you yet since I’ve not yet been able to talk to either of them.” Shannon observed.

As the hour was dwindling Shannon had only a few moments left to let her tongue loose. “Miss Marks, among many things I’ve seen today one that will stay with me for a long time is the knowledge that evil has many faces and can and does wear nice courtly clothes. It will speak in the tongue of the divine and profess love for everyone. It pretends to wield the sword of morality and a shield of righteousness and probably believes it actually does. It can wear the armor of the law and live in a fortress of fear. It comes in many forms Miss Marks and is all the more sinister when it has authority. Evil does not rest, and neither can we…neither shall I.”

OOC: I realize she's only ten during this episode and probably wouldn't talk like that but damn it sounds good! It's also a forecast to her character later on.

For Shannon it was as though her father was speaking through her. On many occasions her father, Dakin, would speak about the evils he saw on the wall and in the city. They were two different types of evil. One was the demonic sort of evil he often bled to protect the city from. The other was far more subliminal, harder to see, and walked among everyone.

His words never really resonated with her until now. Why would they have before? Until recently she had never been exposed to anything that could be considered “evil”. The last few days opened her eyes to see what her father saw and understand the danger of it. A part of her wished she could close them and make it all disappear.

The young girl wondered if Natasha agreed or empathized with her in any way. She wanted to know that she was not alone in how she felt or saw things. Yes, she was angry and she felt wronged. Did others understand her perspective? Would they even care enough to put themselves in her shoes? Shannon dared to hope they did.

“When will I be allowed to speak with them Miss Marks?”
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(I have no qualms with her vocabulary, in fact, I see Shannon as a prodigy who may have had intellect at an extremely early age.)

Natasha has listened to the rant of the precocious child with a raised eyebrow and a half smile.

She responded to her question, “Most likely right after the trial, but I warn you, whatever time you will be granted to speak with them...well, it will not feel like enough. You have to be ready to say good bye to them Shannon, perhaps for a long time.”

What Shannon heard behind Natasha’s warning was a message of hope she believed her lawyer truly meant to give her: ‘you won’t be saying goodbye forever’.

“One more thing Shannon,” Natasha continued before Shannon could reply. The child nodded and looked up at her with a wince, anticipating some final portent of doom.

“You need to not trust people so quickly,” Natasha said while crossing her arms. “For instance, you have absolutely no idea who I am, yet I can feel you are almost ready to tell me your life story. You also had absolutely no idea who Nathaniel was and yet you immediately trusted the man despite the fact he shared your jail cell.”

“But…” Shannon began.

“But nothing Miss Auvyrndyr,” Natasha interrupted in a stern but calm voice. “you have no idea who is on which side after only an hour of conversation. Make sure you really know someone before you tell them any secrets or who your alliances are with okay?”

Shannon discovered something at that very moment, she discovered that there were actual sides.
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Natasha’s words were like a cold, wet slap across Shannon’s face. She was reminded of being cautious around those that portrayed empathy to her situation. Again, the confusion began to well up. She pursed her lips in frustration. The only person she could trust was herself she realized. How alone that felt…so very alone.

So be it.

She had to deal with the situation, and future situations, as they were, not as she wished they were. Aside from seeing her parents she wanted most to draw at this moment. She wanted to lose herself in the magic of the moment of creating an inspiring piece of art. For her that was the only way to deal with the tumble of emotions she was feeling. One moment it was anger, the next sadness, then confusion, hope, rage, despair, frustration, revenge, fear…love. All of it was a becoming a burden she wasn’t sure she could bear. No, she had to carry it. She wanted in every way to let it all go. She wanted to not feel anything just to have some release. She wanted to draw.

“Miss Marks, you’re right, of course. While I do not know who to trust…even if I can trust you…you have given me reason to hope for better times. Thank you for that.” Shannon offered.

She dug deep into herself and bolstered her resolve to get through the eventual sentencing and perhaps more frightening, the last she would see of her family for a long while to come. She feared for them and herself as the future of everyone was in complete darkness.

Not wanting to endure the suspense any longer she said, “Let’s get this over with. I have art that needs to be born.” The cold manner in which Shannon make her proclamation sent a shiver down Natasha’s spine.
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Natasha sized up the child for a moment and then finally gave her a simple nod. “As you wish child,” she stated and half-turned, raising an arm to guide her away from the nature-filled waiting room.

[color=#00ff00](OOC: the remainder of the actual trial is bereft of any drama. Shannon's parents would no longer be in attendance and Shannon’s involvement within it would be incidental. I would like to pick this up in a new thread that gives Shannon one last time to see her parents in [b]2127.07.25 – A Child’s Goodbye[/b].[/color]

[color=#00ff00]I realize that this is a bit in contrary to the warning Natasha just gave Shannon, but it is indeed the case.[/color]

[color=#00ff00]Okay with you if we call this one done?)[/color]

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Yep...let's move the next part