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Title: Trillomore
Post by: Johan on October 19, 2008, 10:03:03 AM
These are pasted descriptions from ICDs:

The elf was fairly nondescript, as elves tended to be, and was dressed is a very utilitarian manner in shades of gray and olive.

The real story is that Trillomore is a slender High Elf with light brown hair and green eyes. He is very neat, and well-groomed. He stands about 5 feet tall.

The particular apartment to which the elf went was, Belwar noted, the exact one that he had heard Dannobar conspiring with the traitorous guard. Was it only a few short weeks ago?

The appartment was small, as it ever had been, and sparsely furnished with basic, functional chairs and a table, all of which were made of stout wood. The walls of this small apartment were barren. It was clear to Belwar that this was either a vacant apartment - which was unlikely as the keep was so full of residents these days - or it was in fact at the disposal of this elf, but he didn't live here. No one could; there was no bed, no couch, no dishwares or utensils or even so much as a coat rack. The only touch of personalization in the room was the form, apparently burned into the wooden surface of the round table, of an owl in flight.