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Title: Once Home
Post by: Wildfire on September 30, 2008, 06:55:32 PM
Once Home

Duthash Gyth Basque VY. 237 (May 29)

Laren woke before Kossuth breached the horizon. He was in a well furnished room with a private bath and enough artwork honoring wolves to fill a large chamber in a museum. The four post bed was big enough to fit a dozen halflings his size. The pillow cases were enough so that he could us one as his own sleeping sack.

His sleep was restless however. Random visions of madness and destruction plagued his usually carefree dreams. Memories of his father and mother came back upon him. Behind every thought were the subtle, alien whispers from the Eye; that cursed thing.

On the road to Kurr it seemed as though eyes were all about him, watching, waiting. Indeed there was something…a dragon-like man that swooped in on him…him. It was as though it knew him or was seeking him.

It was the not knowing what any of recent events meant that perhaps bothered him the most. Then again, things were moving so fast and randomly that he barely had time to make sense of it all. And here he was back in the city that his changing times began. He was in Kurr, the place that was once his home not so long ago.

The Protectorate was here on a mission to escort those of faith back to Threshold and route the mystery of Sayers lost transcripts. Laren well knew that being here was, perhaps, dangerous. Crimson, his father’s probable assassin, might well be here. If that was the case, The Protectorate could be in more danger than they even knew. Shrugging off the thoughts, Laren lit his bedside lantern.

Opposite his bed was a set of double doors that led out to a balcony. In the distance he could see the vast lake that Kurr settled along. It was calm and still enough to look as smooth as glass. The waking sky echoed off the soothed waters with its deep, cool colors and in the great distance Laren could see the Dragonteeth Mountains that cradled Threshold.

The sky then began to darken and a tongue of lightning struck in the distance. Slowly the morning light began fade and silhouettes of dragons emerged from the clouds. The ground became black with dots of fires mixed within it. It was a damning vista.

Laren closed his eyes and rubbed them not believing that he was witnessing a living scene from his night’s visions. He dared to look again and found that it was once again the serene morning he was trying to enjoy.

Casually glancing around the room to ensure his own safety, Laren could see the azure glow from the Eye of Portence; that cursed thing.
Title: Once Home
Post by: Griznuq on October 01, 2008, 04:24:53 PM
OOC: You know, I always pictured the eye as green. Not sure why...

What the hell... Laren though sourly. it wasn't the first time he wondered if he could dig these visions out with his blood hook.

More aggravated than anything else, Laren pulled closed the doors to the outside world and locked them. As he turned back into the room he clenched his eyes shut and rubbed his temples. His head hurt, and he was tired. It had been a very long time since he'd had a good night's sleep.

He suited up and stuffed the belt pouch that held the damned eye into a cargo pocket on his leg. He looked down at his leg and saw the feint blue glow of the eye coming through, or more accurately surrounding his pocket. He knew his friends couldn't see it, and he hoped that only he could. He wished he could ask Ashe.

Perhaps a good breakfast would do him some good. It'd been some time since he'd been to the Half Pint. They had good fare.

Despite the aching head and being ...inconvenienced by that little hallucination, he was in a fairly good mood.

Walking toward the washbowl his reflection caught his eye. He started at himself in the mirror. His once jovial face now were a frown. "You don't look like you're in a good mood," the Halfling told himself.

He forced a bright grin, reminding himself he was still one handsome bastard, but it looked just as it felt: Forced. He dropped the smile and let his face hang in the scowl he'd become used to.

Staring at his face staring back at him, he decided that at least he'd be less recognizable. This was a good thing, what with Crimson wanting him dead and all.

It'd been a few days since he'd had a good shave, and the stubble was almost a full beard. Running his knuckles across the bottom of his chin, he thought that perhaps some facial hair would be a good idea.  

A second thought struck as he noticed his hair was approaching shaggy status.

In his left hand, he took a firm grip of his little mane. His right hand slowly dragged the razor edge of his bloodhook across his scalp. Ten minutes later, the little fellow was bald as a rock, and had the beginnings of a goatee.

"Perhaps an earring or two," he said to himself. "... or three..."

Admitting to himself, that he really didn't look anything like what people remembered of Laren anymore. Now he just needed a new name.

Perhaps one of his comrades could help. He left to look for someone from the team. Maybe Sayer. Laren had developed a liking for him.

Title: Once Home
Post by: Wildfire on October 07, 2008, 05:52:32 PM
Laren remembered that when they arrived in Kurr, Sayer had practically disappeared into his world of his advisory role to the Arch-Duke. In fact, Laren had not seen Sayer since their arrival to the Keep.

Still, to his Halfling mind it never hurt to poke around and maybe find him. Laren stepped into the hall. He could hear echoes of footsteps from various directions but most sounded like they were moving away from the guest chambers. Who knew what other guests might be dwelling behind the doors…diplomats? Nobles? Anyone could be here…almost anyone. As he stepped into the hall he noticed a stairway leading down and and out to the rest of the keep (he knew this since this was the way he came to the room) to his left further down the hall was another hallway cutting to the right. Unless he jumped the balcony, these were his only options.

The hall, Laren noticed, had various tapestries and statues- some rather crude and others exquisite. The rug under his feet ran the length of the hall and had a curious sheen to it. It was a tartan rug with green, black, and gold color scheme laced with gold tassels. At the end of the hall was a massive symbol of a wolf head wreathed with a sunburst. It was carved of a variety of stonetypes and the eyes of the wolf were shimmering emeralds. It was one of the finest pieces of art Laren had ever laid his eyes on. Clearly it’s diameter was twice- if not more- Laren’s height. As if winking, one of the emerald eyes glinted as Laren admired the sculpture.
Title: Once Home
Post by: Griznuq on October 12, 2008, 04:04:00 PM
"Boy, someone sure likes wolves," he said outloud to himself.

Laren decided his belly couldn't wait. He hadn't been to the Half Pint in a long time, and he was craving the "Happy Traveler's meal" they had. Bacon, Eggs, fried potatoes, and a pancake. He wondered if Rosalee still worked there. The thought of her sent a chill down his back. He hadn't thought of her beautiful face in months. He could feel his ears turning red and managed a weak grin in spite of himself.

"Sure," he said quietly. "No problem slipping a blade between someone's vertebrae, but the thought of a pretty girl still makes you blush."

Laren shook his head and headed for the exit.
Title: Once Home
Post by: Wildfire on October 29, 2008, 06:16:49 PM
Laren descended the carpeted stairs. Echoes of distant footsteps came to him but were no where close. Chandeliers laced with candles hung from the ceiling and torches were held  in lupine sconces from the walls.

At the bottom of the stairs was a resting room and library. Books lined the walls and there were several sitting areas defined by plush chairs and couches. The upper part of the walls and the ceiling were carved in relief and arched as though to look like a stony forest. At first Laren could have sworn he saw a bird move among the branches but on closer investigation it was the play of light and shadow dancing with a statuary bird. Shrugging, Laren continued.

He soon found himself at the main door to Vallensun Keep and before him was the expanse of Kurr. Eagerly, he stepped out into the open air and was immediately greeted with deep bass voice. “Hello good man.” Looking over, Laren saw a giant red bearded man four times Laren’s height. With a wide gleaming grin the giant continued, “Not many wake this early…the merchants haven’t even woken yet. This could be the best time to see the city no doubt.”

Three other giants of similar look nodded their agreement and regarded Laren with a soft smile. Laren had seen these guards before on only rare occasions. Once he had seen their prowess in breaking up a rowdy mob that had gathered and broken into violence. With little time at all, the four of them had beaten down the crowd of four dozen and then stopped at the nearby tavern for a few drinks. Had they gotten really angry it would be no stretch of imagination as to what they could have done.

Yet here in the serene hours on the verge of day break they were as calm and gentle looking as young deers. Were it not for their massive weapons and armor, one might almost believe they were no other way.
Title: Once Home
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Laren decided that he'd be overly nice, as he didn't ever want to be on the bad side of this crew. He searched his mind to figure out if there was anything that they could be of particular use for. Nothing good to gain by being curt, but was there anything good to gain by being extra friendly?

Laren craned his neck to look the fellow square in the eye. "Why hello good sir!" he exclaimed in an extraordinarily friendly tone.  "I've been looking forward to exploring the town for quite some time! Of course, I'm sure you'd be able to see much more than I, being so tall!"

Laren smiled widely. "The name's Neral, pleased to meet ya!" The halfling held out his hand in a gesture of greeting.

Title: Once Home
Post by: Wildfire on November 05, 2008, 05:46:59 PM
The behemoth reached down…way down…and took Laren’s hand with two fingers and a thumb and shook his hand. Laren could feel the strength of the giant even in just that short greeting.

“Well Neral, it’s a pleasure to have you here with in Vallensun Keep. My name is Mirak and these other three goons you see are my clan-brothers.”

One of the others, spoke up begrudgingly and questioned, “Goon?! Who are you calling a goon?”

“He’s calling you a goon, you goon!”

Extending his arm and poinying at the one that had been standing with Mirak, the first said, “He’s the goon…why he drinks all the ale and gets into brawls!”

“I only get into brawls with you because you’re such a goon!”

Mirak looked down at Laren and shook his head while rolling his eyes. “AHEM!” Mirak cleared his throat intentionally loud. “Guys, I’m sure Arch-Duke and Duchess Vallensun are still asleep…keep this up and they won’t be, eh?”

The playful arguing stopped all at once and the three jovial guards stood back at easy attention.

“Now Neral, I’m sure you’ll have a bouncing good time in Kurr. If this is the first time you’ve been here I might recommend the Half-Pint tavern…you’ll find that many wee-folks such as yourself make that a common place. But, of course, there are many other sights to see as well…The Temple of the Valiant is a most remarkable place.”
Title: Once Home
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Laren laughed a bit, they were truely amusing.

he realized a little late that these fellows probably knew his name already, as they were the personal protection of the arch duke.

"Well, truely, my name is Laren, but people call me Neral sometimes, cause they say I'm ass backwards!"
Title: Once Home
Post by: Wildfire on November 11, 2008, 05:52:31 PM
OOC: I *just* got that Neral was Laren spelled backwards...

The four guards laughed such that Laren could feel his bones shaking! Mirak knelt down (which still put him at twice Laren's height) and quietly said, "I'm glad you told us. For at least now we won't have to pretend we didn't know." and a winked knowingly. "Worry not goodling, your identity is safe with us. "

Mirak stood up and stated, "Now, I'm sure that you want to start your day before the bustle of the city begins. Besides, you don't want to be seen with goons now do you?"

The other three guards suddenly alerted and hoseplay chatter began once again drawing a hearty laugh from Mirak.
Title: Once Home
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Seen with goons? Laren wondered to himself. Would it matter? Look who I'm here with as it is!

"Oh, if I had my druthers, I wouldn't be seen at all.. and believe me, with you guys around..." Laren paused dramatically before adding softly, "Nobody's lookin at me."

"So, I assume you're aware I'm actually from this place, yes?" he asked.

Laren wanted to know just how much these guys knew about his history in Kurr. He supposed that it was possible that they knew anything that the Arch Duke knew. ...but what did he know?

Laren took a quick look at their hands, to see if there was a hawk ring anywhere to be seen. His hopes were low.
Title: Once Home
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Mirak rubbed his copper haired chin thoughtfully…a puzzled look on his face. At once Laren seized the chance to spy his thick fingers noticing that not one had any ring about them. He did happen to notice at that moment that the black steel bracers this behemoth wore were gilded with curious runes.

After what seemed like a long moment of contemplation Mirak replied, “That, little man, was something I didn’t know.” Mirak continued with a chuckle, “I suppose it would be silly of me to recommend any place in the city though, eh? Odds being that most likely you know it better than all four of us put together!”
Title: Once Home
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Laren was satisfied that the brutes knew his name, but not who he was. If they had, they’d have known he was home.

Laren chuckled, “It’s possible,” Laren said with a shrug, and then added grinning, “but that’s probably only because I fit into the much smaller places you don’t get to see.”

Laren patted his stomach. “Well fellas, I think I need to eat something, I can’t afford to lose any weight. I remember some pretty stiff winds around this part of the year. Wouldn’t want to get blown out into the wild! If anyone asks, tell them I went to the library. That’ll be good for a laugh!”

Laren was cool on the surface, but his stomach roiled. He was desparate to keep a low profile, yet here he was yucking it up with a bunch of bigger / louder than most folks in the wee hours when people were trying to sleep next to open windows… And then it struck him: What better way to keep from attracting attention, than being right out in the open?!

Crimson was looking for someone she presumed was hiding… Someone who was hiding… and had hair. And no tattoos. And a male! Laren was suddenly disappointed that he’d cut his hair.

Eh. All the better. If I can’t come up with a good enough disguise short of going girl, I might as well just give it all up right now.

Laren knew that the Brotherhood would help him. They were probably all well aware of what had happened between his father and Crimson. They would be just as eager to keep him and the eye safe, no doubt.

Title: Once Home
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The sprawl of Kurr lay before him. The massive lakeside city was a center of commerce and culture. It was also a focal point of the faithful with many having made trips from distant places just to see The Temple of the Valiant- a massive and ornate cathedral to Paladine.

Kurr had it’s underworld as well. Secrecy and intrigue was in all the corners no one looked or dared to walk into. There were many secret societies across Elsenban and nearly all of them made home in Kurr. Of them, the most influential and feared was the Order of the Hawk. Few things happened anywhere without the Orders knowledge of at least something in regards to it. They were a brotherhood that commanded profound respect from Nobility and Commoners alike.

Laren’s father, Alton, often took his draughts from The Half Pint- a tavern often frequented by Halflings. Gibble, the owner and frequent tender, was a close friend of Alton’s and typically had dish on everyone. Gibble knew Laren well as Alton would take Laren to the bar on numerous occasions. To Laren’s recollection, The Half Pint was almost always open for breakfast…a standard that Laren had become used to with The Mushroom o’ the Stump.
Title: Once Home
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With a hand on his now-rumbling belly, Laren set of to the Half Pint, wondering exactly what to say. Clearly he would order some food, but how do you greet a friend like Gibble after everything that's happened?

Before he knew it, he was pushing open the door, and peering into the familiar eatery.

OOC: It looked like: {insert GM Description}
Title: Once Home
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Even at this early hour the place was far fuller than might have been expected. Many of the terraces and balconies were occupied by the Halflings, Gnomes , and Dwarves for whom they were specifically built. While the tavern was not socially prejudice, it was designed with the smaller being in mind.

As Laren looked around he noticed some familiar faces- shortkin his father knew in a casual “tavern folk” way. Among them was Gibble, the tavern proprietor. Gibble was an older Halfling that wore the badge of age at his temples with graying hair and crows feet at his eyes. He was a pleasant fellow who always seemed to have a wry smirk on his face as if he knew something others didn’t.

A raucous bout of deep laughter came from further in the common room. Looking towards it, Laren noticed a gnome barmaid conversing with a band of stout dwarves. The barmaid departed from them with a coy wiggle of her fingers and proceeded to other patrons. To Laren’s amusement, the four dwarves all wiggled their fingers back to her. When the barmaid stepped into better light he could see that she was a good friend of his fathers, Winnie, who had been waiting on patrons here ever since Laren could remember. It seemed at least there were people here he could trust in these times where trust was rare.
Title: Once Home
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Only at that moment did Laren feel particularly strong feelings of homesickness. He'd convinced himself that it wasn't such a loss that he couldn't go back to his home town for good. That single self-preserving belief was complete shattered when he stepped through the doorway and into the merriment of his past.

Laren stood watching again for the first time what he loved so much about home. As much as he'd come to like Threshold over the last (what, couple of weeks?!?) he admitted to himself that Kurr would always be home. Laren made a promise to himself that he'd one day walk these streets unafraid again. One way or another, Laren would see the end of Crimon's reign over the shadows of Kurr. He owed that much to his father.

Laren scoffed at himself and said under his breath "Hell, you owe that to yourself!"

Laren had decided on his way that he needed a disguise to avoid trouble, but he'd just changed his mind. He still needed a disguise, only now it was to help him get closer to the trouble he'd wanted to avoid. This was where he belonged, and he would never feel unwelcomed again.

The now-bald halfling drew a confident breath, and felt his nervous energy fade. He was not foolish enough to believe he could trust everyone in the room, but he also knew the nature of a barroom full of roudy gnomes and dwarfs. They were all too busy enjoying themselves to really notice just another halfling.

Gibble was busy trying to sand the spots off of a plate with his rag, his customary smirk changed only slightly by the look of irritated scrubbing. Laren squared his shoulders and strolled up to bar and sat in front of the preoccupied Gibble, wearing a similar smirk of his own.

Title: Once Home
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Gibble sighed at the tenacious bit of food that simply would not come off the plate. Figuring he’d try again later, he set the plate down on the bar and glanced up to survey the tavern. Gibble saw Laren out of the corner of his eye and for a brief moment had a thoughtful look on his face.

“And what will you be having for breakfast this morning?” he said with slight squint in his eyes. “We have ale, eggs, ale, roasted ham, ale, fire toasted bread, ale, and umm….ale!”
Title: Once Home
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Laren's grin grew broader. "You know me so well. The sun is at it's pinnacle somewhere!"
Title: Once Home
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Gibble chuckled, “You sound like that crazy Oddball Oscar. He says stuff like that. So what’ll it be? Ale with a side of ale? It’s never too early for that in my opinion. You do strike me as familiar though…what’s your name friend?”
Title: Once Home
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Laren was surprised to find that Gibble actually didn't recognize him. This should be easier than I thought! he thought.

"Well master Gibble, it was not very long ago that someone very close to me was also someone very close to you," he said cryptically.

Laren knew there was a back room in this bar where his father used to talk with Gibble and other folks Laren never met. Alton once told Laren it was the only room for miles around where you could speak your mind and not be over-heard. Until now, that was something Laren could not appreciate.

"Before preceeding with names, might I request a brief chat in your office?" Laren asked, making sure to make obvious his hawk ring.
Title: Once Home
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Gibble raised his eyebrow slightly upon seeing the ring. “I don’t see that as being too much of a problem. Give Winnie a minute to come tend the bar.”
Moments later Winnie came to bar. She had a sour look on her face and whispered harshly, “Gibble, I’m telling you now…if that crusty old toad, Jarro, pinches my hiney again you’ll be short one customer!”

Gibble winked at Laren, “And what if it was this guy here that did it?”

Winnie eyed Laren and a wry smile wrinkled her right cheek. “Well, I was only referring to the old man…certainly not this fine fellow.”

“I thought as much” Gibble replied. “Listen, He and I have some business to discuss. Watch the bar if you could.” As Gibble spoke he pointed casually to two indistinct patrons quietly eating breakfast. Had it not been for Laren’s skill in cant he might not have caught it.

“I’ll distract them…” Winnie said confidently. Without hesitation Winnie glided up to the two customers and quickly got their attention. Winnie had charm, wit, and was beautiful by any standard. She was almost never seen without a kerchief over her hair while she worked the tavern. When she wanted more tips, the kerchief would come off and in came the money.

Gibble watched the whole scene. As they became fully engrossed in Winnie’s enchantment, Gibble nodded to Laren.

The two proceeded to the rooms behind the bar. They proceeded through the kitchen to a storeroom that contained stairs. Down the stairs they went and through a curtain. The room beyond the curtain was low lit and had some amazing tapestries on the wall. In the middle of the room was a table and several plush chairs.

“Please, have a seat Laren. It brings my heart great comfort to see that you’re still alive. Would you like a drink?”
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Laren couldn't remember the last time he'd passed up a free drink, but decided it would be better for him to stay sharp.

"Actually, I'll have to pass. But thanks all the same," Laren said graciously. "I don't imagine I'd have to tell you how important it is that I stay unrecognized around here."

Laren didn't wait for an answer. "How strong is Crimson's hold on this city right now?"
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Gibble was impressed with Laren’s forwardness…it reminded him of Alton. “That’s a good question.” Gibble stated. “Crimson was a Hawk once. Some might have swung her way…but I would say that most of our brothers and sisters have remained loyal…so that’s good news." Gibble tried to remain upbeat. “I’ll tell you what though, after Copper was shivved and left at the front door, most of the folks in this bar are scared to death of her.” (refer to Threshold Game Log Episode 5: A Passing, Page 6, Post 6). Gibble looked to the ground in a silent mourning of his dear friend.

“What we are aware of is some strange underground war going on between what we assume is Crimson’s bunch and these strange dragonmen. Both have been found on the streets dead.” Gibble offered. For one of the first times in his life he was at a loss for information. Typically, Gibble was one of the most reliable sources of information by those that knew him to be. If there was dirty dish in the city to be known, Gibble was the guy that knew it.

“Not sure if it’s a turf war or what…but it’s pretty vicious I can tell you that! The Master Hawk figures it’s best to let them kill each other off before we get involved…if we even get involved with that.”
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Laren was more than a little surprised to find that the dragon men had been in the actual town. This was disturbing to him.

As for Crimson, Laren remembered his father saying that intimidation had nothing to do with brawn or even brains. It was all attitude.

"Yeah," Laren nodded absorbing the information. "So I thought I'd pick your brain about some disguise items... You'd mentioned Odball Oscar... Has he been around these parts lately?"
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Gibble thought for a moment. He actually hadn’t seen the bizarre little fellow for some time now. It hadn’t struck Gibble until the moment of thought was on him. “Actually, I haven’t. Typically he roams around the docks looking for a free fish, which he usually gets, mind you.”

“You thinking Ol Oddball is who you want to look like?”
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"Well," Laren said, squinting one eye and making a face like he could smell something funny. "I'm kinda thinkin: no one bothers him, and looking like me probably isn't the best idea."

Laren thought for a moment, and showed a little more of his hand. "I'm going to need to know who and where my friends are here. I've been gone a long time, and I know how things change."
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Gibble raised his eyebrow knowingly, “Aye, things are not as they were when your father was around. Makin’ no mistake, Lar…Oscar. The Hawk Ring is still in control. Crimson is a passing season- nothing more.”

The bartender thought again and casually bit his lip as he spoke, “Still, she’s not to be underestimated, passing season or not. I wish I had some knowing of the dragon men though…they’re just…unexpected.”

Gibble went to the back of the room and looked behind one of the many tapestries in the room. He was always cautious about having conversations in his room even though it was almost always secure. He pressed his foot up against the wall checking the stability of the boards. After his examination he knocked on the wall at first with two quick raps shortly followed by another.

About half a minute later it was answered with one knock then two quick ones.

Satisfied, Gibble turned to face Laren. “On the side of the tavern is a bread vendor. Gretta is one of us and by gum she makes some great bread! Aside from selling her bread she also keeps watch over the unknown exit if you catch my meaning.”

The sly halfling could never let his eyes or his instinct be dismissed. Caution was the better part survival when it came to some of his “patrons”. “It would be too suspicious if I was to get back to the bar and you weren’t with me. So, it might do us well if you were to go get some toasted bread with honeybutter.” Gibble winked at Laren with a nod.
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Laren nodded his agreement. "You're probably right," he said. "I have to go gather some disguise pieces as well."

"You know," he said frowning. "I think since coming I've gathered more questions, rather than answers."

Laren ran a hand over his now smooth head. "Just how much do we know about these dragonmen anyway?"
Title: Once Home
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Gibble thought for a moment as he poured over his knowledge of the scaled enigmas. Gibble recalled his history, “Back at the beginning of the Valley years, during the Shadow Wars, The Shadow Riders had legions of dragon men at their beck and call. All were twisted likenesses of the five major Paladine dragon children. Some priests say it was Takhisis’s way of mocking Paladine.” Gibble had heard from his ancestors who were alive at the time that these “draconians”, as they were known as, were no myth. They were quite real and, some say, currently haunt the Tortured Lands. Gibble continued, “I’m not sure if these dragonmen as the same as the ones from the Shadow War or if they are different. I can send out word to the Master Hawk for better information, he was alive during the war, I’m sure he would know better.”

Gibble wished he could be of more help. In an effort to be he offered, “If these dragon men are standing toe to claw as it were, with Crimson’s bunch in opposition, they are skilled.” As Gibble issued his word of caution he remembered one key piece of information, “They are also organized as each body has been found with the same symbol…one I’ve not seen before. It looks somewhat like three hooked fingers sticking up. Perhaps Master Hawk would understand what it is. If already knows, he’s not said anything.”
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Laren could feel his face flush as the reality of his situation began to boil his blood. This once jovial prankster had worn a scowl more often in the last couple months than he had in his entire life. Patience had never been something the gods blessed him with, and he was also never much of a strategist. He wasn't sure what infuriated him more about the situation, the fact that everything he wanted seemed so complicated and so out of reach, or the realization that he wasn't equipped to deal with it alone, and would have to ask companions for help. What if they were to say no?

He wanted nothing less than to slip a dull knife between the blades of Crimson's bony shoulders. He longed to hear the muffled grinding of metal on bone and to help her perfumed lifeless body find it's way to the floor in an unceremonious heap where he'd leave her to stew and rot in her own blood.

His fingers ached as he clenched the the back of the chair that stood in front of him. He realized he was breathing heavily, and the corner of his mouth twitched in a sinister sneer. He was almost horrified at the rage that he had churning inside. Nervously he flickered a sidelong glance at Gibble.  

"Perhaps it's time I bought some bread," he said somberly, his voice smoldering like the embers of a quenched fire. Smoothing over the indentations he'd left on the plush back of the chair, he added "Maybe that pint would do me some good too..."
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I just re-read this... I want to play very badly now!
Title: Once Home
Post by: Griznuq on May 26, 2011, 08:33:00 PM
LMAO:  If anyone asks, tell them I went to the library. That’ll be good for a laugh!”

Man, I'm a funny bastard.
Title: Once Home
Post by: Wildfire on May 27, 2011, 08:56:24 PM
Follow up thread to arrive soon