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Post by: Dray on July 21, 2008, 08:29:08 PM
This thread begins where  Royal Company ( left off.
Title: New Threads
Post by: Wildfire on August 21, 2008, 02:44:52 PM
Kit stepped through the massive doors that lead out of Vallensun Keep. The massive stone building rested on the top of a tall hill and overlooked the sprawl of Kurr. The Keep was the residence of the Vallensun family and the center of all matters for which involved the leadership of the Duchy. As was the room she stayed in, the Keep was pragmatic in its design and had some, but was not overly garnished with, ornament.

The city was spread before her and waited for her footsteps. From this view Kit could see the density of various areas which could, in ways, lead her to the places she would find most interesting. Usually, the thicker the buildings, the thicker the interest. Merchants and Artisans almost always had their shops in tight areas of the city since they were typically the cheapest. In her survey of where to take herself, Kit noticed a building of majestic grandeur. It was massive cathedral with several sky reaching towers wrapped in white and black striped marble and gilded with platinum! Kossuth’s light was bathing the breathtaking building in its’ light and it nearly hurt Kit’s eyes to look upon it. There was little room for any doubt that gleaming structure was the Temple of the Valiant that Duchess Nicola spoke of.

In catching her breath from the wonderous site, Kit quickly lost it again as she was startled by a very deep bass voice that sounded like spoken thunder that asked, “It is quite the wonder, is it not?” Kit looked to her left and saw two…looked behind her and saw yet another two…impossibly large men- four in total. They each carried massive battle axes and had a shield strapped to their back. They wore a casual sort of armor, not too heavy, and each sported a copper colored beard that Maccabeus himself could nest in. As Kit looked upon these four behemoths she was distinctly aware of how small she really was.
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Post by: Dray on August 22, 2008, 12:16:03 PM
"Run! They want to gang rape you!!" Jordan unneccarily whispered the shout into Kit's mind.

Kit tried to shrug off her sister's typical response to strange men, as it was a familiar fear older than she was. She did indeed take a step back too, for despite her recent resolve to be more in control of her fear, these gigantic men were clearly not human.

She looked at each giant in turn and quickly assumed that they were gate guards. The top of her head barely reached the stomach of the shortest man, and they all had such similiar characteristics Kit thought they might be related in some way.

She gulped down the remainder of her surpise and asked a bit timidly "are you men all brothers or something?"

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Post by: Wildfire on August 22, 2008, 12:21:32 PM
The four large men laughed in unison. It sounded to Kit as a jovial symphony of earthen rumblings. The giant man that had initially startled her, still half laughing, replied, “In various ways, we are, in fact, related. We are all actually from the same clan…the last of our clan.” The four guards instinctively stood straighter and their barrel-like chests swelled with pride.

“And where are you from golden hair?” the massive figure inquired as he knelt down before Kit. Despite kneeling so as to better talk with her he was still head and shoulders taller than Kit’s frail form. He extended his hand (which Kit could clearly see would almost wrap around her waist) in a sincere greeting.
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Post by: Dray on August 22, 2008, 12:26:59 PM
In response to his question 'Mandin' came unbidden into her mind, but she was not resolute enough to overcome that fear yet.

She watched as her hand got swallowed by the giants and was amazed at it's gentle shake.

"I am from Threshold, here to enjoy a day of shopping," she said as she looked down upon the worn breeches and blouse she had on.

"As you can see, I am in desperate need of new attire," she finished. She then looked up at them and tried to give them her most charming smile.
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Post by: Wildfire on August 22, 2008, 12:44:32 PM
Again the imposing man laughed as he shook her delicate hand. “Oh well, I don’t know about that…it’s what’s in a person’s heart that makes them who they are not the clothes on their back.” he imparted. “But they sure can feel nice, right guys?” The other three nodded in agreement to both sentiments.

“So wee one…what’s your name?” his brow furrowed with curiosity.
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Post by: Dray on August 22, 2008, 12:50:40 PM
Kit giggled at the gentle giant.

"Kit," she answered simply.

"Did I mention that we should run?"

She ignored Jordan.
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Post by: Wildfire on August 22, 2008, 03:11:50 PM
The guard stood up tall, over twice Kit’s height, and propped his fists onto his waist. He took a deep breath and said, “Come my brothers, we can’t soil our clan by not introducing ourselves now can we?” the others looked around innocently and also accusingly at each other and then nodded. The scene was a comedy of mannerisms and Kit couldn’t help but laugh at these fierce looking but kind hearted mountain men.

The others strode over and formed a semi circle about Kit. She felt both intimidated and secure as these giants could at whim snap her apart but would, in fact, protect her. The four of them nearly eclipsed Kossuth and cast cool shadows over the girl. The outspoken guard introduced himself and then the others in quick succession, “I am Mirak”, “Bjornin”, “Varhuk”, “Sven”. And then at once they all proclaimed, “We are of The Clan Azgaard”.

Mirak then smirked and winked at Kit, “Well, some of us more than others.” The others cast doubting looks to each other and then to Mirak followed by an eruption of questions and playful insults. Mirak smiled wide and rolled his eyes at Kit knowing full well what his comment would cause.

As the chatter escaladed Mirak turned and with a parental tone stated, “My brothers and kin, this is no way to act infront of such a beautiful guest as lovely Kit.” The banter stopped immediately and they glanced to Kit with a slightly embarrassed demeanor…Varhuk casually cuffing Bjornin in back of the head as his final word.

Again, Mirak laughed a deep hearty chuckle. “Miss Kit,” the burly guard spoke, “may the city be as honored by your presence as we are.” The four of them saluted and then teasingly patted Kit on the head messing up her hair.
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Post by: Dray on August 23, 2008, 08:25:53 AM
As gentle as they were, Kit was wincing by the time the third had stepped forward for his turn to pat her on the head. The weight of just one hand was incredible!

Kit could feel her hair in tangles, and knew it would take many moments of finger combing to do get it back in place. She ignored it and continued to smile at the gigantic boys.

"Where would a lass like me find some decent clothing around here for shallow coin?" she asked them, using an old sailor phrase.
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Post by: Wildfire on August 25, 2008, 06:39:55 PM
Mirak looked to his companions quizzically. “Sven,” Mirak addressed “of all of us you wander the streets the most can you give our small friend some tips?” Sven stepped forward with pride. He scratched his chin and thought as he studied the passing clouds.

At long last he knelt down behind Kit and stuck his tree trunck sized arm over her shoulder. It was clearly as thick as Kit’s entire body. “Over there is The Temple of the Valiant” he stated pointing to the shimmering cathedral. “That will make a good marker for wherever you want to go.” Sven shifted his arm and pointed to the left. “Now, from the temple square there is a broad street that leads to the market. All around there you find many finery places to get yourself some nice fashions.” Sven stood back up to his full height and took a fatherly tone, “Be careful there Miss Kit. There are many pickers that wander that busy place and you may well find yourself even shallower of coin.”

Sven looked to Mirak, who by now Kit figured was the man in charge, and expressed his concern, “Mirak, I would feel better if I accompanied our Miss Kit while she shopped. No one would dare cause trouble with her…not while one of us is around.”

Mirak studied the slight girl and replied, “Sven, my good clansman, you’re heart is in the right place however, Kit, I’m sure, can handle anything a lowly thief might try to pull on her.” Mirak winked at Kit and gave a respectful nod. Sven also nodded and gave her another playful pat on the head.
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Post by: Dray on August 28, 2008, 12:21:00 PM
“You look shorter now,” Jordan said quite stoically.

Kit giggled at Jordan’s unintentional humor.

“Well,” Kit said as she started to walk away while still looking at them, “thanks for the directions gentlemen. Have a… sunny day,” she finished lamely.
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Post by: Wildfire on August 29, 2008, 06:38:07 PM
The giant men waved good bye and smiled wide. Kit walked down the massive set of stairs that also led her down the hill upon which Vallensun Keep was built. She giggled as she could hear the four surly giants going back to their playful arguing.

Ahead were a massive set of open thick doors that lead out of the inner bailey to an enclosed courtyard with flowered gardens. Many green keepers tended the lush flora and she could even smell her scent- lavender. The inside walls were covered with ivy so thick it seemed as if the walls were made of it. In the center of the cobbled walk was a tall marbled fountain with wolf heads carved into it and each was spitting a stream of water from its mouth into a pool below. The sound of the gurgling water was relaxing to Kit and she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Closer examination of the fountain revealed to her the Fey Berry bushes encircling the fount.

The bushes had already blossomed and were now well on their way to becoming the berries she loved so much. They were a sky colored blue and certainly not ready for picking. She wondered what they tasted like when they were still so young and remembered having tasted other berries before their time. “They’re poison…don’t eat them.” Jordan warned. Kit dismissed the remark and she recalled her beloved Dray had once dared her to try an unripe berry. The sour taste made her face twist in ways she did not know it could and she swore she could still taste it even now. Smiling with the memory she uttered, “You rascal” and continued through the doors.

The outer perimeter was as Kit expected a keep to be, filled with industry and more soldiers than she could count. There was almost too much activity for Kit to fully comprehend. Metalsmiths were hammering in their forges, tanners were working their leather, glassblowers were crafting jars. There were scores of Kurrian guards training in sword play, archery, horse riding, and fisticuffs. Carts carried barrels and boxes often crossing paths and in the midst of all of it, stoneworkers were laying a new cobbled road.

Kit reminded herself that she had not even entered the city, that she was still within the confines of the keep. It seemed that it was almost too busy in the keep but she gave it no further thought- she wanted to get some clothes.

She dodged past the chaos and exited through yet another gigantic set of doors into the expansive city of Kurr. Amazingly enough it quieted down from all the activity within the keeps walls. Ahead she noticed a small crowd of people gathered on the wide street and in the middle of it was a remarkably good looking red haired man dressed in commoner clothes handing out items from a barrel.

“Thank ye much Duke!” one woman called out as did many others. Many people joined and left the crowd in Kit’s quick observation and each of them had smiles as he thanked them by name for coming. The Duke waved to one older woman and noticed Kit assessing the situation. He winked and nodded to Kit as he tossed her a full dried pear over his head.
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Surprised by the toss, Kit fumbled the pear and with a face flush with embarrassment at her poor dexterity, quickly bent over to pick it up. Or at least she tried too. Unfortunately, she fumbled it again and it rolled away from her on the ground. Still stooping over, she raced after it, and put herself directly into the path of a merchant pulling a cart.

The man had a split-second decision, trip over the lass bent in front of him and allow them both to be run over by his own cart, or drop the cart handles at his sides and catch the girl to keep her from being bumped over.

He chose the latter.

The handles that were at the merchants sides came crashing down into the cobbled street, noisily putting the 2-wheeled cart to a stop, a few bags and barrels falling out of the cart in the process.

The man caught Kit’s lithe frame just as she was standing up. His large arms pulled her into a bear hug while he stopped his forward momentum by leaning his torso backward. Kit yelped in surprise as her feet left the ground, but the merchant caught his fall with the tall cart behind him.

Kit’s power flared to life within her but was quickly subdued as she realized the mistake she had made.

“Oh my Paladine, I am SO sorry!” she said to the man after he put her down. She quickly attempted to help the man pick up the things which had fallen from the cart.
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Post by: Wildfire on September 06, 2008, 06:42:03 PM
The Duke broke from the crowd and rushed to the scene nearly toppling over the loose barrels. “Are you both alright?” he inquired. “My apologies to you both…I should have been more aware.” he proclaimed as he steadied Kit to make sure she would not fall.

“Gurten, if there are any damages to your goods I’ll have them replaced.” He informed the surprised merchant. “That was some quick reaction.” he commended.

Gurten looked at him and yelled, “BAH! What were ye thinking you daft Duke!?” He realized exactly who he was talking to and flushed with embarrassment immediately after his tirade.

“Again my apologies…let me help you with your barrels.” He then glanced at Kit, “Good Miss Kit, I trust you weren’t hurt in that…I should have made sure you were looking. Did you get your pear?”

Gurten and Duke Corwynn shared a smile and began to laugh. Corwynn placed his hand on Kit’s shoulder patting it assuring himself that she was, in fact, no worse for the wear.
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Post by: Dray on September 09, 2008, 12:29:51 PM
'I must admit, being in your pocket does have it's disadvantages....what's going on?' Jordan asked.

'I think I just met more royalty.' Kit replied.

'Sounds as if you made your typical impression.' Jordan quipped.

"No, no, no, Lord erm...Duke...sir," stumbled Kit. "It was totally my fault."

With a face still flush from embarassment, she turned to the merchant as he placed the last of the disposed barrels back on his cart. "And I am so sorry Gurten. Thank you so much for not running me over."
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“Aye, not a problem l’il lass. Ye gots to be careful being around this crazy fella for to be sure. He’s a good man though…make no mistake.” Gurten assured.

The crowd that was partaking in the Duke’s generosity began to gather around the clumsy scene. Kit noticed that many of the men were specifically eyeing (with noteworthy whispers) her and that many of the women were abruptly reminding them not to be so obvious in their assessment of the young girl. Kit suddenly realized that her baggy clothes did nothing to avert attention from her looks as she, just this morning, hoped they would.

The Duke patted the middle-aged merchant on the shoulder and asked, “You’ll be sure to give my respects to Heryn won’t you? She’s a good woman.”

“Aye…that’s why she be me wife…and aye, I will be sure to.” Gurten acknowledged. As he picked up the handles to his cart, Gurten said to Kit, “Ye be careful about these cobbled streets young miss…and ye be certain to have a fine day to ye.” Without hesitation Gurten began to tote his wooden wagon away.

The Duke promptly turned Kit to face him, “Well, you look no worse for the wear. Get thee gone Miss Kit. Enjoy your day. As I have a city to serve I’ve not much time at this moment…but we will speak later…count on it.”

The Duke has an underlying tone that noted a seriousness even in this comical situation. Kit was far too astute to overlook the gravity of the Duke’s implications and silently wondered to herself what exactly he meant by that.

“He’s mad at you for being a klutz…I just know it” Jordan guessed with confidence.
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Kit wasn't sure what to say to the Duke, so she didn't stop him as he departed. She decided to let the questions hold until later.

Looking up into the gorgeous sky she again looked for the shimmering cathedral. Between her and the landmark, there seemed to be quite a few options, with the many connecting streets and alleys at her location. Hoping her direction sense would not fail her, she began walking on a quickly plotted course that would hopefully get her to the Temple of the Valiant safely.

Thinking of the giant's warning about muggers, she kept one hand on her belt pouch as she walked along, looking for any signs that may lead to the temple square.
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The streets were positively filled with life! Merchants were busily marching up and down the cobbles and calling out their wares, teamsters drove carts back and forth, carpenters were busy repairing walls and roofs of houses after the Venric beating, soldiers occasionally made their peacekeeping rounds, and children were darting amidst all of it while playing a game of tag. This was the city of Kurr.
As Kit strolled along taking in the bountiful activity she came upon a large square with a massive fountain at the center where a crowd had gathered. Kit could hear someone shouting from within the crowd. “And now we present to you, The Great Ulysa! She will be performing a feat untold…a feat that baffles even the scholars of old…it is a wondrous sight indeed to behold…turn not away or t’will be yourself you’ll scold!”

As Kit drew closer to see what was going she noticed a brilliance cascading from around the corner. Looking towards it, she could see the enormous cathedral in the distance at the end of the street bathing everyone in warm illumination.
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Not only was Kit curious about the amazing structure, she was also quite eager to get some shopping done and getting out of her frumpy clothes. She moved on towards the wares seeking out a tailor, paying not much heed to the heralds request for Ulyssa.
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The scintillating light of the temple was alluring and cozy…and bright…so bright! The light washed the trees along the wide parkway highlighting their mid-sythus growth and casting long shadows along the remarkably clean cobblestones.

On each side of the street were well-to-do shops with discreet signs and various buildings of particular detailed upkeep. Most had slate roofs and grand entranceways. Kit noticed that the commerce here was different than near Vallensun Keep as there were no carts and no merchants calling out their goods. The people here were dressed in garb that made the Arch-Duke and Duchess appear common and Kit destitute in comparison.

Looking further up the road, Kit could see a sign that read, “Valiant Stitches”. In Kit’s mind this could only be a tailor…a fine tailor at that.
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Still holding her purse tight at her belt, Kit made a straight line for the fine shop, hoping to glimpse some wares in a window before going in.
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Kit peered through the window and saw some of the most exquisite dresses and clothes she had ever laid her eyes on displayed on wicker dummies. One dress was low cut and a deep royal purple laced with white on the hems with gold stitching. Another was a deep yellow and though simple, it was elegant. Yet, there was another ensemble of a black fluffy shirt with a black and silver bodice matched with billowed ankle high blue skirt. The quality of the garments could be fully appreciated by the young girl as she had also learned the trade of tailoring.

Beyond the windows, Kit could see more racks of clothes, bolts of cloth, and several women- some being customers- inside laughing and working their needles. It was an inviting scene and given the quality of their work, these women were extremely talented.
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Post by: Dray on November 23, 2008, 10:12:54 AM
Kit stood at the window for more than a few moments, she couldn't bring herself to push through the door.

'What are you waiting for?' asked Jordan.

Kit didn't answer right away.


'This is it Jordan.' she answered her. 'There's no turning back as soon as I walk through this door.'

'Being a bit dramatic aren't we?'

Kit didn't answer again. She had made the resolution over the past week to return to being proud of her charisma. To not allow her appearance to dictate her destiny and accept her beauty as a blessing and not a curse. But now, as she stood at the door to a shop which would be the first step towards acting upon that resolution, she couldn't go through with it.

As if reading her  thoughts, Jordan lectured, 'I dont' know why you have suddenly decided to be a slut again.'

When Jordan didn't get back the enraged response she expected she knew things were dire.


Jordan had never used her name before, it got her attention. 'Yes?'

'Ever since you began running from...him. You have been fickle as to what your appearance should be. You have run the gammit from dressing like a floozy in that leather armor of yours to dressing like a peasant in the garb you have now. And regardless of what you have worn, trouble has always found you. Even....he, has come close to getting you and it had nothing to do with what you were wearing.'

' every piece of cloth you have ever worn since you were a young kid, your beauty has captured the attention of all those around you for better or for worse. Both bad men like the ones still chasing us, and good ones like Jake, Dray, Pappy and even Ashe have seen the beauty both outside and inside. And in all these cases, it never mattered what you were wearing at the time.'

Jordan paused to make sure she had Kit's complete attention.

'Your beauty is part of who you are Kitalia, it's also a useful weapon. Stop running from it.'

Kit reached into her pocket and took out the aquamarine crystal and held it in her hand.

'We have a lot of things to hide from my sister. Your appearance isn't one of them.'

Kit clasped both of her hands over Jordan and hugged the sand-dollar shaped crystal to her chest.

"Thank you little one."

Kit opened the door to the tailor shop.
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Post by: Dray on November 23, 2008, 10:14:05 AM