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Elberrin and Gage, Drinking Buddies

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"You were not wrong. He and I share many common interests." Elberrin swished the liquid in his glass circularly. He watched as it swirled around.

"If find it strange though, the he did not mention any suspicions regarding Mel."

He took a small sip. "As for myself, I do have my own agenda. I intend to use this expedition to hoan my skills and sharpen my  reflexes.  Aside from that, I will do what I can when Ivellios or one of the other elders ask. If it is Ivellios who asked you to spy on Mel, I shall not stand in your way."

Gage let out a nervous chuckle.

"I report to Ivellious, just like everyone else." he said defesively. "Gods willing, not everyone on this Isle has a secret agenda."

Gage took another sip of his ale, then offered, "Why? Should I be concerned about you too? Don't tell me I've misjudged you. I thought you were tight with Ivellious. Was I wrong?"

"I was curious, to whom do you report? Or are you just taking notes for you memiors?"

"Huh?" Gage stumbled, giving Elberrin a double-take.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

Elberrin's face continued to stay blank.

"I must admit, there are times when Grush surprises me. I would find it hard to believe that either of them are up to anything. I would be surpised even more if Grush was pretended to be dumb... "

"So, for whom are you working?"


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