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OH! You want me to TELL you! ….okay!

In the late Winter of 2127, when Temmit was ten years old, he was doing a study on the various cliques in the school. Perhaps this was a character study he was performing for extra credit in Scribes clas? Anyway, he noticed that a specific group of kids always gathered in the cafeteria, and that they were quiet and less obnoxious than the other children. What’s more, they seemed to have an intriguing body language that transcended simple empathic queues and actually conveyed simple sentences! Little did the young lad know that he was being watched from a distance as he watched the TAO…

How’s that?

God Dammit! Read the whole fucking question!!! Dude. OMG. /me shakes you violently!

At some point in time someone walked up to Temmit and said "Hey, fucko, We're whisper, we are interested in you because (Fill in the fucking blank)"

Because said "someone" would have been an NPC, it's up to you what they said. Temmit was there, so he'd know what was said, but Steve doesn't, cause I guess that ICD never happened? Sometime during the ICD, Temmit would have said "WHY ME?!" and they would have said "(Fill in the fucking blank again)

Who was that person?
Where are they now?

FUCK IT ALL! HAVE THE FUCKING ICD! I will even start it if I have to! Jesus, god!

Hey Johan? Want to have an ICD? I am thinking we should have an ICD...something just tells me we should, call it instinct.

We're getting there...

We certainly *could* have an ICD on it, though I don't necessarily think that it's truly necessary.

Let's step back an think on this...

Temmit is something like 9 or 10. He's probably got, at most, one or two abilities, and his Psionic Focus. We've already established that he does not have Smokey; he likely doesn't even have any feats at this point in his development. Knowing Temmit, he'd have gotten those abilities by just observing. Empathy makes sense, and either Precognition or Telempathic Projection.

I can't for the life of me think of how he might have attracted the attention of other people (like that). It's not like he can fly and was spotted doing that.

"Hey, Temmit. Can I talk to you?"
Looks both ways. "Um...yeah?"
"I noticed you looking at things. Tell me what you've got for powers."
"Powers? What do you mean 'powers'?"
"Well, Serge here makes a mean espresso with a lemon twist. And me? I'm the talkingest damn donkey you ever heard. What's your power?"
"I, umm...drink a lot of coffee. Does that count?"
"I can read! Watch: [takes up a book] ...it was then that she felt the warm throbbing of his masculinity, striving to be free of his britches, to..."
"Whoa, whoa, whoa! That's not what I mean."
"Well, what do you mean then?"
"You see *that* guy? He farts fireballs and lightning flashes out of his eyes. Can you do that?"
"I can fart, but not fireballs."
"Ok; that's a start. Do your farts melt granite or something?"
"Shatter glass."
"Well, what then?"
"What what?"
"This kid's too stupid to even talk to."
"...huh...people usually respond to me better than that."

I really didn't mean this to be so difficult. I think I'm just trying to flesh a few things out, and I like for things to make sense. I don't see this introduction making sense without Temmit spotting them.

Does that make sense?


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