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So Here's a Question for the GM

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Okay... enough is enough...

The Warden Council told Michael Banks, leader of Whisper, to interview Temmit Janalius. For Temmit's father, Noah Janalius, was a powerful psion and a member of the Warden Council before his death. The Council was/is hoping that Temmit, Noah's surviving child, will grow to be as powerful.

So yes, Temmit's powers didn't attract attention. His relation to his father "got him the interview".

Ok. Sorry to piss you off so thoroughly. Johan understands now.

As far as Temmit knows, then, he was approached by Mikey, perhaps over a few weeks, and interviewed and eventually inducted into Whisper (TOA, at that time, aye?).

They wouldn't have owned their reasons to Temmit (especially with him being only 10 at that time), and he's probably only now (with the Return Home thread) getting enough background "painted in" to be able to assemble and see the whole picture (or whole enough, at any rate).

He still hasn't made all of these connections though.



I wasn't pissed off at all. I would have used !!!!! had I been in any way shape or form mad.

No worries.

I sent you an email yesterday (note: before the Griznuq breakdown), I asked if you wanted to perform this/these meeting(s) in an ICD?

Nah. I don't need an ICD for it. I'm hoping to have my head on straight enough to get back to them soon though.


Okie doke. I look forward to your return. Give me a heads up if you need me to start any trouble for you in the threads.


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