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Session 1 - (ICD)

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Each student left the dormitory, giving themselves a little more time than needed to make it to the 9 night-hand meeting within Lowtown. As usual it was snowing, and at ankle height already.

As promised, even though there were two guards stationed in the Theater District at the ornate granite stairwell entrance to the underground, it could be seen by torchlight that the portcullis was indeed raised. And the worry from the walk over was abated by the forethought of the Captain, as it appeared that the guards had ordered the sweeping of the snow in all of the nearby streets and alleys in and around the entrance.

The draught tasted of pure blueberry sugar, it was hard not to drink it merely as a treat in-between the meetings, and one usually caught themselves licking their lips with the precious first moments before heading into the tunnels.

The tunnel system was not hard to traverse, and the secret door was in an out of the way back corridor that saw little use from the general public. 9 night-hand was a time chosen for a specific reason. Most of the others had left the school already and wouldn’t be found in Theater Lowtown, and the shows and plays were in full swing above with captive audiences unaware of the mischief beneath their feet. It was easy for each member this night to make it to The Quiet Room.

Temmit took up a post, ostensibly watching one of the many shows that the Theater district was renown for. In actuality, he was strategically positioned to keep an eye upon the entrance to Theater Lowtown.

His purpose there was layered:
Whisper was a small gang filled with gifted individuals. But there were largely kids nonetheless.
He was always concerned that one of them would be childish. Foolish, actually.
He needed to be sure that none of the kids approached too closely before drinking their drought.
He needed to ensure that no one other than Whisper tried to enter through the portcullis.
There must be no shinanegans. He was always surprised that some kids didn't seem to appreciate the trouble that would come if Whisper were uncovered.

Temmit laughed at himself a bit. He truly needed to relax.

At length, as the meeting time approached, Leslie finished her performance and met him there, as he knew she would. They had found themselves in a serendipitous pattern: they would proceed together.

Lucien, Though weary from his days activities in preparation for the meeting began to the passage, after drinking the invisibility potion. As he passed the gaurd, he couldn't help but to quietly tap one on the shoulder as he passed by, snickering as the gaurd looked around for the prankster, who had already made his way towards the enterence.

The guard put out his hand, face-up towards the sky.

"Think I just felt hail Lucious," he said to his comrade.

Shannon walked through the darkened streets. She loved the snow. It gave everything a different look and feel. A fresh snow had such energy and was also fun to draw. People loved winter scenes…especially of the countryside. Something about it gave everything an etheric quality and brought out the pure beauty that resides in all things.

She approached the portcullis. She looked about to see if anyone was watching. Settled with the notion that no one was, she ducked into an ally and swiftly guzzled her potion. Tingles emanted through her and the taste was positively addictive!

Shannon stepped back out into the street and continued towards the open gate. Stepping through she could smell the musty air and knew a night of plotting was ahead…or so she hoped. Creeping down the stairs in silence she headed for the secret meeting room.


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