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Half-Elves Bite

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I guess my thinking speaks to the power of flexibility.

The original HE package gives the character +2 to GI checks. This doesn't make sense to me in that it makes it seem like all HEs would be adept at this skill. This doesn't sit well with me. I like variety. Hence, I afford the opportunity to place that +2 in a variety of places (one of four skills of your choosing).

However, noting that +2 is a pretty significant bonus, it seems to me that if the player had the flexibility to place that anywhere, this would become a more powerful still.

The way that I set this up, I feel that the player gains the flexibility to customize his character a little more, but not so much that it might overbalance him (if you take my meaning).

This, at least, is my thinking.

Ok, um, so why is the +2 modifier only applicable to one of the former cross-class skills?  Is there a particular reason it can't be applied to any skill?  Just askin' 'cause I don't understand the reasoning of this.  Please help me understand!  :-)

That is correct, sir.

All ready done:

+2 CH -1 to each of STR, DX, INT
Near-Sight Vision
One bonus feat at 4th level (instead of the one at 1st level)
-2 Bonus to Enchant and similar effects
Immune to Wake spells
Can pick 4 skill that are otherwise Class skills; They are now CC
-1 on one of those skills
No Favored class (as they can't make up their mind about anything)

You can apply these modifiers to Valen immediately, please.

Valen is 1/4 Elf, could you work on that starting package?  :P


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