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In Character Discussions / Kitchen o' the Stump
« on: November 19, 2005, 11:55:03 PM »
Dale looks at Laren and wonders what its like to live life being so small.  Probably much like being a 10 year old kid.   Then again, most ten year olds don't face large winged snakes.  That creature could easily confuse Laren for its next meal.  I wonder if it would swallow him whole?
Stirring from his musings he inquires of the councillor, "Julius, would you please tell us what you know about this shape changing winged serpent?   It flew off towards the valley."

In Character Discussions / Kitchen o' the Stump
« on: November 25, 2005, 02:35:18 PM »
"Yeah a good night's sleep would help me out a lot!   I've been getting really punchy over a few things.   For example, why did you invite that priest of Takhisis into town anyway?   Don't we have enough trouble with winged snakes and rat men, without Takhisis' minions setting up a stronghold here?"  Dale takes a deep breath and a step back, waiting for Julius' reply, wondering how he will react to his bold question.

In Character Discussions / Kitchen o' the Stump
« on: November 27, 2005, 12:09:32 AM »
Realizing that Julius is blackmailing him to shut his mouth or have his magic wielding secret revealed, Dale gives Julius a beguiling grin and says "I understand perfectly."  
I wonder what this guy's secret is.  This guy certainly bears more scrutiny.

"Say Julius, I have a couple of questions for those three family members that were in the cave.  Would it be alright if we visited them for a few minutes."

Dale doesn't really have any questions, but he is still suspicious about Julius(His city ways are still ingrained in him.  Be suspicious of everyone).  He wants to make sure that  Julius' guests are being treated well.

In Character Discussions / Kitchen o' the Stump
« on: November 27, 2005, 08:35:39 PM »
"Have a pleasant evening Julius."  Dale spins and walks away as well.  He still doesn't trust the councillor.  He may be looking into things, but his instinct tells him the Julius is hiding something.  
Once Dale is out of earshot of Julius, he calls to Maal, "Hey wait up!"   Dale jogs to catch up with Maal.  Once he reaches her he says, "I'm going to go check out the fortress.  I'd like to see what's there.  Do you want to come?"

In Character Discussions / Kitchen o' the Stump
« on: November 28, 2005, 11:47:25 PM »
"I haven't been there yet.  Besides its a good opportunity to take a random patrol around town.  
I've been wondering.  How is that all of the troops were pulled out of town and we were hired as guards?  Did the townsfolk protest this at all?  Did Julius try to lobby to keep them here?  It seems to me that we make a poor replacement for an entire squadron of soldiers.   I'm probably too suspicious, but I can't help but think that something fishy is going on here.   With that winged snake being an advanced scout, I can't help but wonder if the troops were pulled out of town in some corrupt arrangement to soften it up for the minions of Xan Thakos....
You're probably thinking I'm crazy, but I can't help it.  Being paranoid is what has kept me alive over the years.  My mind is always on the lookout for any threats.  It helps to keep me one step ahead of danger."

General Info / Vernmen/Welverns
« on: September 15, 2005, 11:52:13 PM »
Vernman and Welverns are cross breeds between either humans or elves, and wyverns.   This happens when wyverns, who are highly intelligent and magical creatures change their shape and assume the foem of either a human or an elf.   The children of this pairng tend to be slightly larger and stronger than their elven or human parents.   Their features take on an angular look and many of them develop scaly skin as they get older.   There is one way to be certain that someone has wyvern blood.   That is their eyes.  Upon reaching maturity, around the age of 25, females develop purple colored eyes.   Males develop red colored eyes.  
Due to the fact that the Druids of Flaern actively hunt wyverns and their offspring, most welverns and vernmen don't survive very long after maturity.

Vernman: +2 Strength, +1 Constitution, -3 Charisma, 60' Darkvision

Welverns: +1 Strength, +1 Dexterity, -1 Con, -3 Charisma 90' Darkvision

Bonus Feats: Alertness, Stealthy, Run, Self Sufficient

1st level: Can cast Pass w/out trace as 1st level druid once per day.

3rd level: Develops natural retractable claws that cause 1-4/1-6 points of damage.

5th level: Can cast Obscuring Mist as 1st level druid once per day.

7th level: Can sprout wings and fly for short durations.   Can fly up to one round per level, but must rest for 2 rounds per round of flight, or suffer under forced march rules.

9th level: Can cast Wood Shape as 3rd level druid, once per day.

11th Level: Gains Natural Armor Class Bonus of +2.

13th level: Can cast Meld into Stone as 7th level druid once per day.

In Character Discussions / Merriment at the Thornhedge
« on: September 04, 2005, 11:42:00 PM »
While chewing a hearty bite of his roast boar, Dale starts to ask a question.  He hesitates, thinks better of it, starts to ask again,  hesitates again because he doesn't want to feel stupid, and finally after swallowing the entire bite, forms his question.  "Forgive me for not understanding, but how did evil defeat itself?   Didn't the chosen companions defeat Tybalt Nightstar?   Aren't they the ones that defeated evil?"

In Character Discussions / Merriment at the Thornhedge
« on: September 06, 2005, 10:26:06 PM »
Dale gives Thurgin an ironic smile and says "Aye, she's good, but I've heard that song before.   As a matter of fact it was sung by another auburn haired, elven bard, who was far more beautiful and an equally talented vocalist.  Rumor has it that she was actually a princess in hiding.   It is strange how red haired elven bard's keep singing the same song.   I guess nothing is original anymore... :lol:  :roll:

In Character Discussions / Merriment at the Thornhedge
« on: September 07, 2005, 05:00:26 PM »
"Well spoken.  Very diplomatic of you Thurgin!"   Dale coninues to enjoy his wild boar.  Its quite succulent and it is complimented very well by the strong  Kazbourne stout.   As dale puts his mug down, he applauds the bard for a job well done.  
"So Thurgin, have you ever gone into the Vale?   It sounds like a very interesting yet dangerous place.   I think I'd like to see it for myself."

In Character Discussions / Merriment at the Thornhedge
« on: September 08, 2005, 02:45:56 PM »
"Yeah... I remember the last time I saw my mother...
She was dying.   Alone in her bed, she was shivering from the cold, even though it was so hot that the air felt like a blanket smothering the world...
She saw me standing at her door and smiled weakly at me...
She waved me towards her and grasped my hand...
She whispered faintly to me...
I could smell death on her breath...
She said "You've been the only one Dale...
"The only one who ever truly cared for me..."
A tear glistened in her eye as she placed my hand on the necklace on her chest.  
It was a simple piece of leather holding a seashell that went from white to reddish brown in a cylindrical shape.
She said "I found  this when I was a girl not much older than you are now...
It reminded me of my father who used to fish the seas...
I always used to hold it when I was in times of need..
Now I want you to have it as a memory of me..."
With that she passed into the night still grasping my hand...
Dale takes a long pull from his mug and says "Well, let's move onto more happy thoughts," as he gently caresses the seashell around his neck.

In Character Discussions / Merriment at the Thornhedge
« on: September 13, 2005, 09:39:59 PM »
I've never tried Dwarven Stout.   To tell true, I have only been in town for one day and I haven'y seen anything, but Coryndar Fields.   Maybe you can show me around town tomorrow after dinner?

In Character Discussions / Merriment at the Thornhedge
« on: September 14, 2005, 12:45:18 PM »
Dale stands up and shakes Thurgin's hand.   "Its been my pleasure.   Hopefully I'll see you and the lads again sometime."   Dale nods to all of the farmers and heads up the stairs to his room.    Once there, he writes an entry into his journal regarding the days events.
After completing his journal entry, he delves into his pack where he has a secret aerated pouch and picks up his closest companion a humungously fat, wart toad.   "Well Xorn, its time to go eat.   Maybe we can find some grasshoppers tonight.  I know just where to look."
Dale heads down through the inn, being careful to conceal his friend from the other patrons of the tavern, and heads out to Coryndar Fields.

In Character Discussions / Merriment at the Thornhedge
« on: September 01, 2005, 04:56:17 PM »
Dale made his way back to the Thornhedge, passing many people along the way.   Most of them giving Dale a sidelong glance at his sooty appearance.   Dale meanwhile politely nods to the passersby.   As he gets closer to the inn, he notices the crowd starting to thicken and he can smell the aromas of fresh boar being roasted.   His stomach starts to growl.   Soon his nose is picking up the comforting scent of roasted potatoes.  As if driven by his stomach, Dale begins to pick up his pace.   He quickly passes by a small crowd gathering around a street performer, doing his best to juggle three balls while balancing a mug of stout on his forehead and twirling a colorful ribboned ring around on his foot.   The crowd gently chides him as he adds a fourth ball to the mix, but loses control of them.    Undaunted, he takes a long swill from the mug, places it back on his forehead and begins anew....

Dale sees Ragnar as he enters the inn and he waves hello as he passes him by, "Can't wait to soak in that tub.  I feel like this grime is oozing off of me."    Dale quickly heads upstairs and strips as quickly as he can, leaving his soot covered clothes in a pile on the floor.  

After soaking in the hot bath and scrubbing the grime from his weary body, Dale dresses himself in his old set of travelers clothes.  His brand new shirt and pantaloons were horrifically soiled.   Regretting the costly error, (His mother always told him to change out of his best clothes when he was goin outside.) he appreciates the comfort of the worn pants.   Despite the patches and frayed cuffs, these garments helped him to relax and begin to appreciate the simple pleasure of a job well done.

Descending the stairs into the common room Dale looks for the familiar faces of Thurgin and his farming companions and notices them sitting quietly in a corner.   Dale smiles to himself and strides to the bar.   "What can I do fer ya" asks the barkeep?  
"I'd like six of your finest ales, a mug of cider, a plate of that pork with some of those potatoes and that pie over there."
"Hungry, huh?"
"Well I intend to share the drinks and pie with my friends over there in the corner."
"Oh, very good.  Well, since you're a new member of the protectorate, the meal is already taken care of, but the pie and the drinks will cost you 12 silvers."
Dale smiles and hands the appropriate coins to the keep and says "I'll be over at that table when the dinner is ready.   Thanks for your help!"
Dale takes the drinks and carries them to Thurgin's table and heartily greets them.   "Its good to see you folks could all make it!  I have a Kazbourne Stout here for each of you and a cider for Daniel as promised.  I also took the liberty of securing a pie for all of us to share."
Dale sits down and as the farmers give him a hearty "Huzzah".   Dale raises his mug and states, "A toast...  To a good meal, a bountiful growing season, and great friends."
Dale revels in the moment.  I has been a very long time since he has been able to share a meal without the fear of looking over his shoulder.
"So Thurgin, tell me about the valley and the four artifacts you mentioned earlier today.  That sounds like a great legend."

General Info / Rules for rolling new characters for N'arth
« on: August 30, 2005, 12:42:59 AM »
Four 6 sided
Take highest 3.
Reroll lowest of the top 3 at your peril.

Out of Character Discussions / Istisha's mysterious cycle
« on: August 01, 2005, 11:56:03 PM »
In Wildfire's post on Kulgar about his calendar and lunar phases, he writes "This lunar machine is nearly unwavering in it's movements. On very rare occasions the deity will adjust its' path briefly and return to it's regular cycle. It is unknown as to why this divergence will happen. There is speculation that the deity is in some way exercising its' influence on the land. It is also widely accepted by most that the deities/moons move in these cycles so as to reflect how there influence is felt on the land."
It is my belief, in part confirmed by Wildfire, that Istisha or Mahiya was exerting its influence during the "By the Light of the Emerald Moon" Episode that Wildfire and Johan are playing out.   Both of them are writing an extraordinary story and everyone should take time to read it.  I posted this to make sure that everyone understood the reference that Wildfire made(forgive me if I'm pointing out the obvious). "The moons are rising to shine and are located at different points in the sky. Grumbar is in it's waning gibbous phase, Akadi is nearly at half and is also waning, and Istisha the emerald moon of water is mysteriously full when it should be near new."
  Pretty cool stuff.

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