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Session 1 - (ICD)

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As members filed in, most greeted each other with smiles, handshakes or hugs. There would be only a few of the younger children here this night, for the usual lateness of the meeting didn’t agree with curfew. Although some dormitories had Residents that were very casual about Friday night roll-call, since it was so hard to keep track of, it wasn’t very common.

Renee, as was typical, was the first one to be seen. Tonight she had on yet another one of her beautiful dresses. This dress was forest green and covered her from the top of her shoulders to the bottom of her very boots, form-fitting at the top and flowing loose from waist down. She had her hair done up and tied back behind her head with pretty costume jewelry and had a few loose groups of strands framing her face. Pretty as always.

Emmanuelle was standing beside her, and the hope of the meetings importance that was within each member was confirmed as they enetered the Quiet Room. As also was typical, Emma used these meetings as a rare opportunity to dress below her normal station. She wore loose leather breeches and a peasant blouse, her school robe, with its symbol of Kaine draped behind her back and held by the crook of above her elbows. Her long brown hair was neatly combed straight. Although not wearing the same light make-up Renee wore, she was still absolutely lovely.

There were at last count, 37 members in the Whisper, and it was starting to appear that most of them were going to be in attendance this evening. Quite the meeting, since usually only a little more than a dozen usually could make it.

All three Whisper healers were in attendance. Kristen was still in her clergy uniform, she was yet another lovely girl with long blonde hair. She was normally quiet but quick to smile. River, a boy with a crew cut who was as good at drawing blood as he was stopping it, was beside her as always. The going rumor that there was more going on between those two than being in the same house. Unlike her, he had taken off his Clergy school uniform and was wearing the familiar leather armor which spoke to his weekend plans, patrolling the wild lands. His big bearskin coat and a pair of snap-buckle snow shoes lay on the crates near the head of the room. And finally there was Will, a tall and lanky boy also still in his clergy uniform. Unlike the ever confident River, Will was the type of awkward friendly boy who was always tries to help but does so in a clumsy way.

One of the three Whisper Guards was in the room, David, along with his friends Mark and John are all members of the Protectors, soldiers through in through, but they also had a knack for stealth maneuvers and shadow gliding that their superiors in the House would find disturbing. David was wearing his typical black leather armor, with boots, shirt and cloak to match. Any entering the room knew by his presence here, that at least one of his two friends, if not both, were posted at key spots outside the Quiet Room. The fact that they were not seen when passing was always impressive to each member who knew they were out there.

When viewing Ashley, the guild’s administrator, one could not escape the fact that not a single girl in the gang was unfortunate looking. Ashley was no exception to the lovely girls in the room. From the House of The Scribes, Ashley was an excellent choice to handle all monetary and supply requirements of the guild. She too was out of uniform and wearing padded leather armor skirt and leggings, with big fur-lined boots and a very soft looking knit sweater.

Yet another beauty was Hayden who sat on the very same crates and a little away from everyone else at the moment. A total introvert, she never spoke unless Renee addressed her directly in a meeting with a question, and even then most times she merely nodded or answered in as few words as possilbe. But respected the lovely girl was, for she was what they called the Whisper Shaman, a title taken from children stories that was appropriate for the girl drawn from the wild. For prophecies came from her lips to Renee’s ears, and were always scary in their accuracy.

She was scantily dressed as usual, with a leather halter top and a leather skirt that was so short it gave her very limited modesty. (Many guys have always watched for a peek and have never gotten a glimpse, damned mindful she is). Whisper rumor had it that the girl always went straight to the wildlands each weekend, using only her school robe for modesty until she was out of public view. Cold and extreme temperatures had no affect on her. Renee asked the utmost respect for her, but as introverted as Hayden was, the rumors about who she really was, and what she did for Whisper were just as strong.

Those were the members of importance to Whisper, ones whose leadership was prevalent, and for all of them to be gathering at once spoke of many possibilities.

Temmit entered the room quietly, as was his way. His uncanny eyes flitted this way and that, taking in all who were there. Smokey surveyed the room too.

I told you she was going to break Whisper up! The crystal whispered in his mind. Why else would all these people be here?

Temmit smiled inwardly at the old story-teller. He split from Leslie as they enetred, and took up his customary position flanking Renee and Emma, where he could watch those in attendance as Renee spoke.

Interesting things were on the winds.

Shannon, in typical fashion, took a seat in the back so as to be inconspicuous. Settled in, she took out her sketchbook and a pencil and began to draw. She recalled a landscape that she had seen as a small child and set it in the snow…the spirit of winter had struck her. She would occasionally look up to see who was about and listened for the start of the meeting.

Xavier entered the Quiet Room and moved to stand beside his friend, River. They had spent some long days out patrolling the wild lands together on their days off. Both hoped to test their skills against a Kar’Thul.

12.21.2132 – Session #1

Soon, streams of kids came in, more than a meeting had seen in one place in its over 70 year history. If curfew wasn’t so close to the meeting start for some of the younger members, many thought the whole clan would be in attendance, as it was, they were only 10 kids short of all 37.
Discussions filled with laughter and fun were erupting in pockets about the room. Renee and her two lieutenants, Emma and Temmit, didn’t seem concerned. The Quiet Room was known for the lack of noise that could be heard outside of it, not what was required within.


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